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Friday, August 31, 2007

Pulse 8 Sneak Peak

Yet another black costume for 2008!Gypsy Caravan, a section from Pulse 8's 2008 presentation Marrakesh which will be launched on September 16th at Club Zen.

Photo Source: PULSE @ The Trinidad Guardian

Island People Close Up Pics

Photos courtesy my friend Melissa, so sorry for the missing Bear pics. Click on the photos for a larger view:





Silver Fox

Red Tiger

Kingfisher Bird

Portuguese Man O War

Black Widow Spider

Dragon Lizard

Island People Sold Out Section Update

Yesterday was the last day of registration for Island People's past masqueraders with open registration due to start on Monday September. The sold out sections , both in house and online, are:

Silver Fox (frontline and backline) - Female
King Fisher (frontline and backline ) - Female
Lion - Female
Dragon Lizard frontline - Female

Amazingly enough costumes have started popping up on Carnival Junction for sale; there is one Zebra, one Cheetah, one Red Tiger and two Kingfisher Birds. I am starting to think people are buying costumes just to resell them!

As for sections close to selling out Zebra, Cheetah and Egret will be the next to go. Good luck to all those newbies who will commence registration on Monday; hope you get your section of choice, if not don't forget to check out Carnival Junction!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dream Team website update

Even though I am still seeing few galleries of Dream Team's launch they have updated their website with the following information:

From the wealth of our natural resources to the diversity of our cultural background......the wonder of our bucco reef.....the splendor of our golden sunset....we are jewels of the caribbean

Welcome to DREAM TEAM CARNIVAL 2008 "one jammin street party"


toronto lime with more galleries from other websites coming soon...


sapphire sunrise
liquid gold
sunset down the islands
sugar sugar
earth rhythms
bucco reef
wild orchid
it's carnival
flora fantasy
nylon pool
emperor butterfly
tribal fusion


beautiful, comfortable costumes at an affordable price
an opportunity to reuse your costume in selected carnivals and parades internationally
unlimited drinks and food to keep you energized whole day
live entertainment on our music trucks
pulsing road music by the best radio dj's to keep you entertained
mobile washrooms that stay with the band right to the end
reliable security that stays with the band right to the end
your goodie bag with lots of complimentary stufff
a full dvd of Dream Team on the road Carnival Monday and Tuesday
the best ambiance on the road for the two most fun days of the year.

reach us at or call 756-2449 , 753-0286 , 491-1028

There are 12 sections listed but from the gallery on Toronto Lime I am only seeing 7 sections, I guess when the website eventually launches all sections will be on display. From the section names and actual costumes I cannot guess which is what, they all look pretty much like the same "bikini and beads" formula, albeit I am looking forward to see the other sections when they are revealed on the website.

I have to say Dream Team does offer a comprehensive list of what they plan on offering potential masqueraders, and I would really like feedback from anyone who played with them this year. email :

September Band Launch Schedule

If you think the pace of band launches is slowing down, September will be even more hectic and several bands are still to announce their launch dates!

Brian Mc Farlane- "Earth"- media launch - September 13th

Trevor Wallace - "Nautica" media launch - September 13th

D Krewe - "Love is...." - public launch - September 15th

Pulse 8 - "Marrakesh" - public launch - September 16th

Genesis - "Tales"- public launch - September 16th

Revolution(Curtis Eustace) - "Imagination of Colour" - public launch -September 22nd

Trini Revellers - "Viva Mexico" - public launch - September 23rd

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two More Sections Sold out in Harts

So, my favourite Harts section Apocalypto is sold out, took it long enough since it is a lovely costume. Also, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, another popular choice because of the smoking male costume and it's price, is sold out as well. If you are keeping count that's four sections gone in Harts so far. I am telling you, the rate that bands are selling out Carnival 2008 is going to be BIG.

Almost gone...........

Just yesterday I was expressing awe that Luna of TRIBE was sold out when later in the afternoon I saw that only Myths of Babylonia FEMALE costumes are remaining. Once again the male costumes are sold out before the females. And, is it just me but I thought the mas camp has been closed until the 31st of August, is registration being continued at Cascadia now that online registration is closed? Whatever the case I am sure Myths of Babylonia female will disappear soon enough so anyone still harbouring hopes of playing with TRIBE your chances are meagre.

Don't be too worried albeit ,since the costume resale market is just getting started and I have seen several costumes popping up on Carnival Junction ALREADY. While most of the advertisements are for costumes wanted , Silver Mist and Goddess of the Chase the two most popular sections, I have seen one Mystique Frontline, Almathea and Autumn Sprite up for trade or sale. When I contacted the person who is selling the Mystique Frontline, she said she was selling since she switched sections. Now, see why the deposit on frontlines was 50%! You would think that one would be sure of playing a frontline but even paying $24000.00, more than half the cost this person was still willing to sell! Amazing.

Passion, Lust and Lies

Yet another new band is poised to make a debut for Trinidad Carnival 2008. This one is called Wee International and from the website it states that they are indeed international with chapters located from New York,London, Canada and Ireland.

The theme of Wee International's 2008 presentation is "Passion, Lust & Lies"; no date for a band launching as yet but a previwew of costumes can be seen on the website.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TRIBE section update

Lo and behold Luna is SOLD OUT , only Myths of Babylonia is left in TRIBE! Check the website for the update.

Black Widow Prices

Here are the prices for Black Widow Spider, Sonia Mack's section in Island People's Animal Instinct, please note registration for this section begins tomorrow:

Option 1:

Frontline (with cape) - $3795.00
Backline (without cape) $3195.00

Option 2:

Frontline (with spider legs) - $3895.00
Backline (without spider legs) - $3395.00

Both costumes pictured below are "special" costumes and you need to contact Sonia for more information on those.


Sonia Mack


#1A Maingo Drive St Lucian Road Diego Martin


Island People Registration Day 2

Online registration is still not available, I just called the mas camp and was advised to keep checking the website as they are having some technical difficulties.

Also, Kingfisher BACKLINE is still available at in house registration, and is not sold out as previously reported. However both Kingfisher frontline and Silver Fox ((backline AND frontline) are sold out.

Edited to add:

Update from Island People at 11:45AM

Thanks again for your patience in regards to online registration. We are prepared to start online registration at 12 Noon today. We had a HUGE rush yesterday in the mas camp and we expect the same online. If you get a message saying a costume sold out then please choose another costume.

Please remember that your online deposit is 50% of the costume price plus the 5% PayPay surcharge. This is the equivalent of calculating 52.5% of the full costume price. Please make paypal payments to and include your name and costume selection in the subject/message line of the paypal form.

You will have 24 hours to make the payment. We will notify you when we've processed your registration request and again when we have confirmed your correct payment.

Thanks soooo much!!!


First Look at Dream Team

I had all intentions on going to Dream Team's launch on Sunday especially as they were generous enough to offer me a Media invitation but circumstances beyond my control led to me not being able to attend. For those of you on Facebook the Carnivalscene group has from Dream Team's launch of Bejeweled as well as

In the interim I am working on getting some more costume photos for viewing on the blog, but the ones I have seen so far from Carnivalscene and are looking good. Check them out!

Unoffical Carnival 2008 Fete Calender

Last year there was a bogus fete calender making the rounds on the Internet so I was a bit hesitant to post this one as the only dates I am 100% sure of are Carnival Monday and Tuesday. But, since everyone has been enquiring about the this calender, here it is:

Unsure when these fetes are………
* Wicked In White
* Blue Range All Inclusive Fete - Diego Martin
* Pearl Garden All Inclusive Fete - Petit Valley
* BGTT Energy-Inclusive Fete - Chaguaramas Golf Club

Tuesday January 1st, 2008
* Trinity College's Soka In Moka - Trinity College (Maraval)

Saturday January 5th, 2008
* QRC Outta de Blue VII All-Inclusive - QRC Grounds (St. Clair)

Sunday January 6th, 2008
* UWI 17th Annual All-Inclusive Carnival Fete - UWI Grounds (St Augustine)
* ISLAND People Amnesia Fete - Pier 1 (Chaguaramas)

Saturday January 12th, 2008
* Bishop Anstey All-Inclusive - Bishop Anstey Grounds (POS)
* St Mary's All-Inclusive Fete - St. Mary's College (Pembroke St, POS)

Sunday January 13th, 2008
* bpTT All-Inclusive

Friday January 18th, 2008
* Central Bank All Inclusive - Eric Williams Plaza
* Bazodee Friday - Pier 1 (Chaguaramas)

Saturday January 19th, 2008
* NGC Sports Club All-Inclusive (Country Club)
* O' Farrell's All-Inclusive - Mobs 2

Sunday January 20th, 2008
* Panorama
* Mc Leod All Inclusive - Pier 1 (Chaguaramas)
* Annual Blood Bank Fete - Country Club (Maraval)
* U.S. Embassy Annual All-Inclusive (Chaguaramas Golf Course)

Friday January 25th, 2008

Saturday January 26th, 2008
* Fatima College All-Inclusive
* Machel's Alternative Concept 6

Sunday January 27th, 2008
* CAREC All-Inclusive - Federation Park (St. Clair)
* Nestle All-Inclusive

Monday January 28th, 2008
* PNM Fete - Balisier House

Tuesday January 29th, 2008
* Eyes Wide Shut CARNIVALE - Queens Park Oval
* Island Style Glow '07 - Mobs 2 - Chaguaramas
* Bishops Junior School All-Inclusive Fete

Wednesday January 30th, 2008
* Bacchanal Wednesday - Chaguaramas
* Customs Boys Fete - Hasely Crawford Stadium (Port of Spain)

Thursday January 31st, 2008
* Michael Headley's All Inclusive Fete - Salybia
* Beach House Carnival - Ortinola Estate (Maracas)
* Alternative Thursdays (Down de islands)

Friday February 1st, 2008
* Island People Girl Power - Queen's Hall (Port of Spain)
* Blue Range Cooler Fete - Diego Martin
* Rise All-Inclusive - Country Club (Maraval)
* Cooler Fete - Pier 1 (Chaguaramas)

Saturday February 2nd, 2008
* Panorama Finals
* Island Style Insomnia Fete - Mobs 2 (Chaguaramas)
* Trini Posse All-Inclusive Fete - Chaguaramas
* Sunny Side Up All-Inclusive Breakfast Party - Palm Av W, Petit Valley

Sunday February 3rd, 2008 (Carnival Sunday)
* Moka All-Inclusive Fete - Maraval
* Brian Lara All-Inclusive Fete - Chancellor Hill

Monday February 4th, 2008
* Parade of the Bands

Tuesday February 5th, 2008
* Parade of the Bands

Like I said, I am not sure of any of these dates so take it with the knowledge that later on they might turn out to be incorrect. The "official" fete calender is usually released by Peter Ray Blood later on in the year.

Monday, August 27, 2007

2 Sections Sold out & Registration Update

First day of registration for past masqueraders and already Silver Fox and Kingfisher are sold out in-house. I had a strong feeling that the popular sections would go first and they did, even without the huge crowds of last year; starting registration at an earlier time and thus staggering the crowd might have contributed to this as when I passed Stone Street after 4:00pm there were no lines at all!

As for online registration, it still has not started but Island People sent out this email notice to those patiently waiting:


We know you are waiting patiently to register online and we appreciate your patience. Although we have started registering people in Trinidad, THIS WILL NOT AFFECT THE ONLINE QUANTITIES. We have allotted for twice the amount of online masqueraders as last year.

To ensure the integrity of our online infrastructure we chose to test the online registration while in-house registration was in progress. There was a minor issue that is currently being resolved and the online registration system will be up as soon as possible.

We will notify you as to what time online registration will start. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENTS UNTIL YOU HAVE REGISTERED ONLINE.

We are sorry to inconvenience you but we wanted to keep you updated. We appreciate your understanding.


Island People's Registration has started!!

Ok, so I am just back from checking out the action at Stone Street, that's at Island People's mas camp if you did not know. Registration was slated to begin at 11:00 a.m. and being a Monday morning just before the lunch hour it was a prefect time as the crowds had yet to arrive when I left at 11:15am.

Upon arrival there was a young lady giving out numbers, the hubby and I were #22 and #23 and we gave the numbers to two potential masqueraders when we left. The last numbers were actually #26 and 27 so there were that many people at that time.

We had to take a seat under tents in the yard as the first set of masqueraders were already registering. I can foresee that by the time noon rolls around the space will be filled as many cars were pulling up as we were leaving.

Seems as that for the moment things are running smoothly down at Stone Street, though online registration has yet to begin I have been informed that it should start at 4:00 p.m. Keep checking the website for updates as well, a photo of Kingfisher full bra option will be posted.

Black Widow update..

So the number I posted for Sonia Mack is in working order and you can call her for more information at 868-680-2442. Registration for Black Widow will not begin today but tomorrow as there is a small issue with the costumes advertised as backline and frontline on Island People's website.

There will be two options offered for backline; one with sequins & spider legs and one like the caped version but minus the cape. In addition there will also be two frontlines, one with the cape and the one with the longer sequins and bigger headpiece.

Keep checking Sonia's website as well since it will offer much more details and all costume options.

Please note that previous masqueraders of Sonia will be giving preference, as always.
And Island People's website is updated with all contact information on Sonia Mack:

Sonia Mack


#1A Maingo Drive St Lucian Road Diego Martin


So lets talk prices....

There was lots of talk when TRIBE's prices were released and now we have Island People's prices which are generally in the same ballpark as TRIBE, with the exception of the individual costumes which I will get to later. I like the fact that the men playing with Island People this year are coming out on top, not only are the male costumes among the best I have seen for Carnival 2008 the prices are reasonable as well! The cheapest male being $2275.00 (Egret &Man O War) with the most expensive at 2595.00 (Silver Fox & Kingfisher) and I suspect the popularity of the latter sections might have added to the price as well.

For females the backline prices are not that far off from 2007, the average price being $2762.00 for 2008. Honestly I was not expecting Bear, Crocodile and Cheetah to be as expensive as they are seeing as none of those costumes uses any feathers and very little beads. Personally I see Egret as being a good alternative, the price is not bad at all considering you do get a feathered headpiece and the costume looks very nice in person (minus the jacket) and it comes with lots of accessories. As expected the popular sections of Silver Fox, King Fisher and Zebra are the most expensive and quite probably the first to sell out.

Frontline prices are in keeping with other bands, even Ronnie and Caro has frontlines pushing $4000.00, so I was not expecting cheaper frontlines. The larger headpiece option for Zebra and Lion put them in frontline category as well; the best frontline options are King Fisher and Silver Fox to me. I can see those with all the feathers used and especially the winged arms of King Fisher that there is some substance to the costume that can be used to justify the price if pushed for a rationale. Red Tiger, however, is baffling me at what makes a sequined swimsuit with the male headpiece frontline and to me it is the one costume that is outright not worth the price being called.

As for the individual costumes, most of which I thought were frontlines, some masqueraders will surely need a seeing eye dog and/or eye patch with those prices that are eye gouging!! I thought TRIBE was mad out of their minds to call $8400.00 for Goddess of the Chase Individual when it does not offer anything but a larger headpiece and a slightly upgraded backline costume. But Island People's Individual prices are even more insane! I am sorry but King Fisher Individual is basically the frontline costume with a winged backpack..... in fact the headpiece is smaller than the Frontline's.

Kingfisher Individual

Kingfisher Frontline

At $14, 495.00 Kingfisher Individual to me offers the same as Oasis (2007) frontline and that costume did not even cross $5000.00 at $4495.00 with a huge backpack and headpiece.

Oasis (2007) Frontline

Silver Fox with the corset is another Individual I think is Frontline with a jacked up price, really the Frontline Silver Fox and the Individual are the same with the exception of a corset and some boas... is the difference really worth $2900.00?

Silver Fox Backline and Individual

If I were even contemplating an Individual costume the better deal would be two costumes, one for Monday and another for Tuesday. Even playing in the most expensive Frontline and backline costume on both days I would come out cheaper than doing one individual!! I wonder what the perks are for being an Individual as well. Does one get special registration, custom made costume, a handler, make up artist on both days perhaps (all which are provided by TRIBE for their Individuals) ? It would be nice to know what perks are afforded someone who drops 15 thousand dollars for a costume.

Finally no prices on Sonia Mack's costume Black Widow Spider. Her personal, separate and apart from Island People website states that it is "coming soon" and I guess one would have to contact her personally for costume pricing seeing as registration begins today. Last known contact I have is 868-680-2442, as her store and subsequently Mas Camp, has moved from Delhi Street to parts unknown to me. If it will help this year her prices ranged from $2595.00 to $3895.00.

Good luck to all those registering today with Island People, here is hoping you get the section of your choice!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

We have prices. .. Island People!


(click for larger view)

And an update on registration information via email:

Please click on the prices to see a larger version with optional headpieces and individuals (one of a kind) costume prices. PLEASE CONTACT SONIA MACK FOR PRICING ON THE BLACK WIDOW SPIDER COSTUME. Tel 868.633.7862

Our website will be updated momentarily to provide you with these prices as well.


In order to make your online registration as easy and inexpensive as possible, we have explored numerous online payment options and have selected the most widely used online payment site in the world... PayPal. If you don't already have a PayPal account you should sign up for one now. It is very quick and simple to sign up and you can use your credit cards and debit cards to make payments. Online registration using PayPal payments will require a 5% surcharge in addition to your IP Mas costume payment. Your costume will be reserved for 24 hours, if payment is not received within that time your registration will not be valid.

If you would rather wire the money, you can use any Moneygram location or where you can you pay with credit/debit cards. Please wire the money to Spirit International and be certain to use the option that does not require a business/receiver code.


Online Deposit = 50% of the costume price + 5% PayPal surcharge (must be added manually)
Mas Camp Deposit on Backline Costume = $900 TT / $150 US
Mas Camp Deposit on Frontline Costume = $1,500 TT / $250 US

A group consists of a minimum of 5 people and must have 2 or more past masqueraders within the group to qualify for pre-registration this week. There are no discounts for group registration but we do insure that the entire group will be registered as a whole. Only one person is needed to register a group but please verify that everyone's sizes are accurate. There are no changes or refunds. Please ask for Elesha at the Mas Camp in order to process groups. Online groups can email and we will email you a spreadsheet to fill out.

We look forward to registering you tomorrow(Monday)!

IP Mas

Island People Mas
11 Stone Street
Port Of Spain, NONE 00000
Trinidad and Tobago

As seen on the world wide web

The Internet is an amazing thing; it hosts a wealth information that can be found while sitting in the comfort of one's home, it can be a social utility that connects people with the same interest around the globe, it is even a place where one can shop, plan a trip or find pieces of Carnival costumes with the click of a mouse.

I cannot take credit for discovering all of these on my own, one blogger found the spider legs, while searching for Monday wear for another blogger I came upon the body suit and the body armour was also a result of looking for roman costumes for the hubby. Edited to add that I also found the Spider Legs ONLY selling online.

This isn't the first time that I have found pieces of Carnival costumes online either, I found the crystal Nylon Pool bra and the entire (defunct) Rain costume for sale at one website. Once designers in Trinidad use something that is seen on the world wide web trust me, it is bound to be found sometime or the other.

This is all in good fun, I am not sending anyone to plagiarize costumes, but it is quite interesting to see where some "designers" get their inspiration and also to have an idea of the prices of these items! Quite interesting indeed:

Roman Breastplate - Fantasy Costumes $24.99

Harts - BEN HUR

Spider Web Lace Bodystocking - - $14.19

Island People - Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider Costume - My Divas Closet - $60.00

Black Widow Spider Legs ONLY - $24.99

Island People - Black Widow Spider

Finally although this is not an "exact" copy of TRIBE's Myths of Babylonia, clearly one can see that it is certainly close enough to draw inspiration from:

Sexy Greek Goddess Costume - $39.000

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