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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Roll call part 2

Alright, I did this last year and from then since now more persons and personalities have started leaving comments; I have been trying to keep abreast of who is playing with whom so if your name is not on this list let me know which band/section you are in. At the very least you might bounce up another blogger in your section wearing their Kermit Green yarn on the left wrist LOL.

Roll call for 2007 Carnival

island spice - Dragon
Carnival Jumbie (diva) - Dragon
'rah - Dragon
partyc - DragonFrontline
sweettrini- Dragon
foxyroxy- Dragon
Ro- Dragon
Homeless- Dragon
Gracia (aka soul rebel) - Dragon
Shandy - Fireman
Caisoqueen - Fireman
Socaholic- Fireman
waspwidfirecracker - Fireman
sexyislandgirl - Fireman
wonderfulkc- Fireman
skyedc- Fireman
tinywiny226 - Fireman
yankeegirl - Fireman
tiffany- Fireman
~RL- Jab Jab
sexy eyes - Jab Jab
nairian- Jab Jab Orange
sexychocoL8- Jab Jab Orange
Anne & the Jamaican Crew - Jab Jab Orange and Fuschia
Tash - Jab Jab Fuschia
Kevian- Jab Jab Yellow
jagirl- Jab Jab Yellow
marc,marcus for short - Jab Jab
keisha night nurse - Jab Jab Yellow
amprincess - Jab Molassie
caramelsista & brother - Jab Molassie
Warrior Like Me - Warrior Spirit Mojave (frontline)
deredting - Warrior Spirit Mojave (frontline)
aisha - Warriot Spirit Mojave (by 17!!!)
gtwarrior- Warrior Spirit Mojave (frontline)
Prince Namor - Warrior Spirit
TrInIgYaL - Fancy Indian Mojave (frontline)
Gibson0016 - Fancy Indian
masquerade2k - Fancy Indian Mojave (frontline) :D
Lahgahoo Crew - Jab Molassie
bagogyul - Bat Frontline
Jamette - Jamette
Stacy- Jamette (corsette)
Icahwait* - Jamette
lisa (ny) - Imp
nicolay- Imp
Hot and Groovy - Imp
Triniqueen - Imp
trinichica- Dame Lorraine A
Risse - Dame Lorraine A
nicky - Dame Lorraine A
South Reds - Dame Lorraine A
nomad- Dame Lorraine (x2)
LaKesha- Dame Lorraine B
Socadiva - Dame Lorraine B
No Longer Anon - Dame Lorraine
Trini-in-Toronto - Cow Mas
Karabana- Cow Mas
Buublenut - Cow Mas
Trinigee- Cow Mas
Trinibyinjection - Pierrot Grenade
Trinibaby - Pierrot Grenade
Kevin_trini- Fancy Sailor

anonymous1 - Le Soleil Brule
Salsaman- Le Soleil Brule
fiestyspirit- Harem Girl
empressdahlin- Sacred Sand
Alexia- Sacred Sand
anonymous2- Sacred Sand
cb - Sacred Sand
TriniK- Cacti
sexynatts & crew - Raiders of the Desert
Shelly Anne - Sirrocco Winds
Brownin - Sirrocco Winds
ATLhotgirl -Sirrocco Winds Frontline
Trinigazette/Pearlprincess - Nubians
Xena - Sahara Jumbie
triniwifey - Arabian Nights

squeezle - Shangri La

Afro Chic - Chutney
natasha C - Cherokee Frontline

Dougla_1 - Kaal
Masquerader - Caribbean Sea
Trini Orisha Girl - Royalty
Tacariguagirl -Royalty

HQ - Copacabana
dandid (x3) - Sex on the Beach

Don't forget to add your name to the list!

Bloggers I.D.

Now I know there is/was talk of having a Bloggers lime on Carnival Sunday, while I am all up for it the planning part I am not too enthusiastic about to be honest. It would be nice if we could all decide to just show up at a predetermined venue for a specific time and hang out for an hour or two, getting to meet everyone who has been part of this little "community" over the past months. Also, the venue is not something I want to announce on the blog, I have my reasons, so I would prefer all those who are interested in making a lime email me so details can be shared that way. I have already been in contact with masquerade2k who is in Trinidad and I know Karabana and Icahwait are both leaving tomorrow from Canada and England respectively. Exchanging phone numbers/contacts is easier as well since Trinidad has DIAL UP and many of you may not have Internet access or even care to be online when in Trinidad.

For those who may not be able to make it to the lime, the suggestion was put out there ages ago by either Karabana or Buublenut to use bandannas to identify ourselves on the road Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Dougla_ 1 also has the idea of using a knitting yarn of an agreed upon colour, much like a Kabbalah string, as a Blogger I.D. You wear the yarn/string on your left hand like this:

He calls this concept the "love inclusive". The yarn would be worn upon arrival in Trinidad so that bloggers can identify each other at fetes, on the road for Carnival and even at the airport!

So, I would love suggestions on:

1. A venue and time for the lime.

2. Which form of Blogger I.D. is to be used; bandanna or knitting yarn or some other suggestion?

I am open to all ideas and comments, feel free to share!

p.s. in honour of this "Kermit Green" Blog my suggestion is that the knitting yarn or bandanna or what ever else we will be using is Green.

German Mayor to play mas with Trini Revellers

I was informed that the Mayor of Rottenburg, Germany will be playing mas with the section "House of Hapsburg" in the band Trini Revellers. This section is my favourite in Trini Revellers, as I have said numerous times, and I am happy to see that they have updated their website!

The new website is easy to navigate, has more costume details and a nice layout. Also, the cost of the costumes was decresed from January 1st, apparently the designers of the section took the decision to pass on savings from getting supplies at a cheaper cost to their masqueraders!

Madame Royale - $2500.00

Duchess - $2,400.00

Countess - $2,300.00

The prices are all-inclusive and include a casual ensemble for Monday. For latecomers there are still costumes available !

K Squared Promotion
Address: Trini Revellers Mas Camp - #35 Gallus St, Woodbrook,
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. W. I.
Contacts: Kyle Matas – (868) 682 7157
Keisha Matas – (868) 731 8921
Driselle Ramjohn – (868) 760 3983
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