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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sold Out Sections...

Three days into the New Year has brought two sold out section in Harts and TRIBE. Cow Mas and Imp have sold out (finally) with only Bat and Majorette female sections left open, along with Pierrot Grenade Front line. For the life of me I cannot see why Bat is still struggling when that costume is so cute in person, the only reasonable explanation is the back line headpiece and price killed that costume.

Now, on to Harts;11 out of their 19 sections of Harts are sold out, Elysian Fields and Xanadu are now closed. As usual Harts is slow and steady in the game, though I wonder if those remaining eight sections will really sell out before Carnival. Who knows, we still have a month and two weeks to go so anything can happen.

Thanks to squeezle and gtwarrior for being alert bloggers and pointing out the sold out sections to me. Much appreciated!

No Machel at Bliss!!!!

Well I took my fast self and call TRIBE to find out some costume business and then asked, by the way, if Machel will be at Bliss only to be told "No!" The horror, the blasphemy, so what am I going for? steups!

Honestly, I did not plan on eating much since I am taking my fitness plan seriously (though I was looking forward to the fruit tent) and I am not drinking any alcohol either so I was banking on Machel's performance to give me a natural high for the night. Now, does it really make any sense to pay $400.00 for a "regular" party to me? TRIBE you are NOT making my dreams come true with this move.

So, I called my girl friend/liming partner to break the news and her suggestion is that we go to Amnesia instead. The only caveat is that I am unwilling to fork out the $450.00 and to add insult to injury that price is 'limited advance" which expires on Saturday; after Saturday the price goes up!

And after my Amnesia experience last year I am not too keen to attend this year either! Looks like I will have to rethink this party plan, unless some kind soul gives me a free ticket because I am not willing to pay $400.00 for no Xtatic in the first instance and the second, well I am not willing to pay $450.00 period!

To be continued......................

Boycott, what Boycott?

Seems like the threats to boycott Panorama finals in South are not being heeded by all bands... if any at all. No fears for semis on Feburary 4th, as reported in the following Guardian article, the big bands are preparing for a South Panorama:


PAN LOVERS around the world can rest assured that their favourite large conventional steel orchestras have no plans to boycott Panorama 2007.

Leaders of Phase II Pan Groove, Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars, PCS Nitrogen Starlift and Witco Desperadoes Steel Orchestras told the Guardian, while Pan Trinbago’s decision to stage the final of the National Panorama Competition at Skinner Park, San Fernando, was not entirely favoured by their members, band executives had no intention to withhold musical services from one of Carnival’s premier events.

Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, chairman and arranger of reigning National Panorama champion Phase II Pan Groove, said: “I have nothing to say. When I talk about things that affect us in an attempt to make it right, I get kick in the buttocks. I don’t care if Panorama is held in Alaska or on the moon, Phase II will be there!”

Describing himself as someone who accepts change, Sharpe said many past decisions by Pan Trinbago had severely and negatively affected pan people, but they don’t complain.

He continued: “Pan is my livelihood. That’s why I complain. But when I do, I don’t get any support. So if pan people are looking for me to make noise, they are wasting their time. Phase II is going Panorama and needs a sponsor to help the band get there. That’s what I have to say.”

At a special sitting of Parliament on December 18, 2006, Culture Minister Joan Yuille-Williams unveiled plans for Carnival 2007, as recommended by Carnival Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Pan Trinbago, National Carnival Bands’ Association (NCBA) and the Trinbago Unified Calypsonian Organisation(Tuco).

Pan Trinbago’s proposal requested use of the western end of the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, for the semifinal round of the series, then the historic move to Skinner Park, San Fernando, for the final.

Despite the Government’s declaration that the Grand Stand would be out of bounds for Carnival 2007, to make way for a state-of-the-art Carnival Entertainment Centre, many panmen have been unable to accept the decision, since the traditional venue is still in tact.

So some panmen have been quietly soliciting support for a Panorama boycott among steelband heavy weights.

Barry Mannette, PCS Starlift captain, said: “No, no, no! My band is going to Skinner Park or anywhere else that Panorama is being held. We have spoken to sponsor PCS. They usually handle trucking arrangements and have already given that commitment.”

He revealed that Starlift had already begun Panorama practice sessions and was preparing to receive its full complement of pannists from tonight.

Beresford Hunte, leader/manager of five-time National Panorama champion Trinidad All Stars, was first among the said leaders to raise the controversial issue.

He did so at his band’s annual dinner and first awards ceremony on Saturday night at its Duke Street, Port-of-Spain, headquarters.

His message to members of Trinidad All Stars was “wherever Panorama is taking place, Trinidad All Stars will be there. Whether it’s Skinner Park, the Savannah or behind the bridge.”

Desperadoes captain Bertram Glasgow expressed similar sentiments to his Trinidad All Stars compatriot.

But, according to Glasgow, Desperadoes is being cautious.

We have attended all the meetings called by Pan Trinbago and kept our silence. We did that deliberately. We know everyone is waiting for Despers to take front in any kind of protest. We are not taking front. If all the other bands not making noise, we not making noise.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Pan Trinbago president Patrick Arnold said: “All the big bands are preparing to take part in Panorama and I appreciate that. The most important thing in a competition are prizes.

We need to have proper stages built and sound systems so bands could put forward what they have practised properly. We are artistes. We would like to know we are not out of pocket in transport. If the prizes structure is accepted ($1 million), it will take care of transport. Wherever we go, the bands must be able to put there best foot forward.”
©2005-2006 Trinidad Publishing Company Limited

The link to the article is here, but what I have realised with the Guardian is that they link remains the same but they change the stories daily so sometimes I link to the rest of the article and the next day it is gone! The only way to get the correct article for the date is to go back in the archives.

The second day is even harder!

Still fighting the flu I made it through my second day of the six week fitness plan yesterday. It was much harder to push on through the pain with sore leg muscles, but at least there was no itchy leg syndrome to contend with!

Yesterday I upped the ante,vowing to steadily increase my work out each day; I did a full hour of aerobic activity instead of 45 minutes, which consisted of walking/jogging the whole of UWI plus two rounds around the grassy area near Admin. building, doing sprints and running up and down the stairs; it even started raining during th eworkout and apart from a brief stop as the rain came harder, we pushed on. The hubby wanted me to run more than walk but two things kept me from running non stop and they are strapped to my chest! Even with a sports bra there is just so much bounce I can take when running with these breasts. If only men knew the challenges we face due to our sex they would have a bit more emphaty instead of trying to work me over like I was an army recruit!

So if anyone was passing and saw two crazy people racing up and down the front of UWI that was me and the hubby doing sprints !

Then I came home and did some abs on the beast and legs with the thigh master! If you have one of those thigh master machines stashed away in the recess of a cup board somewhere, dust it off and use it! After I found mines I went online I looked up a variety of exercises that it can be used for. Check out the site here.
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