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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TRIBE "Individual Masquerader" Feedback

The following is feedback sent to TRIBE by the masquerader who played the Snowy Owl Individual:

Dear Tribe,
Let me firstly say thank you for the experience, considering it was my second time around playing mass and first time stunting as an Individual.

Feb 16: Pick up Day
As I drove up to the destination to pay off my balance, have my fitting done and to finally meet the people I’ve been having countless conversations with via phone and email. I was excited; I got to the hotel a bit early and had to wait outside with my Dad and his friend who was also visiting for carnival. At around 5pm I was invited in by the designer of my costume to talk about the costume and do my fitting this took about 20 minutes and then I was asked to sit and wait for someone to take me down to walk me through the process of paying and getting my ID bands etc. That wait was for about an hour and a half then I was taken to the area where I had to make my final payment which I calculated to be let say $630.00US. with money in hand I handed over my id to the rep when then informed me that I was not on their system it took about five minutes and a few call checks to figure out my name was not spelled correctly.

I was told then after my “info” was up then my balance was now $730.00 it was at that point I lost it, I was pissed I informed the rep that the payment of $130.00US was made on the 16th of Jan etc. I was sent back upstairs to wait until things were figured out. I waited for an hour and some and then I decided to use my dads phone to go on-line to show my payment receipt that confirms my claim of payment. Long story short I was not able to log into Sendvia I then asked if I could use one of their computers to access my account to which I was granted permission to. As I looked at the time on the laptop it said 7:45pm my dad was pissed he had to go get his sleep so he could go feet later, I was pissed and tiered and wanted to cry. After I got the information I it was taken to someone I was again sent to wait for another thirty minutes, during this time I met with the individual doing my makeup and also talked more with the designer of the costume, we went over a few details of what I should expect on the road etc.

I asked about a handler and I was then informed that there would not be one and I would just have to ask someone to put the backpack on a truck. I was assured that the staff provided would help me with this. At around 8pm I was taken back to the room to make my payment of 630.00 I received my receipt that said paid in full and I was told that an investigation into my payment would be made with sendvia and when I return on the 18th, everything would be set. My dad expressed how pissed he was when I got to the car he said cockroach going to a cock party I did not know what he meant by that but I was like whatever I just want to go home.

Feb 18th Drama Day:
I got to the spot at 5:30 I was instructed by the designer to give him a call when I get there to which I did he came down and took me up to the room where my costume was and I was so happy that everything turned out so beautiful my boots was banging, I forgave Tribe for the bull shit they put me through on Monday. I was taken to Danielle who informed me that sendvia returned my payment for whatever reason and hence I had to pay the balance off $130.00 I did I was then taken through the process of receiving my ID bands and bag and my beautiful costume and I left and hour and forty-five minutes later.

Carnival Monday:
I got to the band late but it was cool I went against wearing my costume even though I was told I could wear it if I wanted but I had to be careful not to get it dirty. I left the band right after lunch because the beach was a better spot for me to hit on Monday.

Carnival Tuesday:
I got to the camp at 6am to get my makeup done, by the time the artist got there not only did he have to do the makeup but the designer had to do some fixing of my boots the glue cam off, small thing. I got to the band late so I ended up to the back of the band, my backpack was so bulky that I found it a task to try to go up-front so I stayed to the back until I had enough of DJ Dane and his crap called music. I made it up to the first stage everything cool up until it was time for me to cross the stage security wanted to put me out the band because I was not in my section I told them some things I would not repeat but long story short I crossed the stage and it was fab. It was about then I had enough of the backpack and wanted it off.

Need I say NO ONE WANTED TO HELP ME. Finally I met my husband who helped me take the backpack off and I placed it on a truck with the help of some dude that took the time out of jumping to HEAVY T. At lunch time I was spent and I was having a good time thanks to the H and redbull. I met a few people from the blog who expressed how nice I looked and one in particular express how pissed she was that the service I received was not what was paid for. But regardless I was happy with my costume and I had a good time. I did take lots of pictures with lots of people I don’t even know and I was even asked for my headpiece by a kid to which I replied sorry I am taking it home with me, lol. I was pleased with the security, the food was ok. In the end I really did enjoy myself and I did learn a lot form the experience and in 2010 I will have a handler and I am not going to use sendvia I will use western union. Lol

Boots By Afro Chic Has a New Look!

Boots By Afro Chic has a new layout with photographs of all the boots she worked on for Carnival 2009, a sample of which are featured below:

Word is that for 2010 Afro Chic is scaling back on the number of boots that she will be doing so best to get your orders in early!

International Carnival Calender 2009

Though nothing can come close to the experience of Trinidad Carnival, one way to ease the "tabanca" of having to wait another 11 months for Trinidad Carnival 2010 might be planning for another Carnival which takes place sooner.

I know several people have already booked airfare for Jamaica Carnival, Cropover and Miami so take a look at the listing and see if there is a Carnival happening close to you....

April 18-20, 2009

April 5-25, 2009
St. Thomas (V.I)

April 26, 2009
Tampa, FL

April 16 - May 2, 2009
St. Maarten

April 26-May 2, 2009
Cayman Islands

May 2, 2009
Pt. Fortin Borough Day

May 16 - 23, 2009
Georgia Carnival (Dekalb)

May 16, 2009

May 17-19, 2009
Oakland, CA

May 22-24, 2009
Atlanta, GA

May 22-24, 2009
Orlando, FL

May 22-24, 2009
San Francisco, CA

June 1-July 21, 2009
St. Lucia

June 7, 2009
Hartford, CT

June 13, 2009
West Palm Beach, FL

June 13, 2009
Philadelphia, PA

June 13-14, 2009
Tampa Bay, FL

June 27-28, 2009
Washington DC

Jun 27-Jul 7, 2009
St. Vincent & The Grenadines

July, 2009
St. John (V.I)

July 3-5, 2009
Houston, TX (Caribfest)

July 4, 2009
Montreal, Canada (Carifest)

July 19, 2009
Jersey City, NJ

July 25, 2009
Rotterdam (Zomer Carnival)

August , 2009
Nevis (Culturama)

August 1, 2009
Toronto (Caribana)

August 3, 2009
Barbados (Crop Over)

August 3-4, 2009

August 7-9, 2009
Hamilton, Canada

August 7-9, 2009
Edmonton (Cariwest)

August 7-9, 2009
Detroit, MI

August 10-11, 2009
Grenada (Spice Mas)

August 14-15, 2009
Norfolk, Virginia

August 14-16, 2009
Chicago, IL (Carifete)

August 9-16, 2009
Ottawa (Caribe-Expo)

August 16-23, 2009
Boston, MA

August 30th -31st, 2009
Notting Hill (London, UK)

September 7, 2009
New York (Labor Day)

October 7-11, 2009
Miami Carnival, FL

October 7-11, 2009
Broward Carnival, FL

October 24-26, 2009
Jacksonville, FL

November 12-22, 2009
Cayman Pirates Week
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