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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Island People Mail

Even though I posted this information already for the day, I just got the official email from Island People that confirms my source:

Hi ,

Welcome to Island People Mas 2008!!!

We have carefully studied your compliments and criticisms from last year and want to ensure you that all necessary improvements to the band have been made. We look forward to providing you with the best carnival experience ever!!!
~ ~ ~
Island People Mas is pleased to present the launch of:

“Animal Instincts… get in touch and release!!!”

~ Date: Saturday 18th August 2007
~ Time: 10pm till… (Costume presentation at midnight)
~ Venue: Concrete Jungle – The Stadium, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Limited Advance Tickets will be available from Friday 10th August at:

~ Island People Mas Camp, 11 Stone Street
~ IF House, 105 Tragarete Road
~ DH Gifts, Long Circular Mall and West Mall (Level One)

Limited Advance Tickets Prices:

~ $199 for the the general public
(future Island People Mas Masqueraders)
~ $149 for our wonderful masqueraders from 2006 or 2007
($149 tickets available ONLY at the Island People Mas Camp, with ID)

2 for 1 drinks all night long!!!

Island People Mas would like to remind you to remember to drink responsibly or have a designated driver.

~ ~ ~

For more info please contact
868.625.1FUN (1386)

Fancy Feet !!

One of the biggest headaches after choosing a costume is deciding on footwear;should you go for comfort with the well worn gym sneakers or for the fashionable with boots? Personally I love the look of boots, especially with the glamorous costumes but I also desire comfort and I used to be skeptical about just how comfortable boots are, until I wore a pair of lace up calf high Doc Martens a few years ago and they were SUPER comfortable. Those boots have since been relegated to collecting dust in a closet somewhere and are on the verge of falling apart.

This year was my first foray into custom made boots made by Natalie Purvis of Vamp Clothing Store in Trinidad; her boots were a hit at Island People's band launch last year as she did matching custom made boots for all Diane Hunte's sections. I tracked her down and she made boots for me, which looked cute and I thought they fit well until I realized that I did not measure the bigger foot so one boot was super comfortable with my gel insoles while the other was too small and jammed against my toes. Needless to say I could only wear the boots on Monday and had to revert to my gym sneakers for Tuesday, luckily I wore long pants that covered my shoes so you could not see that those sneakers did not match at all!

For 2008 I am trying boots again, but I am thinking with my costume I will need a small stack heel so I plan on looking for comfortable boots when I go to Miami in October and if all else fails I am going to do like Afro Chic and have plain boots made by one of the craftsmen at Piccadilly and decorate them since her boots looked great and looks easy enough to do myself.

Ladies have been inquiring if there is anywhere to get boots like what the model wore with Silver Mist frontline at TRIBE's launch. I have yet to see boots exactly like those, though someone did post a link yesterday to silver boots with a five inch heel that can be purchased at Amazon, I don't know about thin heeled boots and how practical they are for the road but 5 inch heels seem pretty extreme!!

These funky sequined boots with a 3 inch heel can be found at My Diva's Closet, I am liking these a lot, if only the heel was not so thin!:

These " Go Go" boots can also be found at My Diva's Closet. I spotted several ladies wearing this style of boots on the road this year and wondered how comfortable they could be, when I was informed that both Bagogyul and amprincess wore similar boots and they both vouched for them being comfortable. I like that these boots come in a range of colours that can easily match several sections including Black Magic, Silver Mist, Butterfly Bliss, Sun Goddess, Titania, Almathea and Autumn Sprite. They also come in basic black, white, silver and gold.

Many ladies will never fathom playing mas in boots and are quite content to wear comfortable sneakers. That does not mean however that you are stuck wearing plain white sneakers or even an old pair that you spray paint silver or gold each year. There are many options out there for sneakers in a range of colours and styles that can match costumes easily.

Nike even has an option to customize your own sneakers where you choose the colour combination down to the colour of the laces so you can get an exact match for any costume; these are two that I played around with:

Goddess of the Chase

Silver Mist

Zappos is my favourite place online to look for shoes that match since they have a large inventory and you can search according to colour and style. Here are a few picks I came upon just from doing a cursory search (click on the costume name to be taken to the Zappos page for the matching footwear):

Pixie Dust


Water Nymph

Regardless of what type of footwear you choose make sure it is comfortable first and foremost; with boots you can get a half size bigger and wear the gel insoles for added comfort.I also got a good tip to tape the toes as well when wearing boots to prevent too much friction.

Though footwear might seem an afterthought to some , after all no one really pays attention to your feet right? Think about how much thought and effort goes into picking the best costume for you, how you will wear you hair or even what type of makeup you will get to accentuate the costume, why stop there and give the feet a last minute consideration? To me it really completes the costume when the entire package is well coordinated from head to toe. And if you are playing frontline, remember nothing but H.O. footwear is acceptable!

Isis Option B

Several people have asked how do you get into the belt for Isis option B; well I enquired and was told there is velcro to the back. If there is it is a seamless job as I cannot detect any velcro from this photo:


Island People Band Launch

DATE - Saturday August 18th, 2007
VENUE - Jean Pierre Complex

Tickets will be available from the 10th August, 2007 from the following locations:
ISLANDpeople Mas Camp
ISLANDpeople 105 Tragarete Road
DH Gifts Long Circular Mall & West Mall

Non members: $199
Past Masqueraders:$149
N.B: Past Masqueraders are to purchase tickets ONLY at ISLANDpeople Mas Camp

2-4-1 drinks all night

For more info : 625 -1396
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