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Friday, October 06, 2006

Legacy's website updated

I am quite impressed by Legacy's website which has been updated with information as well they have tackled several of the issues that masqueraders have been debating recently (I guess someone has taken heed of all those letters circulating!).

  • Service and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Early registration following the launch.
  • Website launched soon after launch WITH online registration for overseas masqueraders.
  • Music consists of live band as well as D.J.
  • Options for both all-inclusive and non all-inclusive costumes.
  • Mobile toilets.
  • Squashed rumors that the band is rigid about staying in your section.
Legacy has upped the ante! The following is the message on their website:

Dear Friends:

We would like to say a sincere “thank-you” to our sponsors, supporters, well-wishers and especially to our Masqueraders for all your support and for another great performance in 2006 – you are the best!

Legacy has great things in store for 2007and we are really excited about this year’s theme, costume designs and from all the interest we’ve been receiving, what promises to be a fantastic Carnival 2007! As a result of our ongoing efforts to identify ways to improve our service, we will make a number of enhancements & additions to ensure your Legacy Carnival experience is a truly memorable one. Our focus will remain on spectacular costuming, great music, safety, facilities and that personalized service and friendly, family atmosphere that you can only get in LEGACY.

Before we tell you about plans for “the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday” here is some info on registration:

MAS CAMP & REGISTRATION – Our costume designs will be unveiled at Legacy’s Band Launch on October 14th. You can register to play Mas with LEGACY from 5:00pm Monday 16th October at LEGACY Mas Camp, corner Carlos and Robert Streets, Woodbrook, Tel 622-7466.

INTERNET REGISTRATION– Our website is Costume designs and registration information will be up on website from October 17th. Note that Legacy is introducing an on-line payment facility for Masqueraders in the US, UK and Canada to facilitate your registration and costume payments.


THEME – Legacy’s Carnival 2007 portrayal is “HIAWATHA” – the fictitious life-story of a Native American Indian, who is courageous and proud, noble and wise, peace-loving and one with nature. We pay tribute to the strength, spirit and culture of this civilization which is also represented in one of our most loved traditional Mas forms.

COSTUMES – Come 14th October, you will see for yourselves that it was well worth the wait!!!

MUSIC – Legacy continues to provide the best in music. Masqueraders will have both live brass and DJs – two brass bands including big band Traffik with Shurwayne Winchester, Tripple X with Eddie Charles, Sound FX, Lalo and other top DJs, sound systems and soca artistes.

ALL-INCLUSIVE OPTIONS Premium all-inclusive sections will provide Masqueraders with a full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and food on both Carnival days. We understand the importance of an efficient, convenient and quality service and are taking the necessary steps to ensure that our Masqueraders’ needs are more than satisfied. There are also non-inclusive sections for those who do not require this service.

SECURITY – LEGACY is noted for its team of professional security and marshals, including members of the protective services who will ensure your safety, well-being and peace of mind on Carnival days.

MOBILE TOILET FACILITIES – On Carnival days, our mobile facilities will allow you to answer nature’s call without any hassle

MEDICS – Legacy has medical doctors and medics in the Band in the unlikely event that they are required.

BAND LOCATOR – You will be provided with the Band route and a telephone contact to establish the location of the Band at any time on Carnival days.

THE SPOTLIGHT – Legacy is well-known for its organization and giving our Masqueraders your time in “the spotlight” on stage at competition venues. On the road between competition venues, LEGACY Masqueraders can roam freely throughout the Band taking advantage of the variety of good music…….

FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENTA friendly, personalized service – from the Mas Camp to the road on Carnival days, you will feel the difference. Come with friends or come on your own – you will automatically become part of the Legacy family.

FUN – indescribable fun…. Just think “elation, euphoria, excitement, ecstasy”….renew the mind and the soul….and get ready for THE BEST TIME EVER!!!!

Trini Revellers in the Spotlight

Les Paysans, a section in Trini Revellers, representing peasants.

The few costumes I have seen so far from Trini Revellers have been impressive and I am looking forward to the band launching next Saturday at Pier 1. Today's Trinidad Guardian has a nice article on the band's philosophy as well as the idea behind the theme for 2007 "French Revolution".

Trini Revellers recreates French Revolution

By Stephanie Serac

Trini Revellers is set to continue its revolution of T&T’s Carnival. Already capturing three consecutive Band of Year titles, the Woodbrook-based band will recreate the French Revolution of 1789 for its 2007 presentation.

The French presentation follows on their successful interpretation of the the Roman Empire this year.

This time around they will explore one of the most important pieces of European history as they retell the stories of the great battles that ended the monarchy.

The 24-section band, with 150 masqueraders in each section, will recreate the historic characters during the decade-long succession of wars and battles.

The costumes depict all the stakeholders of the revolution from the poorer estate owners and peasants to the richer estate owners, noblemen and members of the clergy.

The presentation also will depict famous historical moments like the frost and hail that brought famines across France and the fall of Bastille, the main prison in which all who opposed the reign of King Louis XVI were held.

The memorial of the battle, called Bastille Day, is celebrated every July 14 in France.

There is a believable realism to Trini Revellers’ display as it captures the look and feel of the era in the costuming.

From the sans culottes, the monarchy and the peasantry, the costuming is credible.

NCBA public relations officer, David Cameron, said the band always tried to be creative and present a mas that was outside of the box.

“Traditionally, T&T Carnival depicts creativity, fantasy and local history in mas.

The band has always tried to bring up some historical theme in order to educate,” Cameron said during an interview at NCBA office, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, last week.

He said escaping the “bikini mas” syndrome has always remained top priority.

In the ’90s, bikinis and small costumes began to be more fashionable than education.

“Our aim is to bring back true portrayals into mas. You can attract young people with authentic things,” he said.

Enrico Rajah is the creative mind behind the band’s last three presentations and will once again work closely with designers Aaron Schneider, Geraldo Vierra Junior, Janice and Jeffrey Gillette, also producer of the band, on next year’s display.

Rajah, source of inspiration of Trini Revellers, said after receiving overwhelming feedback on his Roman Empire display he decided to turn again to European history for his 2007 presentation.

“I had the idea of Rome Empire and I was amazed to see all that Rome has given to the world. It’s the same for the French Revolution so I decided to stay in Europe this year again,” Rajah said during an interview at St Mary’s College, Port-of-Spain.

The geography and French teacher, who was in the middle of a lesson plan for his second form French class, said the Caribbean was also involved in the Revolution since a lot of French refugees came to the islands.

“Part of this history concerns T&T. A lot of French came in Trinidad in 1780s.

“The Governor Jose Maria Chacon had to deal with some disturbances between Republicans and Royalists during this period before the English took Trinidad in 1797,” Rajah said.

The French Revolution became the model for liberation movements from Africa to Cuba.

It inspired Haitian revolution in the island of Santo Domingo (1791-1803) led by the slave named Toussaint L’Ouverture and led to them becoming the first independent nation of the Caribbean.

“Out of the violence came good. It inspired other people to end feudalism” Rajah said.

The band also portrays French Queen Marie-Antoinette, Louis XVI, Robespierre.

“France was in debt and supported United States in its Independence War.

“Queen Marie-Antoinette was vilified, cartoons were written about her, rumours began saying she was looking for men but I don’t think she was so stupid to say, ‘If there’s no bread, let them eat cake, Rajah said as captivated in History.’”

Eight music trucks, two live bands and six DJs, along with security, will accompany masqueraders on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, Cameron said.

The official launch of Trini Revellers 2007 Carnival presentation French Revolution: La Revolution Francaise is scheduled to take place at Pier 1, Chaguaramas, on October 15.

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Size Discrimination... Letter to the Editor.

The following is a letter to the editor that was published in yesterday’s Trinidad Express. I looked for a link online but this letter is not one of those available on the website, hence the reason I scanned it.
(click on it to make it bigger)

It is quite interesting to read the writer’s views and comments. For the life of me I cannot understand how they have come up with the idea to pre-order bras then fit the masquerader into the bras instead of the other way around. The sizing method used for Island People’s bras has me somewhat confused as well. The bras come in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL and are not offered in individual bra sizes. Therefore they have lumped people wearing a 36DD together with those wearing a 38C, 3BD or 40B and labeled those sizes as 2XL.

Now, I am no bra expert but common sense and my own experience tells me that a DD can NEVER fit into a B cup! The inches represent the size of your back while the letters represent the cup size; a B cup is much smaller than a DD. I am really curious to see how they can make one bra to fit a myriad of cup sizes!

The belts are also sized XS, S, M. L etc. but at least the belts can be adjusted. How on earth are you to adjust a bra that is too small? With the money we are paying for our costumes in these bands every piece of the costume should fit properly, I know that there is no way I am paying $3200.00 for a costume and the bra does not fit! To me, the sensible thing would be to offer regular bra sizes or the option to input your special size like is normally done.

For the lucky ones “blessed” with the perfect size and proportions this might not even be an issue, I guess those are the ones being catered to. But for the ladies who might be full figured or have a bountiful bosom it just goes to show how much thought and consideration was given to the fact that one size does not fit all. Maybe the author of that letter hit the nail on the head when she alluded to the fact that, once again, prejudice is the real issue and if you don’t have the correct mold you are subtly sized out of the band.
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