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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

So What Ah Miss?

I have been out of the Carnival loop for the past 9 days and now that I am back in form I am trying to catch up on all the bands at the moment.

Island People is having a private showing of costumes in New York for their masqueraders, hopefully this will give some impetus to persons still undecided to register as I don’t think any more sections are sold out. Talking about sold out sections while Harts has slowed down a bit (most of the cheap sections are gone) Pulse 8 has sold out the male of Gypsy Caravan and the whole suit option which is very nice. Oracle has promised registration this week which is great; Evolution has now updated their website with proper online registration and I also missed out on a little controversy in one of the Island People groups on Facebook.

Apparently one of the officers of the group sent out an appeal to masqueraders to hit the gym:
“personally am fed up of witnessing tires wrapped around people's stomachs first ting on Tuesday morning, and cellulite talking to me when some heavy duty woman winin in front of me.”(sic).
After getting hate mail for that statement there was a retraction and my name got called in there somewhere!! Don't ask me how, since I am not even playing in the band (LOL), anyway since the months are getting closer really and truly it is time to step up the exercise regimen!

Back to the Carnival countdown, controversies and comess!

My Boots De-furred!

Ok, so now that I am back in Trinidad and have more than enough time on my hands the first order of business was getting the fur off my boots. It was a very easy task, I did it while looking at the election results and fighting off tiredness after travelling all evening. The fur around the top came off in one piece and the fur that edges the boots clipped off with a pair of scissors. Quite simple to do! The next step will be to spray paint the boots gold and then move on to the decorating stage. Ideally I may fully glitter it as well since Afro Chic thinks the effect would be better.

The boots are very comfortable I must add, though I will need to break them in to make them more pliable. As is, it is a bit too stiff across the instep to jump up all day. I am also adding the Dr Scholls insoles for boots and heels since they are a bit thinner than the regular gel insoles and will not crowd your toes. Ideally if you are using the other insoles get your boots a half size bigger as the gel insoles are somewhat thick and you will need the extra space.

I know other bloggers are also working on their boots, I saw CB's de-furred and spray painted boots for Kingfisher that look VERY nice already. The finished product will be awesome! As I work on my boots in stages I will post more photos. Hope this gives some inspiration to you gals with the initiative to re work your own boots!
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