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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mc Farlane's Launch Postponed ..again.

Well I was looking forward to Mc Farlane's launch this evening however I have been informed that it is postponed and a press release is expected to follow as no alternate date for the launch was given.

Hopefully, I will get some more information on this soon !

Harts update

More Harts sections are listed as "sold out", the sections are Olympus , Paradise and my favourite Cokaigne! I can't believe that three more sections are gone since last Friday, that's three sections sold out in three days! Seems like the pace is really picking up over at Harts, maybe a lot of people asked Santa for a costume and got their gift early!

Additionally, I was informed that the section Imagine is not sold out but it is no longer being offered due to slow registration. Masqueraders already registered in Imagine have been offered an alternative in another section.

Blue Sapphire

Ever since the first photos of D Krewe surfaced from their media launch I have liked their costumes; I think they bring an element to Trini Revellers that appeals to a younger masquerader looking for costumes that appeal to their sexier side. My personal favourite all along has been Ruby, however I do like Blue Sapphire and especially this version of the frontline which I only recently discovered at Utopia's website.

The headpiece I am totally in love with since I am a fan of a huge, feathered headpiece and I even like the waistpiece ,though it looks as if it will interfere with the ability to put down one of Dolli's cheesecutter wines!

click for larger pic

Utopia International has partners in Canada, Trinidad and the U.S. and have been participating in Caribana over the years, making their first foray into Trinidad Carnival with their presentation "Blue Sapphire" under the banner of D Krewe, a section in Trini Revellers. This section within a section has it's own website and is being marketed in internationally.

And for those thinking that to fulfill a dream of playing frontline it costs an exorbitant sum, this version of the frontline is $2500.00 TT while the frontline with backpack costs $2700.00 TT.

Taking a page from D Kerry they also have a model in the one piece version of the costume, which I thinks goes along way in assisting those thinking of choosing the one piece. I am very excited to see this section and all the costumes from D Kerry on the road for 2007, the rate they are going at I will not be surprised if come 2008 D Kerry launches a band, they certainly have the ideas, creativity and a market for reasonably priced, beautifully made costumes!

disclaimer: Permission was granted by D Krewe for use of all photos in this post.

Birth of a Blog

As I approach 65,000 hits to this blog in less than four months, no one is more surprised at the longevity of this “diary” and the fact that so many people still visit daily. It all began quite by accident, this blog I mean, borne more out of a need to have a place to put some photographs I had taken at TRIBE’s band launching than to broadcast a constant stream of Carnival information. What it has done however is to illustrate to me how many people love Carnival and the deficit in information that was being relayed, especially to those not living in Trinidad. And I am often reminded of the diversity of visitors I have popping by ever so often, persons who contribute to this blog as well with their commentary, ideas and even suggestions.

For those who visit you might remember me posting on that forum under the sobriquet “Saucy Wow”, now choosing an alias says a lot about yourself, well at least to me since I believe in a psychological connection behind the unconscious choices we make, hence I took on the title “saucy” not because I look like Denise Belfon (or have her wining skills), but because I have been always accused of having a “hot” mouth. Never one to bite my tongue I was the same on that forum, often posting whatever I had to say without censor, that is until I was censored by the powers that be. In addition, when I went to TRIBE’s band launching last year I took lots of photographs because those persons who reside overseas and visit Islandmix really did not want to wait a few days for triniscene or carnivalscene to post photos, they wanted to see the costumes almost as if they were at the launch themselves:

TRIBE launch August 2005, photo by "Saucy".

As a consequence, I did the same thing when I went to the launch this year, and I especially wanted a friend of mine to see the costumes so the idea popped into my head to create a blog, since I also have experience writing another blog for the other passion in my life, travel. From there everything evolved to where I am now. Like I say in my blog profile, I am a Carnival baby, if I were not documenting my obsession with Carnival on this forum, I would still be doing the same things I do daily. I would make a cursory check of the mas band’s websites to see if anything is new, which costumes are sold out and if they have posted any news. I would visit mas camps to get a look at the costume in person, read the newspapers paying attention to all the articles that are Carnival related plus I would be on the phone with my other mas cohorts discussing mas constantly because that is just how nuts we are over Carnival.

What this blog has done moreover is to broaden my Carnival experience and for that I am ever grateful. I am appreciative for the emails I get from the smaller, lesser known bandleaders, sending me photographs and information about their band which I gladly share on this blog with others, who might be ignorant of their very existence. See, apart from my photographs and those I have clearly linked to other photo sites such as or (who by the way not only know of this blog but I have stood side by side with their photographers taking photos at events) many people send me photographs with instructions that I can use them on my blog if I desire. Therefore the network of individuals that I come in contact with has broadened and by extension those who visit my blog also share in my erudition.

Finally, I want to say thanks to all the personalities that stop by my little space daily sharing a small piece of themselves and adding to the overall feeling of community on this blog. So many of us are from different walks of life, even separated by continents and yet we all come together to share a love of a festival that symbolizes the truly all inclusive nature of our society. Thanks for all your emails, I am never too busy to offer advice or try to assist in anyway that I can so keep writing, thanks to all those who I have met so far (though it might have been unexpectedly getting a cup of coffee a Rituals or at Jebelle in West Mall) and thanks most of all for your support.

I want to leave you with a quote by F.Scott Fitzgerald which sums up my entire motive behind Trinidad Carnival Diary: “You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you've got something to say.”
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