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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Makeup Artist Review

Good morning Saucy, I’ve been meaning to write this post for the longest time. I’m writing to you about my experience for carnival 2k10, of having my makeup done my Risa d Artist.

I discovered Risa after perusing pictures on Facebook. If I remember correctly, this was early in January 2010. I wrote her a message to inquire whether she was taking appointments for carnival, and we soon made arrangements re the cost, time and location. Risa arranged to secure a shaded spot near the colorful booths at the Savannah. Risa also assured me that she would be able to apply face gems at no added cost. I’d never had my makeup done professionally, so at first I was a bit uncertain of what I should ask, however, Risa was always available via phone/texts/emails, and that eased my worries about products etc. before we actually met face to face.

On Carnival Tuesday morning, Risa called me about a half hour before my appointment. I was running late (as usual) but her prior appointments arrived earlier than usual, so she had some spare time. Thankfully, I was her last appointment for the morning, so my spot was secure despite my tardiness.

Once I got to the savannah, finding Risa was easy. To my surprise, as I was walking to her station and getting exact directions from her via the phone, she approached me while riding on a Segway. I must say that I was impressed by her appearance. Her own makeup was flawless, and I felt even more at ease at that point.

As I sat at the station, we discussed what ‘look’ I wanted, and Risa offered me a complimentary beverage, which I was not expecting at all. I told Risa what section I was in before the appointment, and I noticed she paid attention to the detail on my headpiece in order to create a look that complimented my costume.

I also walked with my own (small) makeup bag in case she needed to use any of my products (I’m a makeup junkie)…silly me! When Risa removed the cover over makeup station, I was amazed at the wide variety of tools and shades of eye shadows, etc. I must say that Risa remained focused while doing my makeup…she spoke very little (usually when I would ask a question) and I appreciated this so much because I really cannot stand when persons are providing a service and get so engaged in conversation with clients that they lose focus of the task at hand.

When Risa completed the look we agreed on, I was elated. It was not overly dramatic, and was done in good taste. I was so overjoyed, anxious and ready for the road that I CLEAN forgot to take a close up picture of myself! Thank God for the photographers on de road!

I was so pleased with the longevity of the makeup itself as well. I remember she used Ponds Clarant B moisturizer which gives your makeup a matte finish as you can see in the photo. My skin is oily; however I did not have a problem with that throughout the day, despite the intense heat. I had to use blotting tissues maybe once during the day. Overall I was completely satisfied with Risa’s work, and would definitely secure a spot with her, not just for Carnival, but for any other event throughout the year. I thoroughly appreciated her professionalism in providing makeup services. Risa gets an A+++ from me for great customer service, professionalism throughout the entire service, and her style of work. Well done!
Makeup Artistry by Risa is the name of her group on Facebook…check there for details.

BLISS 2011 Info Blast

The day has finally come, I am officially no longer a TRIBER! 

I got the following email in my inbox from Bliss and my friends who are in TRIBE also got a similar email.  However, I never got my TRIBE email after years of being on the mailing list and receiving all TRIBE emails, I only  got the BLISS email! I have to say it felt  weird being a Blisser and feeling like I am missing out on what is happening in TRIBE , but I was forwarded the TRIBE email by a friend and in truth and in fact I was missing out on nothing because it is the EXACT same email except where it says "BLISS" below it says "TRIBE". I am going to take that as a good sign; I would be missing out on nothing in TRIBE  by now being a Blisser! Same Vibe, Different TRIBE!


Welcome to the BLISS family!  We would like to thank you for your support as we embark on this new and exciting experience... BLISS Carnival
Our team has been working assiduously on our presentation “The Warrior Within” as we aim to surpass all expectations for 2011... look forward to lots of surprises on the road!
Keep posted to for information about BLISS and what’s in store for Carnival.  

'The Red Light District'
Saturday 23rd October
Check out the Facebook event or for more info.

The Mas Camp is open for Cash and LINX payments Monday - Friday, 12pm-5pm.
We are closed on weekends and Public Holidays. 
Paying via Credit Card?  
Go to to login to your account.  If you require your login information, please send the request  
Our website is open for payments*, Monday - Friday, 7pm - 12 noon the following day, and 24 hours on weekends and public holidays.
*Please note that ALL credit card transactions are billed in US$. The conversion amount will be determined by your bank or credit card provider at the time of billing. This amount will be reflected in your credit card statement. Some banks/credit card providers may charge an additional convenience fee.

Carnival costumes are custom-made items therefore please be advised that once registration is complete there will be:
  • NO exchange or switching of sections
  • NO refund of deposit                        
  • NO changing of measurements or size
  • NO costume transfers                     

Save yourself the hassle... have your costume delivered to you! 

  Email for further information.

Roam Mas "Womanish"

Wo-Man-ish - the Story:

Our first presentation is the story of the mas camp - the engine room that is ready from Ash Wednesday waiting to present the next year's mas

Wo-Man-ish - the Vision:

Strictly "Made in Trinidad” carnival productions.

Delivering fashionable costumes with creative designs.

ALL thematic presentations will encompass a true Trinidad Carnival experience of mas, tasty food, and great music.

Our productions will include all skill demonstrations:

wire work
cane work

Setting a strong example of professionalism and excellence at all times, and staying true to the timeless traditions of the mas!

"Wo-Man-Ish" 2k11 presented by Roam Mas Band


Visit us at 99 Abercromby Street POS right before Maria Regina Grade School.

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