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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

LAST CALL for TRIBE Souvenir Magazines!

This is for all of you guys who never get TRIBE's emails:

TRIBE Magazine

Last few copies of the Magazine are available at the TRIBE Mas Camp, Rosalino St.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday @ 11:00am to 6:00pm

Hi-Lo Outlets are sold out!!

UK Masqueraders can pick up a copy from or call 0795-794-3467 for more info

USA Masqueraders can pick up a copy from or call 646-280-9202 for more info!!

Carnival Photos

Saturday 24th, 2007 at 12:00pm to 4:00pm will be the last day to pick up your carnival photos!

Photos can be viewed online at

Cost per photo: $10.00

Come lewee go to Tobaaaaaago!

After giving our sister isle the cold shoulder for three years (the last time I visited was after Carnival 2004) I took a mini break last weekend. I was really motivated by an advertisement in the news papers giving the new schedules for the Cat and T &T Express fast ferries; it was an advertisement essentially illustrating how easy it would be to visit Tobago for the day since the boat left Trinidad for Tobago at 6:30AM on Saturdays returning at 5:00PM the same day. We decided to stay over night and return on Sunday instead.

Now normally I do not take the boat to Tobago, I really think it is a waste of precious vacation time to be on sea for close to seven hours, needless to say I only traveled via boat twice and that was in the days of the Panorama. Now, the fast ferries make the journey in two and a half hours and I have been wanting to experience the ride for myself (after getting good reviews from everyone else) plus I wanted to take my car over.

In hindsight I think the only time I will take the ferry again is if I am taking my car, other than that I will fly. Lucky for us this was not a long weekend or else I would have sworn off taking the boat forever. When my mom went at Christmas the port was madness, packed to capacity with irate people wanting to get on the boat. Upon arrival on the port at 4:30AM on Saturday morning we were met with no crowds whatsoever; it took two minutes to get our tickets stamped and then we drove over to the area where the cars had to wait for boarding. If you are taking your car you are allowed passengers in the vehicle when you are boarding the ship. That meant no waiting in the other line or walking unto the boat.

After a wait in the car where I had a small nap, the hubby had to get his boarding pass stamped and then he, my mom (whose birthday we planned on celebrating in Tobago) and I all sat in the car and waited some more until we were directed to drive unto the boat. We took the T&T Express from Port of Spain to Tobago, which is the bigger boat than The Cat. We had three levels for parking, navigated into a tight spot (how the cars don't slam into each other during the journey baffles me) and switched off the engines; we were now directed to enter the boat. The big bonus of having your car is that you can stock it up with beach chairs and coolers in addition you can leave your bags there as well. I was unaware you had to leave your luggage in the bowels of the ship if you did not have a car!! So, you loose sight of your bags for the hours the journey takes and can only pray some dishonest person does not make off with your bag when you arrive in Tobago!!

The boat was much nicer that I expected; from what I saw it was better maintained than The Cat which we returned on. The seating was on two levels, a small cafeteria served breakfast, there were small television sets that were not working properly and it was fully air conditioned. If you wanted some fresh air you had to go outside on the lower level to the back of the boat where you could also view the wake. Let me tell you, the ride started out pretty cool, but when we met the infamous Bocas it was a bumpy ride all the way to Tobago and as we neared the Scarborough Port it got even worse!! You could not even attempt to walk around without feeling as if you were drunk, drifting from side to side. I normally do not get sea sick but succumbed to feeling nauseous as we pulled into the harbour.

Inside the T&T Express

Getting off the boat was easy, we made our way to where the car was parked, waited a bit for them to direct us to turn on the engines and then we were driving off the boat. The journey did indeed take two and a half hours; we left Trinidad precisely at 6:30AM and got into Tobago at 9:00AM, by 9:30AM we were on the highway heading to our guest house! Tobago is amazingly beautiful, the water is a special shade of aqua and the air feels different. The scenery is lovely, roads are well maintained and the entire island looks pristine! After checking in at our accommodations for the weekend we spend the rest of the day on the beach, a big advantage of getting to Tobago so early in the morning I might add! Later in the day we took a drive to Plymouth, Buccoo and Mount Irvine, sampled the food at a new Arabian fast food restaurant called "Skewers" and went to a friend's party in the evening, trying to squeeze as much as possible into the time we had in Tobago.

Store Bay


The weekend was way too short, and the next day we were once again making our way to the Port for the return journey home. I have to say I like the Port in Scarborough, there is so much space that it does not feel as crowded as in Trinidad. Our return trip was on The Cat, this boat only has one level of passenger seating and to me look more worn that the T&T Express. The great thing was that the ride over to Trinidad was smooth as ever! We sat to the front of the boat where there are huge bay windows and enjoyed a scenic ride from Tobago into Port of Spain. Arriving in Trinidad we were reminded once again that the "vacation" was over when the announcement was made for persons exiting the boat by car to make their way through one exit and pedestrian passengers another. Yet the pedestrian passengers take it upon themselves to not only exit with the ones who were going for their cars but to push and shove while they were at it! Funny we experienced none of that when we got into Tobago!

The Cat

To surmise, the little trip to Tobago, though short was well worth it! I will do it again, but spend a more time and making sure not to travel during any holiday long weekends. The ferry ride was better than I expected as well, but like I said earlier the only reason I would take the ferry is the convenience of taking my car across. I still think it is a bit too long to be in transit (compared to 20 minutes by plane), I do not like the idea of leaving your luggage below as a regular passenger and I cannot take all the pushing and shoving to get on/off the boat.

If you are interested in taking the ferry to Tobago visit the Port Authority's website for the sailing schedule; it's a great escape for a day or the weekend!

Higher than High .. Machel H.D. After party !

To all you lucky people heading to Machel's concert on Friday have a GREAT time for all of us who will be in Trinidad; I cannot think of a better cure (albeit temporary) for the Carnival Blues than Machel singing Jumbie with 6000 people doing the dance in The Garden.

My sources tell me that Triniscene N.Y. will have photos from the concert, so at least we in Trinidad have something to look forward to! For those who are not aware, Triniscene has gone international and have recently launched a N.Y. site with events listing, photo galleries and even a blog.

After the concert if you are still flying Higher than High there are three "official" After Parties, rumor is that Machel might make a guest appearance at one of the following.. I am not saying which one... but I heard it is the one with the two Bs in it; check out the flyers or Triniscene N.Y. for more information:

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