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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Island People has extended Fast Track...

To be honest I didn't even know when was the deadline for fast track; this came via email from Island People Mas today:

Hey Masqueraders,

Excitement is building as we countdown to showing off our ‘Heaven on Earth’- it’s what’s you make it. Many of you, in light of the single pay day between now and Carnival Monday have asked us to extend the deadline for Fast Track payment system. We’re happy to let you know that Fast Track will now be available until February 04, 2009.

Fast Track allows for easy collection of your costume during distribution. Since your personal information has already been submitted and your payment approved, it makes the process simpler and more convenient for you.

The deadline for payment of costumes (other than Fast Track) is tied to the distribution schedule which will be communicated to you soon.

Remember, if you have questions please feel free to send for additional information at:


The fun has just begun!

Outwitted, Out Maneuvered, Out Played???

So every year I obsesses over the line up, I think by now it is common knowledge that I personally prefer not to be at the back of the band. However much you may not care where your section is placed, I do. Anyway sources have informed me that the line up for TRIBE has been done and my section is placed somewhere between 10 to 15!!

The reason why this news makes it even more interesting is that the lineup was not done by Super Mo Mo this year and the persons in charge of that job threw every theory I have complied out the window! As far as I am hearing one designer has THREE sections in the top five, while others have all their sections placed at the back! Not to mention that Pheasant is leading the band and no offense to anyone in this section, it is pretty, but I do think the colour is a little dull to be first. Something vibrant should lead the way but I guess it is numero uno because the President is in it.

In addition the flow of the colours, in my brain at least, does not seem to be working.... brown, followed by blue then followed by pink and orange? Huh? Anyway what do I know since I am not the expert, though I fully agree that Caged Canary needs a top 5 spot at least; that costume is absolutely gorgeous and will have maximum impact on the road.

And before you think I am a prima donna about section placement for 2009 I am wholly embracing not being #1 and was quite willing to settle for a section in the top 5. However I find it insulting to the designer of my section to place this FABULOUS costume at #10 and I am not just saying that because I am in it. The beauty would be lost in the back, just like what happened with Fireman in 2007 !!!

Other sections I heard placed to the back are Spangled Cotinga and Brazilian Macaw, now tell me if that makes sense as two of THE most popular sections they are bringing up the rear? Macaw has something like 60 frontlines! And Cotinga is the largest section in the band. The creme de la creme is that Hummingbird is placed with the Red 96.7 truck! In all the years playing with TRIBE I have never known a section where Lana is playing that is NOT near that truck! In fact every single norm that I have come to expect for the lineup has been changend!

Hopefully that Member's Guide was not sent off to the printers and someone would hand over the job of a proper section lineup to whom it belongs,afterall I don't call her "Super Mo Mo" for nothing!

Decorating Supplies ..

Samaroos in Trinidad has a 50% sale on this weekend (remember they now open on Sundays) so it is prime time for getting all the necessary sequins, glitter, spray paint, glue, beads and feathers needed to decorate boots, bling cups and even to spruce up your costume. I will be checking out the sale personally in a few hours as I need supplies to decorate my boots.

For those of you not in Trinidad however you can get supplies online at stores that sell trim and braid . However if you live in New York it is best to visit them in person as two bloggers did last weekend. Squeezle and Franny braved the cold and headed downtown, covering several blocks, to score some "bling" for boots and for their costumes.

click on all photos for large view

As a bonus you can also scour the area for some accessories on the cheap! Remember to negotiate the best prices as well as it is a huge area with lots of shops so be prepared to do a lot of walking. So grab a girl friend and go get some bling!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Seen at Westmall today....

Mas Bands are coming up with quite innovative way to sell costumes:

What a difference a month makes!!!

On December 31st I wrote about the Minister of Culture's, Marlene Mc Donald, claim that she "been advised that the sales of Carnival costumes are going quite well". My response then was "I think Minister Mc Donald needs to take a tour of the mas camps where NO sections are sold out at this time and have a little chat with the band leaders and see who really shares her confidence!"

Well it seems as if Minister Mc Donald has either read my advice or we both had the same thought as for the past week she has been on a mas camp tour and has finally come to this conclusion as reported by the Trinidad Express:

The sale of Carnival costumes for the 2009 Carnival season has been slow, according to Culture Minister Marlene Mc Donald. She was speaking during yesterday's post-Cabinet news briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister in St Clair.

"I have been to 20 mas camps and I could report directly," she said.

"I could tell you that with respect to the large bands some sections have been sold out. Others, they are very optimistic because there are still two more salaries," you have January and February salaries to go.

"But I get a sense that where they are now with respect to sales, most of them were in this situation last year, in terms of the quantum of sales. The medium bands have been doing relatively alright and so to, the small bands.

"Generally I can tell you that they have all said it's a bit slow but they are optimistic that it will catch up." There has been a slowdown in consumer spending in all spheres as citizens react to the global economic crisis.

For the rest of the article please click HERE to be taken to the Trinidad Express.

The Government has also been pleading with Corporate sponsors to get involved with financing Carnival as many of them are cutting back on assistance via sponsorship for 2009, and the Ministry of Culture cannot financially support all the stakeholders in Carnival. The fact is that many of the larger bands and popular soca artistes are still being given sponsorship but the smaller bands and the entertainers who do not hold top billing are getting nothing!

Meg Cheekes of Pulse 8 intimated on a news report last night that she has taken a preemptive measure to cut back the size of the band to a target of 1000 masqueraders from the initial target of 1500. Other bands are also rumoured to be considering strategies to minimize losses, as sales are not going very well at all. One band in particular has put forward a proposition to piggy back off a competitor, however if this comes to fruition only time will tell! Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Good luck to all, only THREE more weeks until the big show, Carnival 2009!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sources say that searches for girls to serve shots/ drinks at this party has already begun "up the islands" with incentives such as included airfare to Trinidad for the lucky ones that are chosen.

I don't know, what do you guys think about the idea of a "Vampyr's Ball" on Carnival Sunday that takes you into Jouvert? Too Gothic?

As everything sits in time some things transcend it, embodied in immortality... We crave for total existence, we own the on this night we come together to celebrate like no one or any thing can,at the stroke of midnight on feb 22nd, we begin one of the most provocative event in the history of carnival...VAMPYR...join us forever, fete forever

Carnival 2009 N.C.C. Events

Here is a listing of events that fall under the National Carnival Commission, including information on the staging of such events as stick fighting, reenacting the Canboulay Riots as well as the traditional characters parade. It is an interesting mix of events that still feature some of the more traditional elements of Trinidad's Carnival and especially when you are looking for something to do apart from the fetes; and most of these events are relatively inexpensive or even free, so they will not break your pocket.

click to enlarge

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Play mas for FREE with Digicel!

Too Bad I don't own a Digicel phone but for those of you Birds that do, here is your chance to win the BALANCE on your costume "free".

So, I wonder what happens if you already fast tracked and paid in FULL?!

Simply text "FREE MAS" to TRIBE (87423) from your Digicel handset and Digicel will pay off the balance on your TRIBE costume.
Each week until February 7th, one lucky registered TRIBE masquerader will be randomly chosen to play mas for FREE*.
*Prize will cover the outstanding balance on masquerader's account
Winner will be notified by Digicel's Marketing Department
All texts cost $2.50
Digicel employees not eligible to enter

Free 2009 Soca Download

Click below for over 120 mins of 2009 soca hits from Mas Jumbies road DJ Spindmusic.

1. Hangover Emperor Chin Dub Plate : Slammer Cutter
2. Gyal Farm Emperor Chin Dub Plate : Kerwin Du Bois
3. Out on D Road Remix : Zan ft Machel Montano HD
4. Bumpers Rule : Nadia Batson
5. Yeast : KMC
6. Sexy Boo : Trini Jacobs
7. Plenty Gyal Remix : Bunji Garlin ft Beenie Man
8. Banana : Bunji Garlin
9. Heavy T : Fay Ann Lyons
10. 3 Colours : Fay Ann Lyons, Bunji Garlin ft David Rudder
11. Can't Put me out : Kerwin Du Bois
12. Obsessive Winers : Destra Garcia, Alison Hinds, Denise Belfon
13. Hott : Destra Garcia
14. Wine Up On Me : Zoelah
15. Wuk Me : El A Kru
16. Hold You Down : Zan
17. Bumpalicious : Olatunji
18. Push Bumper : Machel Montano HD
19. Looking Hot : Patrice Roberts
20. 2 Days Emperor Chin Dub Plate : Kerwin Du Bois
21. 2 days baba shanta : Kerwin Du Bois
22. This Feeling : Kes The Band
23. Not Drunk : KMC
24. Bum Bum Ville : Shal Marshall
25. We Like It : Iwer George
26. Frontline : TC
27. Frontline Emperor Chin Dub Plate : TC
28. Test Di Foundation : Crossovah
29. Pressure Hose : Bomani
30. It's Obama : Third base
31. Tempa Wine : Machel Montano HD ft Patrice Roberts
32. Wine if yuh want gyal : Peter C Lewis
33. Getting De Feelin : Umi Marcano
34. Jep Sting Remix : Hunter ft Kes
35. Ah Bottle Ah Rum : Alison Hinds & Peter Ram
36. Rum & Roti : Patch ft Mastamind
37. Make It Yours : Shurwayne & Maxi
38. Til The Morning : Kes The Band
39. Slip Away : Zan
40. Shurwayne Winchester Intro : Shurwayne Winchester
41. You : Shurwayne Winchester
42. Ready : Iwer
43. Fay Ann Lyons Meet Super : FayAnn Lyons
44. Ravin : Machel Montano HD
45. Sway In D Mas : Patrice Roberts
46. Bacchanal : destra
47. Play Mas : Nadia Batson
48. Head Bad On The Spot : Skinny Fabulous
49. Sexy Shorts : General Grant
50. Floor On The Floor : Machel , Pit Bull,
51. Up In The Air, Ole : Ricky T
52. Get On Bad : Skinny Fabulous

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Testing 1..2..3..

If you happen to log on to the blog today and see some "changes" at work do not be alarmed; the site is simply being tested for some upcoming upgrades. All will be revealed soon enough.

What’s News in the Mas World?

While some masqueraders in a SOLD OUT mas band are still awaiting official confirmation on their section of choice even though they made their deposit since August 2008, word on the street for another SOLD OUT band is that the President will be leading the birds on the streets come Carnival. His section is touted as being #1 for that popular band. By the way sources say that costumes for this band may begin distribution as early as February 7th! I guess they really want to avoid some of the problems of 2008; lets hope that all the costumes look exactly like the prototypes as well.

Amid all the “kaos” of debut bands for Carnival 2009 ONE band in particular is claiming to have 2000 registered masqueraders, yet not one section is listed on their website as being sold out!!! And if you are an employee of a large local bank you can get a spicy 20% discount off your costume in another newbie band trying to muster up sales. The Bank employees’ offer also includes concierge service, which means pre-registration, individual and group fittings, express pick up, delivery of costumes as well as access to CLOSED sections! Now why don't they offer that to masqueraders who already paid FULL price?

Even though Carnival is 4 weeks away the Friday night mas camp limes are back in earnest with ALL the new bands still wasting money on this venture, I wonder how many people actually register for costumes while indulging in the free eats and free drinks? New Year, time for new tactics people!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Other Carnival Thursday fete

This is the fete that is now being held in Ortinola Estate.. the old Beach House fete location ON THE SAME DAY as Beach House.....

Clearly this fete is NOT Beach House!! And this concludes the "Tief House Saga"

Samaroos Carnival Opening Hours

Samaroos has a new location in addition to their Port of Spain branch on Abercromby Street;they are now opened in San Fernando at 188 Erin Siparia Road Duncan Village, Cross Crossing.

Samaroos is the number one store in Trinidad for Carnival supplies such as braid, trim, sequins, feathers, crystal gems, masks, hats, Carnival tights and whole host of other items used in decorating and making costumes. And since they are now open every Sunday from 9:00am to 3:00pm even if you arrive in Trinidad Carnival the third week in Feburary you can get your Carnival supplies.

For contact information you can visit Samaroos website HERE.

More Carnival Accessories by Plum Flower

If you see something you like, please email for instructions on how to order or view the group page at Plum Flower Creations! Quantities are limited!

Ring/Bracelet Price: $15 US for one, $28 US for two!Those in Trinidad can place their order now through email, but won't be able to get their item until Carnival Wednesday! TT prices are $90 TT for one, $170 TT for two!

Made with Swarovski crystals
Actual colors much more vibrant than pictures portray!

Costume pictures courtesy of TRIBE Carnival (

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blue Flame the Aftermath....

Blue Range's Blue Flame fete took place last night along with Bishops All Inclusive and Temperature The Concert, yet despite three big fetes taking place Blue Range tennis courts was PACKED... I think they need a bigger venue for 2010! If you have ever been to Blue Range before you know that it is not a "fancy" all-inclusive and is priced accordingly. I paid 295.00TT for my ticket (limited special reserve ladies only) since I put in my booking very early and thought overall the fete was worth that! The main issue I have with Blue Range is the no parking situation, you have to arrive early to find a park on the STREET!

I know there was a shuttle service in place and LOTS of security so your vehicle was relatively safe, but having to arrive early just to find a good parking spot can be an issue for those who like to make a late entrance. The food options were not as impressive as one of the bigger all-inclusives but I have never been to a Blue Range fete where the menu was much different. There was jerk chicken/pork with fries, shark'n'bake, roti, gyros, corn soup and haggen daz. If there was anything else on offer I missed it, the bar was good from Johnny Walker to Baileys to Malibu and even a cocktail station making margaritas .

The performances were also good, notice I did not say great as their time on stage was limited. Iwer opened the show and I swear whatever this man sings he mashes up the place!! The great thing about Blue Range is that you could be upfront close to the stage and not feel as if a mob was ready to trample you! So, I was able to take in all the performances and even got soaked with water from Iwer!

Bunji and Faye Ann were next with a super short performance, Faye Ann did take to the stage to give a sample of her Road March contender "Meet Superblue" . I admire her dexterity on stage, she was even jumping up during her performance.

Then we had Patrice who performed over a track which killed her performance for me, as even though she was singing live it appeared that she was lip syncing.

The man of the moment however was Machel Montano (without his band). He joined Patrice on stage and then stole the show of course, I think everyone was waiting to see Machel last night as he was given prominent billing on the advertisement for Blue Flame.

As I said before Blue Flame overall was a GOOD fete and worth the price I paid; it was a sampling of a little bit of everything and was truly well supported with a huge crowd turnout. No Moet et Chandon, no horse meat and no huge price tag... I was quite pleased with the "cheap fete"!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

In Stock.. Carnival Tights

Micles finally has in stock their range of Carnival tights including the new "toeless" tights which saves you having to cut off the toes on your regular tights. I picked up mine at Trincity Mall branch and they have all colours and sizes up to XXXL.

Prices are as follows:
Low Waist Tights M- XL $30.00TT
Low Waist Plus Size Tights XXL - XXXL $50.00TT
Toeless Low Waist Tights M-XL $35.00TT
Toeless Low Waist Plus Size Tights XXL - XXXl $50.00
Regular Waist Tights $30.00

Plum Flower Creations Carnival "bling"

Plum Flower Creations by Meiling has debuted Carnival accessories to match your costume, that added touch of "bling" for those who want a little extra to enhance their Carnival look. Of course these pieces are not limited to Carnival so check out at what is on offer and if interested either visit the facebook group listed below or email :

With carnival time drawing near (2/23-2/24), I have created some pieces that would be great for those ladies who would like to add some extra "bling" to their costumes on Carnival Monday or Tuesday!

And while these pieces were inspired by certain sections created by the popular carnival band called TRIBE, these pieces can be worn with other carnival costumes or outfits for parties, dates or other special occasions!

So, take a look and view the new Carnival Collection! If you see something you like, please email me at for instructions on how to order! Quantities are limited!

Made with Swarovski crystals
Ring/Bracelet Price: $15 US for one, $28 US for two!"

They can view the group page at Plum Flower Creations

Also, those in Trinidad can place their order now through email, but they won't be able to get their item until Carnival Wednesday! TT prices are $90 TT for one, $170 TT for two!
Actual colors much more vibrant than pictures portray!

Costume pictures courtesy of TRIBE Carnival (

Friday, January 23, 2009

Make up by Missy has created some more customized makeup packages for the following sections:

Bird of Paradise

Kiskadee/ Rays of Light

Ruby Topaz


The price for the entire package is:
$155 TTD without the spirit gum
$ 25 TTD additional for the spirit gum

And includes:
1 Tsp of each individual colour pigment ( 3 colours are included)
60 Gems

contact: of check out her Facebook group HERE.

Bacchanal Jamaica 2009 ......

Lets take a break from Trinidad Carnival for a minute to observe some interesting costumes.

Jamaica Carnival culminates on April 19, 2009 and Bacchanal Jamaica is first out the gate with costumes for their presentation "Bacchanal Gone Hollywood". And while the section Troy is a pretty decent copy of TRIBE's Black Magic circa 2008, the section Pocahontas is the exact same costume as Hart's Geronimo circa 2008:




Thursday, January 22, 2009

D Krewe SOCAerobics

D Krewe is also getting on the get fit bandwagon with SOCAerobics classes for their masqueraders; I think I am liking this idea more and more! Sure beats having to pay a gym fee AND it is included in your cosutme price! Details as follows:

D Krewe would like to invite all our Masqueraders to join our Keep Fit Carnival Aerobics Class.

SOCAerobics Sessions

Days: Every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY until Carnival 2009 !

Time: 5.30pm - 6.30pm!

Place: D School yard! (Opposite D Krewe Mas Camp, on Pole Carew St., Woodbrook)



Fete Roll Call..

Ok, so I am about to hit my first fete of the season on Saturday and after that I have no clue which fetes I am actually going to attend. Right now I am simply clueless as to what fetes are looking good since most of my friends have not decided on their fete list either; we are all toying with the idea of boycotting a few all-inclusives and just going to the pay for your drinks or drinks inclusive fetes such as Wicked in White and Ignite. However, I would like to get a feel of what the vibe is like for fetes this year, so please leave a comment below and have your say on where you will be feteing:

What fetes are you patronizing for Carnival 2009? Are there any new fetes on your agenda this year or any that you will not be attending, and why?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Island People Apologises... sort of

So, yesterday Island People (the party outfit) sent out an email in respect to their Amnesia all-inclusive fete held on Sunday 11, January:

Hey IPeeps,

Really happy that you all made it out last Sunday, it was great having
you share the 'out of the box' experience with us. We did the 'new
inclusive' concept that offered many options for premium drinks and
our partners really came through for us, the Johnny Green, the Carib
Brew House, the cocktails and the tequila got some licks.

The event rocked with Machel and Patrice, Kes and Nadia, Bunji and Faye
Ann and Denise and Stabby wukking-up as only they can on stage.

We experimented with tray service with the intention of taking the food
to you rather than having you wait in long lines. We did have lots of
food and many options. Unfortunately, there was a glitch in the
distribution system and food did not reach as many people as quickly as
we would have liked…so our bad.

Here's to the next event.


First off kudos for Island People for trying something new, for Amnesia 2009 they decided to go the way of cocktail style eats served on platters, what they did not anticipate, however is patrons all dressed in their Sunday best actually mobbing the servers !! Sources say that people were actually waiting in the wings for when the servers appeared and made off with entire trays of goodies!! I guess there is no price on etiquette when people paid $495.00 for a fete and wanted all they could get (and paid) for the money. What I love about that email is the "apology"! More jokes this Wednesday morning.


What Sweet in Horse Mouth.....

Seems as if I have pissed off somebody affiliated with the Hilarian's fete because I don't like horse meat!!!!This is the latest comment left on my post "Horse and Hilarians":

Blogger zzz said...

yuh know...if yuh goin to make uneducated comments so at least tief the whole piece from the girl on fb and analyse it properly...

wild meat is a small portion of the menu...unless bake and shark, roti and bbq chicken is wild meat where allyuh come from...not to mention I guess where most ah these bloggers from hagen daaz and fajitas wild well as stewed beef and other creole food....

yuh prefer they serve a puff a sandwich and a slice a cake?

if yuh cyah afford just say and go to yuh cheap doh have no room anyway...

anyhow I sure the committee glad fuh the free publicity..

11:49 PM

What kills me about these fetes are their affiliate's attitude is that it reflects all that is bad in Trinidad at the moment when it comes to spending money for goods and services versus getting value for money. As a consumer we are supposed to "take whatever they give" and shut the hell up! Tough luck zzz, last time I checked Trinidad and the www is still a democracy and I will comment on these fetes as I see fit! We, the patrons fete promoters are trying to entice to support their fete, should not be told "it doh have no room anyway" because we commented on a menu item tsk tsk, such a bad, bad, bad attitude to criticism!

And no we don't expect a "puff a sandwich and slice of cake", I can recall paying MUCH less for ONE fete, for example, and the menu included an Arabian tent with gyros and kebabs (among other items), a Spanish tent with fajitas, tacos, pastelle (among other items), a Chinese tent with all the usual Chinese food items plus wantons, pot stickers and other types of dim sum items, a Carving station with roast beef, Creole Tent with bake and shark, corn soup (among other items), an Indian tent with roti and other Indian delicacies NOT to mention "hagen daaz", all manner of local sweets AND deserts!! The audacity to think that the menu worth $650.00 would at least include a variety to please different tastes!

Anyway, that made me laugh this morning, just thought I would share!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DJ Private Ryan Soca 2009 Sample Mix

This is a great mix of the 2009 Soca releases from DJ Private Ryan; click the links to download and yes, it was perfect for doing my morning cardio!
Here is a mix a lot of people have been begging me for although I said I wont do any 2009 mixes till the first week of February. This is a 30 minute sample of the soca 2009 songs so far. It definitely does not include ALL the hits that are playing right now and is meant to just give you a taste of some the stuff out so far hence the reason it is mixed faster than usual. I'm sure some of you can use it as motivation for the cardio workouts in the gym.

Look out for the real megamix in February.

* includes two remixes of two of last years popular songs out on the road by Zan and oil and music by Machel.

Track listing
1. Bum Bum Ville - Shal Marshall
2. Hold you down - Zan
3. Not Drunk (Illusion Mix) - KMC
4. Wuk Me - Tizzy & Richard Trumpet
5. Belly Dancer - Farmer Nappy
6. Sweetness - Shian Bailey
7. Wine on me scracth master remix - Zoelah
8. Block to Block - Machel & Umi Marcano
9. Oil and Music Remix - Machel & David Rudder
10. Out n d road remix - Zan & Machel
11. Drunk Again - Benjai
12. Heavy T - Fay Ann Lyons
13. Banana - Bunji Garlin
14. Thunder - Kess
15. Obsessive Winers - Destra feat. Alison Hinds & Denise Belfon
16. Bumpers Rule - Nadia Batson
17. Yeast - KMC
18. Plenty Gal - Buni Garlin
19. Minis Pumps - Kerwin Dubois
20. Sassiness - Destra
21. Floor on Fire - Machel Pitbull & Lil Jon
22. Ready - Iwer
23. Meet Super - Fay Ann Lyons
24. Bacchanal - Destra
25. Ravin - Machel Montano
26. Sway in D Mas - Patrice Roberts
27. Living Water - KMC
28. Tusty - Blaxx

Carnival Faces 2009 ............

If you are still looking for a makeup artist here are two more who will be doing faces for Carnival and one I can personally recommend.

The first is Dixie-Ann John who is a professional airbrush makeup artist. You can view her portfolio at her website Dixie-Ann can also be contacted at 868-687-7556 or email:

Next is Trudy Young of Carnival Faces, a team of makeup artistes who visit ever year for Carnival. Several of us used Trudy last year, you can read my review HERE, albeit I was hesitant to reveal who I used lin 2008 for fear of her popularity overwhelming the demand. Trudy also has an online portfolio that you can view at her website The Butterfly Beauty.

Trudy Young of Carnival Faces

Monday, January 19, 2009

Horse and Hilarians

So, I was just checking out the menu at Hilarian's all-inclusive fete, what is in store for the price tag of $650.00 when the word HORSE jumped out at me... are they serious?

Just to let you know SOME of the fantastic food we'll be offering at the $900 fete....that we ONLY chargin(sic)$650 for...

Souse/Chow Bar (including chicken foot, pig foot, cow skin, fig, pineapple chow...etc.)

Hops Station...Hops and whatever your heart desires....

BBQ Extravaganza (including Wings, Pigtail)

Wild Things - (including Goat manicou styly(sic) and Pork wild hog style and of course Stewed Horse...

We also introduce this year a different type of curry to the fete...mouth watering curry from Bombay Duck as well as a little spanish(sic) flair - Fajitas

Of course there will be ALL the usual foods...Creole meal, Haagen Dazs ice cream for those with a sweet palate and lots more...

Now I won't even go into the drinks....I'll just whisper that Johnny Blue and Moet will be greeting you at the door...along with Baileys, an endless Cocktail Bar and a special sumting from Carib that you must be there to experience. Since there is no champagne lounge we have put champagne in the bars. There will be the usual premium drinks. We ensure food or drink never run out..

Believe me, we won't disappoint. Hope to see you all there!
That has got to be the most unappetizing menu I have seen advertised at an all-inclusive! I don't eat souse or wild meat or pigtail though I am sure some people will be more than happy to indulge in such delicacies! As a matter of fact I am hearing talk that the stewed horse last year was "melt in your mouth good"; no thanks! And just what is hops and "anything your heart desires, suppose I want hops and caviar? These people must be careful how they word their "enticing emails".

I must say, however, that the Johnny Walker Blue and Moet salvaged that menu, I hope they won't only be on offer at the door and curious that they never stated WHAT champagne will be available at all the bars.. sparkling wine is not champagne eh!

It's a good thing this fete is for charity!

Buy 2 Get one Free....

The Trinidad Express is reporting that Mas Bands in San Fernando are employing some gimmicks to boost costume sales:

A unique sale is on at the Jazz and Calypso Lounge, corner Cipero and Robertson Streets, San Fernando: buy two elaborate Carnival costumes and get one free. .........

An almost similar sale is taking place at veteran bandleader Owen Hinds's mas camp at nearby Rushworth Street. Titled Babylon, the band, with 19 sections, has costumes priced at $600 and $700. Curtis Hinds said the offer was buy three and get the fourth free.

There are also major discounts at both mas camps, and sales were reported to be "doing quite well". Dawad Phillip, one of the leaders of Paradiso, described the sale as a "session buster" to keep masqueraders in San Fernando.

"We are answering the call of those who cannot afford to play mas this year," he said, adding that costumes will be sold at a fraction of their cost for the first time anywhere in Trinidad.

This report follows one in the Trinidad Guardian which stated that Mas Bands are being forced to downsize sections, specifically Masquerade and several Kiddies Bands. Even costume re sales are being affected, while some bands can call a 100% mark up on the original price of costumes (though I wonder if they are getting sold) others are forced to offer costumes at a reduced price; I have seen costumes for both Spice and Kaotic selling at a discount.

Only time will tell how some bands will survive Carnival 2009 and the global financial crisis, but I think the true testament to how badly people are affected and how much they are willing to spend towards Carnival will be in the year 2010!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

My ONE Fete Non-Review

The only reason that I am commenting on the fact that I did not attend ONE fete is because I had so many people asking me why I wasn't at the Oval last night. Listen, as much as I would have loved to start of my feteing with ONE fete as I have done over the past few years I simply decided that I was not paying the price of $600.00TT for a fete where I paid $250.00TT in 2007 and $400.00TT in 2008. The scalpers were having a field day with this one though as ONE fete was sold out early, tickets were being scalped from $800.00 to $1300.00 I was told!

With the prices of fetes for 2009 pushing 100.00US on average I have taken the stance early on that I am simply not busting my pocket and will carefully choose which fetes I do decide to patronize. For example, ONE fete was off the list but Blue Range All Inclusive at half the price of ONE fete (with Machel and the same price as 2008) seemed like the better deal!There is life after Ash Wednesday and I do not go into debt to hang my hat higher than it can reach. Post Carnival I do not have to worry about all the bills left unpaid just so I can hob nob with certain folks at certain parties, folks who are getting complimentary tickets to these parties I might add, that is the irony of it all. While the "average" man is spending his entire paycheck to afford two fetes for the month the who's who of Trinidad celebrity are not paying a cent to attend all the fetes you see them pose up smiling at!

Carnival overall is an expensive event and I have allocated my money to priorities that are a necessity; going to a particular fete is not a necessity. My costume is already paid off, that is a "necessity", my footwear is in order that is a "necessity", makeup artist booked, lashes booked... those are my "necessities". Getting ready to hit the road is an additional expense that I personally do not mind as it is all part of my adopted Go Big or stay home mantra and this gives me much more satisfaction than a few hours at a fete where I won't be drinking and trying to avoid the food temptation as we are all on a Carnival diet!

So in conclusion to my non-fete review I really want to emphasize that I will be picking and choosing which fetes get my hard earned dollars for 2009 because frankly as long as I am playing mas fetes are secondary and if I do not go to a particular fete that "everyone" else is going to I will survive. Like I said before it isn't THAT necessary; having a ball on the road Monday 23 February and Tuesday 24 February , goes without saying that is priority #1!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Makeup by Missy new packages

Makeup by Missy has added some more packages to the ones she has created for Spangled Cotinga and Caged Canary :

Green Honeycreeper

African Love Bird

Brazilian Macaw

Ocean Whispers

There will also be a package created for Hummingbird which I guess can also be used for Island People's Paradisus., and remember Missy is taking orders according to the demand so the more masqueraders requesting customized makeup for a particular section is the quicker it will be added to the list.

The prices are:
$155 TTD without the spirit gum
$ 25 TTD additional for the spirit gum

And includes:
1 Tsp of each individual colour pigment ( 3 colours are included)
60 Gems

Missy can be contacted through her Facebook group "Makeup by Missy" or via email

And for ideas of Carnival Makeup Looks check out the group "Carnival Makeup Ideas" for lots of photos.
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