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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Spice Theme 2011

How long does a band have to be in existence to present a "Signature Collection"? And, what exactly is this theme about? Are they going to showcase their best costumes from the last TWO presentations? This simply does not make any sense, should have stuck with the Savage Amazon theme.

Oh well, I do hope they have costumes to show at Zen by  Sunday August 8th, rumour is the band leader is designing 7 sections and the dynamic duo is doing ZERO, not to mention I have been told no costume prototypes are done as yet!

Anyhow you take it I am definitely going to be at Spice's band launch, I cannot wait to see this one!

Baje International Band Launch

Where else will you find both TRIBE and Island People jumping up in the same band? Well, for Crop Over in Baje of course! Check out the band launch details below:.

EDITED TO ADD (post band launch):
Free to Fly costume photos posted HERE.
Family, the Crop is here again and simply stated, we ready! This time we are giving you our best as we join forces with Tribe and Island People out of Trinidad to launch our 2010 band "Free to Fly". So free up ya self, release the recession stress and enjoy the festival, after all it belongs to you!

Your media launch:

So first off, we are inviting you all to our media launch at 7 PM this Friday June 11th at our mas camp at Red Rock Café (at Time out in the Gap). There we will release our 2010 "Free to Fly" costumes for the first time. Of course the bar will be fully stocked and loaded with happy hour drink specials can't done and our dj's will be blazing tunes so it's officially on! Please note that all of you are invited to visit us our camp this Saturday June 12th & Sunday June 13th from 12 - 8 PM so that you can sign up before our public opening on Monday June 14th.

Tribe and Island People on the road with Baje:

This year the band has stepped it up a notch as we welcome the two largest bands in Trinidad; "Tribe" and "Island People", both of who will have sections within our "Free to Fly" band. Of course our Crop Over day action includes our wonderful pee pee truck, more security, fully stocked bars, self serve liquor stations, runners, 2 music trucks, a delicious buffet lunch, special treats from your section hosts and more. As standard, we also will feature the hottest regional and local Soca artistes along side Peter Coppin, Daddy Bubbles and Stan, DJ Fuzz, Technical Sounds, Nterfaze, Chasey & RAS, and Skribzz.

For more information on the Baje 2k10 band and our crop Over events, visit our mas camp (Monday to Saturday 2 pm till 9pm.), log on to our website , look out for "Gorilla Marquetin" on Facebook and stay tuned to our sponsor SLAM 101.1 FM Thanks again for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Free to Fly is sponsored by Tele Barbados, Mount Gay Rum, Banks Beer, Guinness, Coconut Walk and SLAM FM

The DC Carnival Experience

About Us
DC Carnival provides the fun-loving public, access to critically acclaimed euphoric Caribbean event experiences.

It is a carefully produced collection of events that allows us to briefly delve into and truly partake in the carnival lifestyle.

Each event in the DC Carnival series individually offers the audience a unique taste of various facets of the Carnival experience existing in North America.

Thursday, June 24th
IGNITE DC unites TRIBE Carnival & BK Entertainment, and as the title states, it ignites not only the festivities for the weekend but also the entire DC Carnival Experience.

The ingenuity of BK Entertainment, infused with cultural elements from TRIBE, secures this event's success year after year, without losing sight of the needs of the North American audience.

IGNITE DC features djs for both the Caribbean and North American audiences: The Ole Skool Vibes of Jugglers Sound (Trinidad), The Versatility of Private Ryan (Miami) with DC’s own Sprang Int’l, all hosted by Dj Majestic.

Let IGNITE DC fire up your Carnival Spirit in this first of the Exclusive Events in the DC Carnival weekend.

Limited ‘Early Bird’ tickets @ $20 (Available Online Only…While Stocks last!)

Friday, June 25th
Live In The City
Gresham Events in collaboration with MC Entertainment, Trends Concept, and Big Mountain Media brings you LIVE IN THE CITY”. This phenomenal show featuring Machel Montano HD & Friends is the official global launch and celebration of Machel's latest release, Album 34; and is the first headline performance of the 2010 Carnival season by the ultimate performer, Machel Montano HD and the entire HD Family.

"LIVE IN THE CITY" outdoor musical festival is a true celebration of the Caribbean spirit and lifestyle. Come enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the Caribbean Festival Village, offering an array of ethnic foods and top shelf liquor that will truly be a reflection of the diversity of the islands.
Live in the City will also feature International Djs including Jugglers(TNT), Walshy Fire (Jamaica), Private Ryan (Miami), Foreign Base NY) and DC’s own Sprang Int’l, creating a vibe that will take you right back to the Caribbean.

The pageantry of this concert in the nation’s capitol makes it the perfect city to host this event. It will be a true celebration and reflection of Caribbean spirit and lifestyle….a great addition to the DC Carnival Experience.
Limited ‘Early Bird’ tickets @ $30 (Available Online Only…While Stocks last!)

Purchase tickets here

Saturday, June 26th

Indulgence Mas Paint Band
Indulgence Mas invites you to be a part of MOODS OF INDULGENCE | Release Your Inhibitions
MOODS OF INDULGENCE will take Washington DC by storm, and is already anticipated to be the most sought after exclusive band for DC Carnival 2010.

This unique band experience fuses the already exciting road experience with PAINT. Now in its 3rd year, INDULGENCE MAS has transformed its road experience into a hybrid BODY Paint ‘Jouvert’ Band.

MOODS OF INDULGENCE will feature TRIBE Carnival’s # 1 road Dj: Private Ryan (MIA), Spice Carnival # 1 Road dj , Merry Perry (TNT) with Sprang Int’l all hosted by Dj Majestic. Lose yourself in the ultimate DC Carnival Experience with Indulgence Mas Paint Band.

Be a part of the ultimate road experience with Indulgence Mas. Make MOODS OF INDULGENCE your choice for the ultimate DC Carnival Experience.

Costume Registrations: Sexy Section- $50 | Seductive Section- $65 (Subject to Availability…While Stocks last!)

The XEN Experience is anticipated to be the CLIMAX of the DC Carnival weekend as this event symbolizes the true essence of the Carnival Spirit…. the people…the vibes…and most notably…the music.

Now in its 2nd year this ecliptic outdoor experience, set at the Luxurious Club 24, is a collaboration from BK Entertainment, Knockboyz & Carib United.

This event represents the true outdoor carnival fete experience and is carded to be the biggest BLOCK PARTY to hit DC!

Premium Outdoor Bars …. Great Caribbean Cuisine… Best Vibes!!

XEN  also features an extraordinary INTERNATIONAL Dj cast, spanning across the US east coast, Canada and the Caribbean;  Merry Perry (TnT),  D’Bandit (CAN),  Foreign Base (NY),  Private Ryan (MIA) and  Sprang Int’l (DC), all hosted by Dj Stephen (ATL).

Experience the difference...XEN…. a must-attend in the DC Carnival weekend lineup.

Limited ‘Early Bird’ tickets @ $20 (Available Online Only…While Stocks last!)

Sunday, June 27th
INDIGO has carved its place into the DC Carnival weekend of events by becoming the high energy conclusion to the festivities. The ambiance of Decatur House, nestled steps from the White House, is home to this ultra all-inclusive event as the Caribbean leaves it footprint on the Capital over the DC carnival weekend.
            Reserve tickets at:

Appreciation Cool-Down Party
With the close of the DC Carnival weekend, Carib United, Knockboyz, BK Entertainment, Tribe Carnival & Gresham Events host the Annual Appreciation Cool-Down.
Here all the producers of the DC Carnival series of events show appreciation to their patrons and say farewell to Washington, DC for the Carnival season.

It’s the perfect conclusion to your DC Carnival Experience.

Complimentary Entry All Night
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