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Monday, August 20, 2007


GODDESS OF THE CHASE (female) is now completely sold out and Mystique male is close to selling out as well. Of the front lines only Pixie Dust is still open for registration. This afternoon marks the last day of registration for TLC card holders; open registration begins on Thursday as:

Anyone wishing to register for a costume are welcome to do so at Cascadia Hotel or Online during the following dates & times:

* Thursday 23rd August 2007 - 6pm to 9pm
* Friday 24th August 2007 - 6pm to 9pm
* Saturday 25th August 2007 - 12 noon to 6pm
* Sunday 26th August 2007 - 2pm to 6pm

One hour after registration began today Mystique Male is now sold out.

Island People Band Launching Review

Since the majority of my time was spent backstage during the actual presentation at the band launching, I have a guest reviewer today who was unencumbered by such things as uploading pics! I did get to "hear" the action though and remember a loud cheer went up for Black Widow Spider when the section came on stage. I also got to see all the action backstage with the models posing for one photographer after the other, the designers admiring their creations and the whole upbeat energy which added to the excitement.

I also have to say that the Island People staff who I encountered and met were quite professional, especially the young lady at the door who was VERY pleasant even before I identified myself. After she knew who I was she was even more accommodating, but I like to remain "incognito", just observing and doing my own thing so I am still trying to figure out a way to "sneak" into the mas camp and view the costumes without being recognized.

That being said, here is the review by "mystique" aka "mummylicious":

Saucy’s taking a break so I am stepping in to do the IP report today, I am sure she won’t be able to resist though and will definitely give you her take on the launch. Mind you I not all official like Saucy so you all will have to excuse the personal touches and OPINIONS that are sometimes not welcomed around here. So…plan to reach there around 11 because we weren’t too sure about the parking situation or the traffic or anything. Got there around 11:20 instead and traffic was flowing freely. I show the guard the little VIP invitation thing and he say you good to go, park in Jean Pierre. I say Yesssssssssss. So I reach in there and to my horror I forgot the most important thing…no not the tickets… cream. Duh! So me and my ashy legs panicking because I have about 8 tubes of cream meant for the car but somehow not one does ever make it in there. While waiting for my partner to show up with her cream I got to take in the crowd trickling into the venue. I find I wasn’t seeing too many people so I start to get worried that maybe I waste an outfit but I said ‘Nahhhh is IP people, dem reaching here round 3am, celebrity time nuh’.

Anyway, so the cream reach, we make it to the entrance of the Jean Pierre complex, NOT the stadium as advertised, so people who parked way out on the foreshore and ting (exaggeration) had a nice little walk in their stilettos. I found the crowd was a little sparse at first and the entrance people a little slack because my invitation had an extremely male name on it and no way, no how all this jelly is a man. But I didn’t mind, I felt like I coulda walk in with about 5 more people free though but small ting. So from the time you reach you start to sweat. It was hottttttt, whey. Right so I figure out ‘Aye like it have a special bar in the back? But wait the special bar in the back is backstage? So hold on, I could just walk in dey? By the costumes? Eh heh. So I put on my ‘I am in charge face’ and waltz into the people backstage, again the police/security was slack, I think anybody coulda walk in dey. Bounce up de Sauce. She was excited! Prince Namor wasn’t any better, hard at work on his birthday but like he know the scene. Follow wifey instructions, better birthday for him. So Sauce start talking about how the costumes so "gawwgeous" and if yuh see pics she take already and she need to blog and come and see girl! So we keep waltzing and waltz right into a Black Widow Spider. Beautiful. BAM a next Black Widow, different version, turn so, another one. Buhayeaye, how much black widow it have? And all ah dem nice, nice. Detailed too bad. I was trying to ask the girl in the spider body suit about where she get it because I was thinking I might need one for that private session with Wyatt…let me stop…lol but the body suit was hot eh.

So Saucy and the Prince run off to get the laptop because she excited too bad and she MUST post her pics because she MUST show them to the people who online now, they will be so excited, she can’t wait. I got a few quick looks at the costumes waiting to go on stage, Polar bear, Lioness, Portuguese Man O War. Backstage was a bit tiny though and in all the excitement it was more ‘awwww pretty’ next ‘wowwwww, yuh see that bra?’ next. We were quite enthralled with the Black Widow Spiders though, they were playing their ‘marse’ from all in the back. Jumbie-ing and having a time, the costumes seemed pretty weightless which is great. All that excitement and show now about to start. Hmmm I think I missed the first first thing, There was a group performance of about 20 folks doing some abstract interpretive dance then there was something with a scarlet Ibis and some Giraffes. The animals portrayed by performers on stilts (aka moko jumbie giraffes) to some jungle themed music. The backdrop to the stage was spray painted sky scrapers and if only I listened to the story I’m sure it would have said something about us human beings being caught up in the hustle and bustle of life yet its still a jungle out there and we need to listen to our animal instincts heh heh heh. I make up a whole story for the people yes. A friend of mine who recently saw The Lion King in London said the entrance was quite reminiscent of parts of the show and she wondered if that is where the idea for the band came from.

After the entrance, the costumed masqueraders began to make their way unto the stage to a high paced drumming track. Black Widow came first and I wish I could remember the order of the others. The masqueraders were all in character; the lionesses growled and stalked, female polar and brown bears circled each other, egrets flew, cheetahs sprinted, zebras marched in time. Wonderful presentation. The makeup and contact lenses added a lot in my opinion, made it all seem even more animalistic. I thought all the drama might have made the show last longer than it needed to but it was all done in 30-45 minutes time. I ran backstage a couple times to check on Saucy and she was busy blogging. Ms. Lady miss the whole presentation for allyuh. She’s accepting presents via priority mail, ok ok she did it all humbly and happily but I will take the presents for her and store them by me okay? Prince Namor was most busy too, running back and forth trying to get he best pics possible and bring them back for Sauce to tell him to hold the damn camera in one direction so she wouldn’t have to keep flipping the ting and them…Real serious business here. And he had lots of running to do too because the stage was long! I heard rumours about the fancy stage, unfortunately I don’t think they were all true because I’m sure no one could see it from Movietowne. But no matter where you were you got a great view of the presentation.

Oh and the finale…some fine IP men came on stage in jeans, bareback (!) and start dismantling the people spray painted back drop piece by piece, nice and slow so we could get a good view of their backsides, I mean the back side of the back drop nah. They eventually revealed Kes’ band hidden in the scaffolding, introducing a Kes The Band performance. He gave a pretty solid performance but I think people were either too cute to dance right then or were still absorbing the presentation. A lot of people left in the next hour or so but I think they were quickly replaced by the true posers who came after the show to…yuh know. Pose. I had fun overall. The DJs later on kept the crowd going and many of the posers were actually *gasp* dancing the night away when I left there around 3:30 am.

Animal Instict - Costume Review

Red Tiger – "Where is the rest of the costume?" were my thoughts when I saw the model in what looks like nothing but a sequined bra, two strips of fabric and a good bikini wax!! Hands down the most scandalous costume from the presentation, from my point of view, and I honestly think it needs something additional to take away from the obvious fact that as is it is not practical for the road. Hopefully this version was purely to stir the crowd and another, more functional costume will appear as option B. The male costume is one of my favourites, who knew feathers on a man could look so masculine as well as tribal. As one of the few costumes of colour, the red gold and orange is especially attractive.

Kingfisher Bird – Love the aquamarine and gold combination and the massive headpiece that is featured with the winged version of this costume. I actually like that the ornamentation on the headpiece looks like both a bird’s beak and a crown. The cage bra is optional, and this year looks as if it is more of a nipple bra as the stones and jewels barely cover the areola! I love the detail of the necklace which forms body jewelry hooking unto the skimpy belt. This costume is NOT for anyone who has not been a slave to the gym for the past year and has the body of perfection. It is also comforting to see that a regular bra option is offered for those loving the costume but not the nudity of the cage bra. I absolutely LOVE the backpack for the frontline which looks like wings. Again the theme extends to the male with his beak headpiece and necklace in lieu of a chest piece; cool touch which I am sure will be appreciated by all the meterosexual men.

Dragon Lizard – I must confess I do not like the colour combination on this costume; however I love the fact that you can look at it and immediately guess “Komodo Dragon”. The eyes on the headpiece, feathered collar that actually looks like the reptile and sequined bodysuit fit the theme of the costume to perfection. Both the frontline and collar option of this costume are well done. My issue is with the backline with the small headpiece that looks incomplete standing next to its counterparts. Some added beads perhaps, or a bigger headpiece for the backline.

Polar Bear/Brown Bear – Not liking either version. When I first heard there was a bear section I envisioned that the headpiece would be this massive detailed piece of art, something akin to what was done for the male Lion costume, with a bear face and downy feathers forming a huge crown of a headpiece. I was not expecting a dominatrix leather, fur and jewel encrusted ensemble. The white version is slightly better but still, I do not like all the “fur” as I get hot just looking at the costume. It must be noted that for the men this section looks pretty cool.

Black Widow Spider – The first costume I laid eyes on and it made a huge impression. The frontline or individual pieces (not sure which is which) are just amazingly detailed, cleverly unique in design and actually looks like what it is called. The caped costume with silver web design, is striking; love the cape, love the collar even love the headpiece and arm/foot pieces. As for the netted body suit costume with the black and white boa spider legged back pack, LOVE IT, though the model went straight to a fan when she came off stage. It is literally and figuratively a HOT costume. The backline costumes are sweet with the spider legs that are attached to the back of the costume, I like that the bra and belt are silver and not black as I think the section already has a lot of black and the silver enhances the costume. I like the male costume with the collar that matches the female frontline.

Great Egret – There are two frontline looking pieces for this costume, I like them both, I mean they are white have lots of feathers and beads, what is not to love. The winged frontline is beautiful, but is not too outstanding in photographs, maybe because it is all white. Personally I prefer the option with the massive headpiece though the front of the belt piece with the appliqué and beads falling from it remind me a lot of the belt of Silver Mist (from TRIBE). Now the backline costume…..I do not like it at all. I get the idea that we are going for something delicate and feminine but the caplet and skirt just look so odd next to the other options. I also think the bra reminds me too much of Goddess and Defenders for some reason. I would have thought that the backline could have had the same bra and belt of the frontline version with a smaller headpiece. I love the accessories though!

Portuguese Man O War – At first glance I did not like this section initially, something about the headpiece bothered me and I thought the jewels on the bra and belt were too reminiscent of Jewel of the Nile from 2007. However, the more I look at the details on this costume the more I like it and it is now among one of my favourites. I especially like that it is a costume of colour and that they chose to go with brights instead of pastels, I also like the twirly fabric pieces falling from the arms, headpiece and belt. I think the frontline is lovely; different from the feathered "Brazilianesque" frontlines with all that fabric. I love the frontline headpiece which has a nice complement of feathers; still think the backline’s is somewhat unflattering with all that blue crushed looking fabric coming too far down on the forehead. This is the only male costume I do not care for, I think it looks too generic especially compared to the other male costumes in the band.

Lion and Lioness – I am glad they added extra feathers to the backline headpiece for the launch and I know most people miss the details in the headpiece that actually looks like a lion’s face and which I think is pretty cool. However, this costume is just a bit too bronze for me, I played in bronze once and on me it just blends in with the complexion. I also do not like the ribbon pieces on the belt at all, it looks too flimsy. While the frontline headpiece is fabulous, the model who wore it on the night of the launch had a difficult time keeping it on her head and could be seen holding it in place from time to time. The Lion costume is fierce, one that I think captures the theme well; if I were a male this would be one of my picks.

Silver Fox – GORGEOUS costume; both the frontline and backline are very well done. I am so in love with the frontline headpiece, and the beading used on the bra and belt. Though the belt is skimpy I like the design with the triangular pieces falling on the side of the hips. This is Crystal Amming’s section and she never fails to deliver a costume design that I love; last year it was Nubians and in the inaugural year it was Pride! I also think that this is one of the few backlines that looks complete and not like they skimped on the costume, putting the most effort into the frontlines. I am guessing the corset version is for ladies who want some more coverage; in that one I like the addition of grey boas to the headpiece. I like the fox tails on the male costume too.

Cheetah – Another costume I am surprised I like as it did nothing for me in the previews. On the night of the launch when I saw it backstage the models looked quite adorable in it. I think it is a young fun costume, I mean who does not like the tail, and it not flat animal print used in the bra and belt but a self patterned sequined fabric and matching beads. The headpiece I personally think should be offered as an option to those wanting something smaller, but a larger headpiece would take this costume from being “cute” and “young” to smoking hot. The frontline is ok, I like all the animal print and feathers and it looked quite pretty in person, I just think it does not look like a cheetah but something African. Male cheetah is my favourite costume, I like the intricacies of the chest piece and all the primal looking animal print used on the belt and arms and legs.

Zebra – LOVE the frontline, I don’t care who thinks the headpiece should be fuller I think it is perfect as is; it looks like a Zebra’s mane. The backline is lovely too, and looks complete, but the style of the bra and belt looks a bit like Sacred Sand in black and white, not that anything is wrong with that as I liked Sacred Sand and the fit was quite flattering on all body types. The male costume is awesome! I am just psyched to see my favourite colours of black and white in a costume done right.

Crocodile – This one reminds me of Cacti and I have the same feelings towards it as that costume; I do not like it at all! To its credit it does look reptilian with that shell used all over the costume, but it is not attractive to me. The headpiece looks like they stopped short in the design, looks unfinished. Albeit I think the male costume is great and love that it uses some colour!

Being able to see the costumes up close certainly adds to the fact that I may have a different view from others only looking at them in photographs. I thought some sections did not translate as well in print as they did in person. On the whole I think the frontlines give the “WOW” effect as they were certainly well executed but the majority of backline costumes look too sparse with very little beads or feathers, it would help if they are enhanced more as not everyone can or is willing to play in a frontline costume yet one still expects that the backline should be just as appealing. There is very little colour in the overall presentation with shades of tan/brown, white and black being the primary colours used in seven sections. And as for the skimpiness of some of the costumes, animalistic is not supposed to look elegant or whimsically pretty in my opinion; it should be raw, edgy and primeval in design and many of the costumes do fit that standard. I appreciate the designers’ creativity and “thinking outside the box” approach to the costumes, though there are those who fall in either the love it or leave it camp. Overall it is great that each band which has launched so far offers something different so that we as masqueraders have choices, and at the end of the day that is a great thing!

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