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Monday, January 15, 2007

Go-to Gal........

Not many of my friends know that I have this blog, I guess it is easier for them to call me on the phone to discuss Carnival related topics than to surf the blog using dial up, though I do have a few friends that visit occasionally. I have also kept it “private” from my closest friend, mainly it is because she is not internet savvy and would not care one way or the other and I can use her ignorance to blog about her like when I did my post about playing mas alone. Not that I would ever say anything bad about her since she is my very good friend and she trusts me completely in making all Carnival related decisions. The caveat is that I am often being called upon to do many things in respect to Carnival that frankly she can do herself, which brings me to the situation that I am in now.

When I registered us in Fireman my friend was not in the country at the time so it was within reason that I would be the costume liaison. I had already made up my mind that in spite of whichever costume she liked I was going with Fireman, as she did not get a TLC card in the first instance and was moaning about being in a section “alone” if Fireman had sold out before she got a chance to register. I also registered her cousin in the section as well. Being charged with the responsibility of registering other people apart from myself came with its own set of issues. As you can tell, I am a planner, therefore I like having all information at hand and in advance I kept asking them both, repeatedly, for the correct measurements before registration day. Up until the few minutes before registration began, I had to be calling overseas to get the correct sizes! And the cousin still ended up giving me the wrong belt size! Guess who had to call TRIBE and beg to make the change on Monday? Yes, me!

Well, I thought that was the only hiccup I would encounter being the go-to woman, but no! Now my friend tells me her cousin wants two more Fireman costumes for friends of hers, and another cousin wants to play mas as well. Being the accommodating person that I am, I made the calls to TRIBE, putting all three on the waiting list. Turns out the other cousin was lucky enough to get a Fireman costume, however that cousin is not on speaking terms with the first cousin (they are not related to each other, only to my friend) and one of the friends of the first cousin is the ex girlfriend of the second cousin’s boyfriend! Confused yet? Dragging me further into the drama and bacchanal, my friend instructs me not to get a costume for the ex-girlfriend since she does not want any friction in the section.

In addition, while looking for Fireman costumes I mentioned to my friend that a tankini costume was available, and when the first cousin heard this she was upset that “we” did not inform her of tankinis being an option and that was why she chose a wholesuit. This after I was specifically told to register her for a wholesuit without any questions about tanikinis! Imagine she threatened to sell her costume if I did not get her a tanikini. I had to break it down to her, being a VIRGIN masquerader, that no changes could be made at this late, late stage and she could sell her costume if she so desired. Eventually she got over herself and accepted the wholesuit, but it was a big issue complete with numerous calls asking me to call TRIBE to tell them she wants a tankini (which I did not!).

I am now at the point where I am washing my hands of the whole thing. I have found a costume for one of the cousins, the friends of the other cousin will just have to locate a costume if they want it that badly. These are all adults who have internet and a working telephone therefore they can make their own arrangements with TRIBE directly to get a costume or for any problems they might encounter. The next time I decide to play mas, be it in 2008 or 2009 you can bet your bottom dollar that I am only going to be registering myself! This resolve might seem quite selfish, but I don’t care. It would be one thing if I registered them and they took over the responsibility themselves afterwards, but it seems as if they expect me to do all the work while they give all the instructions without even appreciating the effort that it takes. If I do not nip this attitude in the bud they might think I am the person to go-to on Carnival day when they have a problem; "Saucy the drinks truck is not serving the brand of vodka I normally drink, tell them I won't have another drink until I get MY vodka!" or "Saucy you did not tell me THIS was what we are having for lunch, I cannot eat that go get me something else to eat" or "Saucy I am fed up of this music, tell the D.J. I want to hear more Machel"!

On Carnival day I will not responsible for anyone but myself and no one is going to cramp my style bothering me with any complaints; this “go-to gal” is going solo!

First Fete!

So, I had given up on going to any fetes this weekend, especially after missing out on some freebies to Crazy in the Living room on Saturday night. Yesterday I was chilling at a small lime in the Valley, haven written off both Bliss and Amnesia since I refused to pay the high prices for the “ultra exclusives” when I got the call to attend UWI Champagne all-inclusive for FREE. Never one to pass up a complimentary I found my self at the gates of UWI quicker than you can say free Johnny Walker, not even making a stop at home to change, so I ended up at the fete in jeans and a cute top, the party uniform! Sorry, butI will not be making my own “Best Dressed at the Fete" list, though I saw many ladies and men who could easily take the title.

Needless to say I enjoyed myself to the fullest, even though we were late (there were people there since 10:00am)! The fete was billed as champagne all-inclusive and indeed, the champagne did flow like water!

My long stemmed flute was never empty. I did not sample the delicacies, since the lime I was at before UWI had a spread of excellent cuisine (and I am on a diet) but from what I saw there was a variety of food on the menu in addition to the usual fare of bake and shark. corn soup and doubles.

My main focus was to enjoy the music and being my first fete of the season I enjoyed both Sherwayne AND Destra’s live performance, though Destra failed to rouse the crowd to any excitable heights. Still, it was free for me so I was not complaining.

The music was good, especially the old time soca, I was reminded of Carnival Jumbie when they started blasting the foreign based Trini anthem “Lorraine”. The best for me was the last lap session which was a tribute to my boy Machel, let me tell all of you who have yet to experience his song “Higher than High” in a fete, it is one of those songs that makes you feel as if your senses were dulled with some form of narcotic! I don’t know if it was the champagne taking over but I felt as if I was floating, I cannot wait to see Machel live this coming Sunday!!

The fete ended with a rousing session of ole time calypso led by a pan on the neck side which escorted patrons out of the venue!

I left a whole bunch of people fighting over doubles, but you all can check out the pan on the neck side on my You Tube:
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