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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Oasis Open For Business

The wait is finally over. We at Oasis have the pleasure of officially opening our doors to you for viewing of costumes and registration.

The Mas Camp @ 32 Rosalino St. is now open from 11am till 6pm Monday to Friday.

The website is coming very soon and we'll keep you posted!!!!

The price listing in $TT is as follows:

Golden Eagle
Frontline - $3,895
Female - $2,995
Male - $2,295

Ghost Flower
Frontline - $3,700
Female - $2,995
Male - $2,295

Frontline - $3,999
Regular - $2,995
Male - $2,400

Frontline - $3,950
Female - $2,995
Male - $2,350

Frontline - $4,095
Female - $2,950
Male - $2,350

Downpayment:- $1200 Frontline; $900 Regular

Looking forward to getting you geared up for a great Carnival 2011. You won't go thirsty at an Oasis!!
216 more days!

"I love you?"

Are You a YUMA

An Actress and media professional


Experienced Event specialists who know how to throw a great party


A design team mentored by Carnival Great Wayne Berkley


the feedback of over 1200 fans on Facebook


Dynamic& Fun Committee Members

What does that add up to? The driving force of YUMA - Young and Upwardly Mobile Adults - a new band for carnival 2011.

The band leader, no stranger to the carnival scene and well supported by a group of seasoned event professionals, is Teri Leigh Bovell. She believes the band will offer what new masqueraders want, "We listened to what new and experienced masqueraders have been calling for and have created a movement or, as we call it - YUMA Vibe, that will engage masqueraders beyond the Carnival Monday and Tuesday." The YUMA Vibe is already being felt. Their FACEBOOK following is over 1200 people strong in just 3 weeks and grows daily. Queries about the new band have been dominating the social media and party scene for weeks. All will finally be unveiled come Sunday August 8th at YUMA's band launch at "The Oracle" (Queen's Park Oval Greens).

Why "The Oracle"? "'According to Ancient Mythology the Oracle predicts fate and knows all," explained Bovell highlighting the use of peacock feathers and intricate beadwork on the Oracle costumes to highlight the "seeing ability” of the mythological character the costume portrays. In YUMA's 2011 presentation, the Oracle predicts the horoscope of each of the signs of our ZODEAK. The spelling is not a typo. YUMA's "Zodeak" is unabashedly untraditional. "Every masquerader will have their birth sign portrayed but for Carnival 2011 they may choose to portray a different sign based on how the 'YUMA VIBE" takes them. Nothing is predictable and we're proud of that. Not because you're a Leo you'll like animal print and elaborate pheasant feather headpiece. Not because you're a Pisces will you like the of the water inspired design of the bead laden costume with plunging neckline - there's something for everyone in YUMA. The vibe will entice you to embrace characteristics of (ZODEAK) signs you want to display BEYOND carnival." For this reason, those expecting to be able to predict anything about the band, launch or costume presentation - look out for surprises!

One surprise was the use of a mix local and international models for the band's promotion. Daphne Narvaez, international swimsuit and music video model (picture attached), not only posed for pictures but gave our local new models tricks of the trade that can help increase the likelihood of successful modeling careers. "In exchange our models taught Daphne how to portray the YUMA vibe at the photoshoot and how to wine which was not completely foreign to her due to her Puerto Rican heritage ," said Bovell. "Its all about development. You need mentors to help you become Upwardly Mobile!"

Speaking of mentors, the YUMA team has a great one - Carnival legend, Wayne Berkely. Berkley was part of the design process and gave both design suggestions and feedback on each design as it neared fruition. At the costume review sessions he noted that there was still creativity in the design process and was thrilled to see materials being used in different ways to bring designs together. One costume, for example, uses Kanekalon (synthetic hair) in the headpiece to add movement. The YUMA design team benefitting from Berkley's mentoring and critiquing consists of award winning designers Richard and Anthony, carnival legacy and award winning designer Crystal Aming and Gina Maingot whose designs have recently burst onto the carnival scene.

So are you a Y.U.M.A.? Guess you'll find out at the launch. Limited tickets are available at $150 from committee members. YUMAscopes are released daily via their Facebook page . The band invites you to log on to begin catching the VIBE of the band today.

How To be A Recessionista Carnivalista

What exactly is a "Recessionista Carnivalista"? Well, it is someone who LOVES Carnival and going all out but  due to current economic times cannot afford to spend big bucks every single year on Carnival. After spending money on a costume, plus ticket and hotel for some, it  is such a huge bite out of your budget that you do not have the money to spend on the "extras" that  have also become part of the Carnival experience. 

 My friend asked me to do a budget on how much money in addition to my costume that I spend on things like makeup, boots, tights, Monday Wear, hair etc and to tell you the truth the last count was $2000.00TT; it adds up!So this year the challenge to myself is to spend as LITTLE money as possible on all the things that I think I need, I am not going to compromise on professional makeup however but really, do I need another pair of boots?

My current Carnival Boot Collection:

1.You do not need new boots or sneakers every year - I am guilty of this one, as it is much easier for me to buy a new pair of boots than to redecorate an old pair, not to mention I get caught up in buying boots and sometimes end up with three pairs to wear at one Carnival. Consequently I now have six pair of boots, one never even used! Afro Chic has great tips on her blog on how to use sand paper to get rid of dried  spray paint off your footwear so that you can reuse an old pair . It is amazing what she can do with just a can of spray paint as well. Get familiar with her "Do it your self" section and save money on buying more footwear this year.

2. Decorate  your boots yourself - Some of you may not have a clue on where to start but it can be as simple as just adding the leg pieces that come with your costume on to your boots or doing like my friend and covering your entire pair of boots in sequin trim! Patience and lots of magnatac (glue) is key:

Do it yourself boots

3. Do not order extra boy shorts with your costume - This goes for those of us that do not get anything "extra" for Monday wear. Go through your Carnival drawer, box or bag and see how many pairs of boy shorts you have accumulated over the years and recycle one of those. There is no rule that your Monday wear HAS to match your section so you can wear a red pair of shorts on Monday even though your section is green.This goes for the guys too, I know for sure you all have a lovely collection of board shorts with the band's logo on it, who cares if it is even from another band? 

4. Skip the professional makeup artist - You CAN do your own makeup with practice; find a a YOUTUBE makeup channel showing you how to apply makeup if you are a novice or get together with friends and experiment with different looks. Seriously you do not have to get professional makeup to have a great Carnival experience. Also you can reuse makeup that you already have or buy makeup together with friends in the same section and save on cost.

5. Strip lashes work as well as eye lash extensions and they are cheaper too! With lash extensions costing upwards of $100.00US for the individual lashes I say that you can get the same effect with the strip lashes that costs a fraction of that price. If you cannot apply them yourself, get a friend to do so.

6. Recyle, recycle, recyle - there are some things you just don't need brand new for Carnival and/or you already have in your possession. You can recycle insoles, tights (once they have no runs just wash and reuse), pouches and accessories. 

7. Do not buy "footless" tights for the extra $10.00, just snip off the toes from regular (cheaper) tights.

8. You do not need a brand new "fete" wardrobe every year, if you have worn an outfit before and it is blasted all over facebook, guess what? Delete the picture! Add some new accessories and shoes and you are good to go. Stock up on sandals , swim wear and shorts at the end of summer sales.

9. Cut costs where you can even though it may mean sacrificing some comforts. For example look for a guest house over a hotel and split the cost with friends, use your Local ID (if you have one) to negotiate a local rate. If you are out of a hotel budget stay with family or friends the  bright side is that family will drive you around and feed you for free! 

10.Know that you do not NEED to go to every single fete for Carnival to have a great time, as many have said before once you go to one fete during Carnival week you see the same acts that will be performing at every other fete from then on! 

And one last tip, if you cannot afford a costume in a particular band there is always cheaper to fit your budget,  do not get caught up in the hype and feel you NEED to play in any ONE band to have a great time. This year affords masqueraders choice... please use it!

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