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Sunday, February 17, 2008

D Krewe Review

Written by Bacchanalmas:

Upon arriving at the mas camp on Friday 25th Jan we was greeted by some very pleasant and helpful staff, well appointed and clearly displayed costumes; making further payments was a breeze and seemed very organized, they were even giving complimentary water and beer, the only downside was our section “Fantasy” was meant to be for collection on Thursday 31st Jan but had been scratched out on the notice and put back to Sunday 3rd as you can understand we were not happy collecting a day before Carnival! VEX? Yes very, but luckily I called the section leader and had arranged that he drop all 26 costumes to my guest house on Saturday instead, now bear in mind most of our bookings were done from registration started in September.

Ok so Saturday arrives costumes were meant to be delivered at 5pm finally at 8pm they turn up! Here is when the real drama begins I had about 15 of the girls waiting on the costumes to try them on etc when we realized all the belts were either too big or too small. Being too big I can work with ,cut down and re apply the velcro but not too small, as 3 people were 40" or 42" waist and the biggest belts they had only measured 36" or 38", so they had to be sent back for larger ones to be made. Then a larger problem arose, that the Bras were all 32-38 back and either B or C cups, when I tell u we had a lot of girls either ranging from a 32DD up to a 38H yes they were supplied wit the 38C bras! Now you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know a nipple ain’t gonna get covered if you a 38H, so they explained to us they had issues with their suppliers in, wait for this, CHINA and they didn’t notice the bras were wrong until they arrived 2 weeks before carnival!

Anyway the rep from Mau bro's section told us he would go get some larger bras and be back to try sort this out; by 10pm he was back with a lady I believe was from Trini Reveller's with some larger bra's that I believe came from the "El Imperio de Cortes" (blue option) section yep I pay attention to everything! We were told these bra's would be stripped down and re applied with the correct fringe and appliqués and would be delivered Sunday morning at 11am along with the belts and other missing pieces like leg bands and oh wrist ID bands which we did not get either.

Well after returning from insomnia a lil worse for wear 11am arrived and went and no costume pieces arrived as promised by 1pm. I was calling them to try finding out what was going on, I had numbers for 4 different people and all were either off or just ringing out! I got so vex me and my friend who was going to collect his FORBIDEN costume decided to go down to the stadium and see what’s going on.

Upon arrival there I met my 2 other friends who were collecting their TANTRIC costume they were told their costumes will not arrive until 4pm! My friend who was collecting FORBIDEN was told his costumes wont arrive until 8pm (bear in mind costume collection is meant to be 1pm-8pm) to be then told no the costumes may not arrive at all! Anyway back to the FANTASY section, I went to the booth where they were distributing from and spoke to the section leader who told me to wait here for a min he would see what’s going on 45 minutess passed and the man finally came back after much frustration.

He took me into some back room and handed me 3 of the 8 bras hat needed to be re done but on inspection the bra's were exactly the same as the Trini Revelers section just with some flower appliqué added I also got the belts and missing arm pieces but I was still missing 5 bras, by this time I am getting real vex and short with the man he is yet again promising me to bring the bra's to my place at 5pm. I was like this is crazy! So in the mean time I go and start trying to get ID bands for 26 people (yes this is where I wasted 2 and a half hours of my day) after finally proving all the costumes were paid as they had no record of payments for half of them oh and they ran out of goodie bags too! I was so vex I decided to leave. I met my TANTRIC friends again, guess what they got they costumes but they were told the headdress option they chose and paid extra for is not available due to headdresses not arriving so they had to settle for the head jewelry option! Also one didn’t get the full body under garment option either she later received that Monday night on the road!

I went home and broke the news to the girls that they would have to wait longer and I continued doing the amendments on the costumes and gluing back what was already falling off 5pm came and went yet again no call nothing and they still un-contactable so my friends got so vex they went down there with their full costumes to get a refund 3 out of the 5 ended up getting the bra's the same as the Trini Revellers ones they jus took them because they wanted to play mas so bad! So they took them home and amended them their self meanwhile my other friend in FORBIDEN is still without costume and he found out 3 of his female friends were having the same problems but at about 11pm he gets his costume incomplete but a costume none the less the girls had to get refunded.

I won’t talk about carnival Monday as I was horizontal for most the day after jouvert with severe hang over! But I did make it out onto the avenue when the band was passing and jammed for a few hours and it was nice vibes and drinks were flowing!

TUESDAY MORNING one thing I never want to do is cross the big stage at 8am talk about no vibes I still got sleep in my eyes lol. After crossing the stage and the band begun to grow it became apparent that there was a severe lack of security and no rope to separate from public. I made my first visit to the bar to order a “hard drink” I asked for a white rum and coke a large one! I was told there is no rum I WAS LIKE WTF we in Trini no rum? I went round the other side the truck and asked again to my amazement they guy lifted down not one but a full case of OLD OAK WHITE RUM and removed a bottle and poured my drink! I was like why these people being so dottish? Anyway as the day progressed the vibes was getting nice people were getting drunk, we were approaching the food stop by D Krewe mas camp, which was a little school. Imagine this, about 3000 masqueraders clambered into this tiny lil playground, almost killing each other for food! I was looking around, all the staff and security were tucking into their meal; I go outside to sit down and eat and get some shade. 10 minutes later one my friends in CLIMAX came and sat down and said “I jus had to go into St James and buy a bake and some roti” I was like why, don’t you like the food? She replied the food done, nothing left, and I was like this isn’t real.

As the band re assembled we headed down towards Ariapita avenue judging, the band had grown a lot by now mainly general public who were also freely being served drinks from the bar without question we passed the 2 judging points and headed to town by about 7pm. I was starting to feel unsafe and the security seemed like they had consumed half the bar which by this point had run out of most popular drinks so I couldn’t look for them for protection I decided to call it a day and head home!

For me D Krewe has a hell of a lot of work to do I know it’s the first year but they have been several sections in bands for years now. I saw too many flaws in the band and that’s without touching on the fact half the sections didn’t look like what was presented on the website this is most noticeable in the scaled down version of both climax miniscule frontline and backline.

I hope this info has come across as intended, I did try to display both positive and negatives but the negatives heavily out weighed the positives!

I will be either back to Tribe (I still got my TLC) or Island People I as feel they are gonna step up!


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