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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

This Is Not a Fete in Here, This Is Madness!

Never before have the prices of fetes been such an issue among my group of feteing friends, so much so that they are putting limits on how many and which fetes they are attending for Carnival 2010.The major concern is being able to afford the fetes, playing mas and surviving post Carnival as all inclusive ticket prices for fetes seem to be within the $500.00-$700.00TT range as a norm, not an exception! Non inclusive fetes are now being thought about as the middle ground option, as ticket prices for these events, such as TRIBE ICE and Wicked in White seem to be the only affordable fetes for fete goers.

I will admit that when it comes to Carnival fetes I am not the type that has to go to every event, every weekend, as long as I am playing mas if I go to three fetes for the season I go to plenty, and I tend to prefer going to fetes later in the season as Carnival nears. When I was younger my Carnival week line up kicked off with Jamboree, followed by Eyes Wide Shut, then Bacchanal Wednesday, Trini Posse/Insomnia and Mania to top it off. All non inclusive events that did not break the pocket. I would go to one or two all inclusives in January, and of course Panorama Prelims was a must. As I got older I became more selective with my fetes choosing more all inclusives over the line up on Carnival week, example Beach House was now added to the agenda.

For Carnival 2010 however I have now decided that I am only going to possibly two fetes, one in January and one in February, Panorama Prelims/Semis not withstanding. The fact is that it would be unconscionable to think of just how much money I will be spending to afford two costumes, all the extra accessories as well as fete tickets multiplied by two; as much as I love Carnival it is not going to make me broke come March and lots of my friends have expressed the same sentiment.

With those of you landing Carnival week the sentiment might be different, as a visitor and Carnival being a vacation of sorts you want to do as much as possible in the limited time you are spending on the island. This is the reason that fete prices will go up for the "must attend" events and scalpers make a mint even though when  you go to every single fete Carnival week you basically see the same people and hear the same bands perform the same routine!

So, simple question to all of those planning your fete schedule; are the fete ticket prices affecting which events you plan on attending? How many fetes for sure you will be going to this season and if you could only pick ONE fete to go to which would it be?

For the record not all fete prices have gone up for 2010, St Francois All Inclusive is actually less than last year at $375.00TT,Old Hilarians All Inclusive is the same 2009 price at $650.00TT, as well as  AWOL (which is now being called Zante) kept their price at $425.00TT. For all inclusive fetes under $500.00TT, Blue Range All Inclusive is $400.00TT, Yorke is $475.00TT and Love Up The Arts $475.00TT.
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