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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Reporting Live From Cascadia...*cough*

Well people, I am sure you have heard the news by now. "The Sauce" has taken two days off from work to camp out at Cascadia to make sure I am in FIRST in line come Saturday or Sunday (which ever day TRIBE decide on)!! Would you believe I have the enviable position of NUMBER ONE!!

So far three other carnival addicts have showed up and they too are waiting; we are all sharing snacks and magazines, thankfully I also have my portable DVD player to look at some bootleg movies as well as my Winne de Pooh to keep me company!! Hmm, Winne seems to be missing at the moment? I wonder where he went!

Anyway I got to recharge the laptop battery, so I am retreating to the tent where the generator is and to cover up from these mosquitoes! Check out the scenes today of some who did not have foresight to walk with tent, cooler, beach chair and a nice comfy blanket! Oh and if you in the area feel free to drop by with some Rituals coffee, look for me in the upper level car park right by the doors leading to the conference rooms!

The Insanity has Begun...

As seen on Carnival Junction:

Will sign up in TRIBE for you

No TLC!!! For TT$750, I will sign up for a Tribe costume for you since I am a TLC holder and will not be playing wih Tribe. For TT$650 + TT$1000 cash, your costume option and sizes, I will register for your costume (Female). You will then be responsible for the payment balance. Remember costume registration begins soon!!!

Kai Barratt

Tribe 2009

See all ads from Smash24/7

I need 2 male costumes fro 2009, i know its early.

Someone needs to revoke or deactivate KAI BARRAT's TLC card, YES I am putting you on FULL BLAST for taking money from people to use your NON TRANSFERABLE TLC CARD!!!

Unbelievable, and to think the TLC card DOES NOT guarantee you a costume!

I wonder if that price includes her going to Cascadia and standing in line to register you as well? steups!

The ad from Kai Barrat with the TLC card for sale has disappeared. Thank goodness someone came to their senses and took it down!


News from Island People Mas


Island People Mas wishes to announce the launch of its 2009 Carnival presentation:

‘Heaven on Earth’, on Sunday August 17, 2009 at the Queen's Park Oval.

We are particularly excited about the thought of enjoying this event with all who have supported us over the years.

Meanwhile, we have been working persistently to enhance all aspects of our production so that everyone benefits from the complete experience. Your constructive criticism in this process has been important to us, as we seek to develop an excellent product. You will find that we have taken on board some of the suggestions that you’ve made in our 2008 production and will further incorporate your valuable ideas for 2009.

If you need to update your contact information please visit the following link:

Tickets for the launch go on sale from Friday 8th August at the following locations DH Gift Long Circular and West Mall, If House at 105 Tragarete Road, committee members and at the Mas Camp. Tickets are $200.00 2-4-1 drinks. Past masqueraders enjoy a discounted price of $150.00 up to two tickets (at the Mas Camp only) and must walk with a form of ID.

Each day in this journey we call life is one to be celebrated. We at Island People Mas invite you our members to join us as jubilant revellers as we show the world –that in our hearts and our souls we are island people and we’re making our "HEAVEN on EARTH - it's what you make it”.

“The fun has just begun”

Sound de Alarm!!

What is Carnival without BACCHANAL??? Is a who say he say she say drama ensuing over the alleged stealing of costume designs!!!

One cheeky band leader who has always gotten a special section creation from a certain designer for the Universe is claiming that a little bird was stolen from HER!! Apparently , according to how I heard it, the original design from this designer is now sitting somewhere in China and the last minute replacement which has turned out to be a HIT among potential masqueraders, is now the cause of some contention over who it originally belonged to; where is the LOVE people?? I really want to see who is going to be suing WHO over some beads especially since the designer OWNS the design right; where the band leader comes in making claims on someone else's creativity is beyond me!! Like really, it is even funnier as rumour has it some other designer was suing Ms Lady already???? Hmmmm

Added to that is that one Heavenly body is claiming that their design was stolen as well!! Story goes that certain designers formerly affiliated with that band, saw the blazing headpiece design before making their exit, and it as now turned up in another band.. kiss kiss!!

And so the Carnival world turns.. never a day goes by without some daily dose of drama!

Carnival Jumbie's Post of the Day..scratch that, POST OF THE WEEK!!!

Tribe Registration at Rosalino Street- August 2005
What Lies Beneath

This one is a MUST read, Carnival Jumbie could not have said it ANY better if the words had come from my own mouth *applause*. Take a read of Carnival Jumbie's blog the topic of the day "Tribe Registration 2k9- Who's In with the In Crowd".

And to add to what Carnival Jumbie said, lets walk down memory lane when we, both she and I, had to hightail it up Cascadia at God alone knows what hour to make sure we were the first ones in line to register for our costumes of choice (click on the links for the archived post):

Drama Free Registration - 2006

Coming to you Live from Cascadia - 2007

Live Update from Cascadia - 2007

Back from Cascadia - 2007

Carnival Jumbie TRIBE Registration aftermath - 2007

As I expressed to Carnival Jumbie last night, there can be as many rumors or people stating as fact that pre-registration has begun, this is not the first year rumors have been circulating stating that, people complain every year about it. But I know we can surely expect that at least ONE costume will be available in the popular sections when registration starts, right?? TRIBE has never slapped a SOLD OUT sign on any section when registration begins.

So, if I know I want that ONE costume that might be still remaining in THAT section that I want complaining won't do me much good!!! For the past three years I have been present front and center for registration, apart from the 2005 Fiasco, I have been in the top 10 of arrivals at Cascadia. The luxury of sleeping in my bed and bouncing in there at 10 o clock does not apply! THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM! If you are overseas and online plant yourself in front that PC and click refresh until you get carpal tunnel syndrome; when registration opens you will be the first to know and hopefully the quickest to input your data!

People, you know where you have to be come Saturday and what you need to do. If this is way too much drama and hassle to get into a Carnival band for you, there are several bands already launched and open for business where you can leisurely stroll in and select a costume without fighting any crowds! Not to mention there are bands still to launch! The panic, anxiety and unnecessary drama is just way too much hype, and it is mostly the people without TLC cards stressing out themselves to the point of mania! People seem to forget that TRIBE is NOT the only band in Trinidad and Tobago, and that they definitely won't die if they don't get in!

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