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Monday, February 18, 2008

On the road with Brian Mc Farlane's Earth..

Many thanks to redtide for this review:

My Carnival experience with Brian Mac Farlane's Earth

First of all I must give many thanks for this blog I have not been back to Trini / Carnival in 14 years .This blog has been very informative and a must read for me daily. Please keep up the good work.

As pointed out earlier it has been a minute since my last Carnival, being away for so long I wanted to play a real mass .....IP ,TRIBE and others doh pong mey to hard I just wanted to wear big mass. As seen on the Internet you all doh make nice mass for us guys.

All in all I must say my entire experience was awesome

I had purchased my costume, in section Wind of Horror six months in advance making the collection process easy .I did so on the same day of my arrival from Miami. it was very hassle free at the mass camp I showed some id and left with complete costume in hand in less than 15 minutes.

We played a mud mass on Monday . They gave each masquerader four yards of cloth to wear which ever way they liked I only used 10 inches of it as seen in the picture. The band met up at the park close to the mass camp where the they had the 5 half drums of mud bubbling over some flames ready for disposal. they also had the mud mobile during the day for reapplication as needed . The day was just PURE FUN and hassle free and to end it all it started pouring rain when the band was passing QRC on the way back to the mass camp on Monday night........who say they have no God? if carnival had done that night I would be 100% contented and happy.

On the drinks we only had beer, soda and water complimentary which was good by me because I'm not a heavy drinker . I later found out you could of purchased a wrist band for the premium drinks but again I was good with my beer. I know drinks flowed freely on both days, I have not heard about anything running out even the hard liquor. In fact on Tuesday night they were giving it all out to ANYONE in the band after we crossed the savanna stage.

On Tuesday the Band look ICE HOT complete 180 from the mud on the Monday .
Brian had Rosalind Gabriel children section bringing up the rear of the band these kids were stunning, drop dead gorgeous in their costumes .........but then again we talking Trini Children so all yuh already know that.

The band left at 7:30ish crossed Adam Smith Sq, them proceeded DT that's when we bounce up TRIBE by the Red House I was too happy for that. I left Earth with wings on tow getting caught in some sidewalk trees to walked through Tribe to see who I could see because a lot of my friends played and tried to convince me to play with Tribe but remember ........I wanted big mass .

OMG I was in the land or beads and feathers I have never see so much nice women collectively in one place, my camera was starting to feel the stress. I stold a few wine here and there and chatted with a few people I have not seen in ages then returned to Earth pun intended.

We crossed Down Town, rested at the Cathedral for about 45 minutes crossed Piccadilly St and was stopped to let Island People through by Charlotte St, I never see so much rope in my life I now know what 20 mile of rope look like remember it's been 14 years, they didn't use rope back then. I was also amazed by de amount of trucks, come on people a whole truck for ice cream? I stopped counting at 22.
izzz all good do all ya thing.

What amazed me most about Earth was how dedicated the masqueraders were we talking about going across the savanna stage around 7 PM and the whole band was about 95% intact, sectioned and in full costume,even the kids were troopers I never felt more proud.

The moral of the story is I had a wonderful first time back experience with a band that was totally about the masquerader and for sure I will be back with Brian Mac Farlane next year

thanks for letting me give my two cents


Bootleg Nymph?

I remember the stories I would hear of bootleg costumes being pirated by friends who had that lone friend that did not secure a costume for whatever reason. Rumour has it that these industrious ladies, and/or gents, would make a trip to Samaroos after collecting their costume and try their best to whip up as close a likeness of the "real" costume for the plagued friend. Some persons in the business of making mas for certain bands were also alleged to be selling costumes on the side, hence the reason that some bands only give mas makers pieces of the costume to make and not the entire thing, spreading the job out so no one person can create an entire costume.

With costumes now coming in from China, and bands having materials designed specifically for each section it is a bit harder to replicate some of the he costumes on show. However this Water Nymph pictured below looks curiously different from all the other Nymphs in that section.

Now I am not casting aspersions of bootlegging, but really why is this costume so conspicuously different, yet can easily blend in to the casual observer? Is this the Water Nymph "secret section" perhaps? If anyone knows please enlighten me as to why THIS costume is not like any other!

Water Nypmh?

Masqueraders in Water Nymph

Carnival Tuesday photographs can now be seen at!


Hi Saucy,
In response to your article on the bootleg costumes, i think it right to explain.
First of all, my name is Richard, and i am one half of the design team at Richard Anthony Productions & Concepts, an event and costuming company based here in trinidad .
We have been responsible for designing and creating for both Tribe and Island People Mas for the past four years.

Our strongest designs have been geared towards the male costumes for IP Mas and their frontline females and female headpieces.

On the matter of the Water Nymph costumes, THEY WERE NOT BOOTLEG.......LOL!
Allow me to Explain, We- My family,Friends And I-decided to play mas with Tribe this year. We originally liked the water nymph and we are close to Gail Cabral, so we called and asked her to do a frontline version of the costume, if you noticed our wings, both the male, female and our huge individual did not bend or break or crumple, and they were different, although our costumes did look similar that was to avoid pissing anyone off by going too elaborate, you know the usual as in the "Green Water Spirit" section, in hopes of not causing any trouble for the Tribe team, So please do not label us as bootleg if you look closely you can see the ID bands on my cousin's wrists and all of the other 17 ladies/gents in our group. And the big individual that was featured in one of the pics on your site, _OCANUS, The Water Nymph_ placed first in the male category.

I do applaud your concern and feel free to investigate with the bands mentioned about us, you did not meet us at IP Mas viewing because we were out of the country at that time, and keep doing the great work, i love your blog , we're on everyday

OK, so there you have it, the question has been answered! I only saw this one photograph so I had no knowledge that there were several others in this version of the costume. Apologies to the young lady for the comments that were directed in  ignorance! 

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