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Thursday, February 21, 2008

And the gossip spreading like wildfire!!!

Which big band had an after Carnival meeting and saw one of the founding members storm out saying that they were parting ways for 2009? If this is true, I wonder if they are taking the band's name as well, seeing as the name is a brand unto itself!!

And, the talk is all about the split in TRIBE!! Or should I say alleged split in TRIBE.. on one hand I am hearing that some sections will be "running away" to form their own band, but the little piece of info the bird whispered to me since last year was that changes are in the works, when pressed for more information on if there will be TWO bands, I was told there can only be ONE TRIBE!!

So, now a twist in the story is that there WILL be two TRIBE's, one all-inclusive, the other not and two different sets of costumes!! Now if this is true can you imagine the two band H.O.s can now be in two different costumes of the same TRIBAL family!!!! Anyway, I think I will stick to my "original" TRIBE, band splitting OR NOT.

I tell you Carnival 2008 slowly fading from memory and the Carnival 2009 bacchanal NOW start!!
The idea of instant makeup might be a trivial waste of money for some; I mean what is so hard in applying some eye shadow right? Well, I decided to give the instant makeup that I wrote about from Coloron Professional a try, along with some other ladies who were willing to split a box. I got the colour “noche” which I used on Carnival Monday. The makeup comes on two pads that are already filled with eye shadow and the application is by placing the pad on you eye, pressing and removing. After removing the pad, the eye shadow is somewhat sticky so I used a brush to blend it a bit and the stickiness was gone leaving it with a consistency of powder.

I only used one pad on both eyes, so you can reuse the makeup more than once. The end result was a nicely blended, well applied eye makeup that surprisingly stayed on all day and was super easy to apply! As to if it is worth it, well if you have no clue about applying eye shadow and want one of the more vibrant colours or the patterns I say go for it! My friend was pretty happy to use the Sunset Beach to match her Lady of the Lake costume on Tuesday as she is not an expert in applying any kind of makeup, for instance. Otherwise you can easily do it yourself IF you are someone who is adept at applying eye makeup!!

Surprisingly I saw several ladies wearing the Zebra print on the road in both Island People and TRIBE and it looked great!!!

Coloron Zebra on the website:

Coloron Zebra on the road!

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