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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Myst comes to Antigua Mas ...

And along with it Island People's costumes from Animal Instincts!

The names associated with the band Myst are Marlon Rawlings and Michael Freeland and I was told that they will not be competing for band of the year during Antigua Carnival but will be offering masqueraders all of Island People's amenities on the road as well as the sections Zebra, Black Widow Spider and King Fisher.

Word is that prices will be range from $300.00 to $450.00US, though this is priced more than the standard rate for costumes in Antigua I have been told that some Antiguan Carnival lovers are excited by this prospect and the fact that they do not have to journey to Trinidad (and spend extra money) to get the Trinidad costumes and services right at home!

I don't know if to be surprised at this turn of events or accept it as the growing trend of recycling Trinidad costumes regionally and internationally. Surely Island People did not have an excess of costumes from this year's mas to get off their hands right? And, I wonder how their masqueraders feel about this, having paid much more than what the costumes are rumoured to be priced at in Antigua! Carnival in Antigua is just as in Trinidad, two days of revelry, so why the cheaper prices I wonder? Anyway, I will reserve further comment until after their private band launch which takes place this Sunday, May 25th!

First look at "Kaotic"

Something about that flyer reminds me of Evolution.. maybe it is the model Kaotic is having a media launch for their debut Carnival 2009 presentation "Life Unleashed" on Tuesday May 27th at Fiesta Plaza Movietowne from 8:00PM to 10:00PM. I have heard that costumes were on show at a private launch already so hopefully they will give those in attendance a little tease of what is in store.

Jewels de Carnaval Section Launch..

Jewels de Carnaval is holding it's private section launch for Notting Hill Carnival 2008, details are on the flyer below:

click for large view

The section's name is "Cirque du Soleil" and the band is Arawak whose 2008 Notting Hill Carnival presentation is "Viva Las Vegas". For more information you can visit Jewel's website or email Interesting to note is that on the spot registration will be available on the night of the launch.

Classy or Common??

com·mon [ kómmən ]
adjective (comparative com·mon·er, superlative com·mon·est)
9. vulgar: considered to be ill-bred, or vulgar
common behavior

class·y [ klássee ] (comparative class·i·er, superlative class·i·est)
stylish: very stylish and elegant ( informal)
My first recollection of the ever popular sexy wire bra being worn on the streets of Port of Spain has to be with Nina Mc Kenzie of Legends who created quite a stir with the sight of her breasts titillatingly displayed for all and sundry to see. Some have even cited this incident as being the catalyst for the spilt between Big Mike and his partner Ian Mc Kenzie, whether that is true or not, the sexy wire bra has always drawn critics, detractors and supporters who either love it or hate it.

Island People

This uber sexy take on the already skimpy costumes in the bikini and beads genre has become a staple of some bands each year for Carnival, and while I personally see nothing wrong with the bra being worn on the right body type some have deemed this type of bra “un classy” and not an option for the standard of what certain bands want to portray. Looking at the argument against the bra I can see how it might be seen as just an excuse to go naked on the streets without adding any “creative value”, aping Rio, if you will. And while it is obvious that this type of costume is not suitable to every masquerader, the fear could be that masqueraders themselves may not use common sense and good judgment when choosing a costume to complement their natural assets. Not to mention many a “nipple slip” has been caught on camera, unsuspecting ladies without the hindsight to wear pasties, succumbing to a wardrobe malfunction under the glare of the media.

D Krewe

Though I will not choose a sexy wire bra as an option for Carnival (my bra cups runneth over way too much for it to even be a consideration!) I have seen it worn by masqueraders in several bands and on the right person with the right breasts, to me, it does not look vulgar and can look quite sexy; if you got it, flaunt it right? Who knows how long "it" will last! However, there are a few ladies who obviously choose this particular bra which is not suited to them. I have seen the wire bra looking painfully small, cutting into ladies skin and dare I say that some breasts are just not made for a bra held up by metal and jewels! This year I noticed several ladies in Island People’s King Fisher embellishing the wire bra with added fabric so that it gave the effect of nudity without being overtly so. Maybe this can be a happy compromise for those who desire the sexy wire bra and the skeptics who do not think it is classy enough for mas in Trinidad?

If the band of your choice were to offer the sexy wire bra as an option or alternative to the regular bra, will you be in favor of this, even though you may not choose this option for yourself? Do you think that the sexy wire bra is sexy or “skanky”? Does the potential of having masqueraders in the band wearing sexy wire bras diminish the “classiness” of the band? Thoughts!

Dream Team
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