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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oasis Carnival Section Names

I know you guys are eagerly and patiently awaiting the launch of Oasis's website so here are some photos of sections and their names to tide you over. Are you feeling Oasis Carnival?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Alternative Footwear ?

Looking at some of the costumes from TRIBE and Bliss, so far, I am getting the idea that boots may not be the best choice of footwear in terms of aesthetic. I mean I CAN see boots if you are playing in Mongol Fighters, however if you are in Masai Tribal Warriors or Titans how would boots look especially if you want to preserve the theme of the costume? 

This individual masquerader in Harts 2010 with the huge wings and Romanesque costume was on point with every aspect of the character from the body art to the footwear which is savvy pair of Gladiator Sandals! I love it to be honest, boots to me would not have had the same effect of completing this costume.

And I feel the same way about this masquerader in Brian Mc Farlane's Masai; her sandals are perfect for the costume which is beautifully accessorized, boots or sneakers would not have the same authenticity of presentation: 

Similarly two masqueraders in Island People's Kutchela also wore Gladiator Sandals decorated by Afro Chic for the sections Taal and Bindi :

So my question to you is would you be open to wearing sandals to play Mas for Carnival? Yay or Nay?What are your concerns about sandals for the road? If you have worn sandals  or open toed shoes what tips and advice can you give, what were the pros and cons? Have you ever worn the insoles for sandals and open toed shoes? Feed back on comfort would be much appreciated! 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Carnival Updates

Rugeri Promotions has updated their website with their 2011 presentation "Robin Hood" in the band Trini Revellers, check out Rugeri for more information.

Harts Band Launch tickets go on sale Friday July 30th at the Mas Camp, Opening Hours MON-SAT: 9-5PM COST: Female $100 Male $120.

Oasis registration beings on Tuesday 3rd August 2010 at the Mas Camp at 32 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook, ONLY. The website will be launched in TWO weeks...hmmm.

I am really liking the new Skullduggery gallery of costumes, they have merged the background from the drawings with actual costume photos which is pretty cool!

Speaking of websites, I have to hand it to the mas bands that HAVE updated their websites since my post on social media. Island People, Spice,YUMA and Showtime have now included their band launch information on their website. Island People has also added social media buttons and they along with YUMA have been using Twitter quite often. Good job! 

And hats off to TRIBE whose website was up hours after they launched with a preview gallery of costumes. Now if they could only hurry up with Bliss' website!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let Me Repeat Myself ...

Answers to the top 10 questions I have been asked so far:

1. I do not know when TRIBE mas camp is opening for viewing but as soon as they do I will post the information on the blog and make the trip to get close up costume shots myself.

2. Prices will be out late next week.

3. Bliss is a SEPARATE band from TRIBE and operates independently. Bliss will have it's own website, mas camp, parade route and lunch stop. In other words you cannot jump from band to band. Your wrist band entitles you masquerader access to only ONE band. If you are in Bliss you cannot jump in TRIBE or you will be treated as a stormer and vice versa.

4. Bliss website should be up sometime this week.

5. You do not need a TLC card to register in Bliss.

6. I do not know the registration process for TRIBE or Bliss this year; that information will be released by TRIBE/Bliss.

7. Registration fee is $1500.00 (floor member and male), $3000.00 (frontline) and $5000.00 (individual). All prices in TT dollars.

8. Sorry, I am not revealing my band or section of choice!

9. No, I do not have links/hook up to get you into TRIBE or Bliss.

10. I do not work for TRIBE or Bliss,868- 625-6800 or will give you access to all the information I have repeated here.

Hope that helps!

Vote For Your Favourite Bliss Sections

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vote For Your Favourite TRIBE Sections

YUMA Band Launch Tickets

YUMA launches ZODEAK
Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 6:00pm
"The Oracle" at The Queen's Park Oval
Tickets are $150 (limited) and available from committee members:

Chad Edwards
Renee Butcher
Ryan Alcantara
Makeela Frederick
Danielle Rivas
Arielle Cowie
Chelsea Garcia
Russel Wilkinson
Jeremy Tai Chew
Samantha Ramischand
Heidi Dieffenthaller

Monday, July 26, 2010

Saucy's Picks and Tips

Yesterday the number one question I kept getting asked is which section/band I have chosen and which costumes are my top picks. When it comes to selecting the costume that I eventually end up wearing I always go with the costume that I will think looks best on me and not necessarily the most popular costume.

 There are many factors that are deal breakers for me, bra style being one and the flexibility of the designer to allow me to submit my own bra as I do have issues with the bra TRIBE provides that is larger than a D cup; the cut is not complimentary at all and it fits like a "granny bra".

I go secondly with the design element I am into for the year, since I am choosing frontline it is always the extras that get me. For instance in 2009 I wanted a tail so badly that was my main consideration in choosing costumes although Caged Canary's wrist pieces were gorgeous. In 2010 I knew I wanted a massive headpiece so Mystery of Loulan was a no brainier. Carnival 2011, for me, is the year of the backpack so I am definitely leaning towards a costume that features that in the frontline.

And lastly my third decision factor is colour, that ruled out Bird of Paradise for me in 2009, my number one choice though the nude and orange looked stunning on the road. Lesson learned, the costume you THINK may not look so great in photographs sometimes surprises you when you see the end product on Carnival Tuesday. So, in the decision process you also have to envision the section when the light hits it under the sun, examine all the little details that stand out in person and picture the costume on different skin tones as we are all usually not the same hue of the models. I like to look at the website photos as well, even though those are highly styled, lighted and air brushed to perfection. The possibility of repeating a colour I have worn before in recent memory is high if I am totally in love with the costume, I just cannot do the same colour back to back.

With that being said these are the top choices in my costume running; I am yet to decide which band or even which section as yet; I have changed my mind a million times already! For sure I am weighing the Intimate Experience over a costume I love in TRIBE. You will notice that as much as I LOVE Xi'An frontline it does not make one of my choices along with Amazons which may or may not be an Individual; if it is an Individual it is back in the running as the bra can be customized. Sandra Hordatt's costumes are always uber skimpy and as much as I do love it, I am not seeing myself in those jeweled panties and wire bra; as a rule all wire bras are out for obvious reasons; just keeping it real!


Persian Gold 
(Pretty much everything I am looking for in a costume
edited to add that it is indeed a backpack and not a collar)

Mayan Eagle 
(the green two tone feathers of the frontline bug me,
 wish the feathers were teal like the rest of the costume 
and not emerald green)

(this version of frontline)

Masai Tribal Warriors and Mongol Fighters

All my top choices for men in one photo!

 (both versions)

(this is the frontline, 
there is also a whole piece version with a wide belt!)

( I was told this comes with a non wire bra option)

Izumi Clan 
( comes in a regular bra option as well)

The other question I kept getting asked, via email, facebook chat and inbox, is how to go about securing an Individual Costume like the following:

My first tip would be if you have the designer's digits on speed dial, make that call! Most likely if it is a Private Section the designer will have control of who plays his/her Individual costume. If you are like 95% of the masquerader population not privy to a direct line of communication with the designer email and/or call TRIBE's mas camp today and express interest in your Individual of choice.

The production department will inform you of the availability of the Individual you are interested and other options if needs be. And finally if the section you are interested in did not display an Individual at the band launch you may also inquire if one is being done for the section  (male or female) and your chances in securing it. I know there are some masqueraders who liaise with the section leader/designer and create their own costume, however this may only be an option with the private sections.

Individual costumes are not cheap so you have to be realistic budget wise , you do not need to have a TLC or be a past masquerader to play an Individual though preference is more often than not given to masqueraders who have played Individual before, especially with certain designers. Good luck! 

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I think both me and my assistant (aka the hubby) overdid it with videos last night, however it got some superb close up shots of the costumes. So if you are not sick of seeing costumes as yet, check out my Youtube channel!

Bliss The Warrior Within Review

Bliss, the Intimate Experience is also the skimpy experience. I had to be asking myself where is the rest of the costume for the majority of sections. Also the costumes in Bliss showed more feathers than I expected, the Warrior Within is surely fantasy themed as I could not readily identify the warrior in these costumes and based on that I am guessing this band will be focused more on partying than competing; a good thing because the focus of Bliss is to answer the masqueraders call for a smaller band.

Caprica (Monique Nobrega) - gorgeous headpiece! I love it and love how it trails behind, nice bead work on the belt. The other option to this costume is also very nice, pretty arm pieces, winged headpiece and decoration on bra and belt. The male costume, generic.

Ice Warriors (Melissa James) -  again nice, safe costume. I am not wowed by it. I like the jewel work on the bra and belt, the headpiece looks like icicles. The male costume, generic.

Pele (Valmiki Maharaj)- LOVE the headpiece and backpack/shoulder pieces. That caged bra monokini is VERY interesting, I have to see how that works in person. The floor member costumes are lovely, however both bra options are super skimpy! No regular bra here. Loving the many versions of the Mohawk headpiece. The male costume, different for sure! Looks Pacific Islander and no boy shorts!

Cyclon - (Gail Cabral)- I am liking this one for the lack of feathers (can you believe I just said that!) also like the headpiece, shoulder pieces and wrist pieces in all their studded glory. Male costume, is ok, however I want to know who is wearing the transformer version of the male!

Solaris (Monique Nobrega) - Another cage bra? This costume is very very skimpy! Not much to it except the headpiece, leggings and arm pieces. I am also thinking it reminds me of something I have seen before.

Trakson Warriors (Gina Maingot)- I like the body wear of this costume, the arm pieces is an interesting detail, I am liking it. Not feeling that style of headpiece but you know from Habotai it is not one that I am partial to at all. The male costume, horns.. wow. Other than that, generic.

Izumi Clan (Monique Nobrega) - One of my favourites in Bliss, I like the colour combination... again, a cage bra? The belt is uber skimpy but I like it! As seen on the model you need a Brazilian Wax to pull this one off! Also love the shoulder detail on both the floor member and frontline.Male costume, has a cape..other than that, generic.

Titans (Monique Nobrega) - My absolute favourite , and this applies to both TRIBE and Bliss. This costume is all sorts of gorgeous and all options are wicked! Love the fringed monokini of the first (individual?) option, also loving the side shoulder piece of the second option and the variation in the monokini. The downgraded option for the floor member is just as fabulous as the rest. I don't even mind that there is no headpiece. The male costume... generic!

To sum it up, I have to see if Bliss offers more bra options apart from the cage bra or else frontline choices will be severely limited. With just 8 sections I do think that the three cage bras might be a bit too much if there is no regular bra option for frontline, as those are the more WOW costumes. Honestly there isn't an unattractive costume in the bunch, they just all look safe and regular. Not that this is a bad thing for Bliss, it is a new band catering to a smaller crowd, but from initial reports I was expecting futuristic looking abstract warriors.

 I just would have liked to see more of a variety as with TRIBE. I guess with only 8 sections you have less chances to mix things up . If I were forced to choose between both bands I can safely say there are a few options in BOTH that I would play in so that is a good thing.

How about you, is it TRIBE, The Way of The Warrior or Bliss, The Warrior Within getting your vote?

For MORE pics of costumes backstage click HERE.

TRIBE The Way of The Warrior Review

There was MUCH anticipation for the launch of TRIBE/Bliss costumes and I could not go a few days without someone who somehow saw the costumes describing to me how fabulous they thought they were. To say that my expectations were high is an understatement; I was looking forward to out of the box, creative, stunning costumes from TRIBE/Bliss and overall I do think they succeeded in impressing  me sufficiently. As always there are some costumes that I love more than others but Carnival 2011 is a solid year for TRIBE with almost all of there costumes getting a thumbs up from Saucy aka The Sauce (and for those who have a problem with my name "The Sauce" of all things Carnival...bite me!)

So, without further ado here is my take on the costumes section by section:

Gladiators (Monique Nobrega) - The first section on stage and the male costume is strong, it is pretty hard to mess up a male Gladiator costume and with the accessories, breast plate and headpiece you can almost see this one in Harts as well. Good job on the male. The female's headpiece was lovely, I liked the shape of it and the disc details on the crown. The strapless bra is different for TRIBE in a floor member costume and I do love the belt which mimics the male as well as the arm piece which is just one side; I hope both versions of the costume come with the shield and sword.

Mongol Fighters (Gail Cabral)- The spiked shoulder pads sell this costume for me, as well as the looped detail on the bra and the belt which looks as if it has layers to it made of straps, chain and discs. Loving the spikes on the headpieces as well as what looks like a metal piece across the top of the bra. For one thing these costumes all have little elements that accessorize very well. I think the colour looks much better in person, and the males will also like this one. To be the honest the Individual looks more Brazil than Mongol, like it, just wished that the back pack didn't remind me of something from last year. The body of the Individual costume is fabulous especially the extended shoulder pieces.

Persian Gold (Solange Shaw Gopaul)- A VERY pretty section, soft, feminine and not at all looking like a Warrior with any hard edges, spikes or studs. The floor member of this section is very pretty, I absolutely adore the jewel encrusted bra, belt and the shape of the headpiece; cute collar but you know how I feel about collars generally. The frontline is gorgeous, I am glad that this designer, of Mystery of Loulan fame, did a 180 and went with  no headpiece this year and instead did a lovely backpack. Did you see the arm pieces on this costume? Wow, my favourite part!  As expected this costume uses many jewelry details, the necklace, head band, Bra and belt are all  worked up with lavish crystal pieces. The shade of purple is the most beautiful I have seen on a costume in a long time. Simple male costume, much more attention was placed on the female costume for sure.

Xi'An (Sandra Hordatt) - One of my favourites of the night. Sandra Hordatt managed to do an entire costume without using one single feather or bead. The neckpiece, bra, leg pieces and headpiece of the frontline looks like it is constructed from metal and seeing this person it really brings the WOW factor right up there. I am loving the gems used, instead of regular beads, on both the floor member and frontline costume. All I can see is this copper, bronze and gold costume looking amazing under the sun! Top marks for the individual costume as well, no feathers but a stunning sunburst back pack made the crowd go wild. Wish the male was a bit more creative as  was the female.

Knights Templar (Melissa James) - One of the few sections to use "bling" on the costume and I think it is just enough to satisfy those looking for something bright and shiny. I am not a lover of pink costumes but I do like the colour on this one a lot. I like how the arm and footpieces on the female costume mimic a Knights armor, the male costume should have had this detail as well. Pretty crystal  and diamante encrusted bra and belt, like I said, lots of "bling"!

Iroquois (Rhiannon Pemberton)  - I love this costume! When I first heard of the colour combination I was skeptical but the mix is gorgeous! It looks Indian which suits the name, especially with the beading on the female headpiece. The headpiece looks like it is feathers but it also looks like it can be fabric, I need to get up close to examine it it in detail, however, loving the sunburst effect!  The beading on both floor member and frontline costumes is gorgeous, the frontline showed at the media launch was a monokini effect but the launch showed a wire bra; I prefer the monokini. Strong male costume that again fits the theme of this section , one of my favourite sections of both bands.

Sashura (Quita Correira) - A solid costume from a designer who gave us Serica this year. The frontline is lovely, I am guessing this is a Russian warrior with the fur and the shape of the headpiece which I am liking. The vikingesque almost cone bra on the frontline is novel, floor member body costume is nicer in person that the photos. The male costume is ok, one of the better ones for sure, I am just wondering how many guys will keep that headpiece on.

Amazons (Lana Nobrega) - Ooooohhhhhhh another favourite! I love love love this costume for several reasons! One is the use of mutli coloured feathers and it is AMAZON so I expect feathers. I love the bra, love the shape of the belt and all the feathered appendages and the frontline, is to die for! That back pack I have seen  on a Brazilian costume on file in my secret stash of Brazilian costume photos , but hello it is AMAZON; the rive runs through Brazil not so? GORGEOUS, I LOVE it. The male is just as awesome, with the aztec looking headpiece (mixing cultures I know!). Lana has done an awesome job this year.Sign me up please!

Masai Tribal Warriors (Peter Elias) -Kudos to Peter for doing two completely contrasting and complementing costumes for his male and female. The female, wicked! Masai beading on the bra and belt, coupled with kente cloth and that fabric draped pole. I also love his mutli coloured Mohawk headpiece, gorgeous necklace and ear rings that can be worn long after Carnival. Loves it all kinds of loving! The male is also fabulous! As is  Peter's standard no regular boy short, the wrapped bottom piece is all kinds of male sexy, and if you are man enough I dare you to rock the ear ring! Love how he also tied in the fabric on the pole for the men. Fierce!

Arctic Warriors (Monique Nobrega) - My least favourite section though to be fair I do love the belt  and finger claws. Being an all silver section I think the details get lost in the monochromatic colour scheme and I am not really feeling the frontline bra though the effect is interesting. The male costume of this section is nice with the predator headpiece.

Mayan Eagle (Monique Nobrega) - This costume is amazing. I don't care who is yawning over the costumes not being out of the box enough but this one is different from any costume I have seen before in bikini mas. The wrapped top that looks like a sexy outfit really is not your normal bra top and that necklace with the fringe is fricking AWESOME! I love how the gems on the neckalce matches the headpiece, this just looks like very well designed, well thought out costume; it LOOKS Mayan. I am having a costumegasm over the frontline, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! My only wish is that the belt piece had some of the jewels on the necklace mirrored since the hot pants are so plain, however, it does not take away from the overall effect and the male costume is also gorgeous! I love this entire section. LOVE, Super Mo Mo brought it to the table with this one. And, lets not forget the male Individual, I think he overshadowed the female who just had a larger backpack, those wings!!! That loin cloth!!!

To sum it up I am very pleased with TRIBE's offering. The fact is that as much as masqueraders call for "out of the box" history has proven that they always choose the typical feathers and pretty costumes. I think TRIBE skirted the line of regular costumes and also gave us some creative touches as well to mix things up. The materials used in these costumes I think is what really sets them apart, you would notice there is hardly the regular beads used and very little of the traditional "bling". Of course you would need to be close enough to truly appreciate this fact, I can see how looking at the costumes from the live stream or even photos may not drive that point home. But being there in person and seeing the costumes I can tell you, I am loving this presentation, one of TRIBE's best to date!

P.S. Although I retired the word "bling", it made a unfortunate reappearance in today's review!
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