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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pulse 8 Pub Crawl !

Some more details on Pulse 8's Band Launch which takes the form of a pub crawl along Ariapita Avenue tomorrow evening have emerged. I am especially looking forward to seeing costumes from Pulse 8 as not only do they restart the Band Launches in earnest, after an unusually quiet lull in September, I also heard that there was a costume collaboration by Richard Dookhdeen and Sandra Hordatt (colourful bird) to look out for! 

Take time out on Friday 1st October 2010 to celebrate Pulse8’s fifth anniversary.

It’s also symbolic that our Carnival 2011 presentation is “Out of the Woods”.

Our launch starts at Pulse8 new band house, Corner Alfredo Street & Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook, where the media will preview our “live” mannequins in full carnival regalia.

Then it’s Pulse8 on de move along the Avenue!

Follow the truck with the costumed girls as we do de bar crawl to your favourite liming spots along the Avenue.

This is how we will roll………

Date:           Friday 01 October 2010

7:15 pm – 8:30 pm                Media Presentation  
Cor. Alfredo StreetAriapita Avenue

8:30 pm- 10:00 pm                  Pub Crawl – Pulse8 on the Move on the Avenue -
Costumed Girls stop at the favourite liming spots on d’Avenue

10:00 pm                        Back to the Band House- 
Cor. Alfredo &  Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Carnival Virgins Island People Is Making It Easy Your First Time!

 Is it your first time?
Have you been bitten by the carnival bug?
We know the feeling!
This year IP MAS is not only catering to its existing masqueraders, but to the newbies as well!
If you have never experienced carnival before, or you are a new member to the IP MAS FAMILY we have something special for you…
with the VIRGIN Plan your deposit will only be $500.00 TTD
IP MAS is giving you until the end of THIS year to pay the balance of your deposit!
How is that for your first time?!
IP MAS is taking the party to the ROAD this year with  a secure, service-filled band with guaranteed Vibes for timeless memories.
Oh gosh!!!
“Carnival… I love this feeling!”


D Harvard Revellers Section Launch

Here is a preview of the section Brazilian Hyacinth Macaw  from the band D Harvard Revellers:

The section launch and after party  takes place at Club Ibiza on October 16th at 10PM, ticket is $80.00TT , check the flyers below for more details:

Click to enlarge

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Las Vegas....Or Bust?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So, looks like Las Vegas Carnival, previously slated to take place on October 10th is now pushed back to MAY 2011....interesting! Hope you were not one of those who already bought and paid for airline ticket and accomodation, ouch!
To accommodate for proper weather and an even bigger line up of “Billboard Superstars” we have moved our event to May 2011. More info coming soon. Visit our website for more information.

D Harvard Revellers Band Launch

D Harvard Revellers launch of "D Latin Flava" takes place on October 10th, take note.

For more information contact the committee: Tony or Debbie (868)678-2919,(868)637-7248,Gerry (868)680-4513,Stefan(868)354-6333,Peter(868)792-1762,(868)Nadia 756-6666 or Keino (868)686-7072.

Sneak peek of the section "Salsa Picante":

Monday, September 27, 2010

Genesis Carnival 2011

 Genesis Carnival held a "Media Launch" for their Carnival 2011 presentation "The Nest" on Thursday September 23 at their new mas camp located at #7 Dengue Street, St James. I do not know which media houses were invited, none of the social media  Carnival aficionados got an invitation as far as I know, and I only discovered this morning that the information was posted to their Facebook Fan Page on Wednesday September 22 when I went looking for news about their band launch which was supposed to be held last night. 

The odd thing about Genesis is that in 2008 I  met Nina Mc Kenzie at TRIBE's Media Launch, both she and Ian get around to several band launches for the season. Nina actually came and spoke to me when she noticed I was on the laptop doing live updates. The question soon came up concerning me never attending any of their band launches. To tell the truth in the early days of this blog I bought my own tickets to go to these band launches, 2008 was actually the first year I got invited to TRIBE's media launch and Island People invited me to their's the year before that and both bands have since invited me every year subsequently.

 In fact I am still not invited to all  the band launches and if I really want to go to one I am not invited to I have to pay ( remember my refusal to pay $400.00 for Oasis Band lunch this year) like with Harts launch this year. I had already bought my tickets to Harts at the Mas Camp when one of the guys working at Harts recognized my husband and refunded us on the spot, Harts has also invited me to their launch in the past I might add. Special mention to Spice who have always invited me to their media and band launch , Brian Mc Farlane for the invitations to awesomeness that is usually his launch and to YUMA for their backstage pass this year.

Anyway, I digress, back to Nina Mc Kenzie's question. Quite frankly I cannot afford to pay to go to each and every band launch so the ones I am not invited to I have to choose based on what my readers are interested in seeing. On the roll call you will notice no one ever says they are playing in Genesis so it is not a top priority for me to pay to go to their launch over a band that others are playing in and eagerly awaiting costume photos and reviews. Like I said, this I am not Triniscene I do not get invited to the opening of every envelope.

So there we were at TRIBE's media launch for Birds of a feathers and  Nina stated that she did want me to come to their launch that year, she would send me an invitation to which I responded that I would attend and that the email address was on the Blog . After that nothing, no further communication with Genesis, digital or otherwise. I am continually surprised at the lack of social media savvy by these bands, and Genesis especially. I would love to know how they communicate with the media, their members and get new masqueraders every year.  How do you have a band launch that is not advertised even if I wanted to pay to attend? Where was it held? They must be doing something right however, because they are still around after all these years! 

As the ONLY band launch to take place in September I am looking forward to seeing Genesis costumes.
If anyone went to or was invited to either the Media and/or Band Launch please, let me know! 

TRIBE Ignite Miami 2010

Random thoughts on TRIBE you can view costumes at TRIBE Ignite this year, cool, I wonder if Triniscene will be streaming live again, why don't they make this fete drinks inclusive in Miami, $15.00US for a Johnny Walker Black and Coconut water is highly ridiculous and when they say ID required they mean it ! 

Click for Larger View

Tickets available from TRIBE Miami Committee and online at
21 Years & Over | ID Required

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Copyright and Using Photographs From Trinidad Carnival Diary

Trinidad Carnival Diary has been around since 2006 and during that time I have taken thousands of photographs of band launches and costumes. The idea of watermarking my photographs was a concern in the beginning as I did not want my photographs to be stolen and not have proper credit as the source of said photographs.

However as the MAIN reason I take the photographs so that others who are unable to attend the band launch or mas camp can get a first and close up look of costumes I decided against ruining the photographs with a watermark emblazoned across it. I mean a tiny watermark at the bottom of the photograph could suffice as well but it can easily be cropped out if someone wanted to reuse the photograph for their own purpose.

Generally I have no problem with anyone reusing my photographs to share with friends and family, post on Facebook (though some people do ask my permission first) , on chat groups and forums. It would be nice to have a credit as the source  but once it is for NON Profit and it is not a professional organisation, in the spirit of the internet I have no problem sharing. I too sometimes post photographs on the Blog and I always try to at least include a photo source or I will email the owner of the photograph and ask for permission to use.

I do have a problem when my photographs are used for PROFIT that is to sell/advertise goods, service or a product, but I have made exceptions if the person/s were kind enough to first send me an email asking my permission to use the photographs .

So, imagine my surprise when I stumble upon my photographs on the website for the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago being used to link TRIBE and I never gave my permission for the photographs to be used in this way:

click for large view

As a common courtesy I at least expected  being credited as the source of the photographs. ALL the photographs can be found on both my Facebook Fanpage and photobucket album, an email would have been nice, especially from a professional organisation as this since they have to their website Copyright © 2010, The National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago. All Rights Reserved. One would also expect that a professional organisation as this would be quite familiar with Intellectual Property; lets see if they respond to MY email! 

And in case the Copyright Notice was missed here it is again:

Copyright Notice:
All photos and original articles by the author of this site are copyright of
therefore all rights are reserved.

Original content found within this Web site are protected by international copyright laws. No content of any type from this site may be sold, republished, modified, uploaded, reformatted or copied without the express consent of

Should you require to use any of the material originally published on for personal or public use please e-mail

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Carnival Babies 2011

It is all about the Kiddies Mas today, take note of Carnival Babies FREE Band Launch :

Click for Larger View

Gerard Kelly 2011

Parents take note, it is time for the kiddie's band launches!

click for larger view

Friday, September 24, 2010

Aquarius Is That You?

Brooklyn Carnival  2009( LAST YEAR)
 Check the lady on the extreme left!

Y.U.M.A. Aquarius


How Much Is TOO Much?

I have been accused of giving the floor member/regular/backline masqueraders a complex by pushing the Go Big or Go Home Frontliner mentality and now here I come with the decorated cups, the fancy bags and even the idea of not one but TWO pairs of boots! So the question of the day is , can there be a thing as "too much" for Carnival ? 

Who is to say that  that two costumes in two different bands is too much, or going all out for professional makeup on both days is too much, or deciding to do full body paint, lashes, hair extensions, contact lens, hiring a personal trainer to get in shape, and  even spending thousands of dollars on a costume is too much?

In 2008 Rio Samba Queen Angela Bismarchi had nylon wires implanted in her eyes to give them an "oriental slant" as Rio's Carnival was celebrating 100 years of Japanese immigration to Brazil. She famoulsy said in response to the numerous articles written about it “I always was vain. And for Carnival, you have to feel especially pretty.”

Angela Bismarchi

While I may not resort to plastic surgery just to pull off a costume and keep to the theme, I do think she has a point in that Carnival is possibly the one time of the year that we do things we would never do any other time or place. When have you ever walked for miles through the streets Port of Spain in a Bra and underwear?! No other time but Carnival!  Carnival is the time of year to be free to play up the inner Diva or just break loose and enjoy your mas without any restrictions or hoopla holding you back, don't you think?

Good day Saucy,

I must say that I'm one of your religious followers. You are always on point keeping it all as your opinion. I'm a newbie to POS mas, C2k11 will be my 4th year playing in town. I surely believe in the statement Go Big or Go Home so just wanted you to address that more precisely. What really is go big or go home?

Is it a combination of the FL costume, wire bra, "blinged out heel boot, and as being offered by Afro chic the Diva Cup, Diva Bag even the collar etc. I personally love the thought of having it all but it leaves the mind to wonder if all might be too much. Perhaps you can provide your view of the must haves or necessities for the F.L.H.O or the masquerader that wants to Go Big or Stay Home.

Sincerely Yours,

Hello Roxy,
Go Big Or Go Home is really something that the individual has to decide on I think. What might be "big" to me may not be big to someone else. For instance just getting boots and makeup done might be big for someone who is usually a simple person that does not normally wear makeup and used to play  mas in sneakers. To me it is the ideology that when it comes to Carnival you go a little extra, than normal, to have everything together.

So, if you want the cup, the bag, the boots, extras on your back pack and the whole nine yards that is great! As for too much, it is Carnival! How can anything be too much ?As long as it is not "cosquel" I think you will be fine.

O Globo

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rumours and Secrets!

Why are people coming whispering to me that TWO new bands slated to debut for Carnival 2011 are already in trouble? One band, I am told,  may not even  make it on the road as there are some financial troubles and the much lauded innovative designer is on their way out, no say it ain't so, what skullduggery is this?! And, the other new band is rumoured to be joining forces with a "Signature" mas band on the road, a lifeline in the desert perhaps? Who knows if these whisperings are true, I guess we will see eventually!

I always joke about playing in the "secret section" every Carnival as I do like to keep my section of choice under wraps. But, what is this I am hearing about "secret" costume options that only a privileged few are privy to? After allegations of frontliners being handpicked to wear a certain warrior costume, I have now learned that there is another option that is in the neighbourhood of $7500.00 that was marketed as an "Individual" but we will be seeing more than one on the road. Hmmm, reminds me of Loulan Individual, but at least that was shown to the public! I am eagerly awaiting  seeing the amazon beauties in this "secret" costume come Carnival Tuesday!

Is so I get it and so I selling it, shhhh! 

Harts Sold Out Costume Update and Small Headpiece Options

Once again it seems like the women are on the ball and securing their Carnival costumes early. Harts now has 4 sections with Female costumes sold out, they are Azurite, Chryscolla, Howlite and Aquamarine. Heliodor Frontline is also sold out.

I have also noticed that photos of the "small" headpiece option are now on the website, some with prices.At first I thought that the prices for the "small" headpieces are expensive compared to some of the popular all inclusive bands and even some of the all Inclusive bands that are not so popular.

For instance Ronnie and Caro, Oasis, Dream Team and Showtime have all inclusive prices for the same prices or LESS than these Harts costumes with "small" headpiece option. But then I reasoned that when you add on the cost of a cart it takes you in the range or TRIBE and Island People however, two other  bands that are stalwarts on the Carnival frontier along with Harts, so I guess it works out for some people like that.

And to tell the truth I love these embellished metal headbands, someone should go into business making them as part of a Monday wear option! As a standalone costume headpiece it is not really for me as I like large headpieces or if it is a headband it has to be coupled with extras to compensate for the lack of feathers but they are ideal for the masqueraders who do not want all the fuss (and price) of large headpieces:



Heliodor - $3380.00

Citrine - $3215.00


Moonstone - $3240.00

Hematite - $2950.00

Turquoise In Matrix - $2985.00

Sardonyx - $2890.00


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mark Your Calenders

Well here are two firsts. Pulse 8's band launch will take the form of a "Pub Crawl" and Wee International's is holding a past masquerader viewing of their costumes prior to the media and public launch, interesting! Roll on October, I am in the mood for more costumes.

click for large view

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Platinum Carnival Diva Decorating Services

Have you always wanted to do something "extra" to enhance your Carnival Costume but had no idea who to turn to? Well, Boots By Afro Chic is now offering the Platinum Carnival Diva Decorating Service
which has you covered if you want (bling) cups, corsets, or cage bras! In fact whatever your need drop Afro Chic a message and she will take care of you like the DIVA you are!

Need your cup blinged out? Corset decorated? How about that wire bra?

In addition to custom decorated boots, Afro Chic will be offering the Platinum Carnival Diva Decorating service, customising ANYTHING you desire to complement and complete the look your Carnival costume...GO BIG, OR GO HOME!

Our creativity is only limited by your imagination.

Send an email to: along with your name, band/section and the item you would like customised.




Body Art By James Paul

James Paul was the artist responsible for the airbrushed makeup at TRIBE's Birds of a Feather Band Launch, he is now advertising body art services for Carnival 2011:

GET PAINTED for CARNIVAL 2011 don't be left out!
PHONE:1 868 786 0684

Monday, September 20, 2010

Glenn Carvalho "Valley of the Nile" Update

Glenn’s mission was to provide an inexpensive alternative to the people, Glenn and his newly Glenn Carvalho is doing what he loves most, bringing mas again for a second year after a nineteen year retirement upon having the fire of creativity rekindled within him by both his daughter and granddaughter. After testing the waters so to speak with his Aloha 2010 presentation, in which formed team have worked long and hard to develop a presentation that will certainly be a visual feast to satisfy the hunger for something new in Trinidad carnival. Glenn also intends to incorporate a rebirth of pageantry to mas, which seems to have escaped most bands in recent years in their presentations. What better theme to have a “rebirth” than that of ancient Egypt, who’s Nile River would flood annually and deposit rich silt to the lands to provide for fertile crop growth. This rebirth of the land is what allowed a civilization to flourish in a desert like environment. This concept of rebirth was celebrated by its people and is reflected by its gods and the passage to the afterlife. Our team has worked hard to incorporate these aspects of ancient Egyptian culture into our historic mas presentation. We have narrowed down the presentation into the following twelve sections;
1. Court of Cleopatra
2. Divinity of Hatshepsut
3. Dreams of Nefertiti
4. Feather of Maat
5. Jewels of the Nile
6. Keepers of the Deity’s
7. Order of the Scarab
8. Majesty of the God’s:
• Female Bastet- Portrayed as the Cat
• Female Hathor- Portrayed as the Snake
• Female Mut- Portrayed as the Vulture
• Male Ra- Portrayed as the Hawk
• Male Anubis- Portrayed as the Jackal
• Male Thoth- Portrayed as the Ibis
9. Passage to the After Life
10. Pharaohs Concubine (All Female)
11. Rebirth of the Lotus
12. Winged Cobras

This presentation is going to be unique in many ways. There are many design aspects that have certainly not been seen in carnival presentations. You will see ancient Egypt portrayed in a way that you wouldn’t expect to see, with many traditional elements but also combined with abstract concepts. Although the design of the costumes were very thoroughly thought out and designed, the headpieces are the focal point throughout the presentation. We have adopted an “all or nothing” concept to our presentation, meaning that all costumes are of a frontline or individual caliber, with no excessive options to complicate things. As prototypes are in full production, we expect to have everything in order to launch in late October.
For more information:
Website -
Facebook - Fanpage

Brian Mc Farlane - " Humanity" Trinidad Carnival 2011

On Friday I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Mc Farlane before his trip to India to participate in the pre Commonwealth Games exhibition, September 23 -30, where two of his costumes will be on show. The full interview will be featured as a two part series so look out for it very soon.

This year Brian Mc Farlane's band launch "Humanity, Circle Of Life" takes place on October 8th, 2010 at the newly revamped Mobs 2. The launch is open to the public as it will be the feature event at this year's Eventology.

Tickets for the launch cost  $400.00TT  All Inclusive ( includes premium drinks and food), there will be a live band and of course the presentation of costumes; they can be bought at Peter Elias West Mall (women's store only) and the Mas Camp on Rosalino Street. Please note the dress code is strictly black and white.

After last year's band launch in Tobago I am eagerly looking forward to this year's. Truly I do not think anything can top the experience of witnessing costumes revealed on a sand spit in the middle of the ocean. but having been to Brian Mc Farlane's Band Launches over the years I know for sure this one will be a theatrical presentation, not to be missed! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

15 Questions With a Two Band High-Maintenance Overachiever

Have you ever wished that Carnival was a week long celebration, with parades taking place every day, so that unencumbered by time constraints and if money was not a factor you could play in a different costume for each day of the week long festival? I know I have often thought about it given the fact that I fall in love with more than one costume in more than one band each year.

The trend of  dual costumes for Carnival is not new, Danielle Jones (pictured below) played in Poison and Tribe in the year 2005. Wendy Fitzwilliam has often been seen in Harts and TRIBE , however you do not need to be a local celeb or ex beauty queen  to live out this fantasy. I know many ladies who have indeed played in  two costumes of the same band (one for Monday and one for Tuesday) or two costumes in different bands over the years.

Poison 2005

TRIBE 2005

I first wrote about the Two Band High-Maintenance Overachiever (H.O.) in my post entitled "The Enigma of the Two Band H.O." in 2006, if you would like to revisit that article check it out here.

Today I interview a masquerader who ventured into the realm of dual costumes this year (Carnival 2010) and will continue the trend by playing in two FRONTLINE costumes  in two different bands for Carnival 2011:

1. How long have you been playing mas?
I’ve been playing mas since I was a little girl. I remember when I was about four cry, cry, crying because I wanted to play one of Cinderella’s mice, but it was a boys’ section. I got my mouse costume in the end, though. Diva behaviour from young.

2. Which band/bands have you played mas with?
For adult mas, I’ve played in Harts, Poison, Island People and TRIBE.

3. Do you normally play frontline, if so how many years have you done so?
Nope, I don’t automatically go FL. I love elaborate costumes, but sometimes I don’t like the FL versions of a section that I like, eg. IPM Rain. I’ve played FL only three times.

4. How many times have you played in two different bands and do you pay full costume price for two costumes?
Oh, just the one time (so far). And yeah, I paid full price.

5. Which two bands are you playing with in 2011?

6. Are you playing backline or frontline and which costume in which band?
In 2010, I played BL and FL. For 2011, I’m registered for (at least) a FL costume.

7. What is the motivation behind playing in two different costumes in two different bands?
I saw a costume that I LOVE-LOVE-LOVED, but it was in a different band from the one in which I usually play. And then I saw a really cute costume in my usual band, where I usually have a spectacular Carnival. So, after some internal debating, I realised that I wanted both, and fortunately, I was in a financial position to accomplish such.

8. People might say what is the point of playing in two different costumes especially since Monday is not a day people wear full costume, what would you say to these people?
I don’t say anything to those people. They’re entitled to their criticisms, and to say what they like. I simply smile at their questions (which are often veiled accusations), and continue having a blast.

9. Will you be playing in FULL costume on both days?
I did this year when I had one BL. I played in full costume on both days (all day). If I were to play two FLs, I may consider leaving out some bits for Monday, but I’m thinking I’d more likely wear everything so that I experience the true costume glory.

10. Which band will you be in on Monday and Tuesday?
It was easy this year because I only had one FL costume. It would have been harder had there been two FLs.

11. How do you decide which band you will play in on which day?
It’s not so much about the band, but more about the costume for me. When I’m wearing something beautiful and I look fantastic, I tend to have great fun, regardless of where I am. So, I will probably decide which costume looks better after collection and make a final decision then.

12. Do you enjoy your experience equally in both bands or is one a better experience over the other?
This year I preferred my Monday experience to my Tuesday, but that had nothing to do with the band, but rather that Monday there was so much more space to move around. I’d spent time in both bands on Monday actually, and the situation was the same in both instances where there was so much more freedom to party and have fun.

13. After you play in one band on Monday do you sell your costume or allow someone to use it on Tuesday seeing as you will be playing in another band in a different costume?
I can certainly allow someone to use it, but I’m not sure many people would really want that opportunity. I would feel like a cad selling my costume, however, because I truly put my costume to full use. I couldn’t fathom selling an item so used and “un-cleanable.” I’m not sure I’d even want to wear my costume more than once.

14. For the same money why not do an Individual costume instead of two frontline costumes?
I have done an individual costume. I didn’t like the experience. The streets are too small, the bands are too crowded, there is such limited space to show off the beauty of the costume. And, as there is no stage, the appeal of an individual costume plummets when you think that Mas on the Road is the big climax that you’re working towards.

15. On Ash Wednesday do you ever think that your choice on which band to play with on Monday or Tuesday day was wrong and that you should have either stayed in one band both days day or switched the days you played on either band?
Since I only did the dual-band thing this year, I can respond with a resounding “No.” I had a blast this year, and have zero regrets. I loved both costumes, I have loads of pictures and all of them have me sporting this huge, goofy grin. AND, I was able to get on wild with even more friends than I usually do when being confined to one band.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

If Choosing A Carnival Band Was Like Buying a CD....

This whole topic came about from a question asked to me about a particular band, someone asked if I was  "converted" now and then went on to liken said band to a Genre of Music. Finding the whole thing hilarious I asked that person how would they categorize other popular bands and from there asked friends  their opinion until we combined a list of sorts. If we were to choose a band based on musical taste, what type of music would each band be?

I don't know if this list is an accurate representation of the bands for everyone, especially their masqueraders, but keep in mind it was all done in FUN. Who knows, it may be helpful to those looking to play in a certain band and have no idea what demographic that band attracts. 

So, what do you think? Agree of disagree with the Musical Genres ascribed to the Carnival Bands? And if a band is not listed add it in, leave a comment! 

TRIBE,Bliss - Pop/Techno

YUMA -  R&B/ Pop

Island People - Hip Hop

HARTS - Alternative Rock

Spice Carnival - Emo Rock

Oasis Carnival - Muzak

Brian Mc Farlane - Opera

D Krewe - Disco

Pulse 8, Dream Team - Adult Contemporary

Skullduggery - Steam Punk

Ronnie and Caro - Soca

 Trini Revellers - Kaiso

Wee International, Showtime,Genesis,Legacy - Dancehall

Image Nation - Rapso

Jhalwa - Chutney Soca

Bliss Apache Close Up Photos

My interview with Brian Mc Farlane took me to Rosalino Street yesterday and as I was in the area I decided to pop in and see the new Bliss Apache costume as I was out of commission (ill) when it was put up at the mas camp and I did not have the opportunity to see it in person before.

After seeing it I do like the colours, I think it is pretty and will look very nice on the road, initial photos did not do the costume justice.  No male was on show for which I was disappointed, I would have liked to have seen the male option. There is no frontline, only a larger headpiece option,I think a war bonnet headpiece sweeping to the floor would have been gorgeous as a frontline!

To my surprise there were people registering  at the camp(check out the audio on the video) and others looking at costumes. Here are the prices for Apache:

click for large view

Apache close up photos,  the album can also  be found HERE.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bourgeois Sneak Peek

This is not "ole " mas at all! Looking good Mas Jumbies, making me wish I had the energy to do both Jouvert and play mas all day Monday.

Does this not look like you could go straight from Jouvert to Monday Mas ? Switch out the skirt to boy shorts and you are set!

Les Dames Vertes (The Green Ladies). 
Costume has a shin length split skirt; gold and green bangles included.

Carnival Updates

This month has been pretty quiet as far as band launches go, we only have Genesis slated to launch on September 26th. Then we start back the band launches in earnest on October 1st with Pulse 8 and I am really looking forward to their presentation this year as I heard Sandra Hordatt collaborated with Richard and Anthony designs for one of Pulse 8 sections!

Some interesting news came my way, straight from the "horses mouth" concerning costume production and issues over quality that a certain band experienced. After believing that the producer was to blame for the problems I was informed that the band in question not only had a severley limited budget per costume they also switched out the "genuine" gems on the costumes with cheaper acrylic versions. And, to add insult to injury they even ordered BROWN feathers (for a blue costume) because they were significantly cheaper than buying the correct colour, and in order to achieve the desired colour they bleached the brown feathers and tried to dye them blue! Well, that certainly explains the drain water effect and someone really wanted to pass that off as how the feathers were supposed to look? humph! Mouth open, tory jump out!

I was told that even though a certain new band is also using the same producer that this new band is NOT switching out materials for the cheaper version and if they have to take a reduced profit (or none at all) this band will ensure that masqueraders get exactly what they paid for. Sounds good!

So, if you have been emailing BLISS for information on registration for the band you may have gotten a reply that they are taking TLC card holders and "past masqueraders" only. Now tell me, how does a brand new band have "past masqueraders"? I guess this may be an attempt to satisfy the TLC holders that lucked out of a costume in TRIBE, who knows! All I can say is that some people are not happy at all that they got shut out of BOTH bands!

Island People has sold out of all females in Vega and Mars Secret, slow and steady wins the race, so I guess YUMA is not the only band where the males are lagging behind. And speaking of YUMA even though the band is sold out online and females are sold out in the mas camp I have heard of females being registered in Aries just this week, so I am guessing that if you go to the mas camp you MIGHT have some luck! I believe you can still get a MALE costume in Sagittarius, Pisces, Capricorn and Virgo.

Showtime Mas has not updated their website as yet but here is a preview of their costumes from their Carnival 2011 presentation "Colours of Green"... is that a Baby Doll section I see? Interesting!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sonia Mack's Website Is Up!

Finally! Link, HERE.

Thoughts on Professional Makeup

I am thinking for Carnival 2011 to have professional makeup done on BOTH days as the possibility is that I may be in two costumes....and even two year. Now, I have only had professional makeup done over the past three years and I honestly think it is worth it on Carnival Tuesday, for me, as it complements the entire fabulous costumed package.

On  Carnival Monday since everyone tends to be wearing less of a costume and it is much more of a freer "dress down" atmosphere I have never really placed emphasis on going getting makeup professionally done, I just do it myself, because Monday is not the "big" day when you come out all decked off in full regalia.  However I have been having the growing, nagging feeling that I do want that drama and pageantry on BOTH days, hence the longing for an actual costume for Monday instead of boy shorts and a baby tee. You know that overwhelming excitement you get on Tuesday when you are fully dressed in costume and say yes, this is the culmination of months and months of planning ? Well I want that feeling on  both Monday AND Tuesday!

So, I have already booked my makeup appointment  tentatively for Monday but what do you guys think, is that too much, not really worth it for Monday? Do you get professional makeup done on Monday and/or Tuesday and do you think it is money well spent?

I am trying to get a feel on how popular having makeup done on both days is and if I am late catching up to this trend! 

Kirk Thomas in Action



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Image Nation The Dry Yard

Image Nation has released a few shots of their Carnival 2011 presentation "The Dry Yard"....hopefully they will update the website with all the costumes in the near future.

The teaser costumes do look interesting and I want to see more! Check out Image Nation's website HERE.

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