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Monday, July 14, 2008

TRIBE Launch

Saturday 26th JULY
PIER 1 10pm - 4am

FREE DRINKS!!!! (rum, beer vodka)

Tickets on Sale from Mas Camp and Committee Members this Thursday (July 17th)

Camp hours: Mon - Fri 11am-6pm
Open Sat 19th 1pm - 4pm
Closed on Sundays

TLC holders & 2008 Masqueraders - Ladies $220, Males $240
Special Limited Advanced - $260

Kaotic Review and more pics!!!

Afro Chic has done her review and added more photos, especially of frontlines;check it out HERE

Two more sections:

Horizons reminds me a lot of Rico Soldato of Poison, ok as an orange costume goes, not wowed.

Aqua Abyss

Ok, still not liking the appliqué on the belt and bra and the beads on the side even less!! This is just a notch above Romance which is my least favourite.I do like the color though!

Monday Question Time!!

It's Monday and time for another round of questions for our Band Leader.

This one came via email ;

Sauce I may not be around on Monday so I wanted to get this one in.

Could Band Leader address the fact that they seem to only cater to the smaller figured woman. The Trini woman's body comes in many sizes and it is hard for someone to fit a size 12 body into a size 0 costume. In addition when making bras for the fuller busted women why are the bras so flimsy. Do the designers take into consideration that the fuller busted woman (i.e. D+) would need some added support?

Thanks Sauce and keep up the great work


Kaotic first look...

Many thanks to Afro Chic who did a very good job last night; upon arrival at the Venue she sent a text saying "reporting for duty" then another one later that night saying the costumes were looking good. Now if anyone has doubts that Afro cannot handle a proper review of the launch have no fear. The reason why I asked her to fill in for me is because she does an excellent fete review for Carnival and she has an artistic eye, after all, she designs and decorates some pretty nice boots to match your costume.

And, we have pics! Click on each photo for large view.

Extreme Fury

Heavenly Passion

Beau Jolais

Hot Oil


Viva La Vida


Emerald Viper

Mystical Freedom

Deja Vu

From these photos I have to say the costumes look finished, good job, and I am really liking Heavenly Passion; I like that no appliqués were used on this one as it is all beads, though I have to say the frontline reminds me of Island People's "Pride" with that bustle which looks as if it needs a bit more embellishment/feathers and not too sure about those peacock feathers sticking out the top of the headpiece, too long perhaps?

Island People "Pride"

Beau Joulais I also like, although initially I was not feeling the fabric falling from the waist band, and still don't to be honest. However I like the top half of the costume with that bra as it is different to just draping some beads, the colours of burgundy and tan is an interesting combination for mas ,but to me gives a good contrast. Absolutely love the headpiece, most outstanding of the group.

Both purple costumes Viva La Vida and Deja Vu as well as Hot Oil make the grade as nicely decorated options, Viva La Vida is sexy,but not for all body types, Deja Vu LOVE the headpiece and frontline. I like the effect of the gold, that one will look awesome on the road with the bright yellow headpiece.

I do have one critique of Hot Oil as well as a few other costumes and that is the use of the decorated appliqués strategically placed on the belt and bra; to me this makes the costume look "old fashioned", something circa Poison 2004 as even the style of the appliqué has not changed in years!

And while it does not necessarily make a bad looking costume, compared to the competitors who have left appliqués in the dust the costume looks a bit dated, hence the reason I am partial to the costumes that try something different with the beading, stones, braid etc.

With that said I do not like the white costume, the huge appliqué used as the belt looks too stiff and the twirly silver decoration is too reminiscent of Silver Mist, which I am sure many of us would love to forget! Amended to add that I do like the frontline of Copia, massive backpack! Extreme Fury also falls victim to the curse of the appliqué, and while is is a very skimpy costume something about it is a tad bit off when all the pieces come together; not quite liking this one either.

Romance is my least favourite, the bra and belt festooned with that rosette looks a bit cosquel especially with those unnecessary feathered shoulder pads! The headpiece, while oddly interesting with the one sided detail, should have been a full headpiece with both sides mirroring each other. From the picture that cape looks way too long, twice the model's arm length! This costume reminds me of one from TRIBE 2004, albeit that was done better, with the cape and similar headpiece:

TRIBE 2004

As for the green and the black/silver costume, I am neutral on those. Not my first choices if I were playing with this band at all, the green has to be the right shade and I honestly do not like the backpack on the black, it is too much done wrong (looks like a backpack AND bustle). But not a bad option for those partial to those colours. Glad to see males made a showing, haven't seen enough to have an opinion, will reserve comment until I see the rest of the photos.


p.s. I apologize for any grammatical errors, typing with the left hand!
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