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Monday, August 10, 2009

Spice Mas Camp Visit

Many of you were wondering if the prices I posted last week were official or not. So, here are the "official" prices in TT dollars:

5395.00 FL
3495.00 Regular
2650.00 Male

5095.00 FL
3495.00 Regular
2650.00 Male

Rubies of Mumbai
5595.00 FL
3595.00 Regular
2650.00 Male

Caspian Sea
5595.00 FL
3595.00 Regular
2650.00 Male

Gates of Petra
4995.00 FL
3495.00 Regular
2650.00 Male

4895.00 FL
3495.00 Regular
2550.00 Male

5995.00 FL
3695.00 Regular
2750.00 Male

Moroccan Heat
5295.00 FL
3595.00 Regular
2750.00 Male

4295.00 Dragon
3795.00 Princess
3395.00 Warrior
2550.00 Male

Wings of Isis
5895.00 FL
3795.00 Regular
2750.00 Male

3795.00 Female
2750.00 Male

5695.00 FL
3695.00 Regular
2650.00 Male

Ceylon Pearls is a special section, catering to 75 persons and available upon request. There is a scaled down option for Ceylon Pearls with a smaller headpiece, strapless bra and a regular waist band (pictured below).

This section will be the premiere leading the band, and offering butler service for drinks, buffet style lunch under air conditioned tents and lots of other VIP extras. Ceylon Pearls will also feature a float. Contact the mas camp if you are interested in being in Ceylon Pearls as it is on a first come, first served basis and will not be open for registration on the website.

The sections that will offer a fully decorated corset , at an additional cost of $500.00TT, are Rubies of Mumbai, Caspian Sea, Gates of Petra, Greece, Thailand and Ratnapura.

On second look I have to say my top two costumes are still Wings of Isis which is SO detailed, the entire bra is AB crystals and the headpiece on the regular costume is just gorgeous and Thailand, that regular costume is also very well done with attention paid to every little portion of the costume, I especially like the chain mail falling from the waist band.

Rome, Ratnapura and Gates of Petra are still on my list of least favourites. Rome's bra is beaded with beads that are darker than the feathers, it looks like a dark currant while the feathers on the headpiece are burgundy. I think this will work well on some complexions and not others. I changed my mind on Moroccan Heat, it is lovely in person and is a combination of salmon, orange and gold, which gives nice contrast and looks much better than the night of the launch.

All in all, I like the new space, it is larger than the old showroom and you can get a view of most costumes displayed on mannequins very nicely. For photos from Spice Mas Camp check out the album below:

Tribe Launch NYC Review

Saucy I am an avid reader of you blog and had something to contribute. I'm way to lazy to keep up a blog of my own so I'll give you my review of the Tribe band launching.

I arrived at the venue at exactly 6pm. No line to get in and since I prepaid for my tickets all I had to go was give my name show my receipt and hubby and I were in.
The venue is an extremely well known upscale club called M2. It's know for big time house music parties and bottle service. I was very very impressed that the promoters were able to secure such a venue in New York

The launching was supposed to start at 6pm but of course it didn't start until about 8pm I believe. I think they did that so people would come on time. The launch was held in the main part of the club. Extremely high ceilings, plush couches and they even opened up the 2nd floor. They packed that place out! It was like it was a regular club night.

Anyway Back to Basics kept the crowd going with some nice music not to rowdy at first but a slow build. Good mix of classic favorites and road mixes.

Finally it came time for the launch. Now M2 is know for having aerial performers. All of a sudden there were two gymnast girls holding floor to ceiling pieces of cloth. As someone narrated the two women did a performance climbing up the long pieces of cloth (50 feet high) and doing acrobatic feats using them. It was very nice.

After that was done as an intro the show started. A few things to note. One, about 8 of the costumes were there, no frontlines and no males. The sections that were there were Charmeuse, Xi Ling, Habotai, Ossage, Lapis Lazuli (yuck), Mulberry, Tyrian Purple and Zari. Models to note Ms. Word Trinidad Gabrielle Walcott was the model for Osage and Camille from America's Next Top model was modeling a section I can't remember. The models did a great job showing the costumes. One or two you could tell thought it was a fashion show and were striking awkward poses. I had a decent spot hear the VIP and was elevated so my vantage point was good.

After seeing the costumes in person my favorite is now Osage, Mulberry and Habotai. The headpiece for Habotai was sparkling like crazy I didn't even notice the chopsticks and tassels. They added some sort of cape wings on Osage that was very pretty. After each model did her thing they all came out in a group and dances around the stage.

Then it was all over. Now I thought there would be some registration that night but I was told there was none. I actually had cash on hand just in case but I didn't see anyone lining up to register. I did see some familiar Tribe faces (cute Cabral sisters) and should have inquired directly with them but decided against it since I don't know what my crew is doing yet.

All in all a great evening. I left around 8:30 and the party was just really getting started. I hope Tribe does this again next year and does some registration, frontlines and male costumes as well. Those were the only things missing from a fun filled evening.


Spice Registration Begins Today

Coming three weeks after their band launch, Spice mas camp opens today for registration of past masqueraders from 12 noon to 8Pm. The new mas camp is located on the corner of Robert and Rosalino Streets. Check out Afro Chic's blog for a photo of the location with the boat out front.

The website is also due to go live today, truth be told I was expecting the website to be up and running already to give potential masqueraders a preview of costumes AND prices, especially since the down payment information has not been made available. As far as I know the down payment is $1500.00TT on frontline costumes and $1000.00TT on regular costumes.

And when it comes to prices seems like people's call for lower prices was heeded, expect an adjustment of the prices by approximately $50.00US less than the prices I published last week, I am guessing costumes will start at around $3200.00TT, of course wait for the "official" prices from the mas camp/website for confirmation.

Look out for post Spice Mas Camp visit photos later day, hopefully with some very good close up shots for you guys.

Follow me on TWITTER for updates from Spice mas camp from 12noon
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