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Monday, October 10, 2011

Roll Call Trinidad Carnival 2012

With three sold out bands (possibly four if we are to believe the Fantasy rumours), several sold out sections in Harts, Island People and Ronnie and Caro it is about time for a  Roll Call!

You know how this works, leave your name and section under the comment section to be added to the roll call you can also leave the same details on the Facebook Fanpage :

Carnival Divaz - Individual 
Voluptuous Masquerader - Apache Premium FL
Triniaries - Apache Premium FL
NayNayAntz - Apache FL 
Puppy - Apache
Saucy - Apache
Red Tide - Apache
Dee - Apache
Boujiee - Apache
Tiff - Apache
T Chin - Apache
M Chin - Apache
SLK - Apache
Xavi - Apache
LehWeGo - Apache
oooo.,.shiny - Apache
D - Azteca FL
SoBerriSweet  - Azteca FL
trinicandy- Azteca FL
Saneman - Azteca
Manesa - Azteca
Nikki Cee - Azteca
Roxanne - Azteca
Adrian Ck - Azteca
Digs - Heavenly Sword FL
Shevon - Heavenly Sword FL
Terryann - Heavenly Sword FL
Neil - Heavenly Sword
TriniPeaks - Luxor Premium FL
DQ - Luxor FL
Tuahhdem - Luxor FL
Trinijam - Luxor FL
Mandisa - Luxor FL
Ayanna - Luxor FL
Tiffany - Luxor FL
She Who Weaves With Words - Luxor
Bizzie Chic - Luxor
Slimzz - Luxor
Redzano - Luxor
Dizzy - Luxor
Patrice - Luxor
Tee Chung - Luxor
Tribee - Angry Birds FL
Misinim625 - Angry Birds FL
Christina - Angry Birds FL
Natalie C - Angry Birds FL
S- Angry Birds
Linda - Angry Birds
Jo - Golden Eye FL
Sexy Scorpio - Golden Eye
Famgirl - Golden Eye
Melissa - Golden Eye
Dimples - Spawn FL
Najah - Spawn FL
Ski - Call of Duty
Allyciosa - Call of Duty
Lisa - Call of Duty
Ivoery - Call of Duty
John G - Call of Duty
Trini Licie - Tyris FL
Afiya - Tyris FL
Saga Boy - God of War
Cass De CakeMan- God of War
Arianna - Bejeweled Blitz FL
Acacia - Bejeweled Blitz FL
Levee - Bejeweled Blitz FL
Arick - Bejeweled Blitz
Richard - Bejeweled Blitz
Akeshia - Transformers FL
Steven - Transformers
Siana - Final Fantasy
Jason B.M. - Final Fantasy 

Caiso Queen - Dubai FL
TruMo - Dubai FL
Danelle - Dubai
John G - Dubai
Carnival Jumbie - Fiji Fl
Gtwarrior - Fiji FL
Lovechildforget - Fiji
Island Soul - Fiji
Southredz - Cancun
Tiffany - Cancun
Shells - Vegas
Richard - Johannesburg Individual
Tiffany - Johannesburg
Renee - Cyprus
INameBacchanal - Rio
Safi - Ibiza
Kese Ef - Ibiza FL
Jason C - South Beach
Lee D - Santorini

Saucy - Secret Section
Mjsbunny - Bora Bora Individual 
Nikkidan- Bora Bora FL
Afro Chic - Bora Bora
PrincessRedz - Bora Bora 
Tribeanu - Bali
Megs - Bali
Nikki - Bali
Johann - Bali
Stefan F - Bali
SQ - Thailand FL
Trinibears - Thailand
Mystique - Monaco
 Sue Ann - Tahiti
Sophie - Tahiti

Island People
Trinivice - Ki FL
Dimples - Ki FL
Misty - Ki FL
Koya - Ki FL
Kwasi - Ki
Crystal Cha Cha - Ki 
Dino - Wildheart
Juicy J - Oya FL
Ariande - Oya FL
Cocobudda - Oya
Ds Quow - Oya
Tiny - Azula
Tips - Azula
Pringles - Azula
Kie Nic - Azula
Michael - Azula
Elles - Elements FL
Tossia - Elements
Be-tiful - Element
Cass De CakeMan- Element
Jalani - Element 
Sabella - Inka FL
Corinthia - Inka
Erica - Inka
Lisa - Inka
Jenny - Scarlet I
Kealon Kaimana

D Krewe
Kris - Warrior 

Anon K - Cosmic Garden Individual.
Tricia - Cherry Blossom FL 
Anon S - Cherry Blossom
Anon O - Cherry Blossom
Felicia - Cherry Blossom
Carrie - Yen
Vonetta - Kiyohime
Rosetta - Kiyohime
Vernon- Kiyohime
Natalie- Kiyohime
Astra - Kiyohime
Patrice - Samurai
Kasi - Samurai

Zoe C - Angels
Cher - Angels
Stefan - Authorities
Rissy - Rulers FL
Sio - Virtues
Miki Virtues
Jerome - Virtues
Tyronne - Cherubim
Navin - Seraphim
Fiya - Thrones
Nikesha - Thrones
Ayanna M - Thrones
Kim Mania - Thrones
Nakita - Dominions FL
Natural Mistic - Dominions FL
Lynn- Dominions

Squeezle -Amphitrite FL
Roxanne - Amphitrite
Anna - Nyx and Erebus FL
Kevin - Apollo FL
Cee Camps - Karen Hart Section

Carnival Junky - Olmec
Toni - Olmec
Nicole - Olmec
Suzanne - Yahi FL

Ronnie and Caro 
Bloggerboy - Parasite
Selina - Parasite
Esther - Seduction
Regel - Mardi Gras FL
Paula - Cheetah

Ria - Hekate
Marisha - Hekate

K2K Alliance 
Carnival Divaz - Individual 
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