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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mc Farlane's Launch Postponed

For all those looking forward to the launch of Mc Farlane's 2007 presentation "India" this evening, it has been postponed to December 5th.

I guess we have five more days of waiting for Boysie's story to unfold.

La Bourgeoise

So I was pretty angry this morning after reading the paper, so to bring some humour into the day I decided to visit Trini Reveller's website hoping to see more costumes. Well, of course I was not dissapointed, this section called "La Bourgeoise" made it's debut on the website today:

Having not gone to the bandlaunching I cannot recall seeing any prior photos of this costume from that event, and while it isn't bad, is that CURLS in the guy's headpiece?

NCBA, public in the dark about Carnival 2007

What a fitting headline on the Trinidad Guardian this morning; the planned announcement by Culture Minister, Joan Yuille Williams at Queen's Hall yesterday did not come to fruition. Once again it seems that the powers that be are slighting us masqueraders, the ones who actually participate and make Carnival "the greatest show on earth", treating us with scant courtesy.

And added to my vexation this morning upon reading the following article are the insipid comments by Owen Hinds; yes Mr. Hinds we do know that mas will be played in 2007, but is it too much to ask which part of Port of Spain the Government will have us "parading" through? No offense to anyone living in Port of Spain, but I for one don't want to hear in January that the parade route goes through George Street! I have only just started coming into "town" to play mas, I don't think I am ready to deviate from that norm by too much.

You know, I think the bandleaders should come up with a plan B, I mean, if Harts used to chuck the planned parade route every year and do their own thing, why can't bandleaders come together and decide that they will have their OWN parade route? Let the Government take their merry time to announce THEIR Carnival plans, in the interim bandleaders should be looking at some venue where they can at least construct a stage and let other bandleaders who are interested contribute; with so many corporate sponsors on board some of these larger bands, I would think that they can at least sponsor a stage for us to cross. Would it be so insane to ask that the likes of Harts, Island People, Tribe, Pulse 8 and Dream Team (you know the bands that do not care about winning Band of the Year) come together and say, let's put our masqueraders first. We will decide on a parade route that is best for our masqueraders and stick to that if/when the Government's plan falls through.

It is done with Carnival in Chaguanas, Arouca and Arima, those communities stage their own "mini" Carnival with sponsors from the area, even building a stage. So what is needed to have something similar in Port of Spain.. or possibly St. James or even St. Clair? Do bandleaders need, some permission from the Mayor, City Council, Police Commissioner?Come on man, tomorrow is December 1st, we are barrelling ahead to Carnival 2007 and these self righteous, spineless, so called Government leaders are playing with "we ting"!!

And you know, it is so comical that all of a sudden Mr. Hinds has realised that not only are masqueraders paying so much money to play mas but that there used to be a bottle neck at the all these years they knew that, what measures were put in place to remedy that situation? NONE! Where will the massive Cultural Center be built?That's right at the Savannah!! So we will be thrown right back into the bottle neck situation! But of course, the obvious is cancelled out by the fact that it will be a $400 million dollar BOTTLE neck Center!! We are lead by idiots I tell you!

"The National Carnival Bands’ Association (NCBA) is placing full faith in the Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs Joan Yuille-Williams to make the right decisions concerning Carnival 2007.

However, the association and the public, remain in the dark concerning official plans for Carnival 2007 and when they are to be announced by Yuille-Williams.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday at the NCBA Queen’s Park Savannah (QPS) head office, NCBA president Owen Hinds said: “The NCBA is in support of the honourable Minister Joan Yuille-Williams in whatever she is doing.”

However, they remained tight-lipped concerning the organisation’s Carnival proposal submitted to the minister and the National Carnival Commission (NCC).

Hinds would only assure the public, “mas will be played in T&T in 2007 regardless of what happens.”

NCBA board members were confident that the minister would make the best decision concerning the Parade of Bands.

“Mas on the road means mas on the move. Over the years the press and the people after Carnival have complained about the congestion going in and out of the Savannah,” said Hinds.

He said the Savannah remained the main problem with mas, as bands continued to bottleneck at the venue.

By banning mas in the QPS it will benefit the masqueraders,“who pay so much money these days for Carnival.”

“Are they paying to stand up outside the Savannah for five, six and seven hours? No way!” said Hinds who was unable to answer simple questions posed my the media concerning judging points and a Parade of Bands route.

When asked if the planned $400 million Carnival Cultural Centre would not cause a similar “bottleneck” when constructed, he replied: “We will be trying our best as the body that is responsible for mas to do our best to ensure that whatever facility is offered to us...that the movement of the masquerader will be smoother than it ever was in the past.”

He added he was certain, “the (NCC) board will iron out their problems, if there are any problems.”

Both the NCC’s chairman Kenny De Silva and deputy chairman Ainsworth Mohammed have resigned. (CS)
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