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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tesoros del Caribe- Wee International

The Carnival 2010 Band Launches do not slow down in October with four scheduled, including the Launch of Wee International's "Tesoros del Caribe (Treasures of the Caribbean)" which takes place on October 11 at Crews Inn; I know for sure I am missing that one as I will not be in the country.

There will be 10 sections, each focusing on what is considered a Caribbean treasure and band leader Ricky Davis has stated that costume prices will be affordable ranging from $2000.00TT to $2800.00 TT; Wee International is an all inclusive band.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Carnival News Update!

Bringing you up to speed on all the gossip, happenings and events in the mas fraternity today.

Genesis Mas launched two Sundays ago and I am yet to see their website updated with any mention of such and apart from two articles in one local newspaper I am yet to see a full gallery of launch photographs anywhere; if you have seen costumes from Genesis "The Desert" please send me the link. Were any media invited to the launch at all apart from Sean Nero?

Dream Team's website is up and ready for registration. All regular female costumes are priced under 3000.00TT and Frontline under 4000.00TT. Costumes are looking ok, I need to view them in person before making an assessment but I give Dream Team kudos for their virtual marketing; I get updates on facebook, their group is active and they updated their website with photo links from their launch to get a preview before the website went live.

I have been reliably informed that one of Spice's sections is getting a revamp, can you guess which one? Hopefully the new design will be revealed soon as I am eager to see this one, the headpiece is a showpiece stunner I have heard. Also, seems like several sections in Spice have reached their allocated quota online, I am still wishing for a sold out sign on which ones which will avoid having to click on every bra and belt size combination to figure out which sections are no longer available.

The unflappable Harts is STILL selling out faster than you can blink! Only 9 more sections remain as Mas Sweet Mas/American Indians and The Unknown/Superstitious are now sold out.

There are TWO new mas bands that I am hearing about but information is pretty scarce on both bands. The first band is Treasures of The Desert by Scorpion Mas, two sections from the presentation pictured below from the Trinidad Express Woman's Magazine:

What is super interesting is that these sections (along with another one not pictured) are the SAME EXACT costumes from the band Carvalho Mas, which was launched last year but never made it on the road for Carnival 2009! Who exactly is Scorpion Mas pray tell?

The other new band is Jhalwa - The Real Fire , this band is being brought by Sangeet Radio 106 FM. With eight sections and costumes designed by Harts the band is due to launch on October 25 at Club Zen. More information to come as soon as it is available.

You may or may not have noticed but Pulse 8 did a price adjustment to their frontline costumes, they are now priced cheaper than my benchmark frontline Mystery of Loulan in TRIBE.

If you are curious to see photos of Trini Revellers Band Launch, The Newsday an nice article written post launch with a few pics. Hey look, another India section! On that note do not forget that Legacy launches "Masala" this coming Saturday October 3 and Evolution should be launching the following day on Sunday October 4. However, eerily similar to the last launch date which was postponed, the Evolution camp is silent on the band launch... even their website is no longer up! Very interesting developments!

DJ Private Ryan Miami Carnival Soca Mix

Miami Carnival is next week and for all those who are coming in town I'm sure you are reaaaaal excited for the last big Carnival before Trinidad next year.

So just like last year here is a mix of some of the popular Trinidad 2009 songs mixed with some new tracks from other islands such as Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenada to get you prepared. It also has alot of the new Trinidad Soca and has an EXCLUSIVE Nadia Batson named Dangerous that hasnt even been released in Trinidad yet.

Directions to download

Go to

Right click the DIRECT DOWNLOAD link located under the graphic

Select Save Target as, Save As, Save Link As or Download Linked File depending on the browser you are using.

Left Click to stream


Thursday 8th October -
TRIBE IGNITE @ Opium Hardrock

Friday 9th October -
BLACK & WHITE Free Drinks @ The South FL Conference Performing Arts Center

UWI All Inclusive feat. Bunji & Fay Ann @ The Central Broward Park.
GEN X Cooler Fete @ Rancho Columbia

Sunday -
Live on the Rd with Generation X @ Bicentennial park.
Live @ EDEN @ The Grass Lounge (promo cd available at


1. Intro by Devon Mattews
2. Doan Hold me Back
3. Spread Out
4. Ready With The Rags
5. Turn it up – Patrice Roberts
6. Hardest Jam – Nella D
7. Bacchanal – Destra
8. Pon D Floor Soca Mix – Major lazer
9. Wont Stop – Machel Montano
10. Juk Juk Juk – Stabby
11. Gutter – Lavaman
12. Wicked Jab – Talpree
13. D Beast Leggo – Skinny Fabulous
14. Dangerous – Nadia Batson (EXCLUSIVE)
15. Floor On Fire Precision Mix – Machel Montano
16. Wild Antz – Machel Montano
17. Meet Super (Scratchmaster Mix) – Fay Ann Lyons
18. Tusty – Blaxx
19. Middle of the Road – Krosfyah
20. Middle of the Road Rd Mix – Krosfyah
21. Rags Up – Alison Hinds
22. Radica – Kenneth Salick
23. Fly Away – Machel & Collie Budz
24. Wine to the Back – Alison Hinds
25. One Juk – Lil Rick
26. Lights Camera Action – Denise Belfon
27. Standing up – Rupee
28. Real Tight – Peter Ram feat. Chelle
29. Waistline Roll – Patrice Roberts
30. Hold You Down – Zan
31. Backbone – Zan
32. Bumpers – Devon Matthews & Ziggy Ranks
33. Pelt it Back – Dru from Crossovah
34. Slow Wine – Machel Montano
35. Looking to Wine – Farmer Nappy
36. Work it – Patrice Roberts
37. Jep Sting Remix – Kes, Hunter & Friends
38. Fun Fun – Benjai
39. Gimmie A Taste – Tian Winters
40. Murdah – Shurwayne Winchester
41. Sweetness – Shayne Bailey
42. Pure Sweetness – Shayne Bailey
43. Gimmi More – Precious
44. Bump and Grind – Tian Winters & Patrice Roberts
45. More Water – Zoelah
46. Ramajay – Machel Montano
47. All Night (scratchmaster mix) – Statement
48. Thunder – Kes
49. Hold me – Lil Bits
50. Obsessive Winers – Destra, Denise Belfon & Alison Hinds
51. Tell Me – Machel Montano
52. Drunk Again – Benjai
53. Staggerah – Fox
54. Hot Sun & Riddim Rd Mix – TC
55. Lumbah – Wayne Marshall
56. Take it or leave it – Ragga
57. Minis Pumps – Kerwin Dubois
58. Soca Baby – kerwin Dubois & David Rudder
59. Bubbling Gal – Patrice Roberts
60. First In Line – Zan & General Grant
61. Overboard – Jimmy Neutron
62. I In Dat 2010 - Wildfire

Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Aftermath of Ressurection The Mas

The usual metaphors and adjectives normally bandied about to describe Carnival band launches and their subsequent showing of skimpy, pretty mas is somehow incongruous at this stage to put into the words the showing of Brian Mc Farlane’s Carnival 2010 presentation “Resurrection The Mas”. Nothing can prepare you for the surreal image of a tiny spit of sand, in the middle of crystal clear aqua tinged seas, the stage for a showcase of ghostly looking images of a Carnival past, costumed characters invoking images of an 1800’s portrayal. Couple that visual stimulation with the drumming and percussion of a steady rhythm section punctuating the air and you have the most unique and enthralling band launch I have ever had the pleasure to attend.

There is nothing pretty about Brian Mc Farlane’s authentic interpretation of 1800’s traditional mas. The costumes represent some long forgotten and rarely seen traditional portrayals such as the “Suck Meh Nose Sailors”, “Soumayre”, and “Minstrels” along with more familiar “Black Indians”, “Clowns”, “Dame Lorraine”, “Fireman”, “Jab Jab”, “Jab Molassie”, “Cow Mas”, “Stickfighters”, “Burrokeet”, “Red Indians”, “Paywoo (Pierrot Grenade), “Baby Doll” and a glittering gold “Dragon”. The traditional colours associated with these iconic costumes have been swept by bronze and gold however the architectural elements of the costumes are authentic according to Mc Farlane.

The symbolism of using the Bucco Reef for the staging of Resurrection The Mas was significant as Mc Farlane intimated that the destruction and consequential resurrection of the reef is much akin to the destruction of mas “in it’s pure form” which has now led to this Resurrection of traditional mas which will take to the streets of Port of Spain in numbers; the band is catering to 1500 masqueraders. It is important to note that Brian Mc Farlane has made public his disapproval of what is now the Savannah "stage" during an interview by one of the media houses yesterday. Mc Farlane said that what masqueraders now have to use as a "stage" is insulting to the mas as our full grandeur and splendor is lost to the world and he plans to boycott the Savannah "stage" until a proper stage is constructed!

Our journey began at 6:30 yesterday morning with arrivals at the Piarco airport to board the flight that would transport a plethora of journalists from both local and international media to the event hosted on our sister island. The tight schedule left no room for delays which meant the hard working staff of Mango Media had their work cut out to ensure that everything went as planned. After arriving in beautiful, sunny Tobago waiting coaches whisked us to Pigeon Point where refreshments awaited. Following a brief speech by the Bucco Reef Trust on the historical nature of the Reef ,as well as Pigeon Point , the send off to our destination was to drummers and a performance by beautifully costumed bele dancers:

Boarding one of four boats to take us to the Bucco Reef anticipation of what to expect of the actual launch was hinted at on approach to the sandbar. Flashes of glittering gold ( what we later learned was the sequined scales of the Dragon) beckoned us forward. On approach to the sandbar the drums rang out, the characters came to life, rising from the sea and sand where before they lay motionless, and we could even hear the cracking of the jab jab's whips! From my vantage point atop one of the boats I could clearly see Sailors, Bats, Baby Dolls and the man himself Brian Mc Farlane performing along with his artistes as the Midnight Robber! This is the first launch that I have attended where actual costumes from the presentation have ever been shown (I do believe however that Mc Farlane's premiere band launch also showed costumes.)

It was this Midnight Robber that greeted us, solemn in concentrated dance, as the journey led from the sea to land, at an impressive Villa nestled in the Grafton Sanctuary. There artistic renderings of the costumes , the familiar Mc Farlane sketches, were displayed by the bele dancers who held those portraits for viewing all afternoon. I must say my favorite costumes are both the Red and Black Indian as well as the Pierrot Grenade , Baby Doll and Sailors.

Here is Brian Mc Farlane brieifing the media on Resurrection The Mas:

All too soon this spectacular day in Tobago was over and we were headed to the airport in a frenzy to catch the flight back to Trinidad after what can only be described as a most fanatastic day; lets see how he tops this band launch in 2011!

Brian Mc Farlane's mas camp opens on October 6, mark the date!

Videos of Resurrection The Mas

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brian Mc Farlane's Resurrection The Mas In Photos

Brian Mc Farlane's media launch of his 2010 Carnival presentation, "Resurrection The Mas" in photos (review to come later). We journeyed from Trinidad to Tobago, had breakfast at Pigeon Point then out to the Buccoo Reef for the costume presentation, followed by a sojourn to a gorgeous villa for refreshments and a word from the band leader.

More photos of the day can be found at my photobucket album HERE.

Update From Tobago

Brian Mc Farlane just unveiled his Carnival 2010 presentation, Resurrection The Mas which features traditional mas such as bat,sailor,baby doll and midnight robber all in earth tones of gold,bronze, brown and cream.

As a surprise there were actual costumes instead of sketches and a rousing Carnival presentation on the sand spit in the middle of the Bucco Reef.

It was awesome! Photos and video to come later, we are now going back to the reef,and then to a villa for a media briefing and closer look at the costumes.

Off to Tobago for Brian Mc Farlane's Band Launch

It's an early start to an exciting day as I am getting ready to head to the airport where the first leg of the journey to Tobago for Brian Mc Farlane's Carnival 2010 launch begins. Mc Farlane is graciously flying a plane load of journalists and events specialists to Tobago for the launch of his traditional mas portrayal, the name of which is yet to be revealed, at the Bucco Reef.

Having been to Mc Farlane's band launches over the past couple years and seeing the packed itinerary of the day ahead I can tell you it is going to be the most interesting and unique band launch I have had the pleasure of attending.

Rumour has it that the Tobago setting is not the only surprise that we have to look forward to, but I have been sworn to secrecy on the hints of what to expect today. I will say however that this is going to be traditional mas with a twist!

Get updates from Saucy in Tobago, follow me on twitter.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trinidad Hotel List

Ambassador Hotel -
Carnetta's Inn-
Chaconia Hotel-
Crews Inn Hote-l
Crowne Plaza Hotel -
Hilton Trinidad -
Kapok Hotel-
Carlton Savannah-
Hyatt Regency Trinidad-
Courtyard By Mariott Trinidad-
The Chancellor Hotel-
Normandie Hotel -
Coblentz Inn -

Individuality En Masse

With 4 months and 19 days left before Carnival I know that the die hard Carnival stalwarts already have their airline ticket, hotel accommodation booked and, most importantly, THE costume in your band of choice secured.

Now , it is time to decide on Monday wear outfits, get your footwear sorted out and plan accessories. I have lots of people emailing asking for advice on boots, makeup and even spray on tans so I know you ladies are not sleeping on getting organized for Carnival 2010.

What I am getting from speaking with masqueraders who are in the throes of planning is that everyone wants to do something a little different, a little unique and with a little bit of personalization when it comes to their overall looks for Carnival. There are those who want to cross the "stage" in heels, switching footwear along the route, some who plan on doing special bras or corsets and others are planning on adding more to their costume; more beads, more feathers, more bling! The trend of individuality is ripe for 2010.

I have to confess that I too will be doing something a little extra special with my costume, nothing too elaborate but just something additional that I have been working on, with the guidance of a certain costume designer friend. And, surprise surprise, most of my friends and section mates are doing the SAME thing as well! Each diva is doing something "different" to their costume.

So, for those of you thinking of sprucing up your costume or just making changes to suit you I have a little bit of advice on how to do so:

*If you want to do elaborate changes to the costume, how about letting the section or band leader know that you have certain ideas in mind. This is not really necessary as it is YOUR costume after all (once paid for in full) and you can add or remove decoration on the costume as you see fit, however most section leaders are willing to work on amendments to your costume once it can be done within a certain time frame. Remember getting your costume on time is also important. They can also suggest persons who can provide the assistance you are looking for.

*Customizing changes to your costume is relatively easy if you are a crafty person or have an eye for design but getting a sample of a feather, appliqué or bead can also help in matching items to your costume. Again, it does not hurt to ask the band or section leader for a sample to guide you in choosing the right colours.

*Remember to do changes tastefully and in moderation, as much as you want to stand out let it not be for the person who added green feathers to a bronze costume! The divas below added a collar to Caged Canary and extra contrasting plumes to Kiskadee, outstanding but also complements the costume!

*Tailoring a costume to give you a better fit or getting rid of elements you do not like is also a way to set yourself apart. For instance, the back of Charmeuse has no beads or fabric, you can add fabric to the back of the costume for more coverage by either reusing some of the fabric to the front (shortening it) or buying matching fabric to add to the back. If you have a small headpiece option that comes without the fabric you can also add fabric to that headpiece and get the same effect as having the large headpiece. Similarly, you can remove the tassels from Habotai and add beads instead. And if you do not like the underwear that comes with your costume you can always get more comfortable fitting ones, to tell you the truth those spandex bikinis are so tight they squeeze the muffintop out of even the slender of hips! I know someone who had underwear made to match her costume this year! And of course if you prefer a corset over a tankini or would like to submit your own bra for decoration contact the section or band leader ASAP.

*Finally, sometimes you do not need huge changes to make a big impact. It can be as simple as having the right footwear, decorated to match, or changing accessories that come with your costume or having the BODY to go with the costume as well. All kudos to the gym bunnies working hard to put the best body on the road for Carnival, that is also an accessory that can make any costume look good!

Happy Carnival planning, the countdown is on!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Carlton Savannah Hotel

Reading the newspaper headlines today stating that Queen Elizabeth II and her entourage is allegedly staying at the new Carlton Savannah Hotel in Cascade I realize my review of the hotel was never done, as promised, so let me rectify that now.

I stayed at the Carlton Savannah a couple months ago and the most outstanding thing about the hotel apart from the chic decor and huge rooms is the service. It is really a very pleasant and welcoming surprise to have such great service which is not always the case in customer oriented business in Trinidad,unfortunately.

Location wise the Carlton Savannah is ideal for those coming for Carnival as it is very close to the Queen's Park Savannah. The spot it is on used to be the location of the infamous Pelican Inn , a favourite watering hole of mine back in the day. The car park for the hotel is located across the street, which is the only caveat, but space is limited so I guess they retained the original car park set up from the Pelican era. There is valet parking however, so you do not even need to park your car yourself.

car park

The rooms are nice and spacious, if you are into the whole boutique vibe you get that aplenty at the Carlton with it's contemporary furnishings, like a platform bed, and totally gorgeous modern bathroom! Trust me, when you see the bathroom you will know exactly what I mean by gorgeous.


There are two restaurants and also a bar at the hotel, one restaurant is casual while the other is fine dining. A narrow pool is available for guests, complete with lounging areas and poolside service if you desire.


Overall a fantastic stay was had at the Carlton, they do have Carnival rates and packages so if you are still looking for a hotel you can give them a call or email, contact information can be found on their website. Rates are on par with the other hotels in it's class, read not CHEAP, but hey if it is fit enough for a Queen you know it is worth it!

TRIBE Ignite Tickets Go On Sale Today

My tickets for DV 8 have been reserved (runour is the location is in Homestead), Black and White ticket has been purchased online and I will be picking up my TRIBE Ignite tickets at TRIBE's mas camp as they go on sale from today, Friday September 25.

The details are as follows:

TRIBE's chic & sexy party meets Hollywood's most sophisticated, upscale, and stunning venue. Ignite the Opium and take your Miami Carnival experience to the next level.

Thursday Oct 8th, 11pm - 6am

TRIBE brings the best DJ's in each city to IGNITE Miami:
Private Ryan (Miami)
Back 2 Basics (NYC)
D'Bandit (Toronto)
Hypa Hoppa (Trinidad)
RED 96.7fm's best (Trinidad)
and more...

Ltd Adv Ladies US$20 | Ltd Adv US$25

Tickets available from Fri Sept 25th through Committee & Online.

All TRIBE crew flying up from Trinidad, tickets will be made available for you at TRIBE Mas Camp (Rosalino St., Woodbrook | 625-6800)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Harts Sold Out Costume Update

Three more sections are closed in Harts, people!

Butterflies and Moths/Time for a Tale
Anthony& Cleopatra/The Strip
Tribes/Wild Things

That leaves 12 more sections and almost half the band SOLD OUT!

Glenn Carvalho's Aloha!

So, I see that Glenn Carvalho has updated his website, there is now a FAQ section where you can get more information about playing with the band as well as a notice that the band launch takes place in October. But, most importantly, "recession prices" are already posted for the thirteen sections with a 50% discount until December 20th.

click to enlarge

That means costumes will be priced at $1375.00TT/230.00US and $1475.00TT/246.00US, Monday wear included; the website fails to mention if these prices are ALL INCLUSIVE, however!

I tell you, I cannot WAIT to see these costumes, bring on the Aloha (too) band launch!

Socacize for Miami Carnival

Socacize™ - is coming to
Fort Lauderdale for Miami Carnival!

After taking Toronto and New York carnivals by storm
Socacize attracted over 100 participants in Toronto & New York!

Designed for masqueraders, revelers and everyone else
A vigorous & exciting workout
Rhythms to make you dance,
Exercises to build stamina, tone muscle, lose inches, boost confidence!

SOCACIZE ™ Is a creative blend of high/low African and Caribbean dance movements performed to calypso, soca, zouk, reggae, dancehall music and on occasion to drum music. The exhilarating mode of the workout focuses on cardio, weight and strength training targeting all age groups.

Introductory Special
2 days only

Miami Carnival Schedule
Fort Lauderdale
1425 South Andrews Ave., #150 (South Andrews & 15th ave.)
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Wednesday & Thursday 7:30-8:30pm
October 7 & 8

$10.00 per session; Drop-in $15.00
Prices displayed in USD

**Special Promotions**

Early Bird Miami Carnival Special
Register by September 28th -Save $5!

Valued Member - Special
Register friends or family members
To receive 2 FREE sessions


Ayanna Lee-Rivears
Cell: 416-728-5545

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cosmeticon Prime Carnival Makeup Pricelist

For the Divas that need their makeup professionally done for Carnival, take note of Cosmeticon Prime's prices:

Carnival 2K10 Services Price List:

For the benefit of clients who need makeup services performed for parties, fetes and other events, at Home makeup services are being offered from mid-January to Carnival Sunday night.

Clients who are unable to meet appointments on Carnival Monday and Tuesday mornings and wish to have their makeup services performed at home (Carnival Sunday night or Carnival Monday night) will also receive a 'Carnival Pack', this would include: Jewels, Adhesive and adhesive remover and fix-it spray. Any Carnival Pak can be customized to meet the clients' needs.

At Home services for events can be made by appointment for the Carnival Season beginng mid-January - February 2010, cost based on nature of service requested.

Eye Lashes : TT$50 per person (Basic Lashes) - TT$125 and up per person (Premium Lashes).
Stretch Mark Cover: TT$150 and up
Full Makeup application (including all the above services) TT$350 and up.
Face Makeup only TT$250

* All makeup services are airbrush*

Carnival Monday and Tuesday Services include: Airbrush makeup, Jewels, Body glitter, Basic False Eye Lash Application. Stretch mark and scar cover available at an additional cost to Basic services, and only by prior notification when making initial appointment.

Airbrush makeup for both days : $375
Airbrush makeup for 1 day $225.
All applications include, jewels, glitter and eye lash application.
There will be Custom/Premium Eye Lashes available for an additional cost e.g. colored and metallic, the lashes included with the eye lash application will be basic lashes.

Should you be interested, please submit a copy of your costume(s) so that I can obtain any additional product(s) etc. for you. or

The Reality of All Inclusive Package Promises

Looking at the different websites for All Inclusive Carnival Bands that have launched thus far, it's hard not to notice the link for the package options which are part of the price we pay for our costumes.It really makes me wonder if these inclusive package promises sway masqueraders in any way to play with one band over the other or if anyone makes note, post Carnival, if they got what was paid for and advertised.

Truth be told I no longer look at or even bother to compare what is listed under the package details with what is actually provided on the road, I do not think for TRIBE the basic package details listed on their website has changed much over the years, with the exception of the removal of the air conditioned resting bus. I know for sure TRIBE is not giving Monday wear, that masqueraders will get a goody bag, lunch, breakfast, some paltry snacks and drinks on the road. As for "premium bar" that term can be used so vaguely and loosely that once they have in stock my "drink of choice" (Johnny Walker Black) I am not checking the bar to see what else is available. Off the top of my head I do know they serve Baileys and Alize but cannot tell you what brand of vodka or rum they serve or what is classified as "premium". I have never once used the mobile bathrooms or the shuttle service, but I do use the Cool Zone on Monday.

Basically the package is not really the selling point for me, though I will appreciate getting what is advertised even if I never use it. I do like the unadvertised amenities such as the nice set up at the lunch stop for the ladies restroom with full length mirrors, sunblock, safety pins, wet wipes etc. as well as the umbrellas and blankets provided to sit under/on. And I am sure other masqueraders appreciate the rolling road party truck and sponsor vehicles like the Heineken Club Zero where they can basically remove them self from the road and party in air conditioned comfort if they choose to do so, seriously I have never even bothered to see what that was all about!

These are the package goodies advertised by the following bands, the ones who bothered to list them on their website for potential masqueraders, I noticed not all bands have listed what the all inclusive package entails:

Island People:
Hot breakfast on Tuesday, meals on both days, munchies, finger foods & cutters everyday.

Premium drinks and cocktail on custom made bars placed strategically throughout the band.

LTB (Locate the band) Service - Call the LTB hotline at anytime Monday & Tuesday.

Shuttle to the band - All day Monday and Tuesday.

Security detail

Different this year would be meal chits to identify the food of choice by masquerader at registration. All meals would be prepared to be tasty, lean and healthy.

Unlimited drinks, unlimited fun, unlimited good times.

Six 40’ trailers powered by Trinidad’s best sound company’s with music from top twelve DJ's in the land.

Moving bathrooms with exceptional powder room service and amenities.

Survivor packs / ’goodie bag’

Impeccable Service

Fully stocked Premium bars with an endless supply of Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic drinks

A wide variety of food choices (Monday - Lunch, Snacks) (Tuesday – Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dessert)

Highly-trained Security Team and Roping of the band

High Energy DJ Team

Complimentary Shuttle Service to the band (for latecomers)

Spice Goody Bag (Carnival essentials and keepsakes)

On-site Paramedic Team & Ambulance

Mobile Restrooms

Spice Cool Zones

Roaming Photographers

YOUR Spice Costume!

And of course, The Missing Ingredient!!!

Ronnie and Caro

Lunch on Monday

Breakfast on Tuesday

Lunch on Tuesday

Snacks – sweet & savory


Liquor soaked Prunes

Tequila Shots

T-shirt/Vest or Baby Tee for Monday

Reusable Backpack


Mobile Bathroom

Well Trained Security Detail

Premium Drinks

Vodka, Hennessy, Baileys, Scotch…

Premium bars with an unlimited supply of alcoholic & non-alcoholic drink

Lunch on both days

Breakfast and Snack on Tuesday

Private security team

On-site paramedics

Mobile restrooms

TRIBE Cool Zone ©

Complimentary shuttle service to the band

Roaming photographers

Goody Bags

And of course your costume.

Premium Bars

Zesty Meals and Cutters

Cool Zone

Luau Style Road Party

Red Cross (just in case)


Sexy Chicks


Mobile Restrooms

'No Nonsense' Security

Leisure Vehicles 'for the weak kneed'

Pulsating DJs

Unlimited Fun

Chick Magnets

So, I am pretty curious to know as a masquerader do you pay attention to what is advertised as your all inclusive package? Also, what has been your experience in getting everything that is listed on your band of choice's website when Carnival Monday and Tuesday rolls along? What are the "tasty, zesty, healthy" meal choices that you really get for breakfast, lunch and snack as well as what "premium" drinks does your band serve? Do you use any or all of the services provided such as mobile restrooms, resting buses, cool zones or shuttle service and do you find them useful or just another annoying truck to take up space on the road? And finally, what are the REALLY important services or amenities you would like included in your all inclusive package, if it is not already included?

For me, the ONE thing I would really, really love to have next year (2010) is a frontline/individual masquerader resting area (apart from everyone else) at the lunch stop where frontline and individual masqueraders (who pay a whopping price for their "costume extras") can have a place to shed their backpacks and headpieces and have them stashed in a secure area; I will never forget the woman who SAT on my tail and headpiece this year and gave me attitude for it, not having any respect for the costume! And I know it may be too much to hope for but, Andy Loos for the frontline and individual masqueraders will just be heaven!

Leave your comments below, and include the band you played with!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saucy's Miami Fete Line Up

The poll results are in and Blocko just nudged Black and White, to take 48% of the votes as the fete to be at on on Friday October, 9 for Miami Carnival.

Going against the poll, I have come to a decision after my own research on both fetes and I will be heading to Black and White that night, while some of my group are going to Blocko.

Other fetes on the roster are TRIBE Ignite on Thursday 8, October and DV 8 All Inclusive on Saturday 10, October. DV 8 ticket "reservations" can be made, the cost of the ticket is $50.00, the fete will be from 6pm to 12 midnight and the location of DV 8 is still being kept under wraps.

So, those are the fetes I will be attending for Miami Carnival. I have been told they are all "stoosh" fetes, including TRIBE, so it should be very interesting. I am super excited, counting down the days until I land, and planning fete outfits accordingly!

For those of you going to Miami Carnival, what fetes are on your fete line up?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dream Team Gems Of The World

Your first look at Dream Team's "Gems of the World", check them out on facebook HERE.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rugeri Promotions Boi Bumper

Rugeri Promotions website is already up and running for registration, coming less than 24 hours after their launch last night. "Boi Bumper" is a private section in the band Trini Revellers, one of the few where you can still find all inclusive costumes for less than $2000.00TT!

FRONTLINE : $3,500.00 TT ($583.00 US)

FEMALE : $1,995.00 TT ($333.00 US)

MALE : $1,750.00 TT ($292.00 US)

For more information on "Boi Bumper" or to register check out Rugeri's website HERE.
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