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Friday, October 31, 2008

Need a Tan ?

Look what I found one of my trips to Harts mas camp:

click on photo to enlarge

Indoor Tanning Salon now available in Trinidad!

All of you masqueraders coming in from the cold and need that golden glow for Carnival but do not want to bake in the sun can now bake indoors or even choose the spray tan option.

Trini Revellers Website is up.. sorta

Almost one month and one week after their band launch Trini Revller's website is up, somewhat. There are still several section photographs and prices missing but you can view the sections Angostura Bitters, Black Gold, Folklore, Chutney, Nylon Pool, Panorama, Soca Warriors, Splendor of Buccoo Reef and Together We Aspire.

Now, personally I have had to warm up to Trini Reveller's costumes over the years (with the exception of a few sections, like Rugeri, D Krewe, Kyle Matas) as the theme is sometimes portrayed too literally and the costumes can be a bit ostentatious and gaudy. However, on the road the band usually makes a great presentation, my favourite years being French Revolution and Rome. Last Year's Viva Mexico also had some eye catching costumes with great headpieces. Even with masqueraders wearing Chandeliers on their heads the band still managed to look great on the road.

For 2009 I have to say that the costumes have fallen victim to slapping a name on some bikini and beads, a fate that has befallen most large bands for Carnival 2009.... gone are the days when one could look at a costume and hazard a guess at what it might represent. The trend has been around for some time, but Trini Revellers has never buckled until 2009. I would take the chandelier headpiece over some of the costumes I am seeing on their website any day!

Splendor of Buccoo Reef

The majority of the costumes that I have seen thus far are very generic and could fit into any band producing bikini and beads; not what I expected from Trini Revellers. Not to mention that some of the designs look low budget, sorry to say it, but the construction and designs are a bit shoddy. There is one section in particular Angostura Bitters, that looks like an art and craft school project, not even a decent headpiece! What happened Trini Revellers?

Angostura Bitters

Soca Warriors

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