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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Island Fusion presents 'SAFARI' for Crop Over 2011.

This is one sexy Foreday Morning band! For more information on registration and what the Island Fusion package includes, check out the website or Facebook Page:

21 North .....

Check out your Red Ants committee for tickets!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Collision Foreday Morning Band Launch Cruise

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What will you be doing the night before the Whit Monday holiday?

The impact of this Collision brings the best of Barbadian and Trinidadian cultures together in a massive explosion of music, food, revelry and artistic expression.

Indeed this has never been attempted before, so there is pretty much no comparison. Collision is set to change the face of Caribbean entertainment in a huge way, far surpassing any ordinary fusion of these two inimitable cultures. The time is ripe for party goers and revelers to finally expect more and be guaranteed more in Entertainment.

Party-goers can finally see their expectations become reality, as Collision's events will be handled with the highest standards of excellence and service, a mandate that should be used in every cultural event held in the Caribbean.

For the Collision team it's not about them, it's about their loyal fan base and steadily growing membership. With a pantheon of innovative offerings and clever concepts in their arsenal, Collision promises to be the driving force that transforms the entertainment industry in the Caribbean from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dominica’s Young Upwardly Mobile Adults -D’YUMA

When I first glanced this article  in Dominican News Online and saw the name of the new band for Dominica Carnival 2011 , D'YUMA MAS, I thought to myself "what YUMA involved in some other Carnival!?" but after throughly reading I realised that a group of Dominican's have decided to borrow YUMA's "Young Upwardly Mobile Adults" acronym and just add DOMINICA to the front to come up with "D'YUMA Mas".... pretty slick eh! 

"After years of participating in Trini Mas, a group of young entrepreneurs, event producers and costume designers have come together to give the next generation of Mas Dominique masqueraders a premium, interactive, all-inclusive Carnival experience that transcends what has become the “norm” in playing mas.

Dominica’s Young Upwardly Mobile Adults (D’YUMA) calls our next generation of mas D’YUMA MAS! Established in 2011, D’YUMA Mas is ready to take Mas Dominique to the Next Level."

D'YUMA even has a Facebook Page so you can check them out, and I am not even going to ask why they are using Trinidad Carnival  costume photos ALL over their group... not asking AT ALL! 

Seems like not only the NAME was borrowed from YUMA!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Music For Cropover 2011 - Lil Rick

Counting down to Saucy does Cropover.Ticket check! Accommodation check! Booze Cruise tickets, check! 

Waiting for Baje's launch on June 10th to choose my costume and in the meantime enjoying new music for Cropover 2011; heard this one playing on the radio here yesterday:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Power X Four Premium Section "Red Snapper"

Power X Four Premium Section "Red Snapper"



Get dressed in your SPECTACULAR COSTUME and start the day with a CHAMPAGNE BREAKFAST. Jump down to Spring Garden with PREMIUM DRINKS from our exclusive PREMIUM DRINKS TRUCK and SNACKS to satisfy your hunger all the way then top it off with a gourmet LUNCH at the end of the jump in the comfort of our PREMIUM LOUNGE!!

During our premium journey to spring garden, you will be accompanied by:


Female costume* includes:
-Immaculate Front Line Head Piece
-Detailed bikini top and bottom (thong option)
-Jeweled arm pieces
-Feathered leg pieces

* Ask about our beautifully crafted, hand-made wire bra and back pack options sold separately.

Male Costume includes:
-Silver Red Snapper head piece
-Shelled rope chest piece and arm bands
-Cool cargo pants or board shorts

Price: only US 395
Deposit: US 250
Payments can be made by cash, cheque or PayPal through Power By Four Band House - contact 246-437-6937.
Credit card payments can be made through Focus - contact 246-420-3937.

Email -

Thursday, May 26, 2011

KARMA Carnival Band Teams Up With Just4Fun

Patrons to the 2nd annual Saint Lucia Carnival Launch NYC Edition hosted this past Sunday May 22nd 2011 in Brooklyn NY by the Saint Lucia International Carnival Committee (SLICC) were treated to an afternoon packed with the colorful sights, pulsating sounds and tantalizing tastes of what one can expect at this year’s festival. Many of the Saint Lucian carnival bands who've launched for the 2011 season had their portrayals on display while Saint Lucian dj's and soca artistes, including groovy soca powerhouse Teddyson John and mister energy himself Pringles aka Superman HD, alongside their New York based regional counterparts, like Lyrikal and Ma$tamind among others, along with Kerry D Drummer provided the afternoons entertainment.

Among the highlights of the event was an unveiling of Brooklyn based KARMA Carnival Band's private section in one of Saint Lucia's premiere carnival bands, Just4Fun, for their 2011 portrayal of "The Next Adventure". The section on offer is called "Chrysopolis" and is based on a wealthy port city founded by the Greeks in 7th century BC. This "golden city", as the name translates to in Greek, was said to shine at sunset when viewed from a distance and was the location of a gold depository for the Persian Empire. Chrysopolis also served as an important staging post in the wars between the Greeks and Persians. KARMA has harnessed this shining golden fortification of a city and is ready to embark on this "next adventure" to spread their philosophy of quality mas to yet another carnival. Persons in this particular section have the unique opportunity and bonus to play mas in Saint Lucia in Just4Fun come July then use their costume again in KARMA for Labor Day. This added bang for your buck is expected to resonate positively with potential/prospective masqueraders and so far it has and it was a good night for KARMA as interest in Chrysopolis grew quickly once the design was formerly revealed to those in attendance. Many took the chance to register on the spot and some even paid in full, while others who’d already registered in other sections in Just4Fun inquired about switching to this new section.

The release of Chrysopolis comes close on the heels of the unveiling of KARMA's very own portrayal theme and logo for the 2011 Labor Day season. This year’s theme is "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and past and prospective masqueraders can look forward to seeing the KARMA-Just4Fun section and others as part of this new presentation. For over a month now the public has been teased with the tag line "free your mind to soar above and beyond the realm of reality", and this next piece in the puzzle takes us one step closer to the full reveal.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mirage Productions Vincy Mas 2011

Mirage Productions, presentation "White Darkness" for Vincy Mas (St Vincent Carnival) 2011. For more costume photos check out their website


Ice Warriors 


Diamond Dust


Katabatic Winds

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mark Your Calenders In July....

Spice Carnival has announced their Band Launch date and it is early this year, being held on Saturday July 9! I am thinking that Spice may actually be the second band to launch after D Krewe launching next month. In any event I am looking forward to the revelation of their theme as well as who their new design committee is seeing that TWO of the all female design team left and rumour is Richard and Anthony are not doing any designs for Spice this year! 

And it's J'ouvert in July once again... save the date Cocoa Crew! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Victory Games 2011


Come see MC Cann Worldgroup ,TRIBE ,YUMA, SCORCH , EMERGE TM , SORPOTMISTS ,Provocative Fitness ,LPTS ,SLAM 100.5 battle for $25000.00 for Charity.

This year we are taking the actionb to HOLLYWOOD - see the teams make all you favourite movies come to LIFE!

Tickets: $45 includes lunch.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Karma Labor Day 2011

Last year, 2010, KARMA Carnival Band took a fairytale journey into the carnival past of a people from a little island in the sun. It was our modern reinterpretation of traditional carnival characters inspired by whence the tradition of carnival came from. That portrayal garnered for KARMA the titles of Queen of the Bands, 2nd place Adult Female Individual and 2nd place Adult Male Individual in their respective West Indian American Day Carnival Association competitions.

For 2011 KARMA will be taking our masqueraders and the general public on another journey; a journey of abandonment and escape from the worries of our everyday lives; a colorful and sequential journey above and beyond the realm of ones reality; a journey “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. The rainbow symbolizes that the storm is over and the bad times are behind us; and has always served as a covenant that all days tumultuous and gloomy shall pass for brighter, more resplendent times. So KARMA invites their patrons to free their minds and take solace in the hope that behind every dark cloud and past the horizon of their troubles is that sign that ushers in the dawning of a brand new day. And this year, just as the rainbow has always been and continues to be an awe inspiring marvel, so too will KARMA’s newest portrayal.

It was a pleasure serving our masqueraders in 2010 and moving forward, the future success of the band will require KARMA taking stock of the lessons of the past seasons, learning from and correcting any slip ups and maintaining and even improving on where we’ve went right. Over the past months we’ve been doing just that as the small but mighty KARMA Carnival Band prepares for our third foray down Eastern Parkway. Our goal once again this carnival season from start to finish will be to provide our masqueraders with professional and unrivaled service, assured quality, competitive prices, guaranteed enjoyment and an overall safe environment at all our events and especially on the road come Labor Day.

Our 2011 portrayal of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” emerges this June, and we welcome and encourage all past and prospective masqueraders to karma-long and join the small band with big bang on this journey from the silver lining that appears behind every dark cloud in our life before the emergence of the rainbow, to the coveted and abundantly enriching pot of gold that can be found at every rainbows end.

Fantasy Barbados Preview Pics

New band for  Cropover 2011 "Fantasy Barbados" held their launch last night and while we wait for photos here are previews pics for you to enjoy! 

Fire Dragon




Red Robin

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Machel... Different Wine!

And the North American "SOLD OUT SAGA" continues....

As Tyra Banks always says... "Do you wanna be ON TOP?!!" .. Word has it that a certain designer's ULTRA FRONTLINE sections which has COMPLETELY sold out, has YET to be completely paid for services rendered!!

It seems that this on-going issue with designers not being paid what is owed to them has also "crossed over" to the North American Carnivals... Who is ending up in ah BLACK HOLE this year because of non-payment of bills?! News to the Sauce is that this is a section that DRIPS OPULENCE on the road and was everything I advertised in an earlier post. The ULTRA FRONTLINE can rival many of Trinidad costumes....

I also heard that a certain section leader rumored to be the "laughing stock" will BE the one who LAUGHS LAST when the section is TRULY revealed in all of its "VIXEN-esque" beauty come May 30th and sales will expect to soar all the way to VENUS! All this talk, yuh know de Sauce does only report it how ah does get it eh! Doh make me look like BOZO de Clown!! Hmmn! the North American CARIBANA Carnival is making me think I have to make a cameo NEXT YEAR cause this year I'm already Cropover bound!

On another front, designing DARYL's UNICORN section in Carnival Nationz continues to make strides with a "first" in Caribana history! The only section to be OVERSOLD topping previously held numbers within the camp and not only that "get this" the costume "resale" drama has spilled onto facebook, where notable "designers" are also trying to get into the "action" by re-purchasing costumes online via facebook threads! I guess "you really would get HORNED if you are not in this section!"

Back to the issue at hand though, EXACTLY how much do DESIGNERS charge for their services? I couldn't imagine it being THAT MUCH, when the end result is a spectacular section that propels your band into Carnival history and makes YOU the source of "costume envy"?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favourite .....Designers!

When it comes to choosing THE perfect costume for Carnival we all have our individual bias and criteria which form our decision making process. Some people go with the heart, whichever costume they fall in love with that is the one they must have. Others are more selective, they look at colour, materials , price and even if the design is an asset to their assets. 

For me I tend to gravitate towards certain designers, even though there may be many other costumes that I am absolutely in like with. During my time playing in TRIBE and Bliss I have for the most part played in all of Monique Nobrega's designs, save the year I played in  Mystery of Loulan . In fact I look forward to seeing what Monique brings every year and you can win a bet that I am going to play in one of her sections! I love Monique's design ethic and the fact that she does a very good balance of pretty, sexy and moderate skimpiness! 

Monique is not the only designer who is one of my favourites, the following are the designers I would definitely consider when choosing a costume even though in all honesty Sandra Hordatt's Frontlines are usually way too naked for me; I still LOVE her costumes though. This is not to say that I do not like or appreciate all of the other designers and section leaders in all the bands, but from a personal standpoint these are the designers that make my favored list .

Feel free to add YOUR favourite designer and designs.

Sandra Hordatt - 
Poison, Island People,TRIBE
Known For: 
*Making the wire bra a  tastefully sexy staple 
* Costumes that are both skimpy yet fabulously and unapologetically sexy.
*Having a Frontline line up featuring the best bodies in the band 
* Giving her  Frontline masqueraders "extra" goodies 
* Accessorising  the costume with re-wearable jewelry
My top two costumes from Sandra Hordatt - Goddess and Defenders and Kingfisher

Solange Shaw Gopaul  -
Known For :
* Being a perfectionist, no detail is left undone or unattended to.
*Catering to her masquerader's special requests
*Costumes with hand crafted jewelry details and novel design elements.
* Backline costumes that are just as detailed and gorgeous as the Frontline.
*Meticulous and hardworking hands on section leader
My top two costumes from Solange Shaw Gopaul - Caged Canary  and Loulan

Peter Elias - 
Island Events, TRIBE
Known For:
*Providing  fashionable and tasteful covered options for masqueraders
* The LOADS of accessories that comes with the costume.
* Strong Male Costumes
*Couture Creativity 
*Costume quality

My top two costumes from Peter Elias - Mermaids and Warriors  and Masai Warrior

Crystal Amming Marcus - 
Poison, Island People and YUMA
Known For:
*Creativity in Costuming 
* Detail to both Backline and Frontline costumes
*Always "Bringing the Pretty"
*Winner of Poison's "WOW" Award for the section Lantana in 2003
* Not afraid of using pastel colours like peach and lilac and making them edgy
My top two costumes from Crystal Amming  - Pride and Lantana

Monique Nobrega -
Poison, TRIBE, Bliss
Known For:
* Feminine and delicate costumes
* Modestly sexy  and classic designs 
* Affordable costume options 
* Nicknamed "Super Mo Mo" by me, because her designs are always consistently SUPER.
*Incorporating fabric pieces into costume design
My top two costumes from Monique Nobrega - Mayan Eagle and Kiskadee

Richard and Anthony Productions -
Poison, Island People, TRIBE, Spice, YUMA
Known For:
*Bling, Bling and even MORE Bling
*Feathers, Feathers, Feathers galore !
*Extravagant Costumes 
*Making the Monokini modern in mas
*Their stellar headpieces
My top two costumes from Richard and Anthony - Spangled Cotinga  and Taurus
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