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Monday, February 05, 2007

Makeup Tips Revisited

After my mini consultation with my makeup artist last Friday on whether to use face jewels or not, I remembered last year I gave periodical tips on makeup, eyelash and body jewel applications which will hopefully be useful to those doing their own makeup for Carnival.

Now, I normally do my own makeup for Carnival but this year I have decided to try using a makeup artist for two reasons a) every year I alone end up buying matching makeup and having to do not only my face but other friends as well leaving me rushed to finish getting ready and b) the makeup aritst is doing face jewels which I have never experimented with and the package deal of having my lashes and makeup done for one price was too good to pass up.

As we draw closer to the big day, many of you are in the process of purchasing makeup or have already started practising at home, see Trini By Injection's post and photos about her free makeup trial from M.A.C. Hopefully these tips will help, oh, and I was advised that I will be "tan" enough on Tuesday after being browned in the sun so I can use the face jewels and not worry about having spots all over my face (from tan marks) come Ash Wednesday.

Makeup Lessons

Face Jewels

Camouflaging Imperfections

Applying False Eyelashes

Inspiring Makeup Art

Does skimpy equal sexy?

I have been looking at Brian Mc Farlane’s costumes for India quite often and I have to say I hope to see the band on the road as I am absolutely in love with several of his sections! Take for instance Royalty or Caribbean Sea; I love the fabric, the colours and the ornate decoration on the former costume. Last year I toyed with the idea of selling my TRIBE costume and playing with Mc Farlane, since I had fallen in love with two of his costumes then as well, but popular opinion swayed the decision otherwise. In fact, many people who knew me and heard me say that I loved Mc Farlane’s costumes wondered why I would even entertain the thought knowing that for years I have been playing in “bikini and beads”. Someone even went so far as to ask me if I though all that cloth was sexy. My response to that was, so a skimpy costume is automatically sexy?

After giving it some thought I realize that many people buy into the idea that the less costume there is the “hotter” the costume will look on the wearer. Maybe it’s the “perfect” models that display the costumes at band launches and websites that sell the idea that if you buy the costume that’s how it will fit you. This sometimes leads to persons choosing costumes that are not suited to their body type simply because the costume is hot. For instance, if you have large breasts a halter top will not give you enough support, Nylon Pool was not an option for me last year for that very same reason.Which leads me to my point, a skimpy costume might have all the elements to be considered sexy but on someone who frankly does not have the body to wear it, it will not look sexy! And, it is not only about that person not looking the part but also about their self confidence.

I have a friend who is a slightly larger than average girl, and every year she chooses a two piece costume then starts worrying about how the costume looks when she eventually tries it on. Without fail, every Carnival Tuesday morning she is upset and sour about how she looks in her costume. And that attitude carries over throughout the day, with her either looking for a bandana to cover her stomach or obsessing over how her butt looks from behind! Lacking that self confidence to wear a skimpy costume is never sexy. I think she would be happier choosing a costume that is either more covered, like Jamette this year or simply accepting that she is not 120 pounds and love herself regardless, I have seen her on the beach many times in a two piece, there she is quite comfortable and looks good. My theory is that the added pressure on Carnival day of being surrounded by other women she perceives as skinner and sexier does in her self confidence

Similarly, if you have the confidence to rock a costume that might be considered having a bit too much clothing you can still look hot! One does not need their behind on display in a thong to look fabulous. The women who play with Mc Farlane, for instance, are not all older, plumper ladies, I have seen quite a few young women wearing a costume with fabric and looking quite sexy!

Ladies of Mc Farlane 2006

Mc Farlane 2005

This year I have noticed a few of the more popular bands offering costumes that went beyond the two piece; TRIBE has a few “covered” costumes this year with the traditional Dame Lorraine, traditional and regular Jamette and Jean and Dinah which offers a long skirt and corsette as one of the options. Trini Revellers has several sections with corsettes and more fabric than beads, notably House of Hapsburg which I adore and Les Aristocrats which are two of my favourites. Even Island People has Raiders of the Desert and Arabian Princess which I like a lot. I think the idea of offering a costume with the option to be more covered should be embraced more, even in the “bikini and beads” bands. There should be options beyond either a whole suit or tankini, for those looking for a sexy costume that is not skimpy. If the bands take the challenge we should start seeing more and more costumes that break the formula of just a decorated bikini and might just open the door to more creativity in costumes.

Island People's Arabian Princess

TRIBE's Jean and Dinah

So to answer my question, the costume does not make the wearer sexy. Sexiness is all about self confidence and that ability to wear even a paper bag and still make it look smoking hot! Wear the costume, don't make it wear you!
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