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Monday, December 17, 2007

Spray Painting Suede

I had a question asked concerning spray painting suede boots, as popular opinion is that suede boots cannot be spray painted. My boots are "faux suede", or should I say more like faux nubuck and I have every intention of spray painting them gold. Blogger cb also bought faux suede boots and had great success spray painting them using FABRIC spray paint; here is the website of the actual brand that she bought and her photos:

click on photo for large view

The type of spray paint that cb used is called "Stencil Spray Paint For Fabric" the colour she applied is copper and it took two cans to spray paint both boots to the finish you see above. The boots look great , shimmery without any type of cracking or peeling. In fact I am so impressed with the patina I am getting the exact same paint for my boots in gold. It costs $6.50US which is around the same price one can of the regular vinyl spray paint.

So, now you know that you CAN spray paint suede, just look for the right type of spray paint for your project.

Silver Mist Boots

Everyone is getting into the boots business for Carnival 2008.Customised Silver Mist Boots are now available, here is the email that I got:

click on photo for large view

"Silver Mist Boots"
for Sale!

Custom Designed Especially for YOU!!!!

We found a fabulous pair of Sexy faux suede slouch boots, in Grey!!!
They match the costume PERFECTLY!

AND!!!!...they're super comfortable!...with a 1" wedge rubbe r heel : )

We are trying to decide whether or not to bring them in...
Depending on how many of you want them ....and how soon you reply to this email,
will make all the difference.

We did up a sample for you to see....
We trimmed the boot out in matching Grey fur around the top with assorted silver gems delicately scattered to enhance the boots front. Rhinestone fringe hangs freely
beneath that, giving your boots sass and movement.

Silver gems are also placed all over body of boot for that extra shimmer-shimmer!

The best we can do on price is.... $560TT 0r $86 USD

If you are interested in getting a pair?

Your Order MUST be in by this THURSDAY in the morning please!!!
Thursday 20th December, 2007 by 12noon

To place your order:

* Please see attached (A) Pic of boot & (B) Ord er form.

* Please download and fill out form, re-attach completed form and email back
to me.

* Your confirmation will follow as soon as we have sufficient size requests to
make the actual buy.

* 50% deposit due on or by Friday January 11th...
Balance can be paid when picking up boots.

* Pick-up dates: The entire week, st arting
Friday 25th Jan -Sun 3rd Feb...Carnival Sunday 12 noon

Contact JanineRenee -
Contact numbers: 212.926.2217 now
& 868.796.4475 from Dec 29th onwards....

To view actual sample: Contact Leasel Rovedas your Section Leader

Thank you...
And looking forward to seeing you on de road!!!!

Happy Holidays!
Happy New Year!!!
Here's to an Amazing Carnival 2k8!!!!!


And here is the order form that you can copy and email to Janine Renee:






Sunday Lime

Sweet Eye's Christmas show yesterday was unbelievably almost sold out by the time I got there, which was around 35 minutes after the official start. I still managed to score a necklace and a pair of ear rings that will match my costume! yay for me, sorry to all the people who turned up later and left empty handed:

It was amazing to me that the jewelry was gone SO quickly, and there were some gorgeous pieces that I missed out on, like the matching bracelet to my necklace. Hopefully after Carnival we will again be treated to another show.

After that little soiree at Sweet Eye it was off to Triniscene's Christmas Lime in Valsayn which was a "thank you" to their friends, supporters and well wishers. Twas a nice get together; I had fun, enjoyed some pastelles, ruined my diet and even bounced up a blogger!

The lime was not only in Trinidad over the weekend as the bloggers overseas met up for a baby shower AND a birthday brunch. I saw the photos, you ladies looked like you had a great time!
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