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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eyes Wide Shut - DC Carnival 2011 The Review

Morning Saucy,

I just reached home from Eyes Wide Shut and wanted to share a review.

After a whole set of ticket drama my crew and I finally reached DC Star. I was a I little concerned about the venue size, since last year for DC Carnival Machel performed at RFK Stadium...MUCH larger venue. I was also concerned because of the rep of the the past the locals have complained about the 'thugs' who frequent the club.

It took us almost 45 minutes to get through the advance purchase ticket line...we could have paid an extra $20 to go in the Cut Line and not have to wait, but NAH dais too much! We got inside around 1:00am, place was pretty packed, DJ playin, people jumpin. Thankfully, my friend was close to the stage 'saving our spot' and we were able to get up there squeezing through. So this DJ played for a while, wasn't doing bad, then they switched to a diff DJ and we were all like where's he come from??? He was switchin from song to song and not was a little umm weird. Nevertheless, the crowd was still hype as the DJ's switched back and forth and it was like they weren't listening to the song the last played because we heard the same few songs...maybe 5 reggae songs...then back to soca, the same songs we just heard before the reggae...didn't matter I guess, crowd still hype!

The announcer eventually comes on to introduce Farmer Nappy. He was good! Sang his hits.....then FINALLY ADVANTAAAAGE!!!

Crowd JUMPIN, people pushing forward, security comes to the front to try to control, some genius decides to raise his fist to BIG security man motions to punch him, 3 security men take he down! The people in there were wild! It seemed like some of them maybe never got out, like they were caged animals. Oh and some smart girl decided to bring a plate of food to the front of the stage where we all jumpin and ting, who does that? She eventually moved when she realized that if one more piece of rice fell on someone she would get knock out!

So back to Machel - as expected great performance...only thing was that he was soooooo extra uh, what's the word...nasty! Like more than I've ever seen. He motioning for women reachin up stage to squeeze he ****, puttin their heads to his **** and women lickin he fingers ICK! And this was all night! I've seen him perform before, this was just a lot of ....I can't even think of the word! He sang songs from when he was young up through Gyal Wuk. He brought a guest on stage with him, and Farmer Nappy was there the whole time too.

It would've been nice to have his band and dancers there but we enjoyed ourselves! He finished after 4 and we left there drenched like we just finish a Socacize session!

Now I'm about to take a 5 so I can try to meet my band for breakfast....I'm interested to see how that'll go!


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