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Friday, September 07, 2007

Section II Revealed

Spread the word.. the Oracle is coming!

After our messy births and information gathering infancy, we then challenge ourselves to go. Go further than we were allowed, do more than we should, to discover, to start searching for the answers to questions we never even realised we had. This is where the life experience becomes a little strange, as we search for ourselves,we set out on the path of discovery, going forth with the reckless abandon of a teenager. Making decisions that either send us further ahead or further back. Even going back is progress, progress in the sense that we cannot realise progression unless we can somehow create points of relativity. It is only when we go back can we then know the direction of forward and seek it out as such .the spirit of adventure is the fuel that causes us to make those wild decisions that could ultimately lead to progress or error.

When a child has realised that the perimeter of the world goes further than he was first allowed to see, he gathers the ammunition of the collective experiences of birth and infancy and puts them all into one, all encompassing, self defining step further. Here, his journey has begun, he will now set out a path and walk it carrying the burden of responsibilities, for actions taken. His is the planet and all the world is his subject. This moment, this 'go forth and multiply' moment, is one of the first, most important steps to 'gnothi seauton' and as much as we would like to tailor this process to our own experiences, we do the most when we do nothing at all to hinder it. the design of a life lays only in the one living it and it is our esteemed privilege to be in the presence of each other whilst we travel this path together and apart. Honour his space and he will honour yours.

Official Carnival Fete List and Events Calender

From Peter Ray Blood, though a few of the band launches for September are left out of the calender. Check this post for the full listing of September launches:

Wednesday 12:
6 pm: Innovation hosts exclusive media launch of Colours, for C2K8, Club Zen, Keate Street, Port-of-Spain.

Thursday 13:
10 am: Exclusive media launch of Brian Mac Farlane’s Earth, for C2K8, San Fernando Hill, San Fernando;

6 pm: Trevor Wallace & Associates launches Nautica, for C2K8, House of Angostura, EMR, Success Village, Laventille.

Saturday 15:
9 pm: D’Krewe launches Love Is, for C2K8, Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain.

Sunday 16:
4 pm: Pulse 8 launches, for C2K8, Club Zen, Keate Street, Port-of-Spain;

5 pm: Genesis Carnival launches Tales, for C2K8, Pier 1, Chaguaramas.

Sunday 23:
1 pm: Gerald Kelly launches Children’s Carnival band How? When? Why?, feat C2K7 Junior Calypso Monarch Tinesha Weekes, Surge, Electric Breakers, Unique Style, DJ Studio Guyz, Jean Pierre Complex, Port-of-Spain.

8 pm: Trinity College PTA presents Kaiso in Yuh Pweffen 2—Celebrating Black Stalin’s birthday—feat Cro Cro, Black Stalin, Luta, Relator, Brigo, Heather Mac Intosh, Power, David Bereaux, Regeneration Now, Roy Cape All Stars, Trinity College, Moka, Maraval;

9 pm: Trini Revellers launches Que Viva Mexico, for C2K8, music by Shurwayne Winchester & Traffik, JMC 3Veni and popular DJs, Pier 1, Chaguaramas.

October 13
Legacy band launch Chaguaramas.

Wednesday 26 (BOXING DAY):
(TBA) 9 pm: Tri Star Promotions’ annual Parkway Jam, Skinner Park, San Fernando.

Tuesday 1 (NEW YEAR’S DAY):
4 pm: Trinity College’s Soca in Moka, Trinity College;

6 pm: Annual Yorke Inc Start de Carnival Back-a-Yard Dutch Party, Ann Avenue, Diego Martin.

Friday 4:
4 pm: St Francois Girls’ College annual all-inclusive, St John’s Hall, Wrightson Road Extension, Port-of-Spain.

Saturday 5:
4 pm: QRC Foundation’s Outta de Blue, Queen’s Royal College, St Clair.

Sunday 6:
2 pm: UWI 17th annual all-inclusive fete, UWI Grounds, St Augustine;

4 pm: Island People’s annual Amnesia, Pier 1, Chaguaramas.

Saturday 12:
4 pm: Hilarians’ all-inclusive fete, (venue to be announced), Port-of-Spain;

4 pm: St Mary’s College annual all-inclusive fete, St Mary’s College, Pembroke Street, Port-of-Spain.

Sunday 13:
(TBA) 5 pm: bpTT all-inclusive fete, Pier 1, Chaguaramas.

Friday 18:
9 pm: Central Bank all-inclusive, Eric Williams Financial Plaza, Port-of-Spain;

9 pm: Bazodee Friday, Pier 1, Chaguaramas.

Saturday 19:
8 pm: NGC Sports Club’s all-inclusive (venue to be announced), Port-of-Spain;

8 pm: O’Farrell’s all-inclusive, Mobs2, Chaguaramas.

January 20:
11 am: Pan Trinbago stages annual National Panorama semifinals (venue to be announced);

(TBA) 2 pm: Annual McLeod all-inclusive;

2 pm: Blood Bank Fete, (venue to be announced), Port-of-Spain;

2 pm: US Embassy all-inclusive, Chaguaramas Golf Course.

Saturday 26:
7 pm: Fatima College all-inclusive, at college courtyard, Mucurapo Road, Woodbrook;

10 pm: Alternative Concept 6, Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain.

Sunday 27:
2 pm: Carec all-inclusive, Federation Park, St Clair;

2 pm: Nestle annual all-inclusive, Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Valsayn.

Monday 28:
9 pm: PNM Fete, Balisier House, Victoria Avenue, Port-of-Spain.

Tuesday 29:
9 pm: Eyes Wide Shut Carnivale, Queen’s Park Oval, Woodbrook;

10 pm: Island Style’s Glow, Mobs2, Chaguaramas.

Wednesday 30:
9 pm: Customs Pan-o-Brass-Pan, Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port-of-Spain;

9 pm: Sweetbread Promotions stages Feting with the Stars, music by Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars and Pal Joey Lewis Orchestra; plus Black Stalin and DJs Kabuki and Fred Sounds, The Harvard Club, St James.

10 pm: Bacchanal Wednesday, Chaguaramas.

Thursday 31:
11 am: Escape to Playa del Este, Salybia;

11 am: Beach House Carnival, Ortinola Estate, Maracas;

11 am: Alternative Thursdays, Down the Islands.

Friday 1:
9 pm: Island People’s Girl Power, Queen’s Hall Carpark, St Ann’s;

9 pm: Rise all-inclusive (venue to be announced);

9 pm: D Cooler Fete, Pier 1, Chaguaramas.

Saturday 2:
7 pm: Pan Trinbago stages National Panorama Finals, Skinner Park, San Fernando;

11.55 pm: Island Style’s Insomnia, Mobs2, Chaguaramas;

Sunday 3:
1 am: D’Original Breakfast Party, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin;

1 am: Sunny Side Up Breakfast Party, Palm Avenue West, Petit Valley;

11 am: Sanctuary, Windsor Road, Valsayn;

2 pm: Brian Lara all-inclusive, Chancellor Hill, Maraval.

Monday 4/Tuesday 5: CARNIVAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 9:
8 pm: Pan trinbago stages Champs in Concert 2K8, (venue to be announced), Port-of-Spain.

Sunday 10:
10 am: Anyhowers’ annual After-Carnival boat ride to La Tinta.

TBA – to be announced

Labor Day Review

The following is a review of Red Warriors who had their inaugural year on the parkway for Labor Day this Monday with their presentation "The Sunken Treasures of Atlantis". The review is written by one of the bloggers who visits Trinidad Carnival Diary faithfully, dougla_1:

Red Warriors, 55-65 strong (I didn’t get the exact count; about 10 males), made their debut on Eastern Parkway setting a great vibe going toward the official judging point and “road stage” in front of the Brooklyn Museum, 2.25 miles up. As is kismet, their music truck was moved to first position, and for a first time band they lead the carnival style parade (ahead there was one pretty band from Guadeloupe, but without a music truck) on a near perfect sunny day (a temporary let down occurred when the music stopped for about 45 minutes due to technical problems). Newbies were “baptized” and looked like some of their dormant carnival jumbies were indeed rising out to be “a must be on the parkway next year” kind of zest. GTWarrior (some of you know from this blog), told me “I love this!” The statuesque beauty, who with her sister, the primary inspired leader of a quite dynamic duo, gave Brooklyn a great showing of a “likkle” bit of an all inclusive sexy mas band in Trinidad. These two lovely ladies are indeed putting their hearts, souls, energies, and resources into the presentation of a Trini style carnival experience which they embraced and love. Proof positive of their genuine passion, they are of Guyanese heritage. They made the little band that could the little band that did, in the biggest yearly street parade/festival of New York City!

About 10:15 AM, I got a first sighting of “The Sunken Kingdom of Atlantis” (the theme for 2007) when I instantly recognized caisoqueen, her blog picture doing her a slight injustice of how pretty she is in person. I did meet Tru in her fierce boots decorated by her own hands, and gtwarrior in quick succession around 11:00 AM as almost all the band members were gathered. Certainly on a photo ready note, the band was not lacking in attention from the many shutterbug clicks and activated video record button along the route. It seemed as if the band covered the entire color spectrum of the world’s kaleidoscope of people (and if not, I’d say quite close, indeed), with the “red tings” (the beginning humorous moniker of the band’s name which represents the two leaders themselves, the second being a tribute to Trinidad & Tobago “warrior” spirit in carnival mas, and the Soca Warriors of World Cup fame) nicely represented. So, it was no doubt the multi-ethnic Red Warriors did their part to beautify Labor Day Brooklyn on the Parkway. There was a sweet grace note touch of a unity message as well. One would have had to pay close attention to the little group of non-masqueraders that followed the band with a prominent Suriname flag (Guyana and Suriname though on the mainland of South America are considered part of the Caribbean diasporas).

The pretty looking band is not the most amazing impression I had, however. As written before, the music did shut down at about 40-50 minutes on the road. Prior the band leisurely inched their way up the road with a sweetness of vibe that DJ Vicious and the incredible music truck speakers and sound system pumped out. Spectators along the route were waving their island countries’ mini flags and really feeling the Soca vibes, and the Red Warriors masqueraders were more than feeling it, their energetic sexy wines quite evident (I didn’t see anything that looked like a newbie wine, later I did see a little samba wine, a little salsa wine, but I imagine next year it will be a strictly Trini wine and these newbie would shed their initial status with a haste : ) ) When the music did not come back within 10 minutes, there was a sense of disappointment as some of masqueraders almost reconciled themselves that the fun just abruptly ended for them. In the crowd of spectators a sympathetic anonymous voice said, “well, there is always next year.” That comment could have registered to some in the band that they would have to wait until next year to really experience the Parkway all the way to the Brooklyn Museum and on to the end of the parade route. Now, the way Tracy redwarrior, and Denise gtwarrior handled this crisis as pros was what really amazed me.

For sure they were quite disappointed for their masqueraders, yet showed no outward sense of distress. They calmly tried to develop a plan to get some music back in the pep of their band. Both of their Blackberries were calmly and not frantically moving from hand to ear texting and making calls. One plan that did emerge was to go behind the band directly next in line and continue to have fun that way, with music from the other band’s music truck. During that time, there was some effort to get the power generator back on, which had unexplainably clipped off, while Tracy and Denise still continued to attend to their masqueraders. The all inclusive food and non alcoholic drinks truck, and mobile wee wee station quickly proved its value and genius. Then as suddenly as the music stopped it came back (it was to clip off two more times closer to the museum judging point but quickly came back on, for those occurrences). Though maybe four or five were “lost” to the other band, Borokeetes USA, Red Warriors quickly got back to their business of wining behind their own music truck which could have well been the best sounding music truck on the Parkway Labor Day (I did not see all trucks and equipment, but my first reaction after asking Denise which truck is theirs was “whey, ya’ll have all that sound to “kill”dem with music;” at least I did not have that impression of the one behind us going up the road, and my past experiences on the Parkway). The music selections from DJ Tony Temple, Souljie, and Sound City were quite good, as sometimes I had wished in my Carnival experiences in Trinidad. The band crossed the “road stage” at about 4:00 PM displaying the same fresh excitement shown almost four hours before at the beginning.

I suppose the “birthing” of a band is never a pain free experience. Meeting Tracy and Denise for the first time four weeks prior, they were shocked that the costume maker in Trinidad did not make the headpieces to their exact specification, and some of the bead works of the waistbands were not well down. Denise at that time was reworking all those waistbands herself. This revelation was quite disappointing to witness because I did complement Tracy on this blog that it was a good thing to give the island of mas and steel pan some business. So future "bandnist" dreamers take heed, there are quite a bit of obstacles that may come your way before things get rolling. Determination and a cool head, could very well keep you in the business of when you “come out & play” for as long as your heart desires. But ultimately it takes a strong contact network and the ability to move people with your vision, and to effectively communicate and coordinate the logistic of bringing several disconnected elements and financial demands into play for the big day out on the road.

Big up to the security team and road management principles. Big up and kudos to RicardoWatson (associate of Savage back when), the NY mas designer/maker at the mas camp. Big up to Joel Landeau who traveled from Trinidad to add critical eyes and steady hands which he tirelessly put to valuable use with the glue gun and cutting fabric. Big up to the male masquerader who was quite pleased with his aquaman fins. Thank you redwarrior and gtwarrior for allowing me to be part of the experience on the road. Look out, Red Warriors coming thru, and dey looking rel good!!! Did they meet their Vision statement? The answer is a resounding YES! A new mas band grows in Brooklyn!!!

Saucy, I nominate Red Warriors the “official” Trinidad Carnival Diary band in New York City. TRIBE will have to take a rest for a minute. LOL.

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