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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

One Costume, Two Carnivals?

Island People "Dreams" at Notting Hill Carnival in Poison UK:

In 2006 I wrote a tongue in cheek post about recycling your costume, one of the suggestions I had was wearing your Trinidad carnival costume at an international Carnival:

Wear the costume to international Carnivals. Seriously, wear your old costume and fall in a band for Miami, Labour Day or Caribana, get as much mileage from that costume as you can! And worse yet if you going to another island's Carnival like Cropover, people will think you area front line H.O. when yuh bruck out your Trinidad costume, because you know our costumes set the standard that others strive to be. Why pay money for a costume to jump up in a band for these Carnivals when you have a perfectly good costume lying home in a box?!
Now I have seen masqueraders boldly jumping up at Caribana and Labor Day in costumes from Trinidad, and not the costumes that were re sold for the international and regional Carnivals, but a lone masquerader getting their money's worth, I suppose. One person has even suggested that it is cool to be seen outside of Trinidad in your Trinidad "it" costume!

I was informed that Poison UK has a more organized approach to this costume recycling, you pay a band fee to be in their Callaloo section and jump up in any costume from the last 12 months.

Which got me thinking, what if there was that option available to masqueraders visiting for Trinidad Carnival, would you do it? If there was a band offering food, drinks, music and security for two days of revelry (for a fee) and all you had to do was show up in your costume from Caribana, Notting Hill, Labor Day or Miami, would you take that offer up and what would be the most you are willing to pay for it? Lets hear your thoughts on that one, drop me a comment!

Finally, would you wear your Trinidad Carnival Costume at another Carnival? Vote in the poll!

One Costume, Two Carnivals Would You Do It?
Yes, I paid for it so I will use it more than once!
No, I like a different costume for each carnival.
Don't care. free polls

Island People Sold Out Section Update

First to go is Taal Frontline, I am guessing BINDI is next!

And why isn't Sonia Mack's Kalpana available online as yet ? Hmmm.....I really want to see more shots of that costume as well as the price and options!

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