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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Secret of Silk Costume Review

Mulberry (designed by Monique Nobrega)
I had two minds about whether or not I really liked this costume or if it was just way too much with the headpiece, backpack, arm and leg pieces, however what sways me over to the like side is the jeweled detailed on the headpiece, it is very pretty. While I love the sheen and look of silk on the bra I think it should have more decoration on the actual silk instead of just bordering it , especially on the frontline. The frontline gets top marks for impact, low marks for being too ordinary when it comes to the bra. The regular costume is very simple, which contrasts with the extravagance of the frontline, however I saw one option with arm pieces so I am guessing you can get the extras if you want the regular costume to be a bit more than just basic. This is a safe "nice" costume.

Charmeuse (designed by Lana Nobrega)
Ah this is the costume which caused so much talk because apparently the headpiece is similar to Rubies of Mumbai. Well I have seen it and it is basically the same design as Mumbai and I don't know which one was done first but with both costumes I do like the headpiece. The colours of this costume work well together, the contrast is great. I love the headpiece of the frontline, it is big and feathery without being too much. The backpack is too much of a cape effect to my liking and I can do without the fabric but I guess with the theme being Silk fabric is a given. I really like the body costume with the one exception which seems to be an issue I am having with many of the costumes; the bra is skimpy as in TOO bare in decoration. I think it is time we step up the game and go beyond decorating the bra with just 4 rows of beads! These costumes could be taken to the blown out of the park level if the bras were well decorated. Another tiny belt completes this costume, overall one that is not too safe, but not that spectacular either.

Eri (designed by Gail Cabral)
On first look I christened this one Silver Mist II; the backline screams Silver Mist to me, albeit a well done Silver Mist. As with Silver Mist the impact is there, the crowd cheered for this one when it hit the stage, it looks appealing and really I like the backline headpiece but the deja vu is too strong on this one. The frontline is interesting, while I like the overall look of the entire costume the grey feathers bother me. The headpiece is well embellished and I love the design of the jeweled piece to the front, it is my favourite part of this costume. The cascading feathers coming off the shoulders on the backpack is another cape effect similar to Charmeuse but I prefer this one.

Habotai (designed by Lana Nobrega)
Let me get the most irritating thing about this costume out in the open first, and that is the BLACK tasseled chopsticks on the headpiece! Why? That tacky detail almost ruined a perfectly fabulous frontline but the saving grace is that stunning backpack! I love the colour of this costume and the black on the fuchsia feathers sets it off beautifully! The shape and style of he headpiece works for the frontline, I can even live with the tassels falling off the diamante circles to the front, even though the black irks me, but the chopsticks were unnecessary in my opinion. While the frontline gets top marks I really do not like the regular costume mainly because I am not loving the shape of the headpiece, it frames too much of the face and comes too low on the brows, and yet again there are those chopsticks! Whoever thought it was a great idea to add the black tassles to the belt needs a reality check because the tassles look like an appendage of the masculine anatomy! The half way decorated bra is a recurring theme that is just killing the backline costumes.

Tyrian Purple(designed by Gail Cabral)
I LOVE the shade of this purple used, it is gorgeous, I like this costume as well. Now, I know I had an aversion to tails and I still shook my head when I saw this one on the frontline but the costume overall is very appealing though I do not know how that tail is going to work on the road, in TRIBE with a million people! It looks cute when in motion though. I love the diamante and gold crown effect on the headpiece as well as the coque used instead of plumes. Both the backline and frontline has the same bra which is one of the better decorated ones in the lot. The regular costume has a very nice headpiece that gives this top marks for one of the best backlines, I would not feel cheated compared to the frontline if I were in this regular costume.

Xi Ling Shi (designed by Monique Nobrega)
Flat out I really do not like the use of the recycled cotinga stones in this costume nor the hook on the belt that was used in Kiskadee, it just annoys me that last year's material was used on this one so the costume does not look fresh, not to mention the colours remind me of Island People's Mirage and the swirls on the back pack are pretty close to Caspian Sea. Admittedly the frontline does have impact, it is all big and fluffy feathers that touch the ground (LOVE THAT) and the rhinestone trimmed wire work on the headpiece is pretty. However the WOW was not there for me in this costume although it had all the right elements with the frontline.

Osage (designed by Gail Cabral)
This is another costume that I absolutely LOVE. I love the orange and gold, I love the frontline, it has impact and the backline is one that can stand up to the frontline with a nice big headpiece that comes in two versions. Not to mention the bra and belt are both well decorated on this one. I will point out the collar on this costume that I was hoping died after Birds of a Feather however it is so big and fabulous that it actually looks like a backpack so it gets a pass for sure even though that element was reused from Carnival 2009. Did I say I LOVE this costume? One of my top picks for sure.

Lapis Lazuli (designed by Melissa James)
Lots of blue, very little contrast however because this costume is another one that does not skimp on the beading on the bra I give it higher marks than it really deserves. The headpiece design I also like, the little oriental detail with the beads dropping on the forehead gives it a nice detail. The frontline headpiece is nice as well, but this costume said nothing to me except that is REALLY blue.

Silk Of Rajasthan (designed by Peter Elias)
Gets top marks for best male costume, of course. I am liking the fabric panels, the fully beaded bra however I am getting a very strong Sonia Mack Morocco vibe from that bigger headpiece!!! This one could have been so much better because I am liking everything else but the large headpiece . The small headpiece is "cute" as in looks like a belly dancer costume cute and then there is the version that is basically Indian jewelry. Lovely accessories on both the male and female costumes, I expect nothing less in that department from Peter Elias. But coming after African Love bird this one was a let down.

Zari (designed by "The Cocktail Girls")
This costume is so .....boring. Sorry to say it but really, we have come a long way from a generic bra and belt and headpiece don't you think? Nothing fancy, nothing special, nothing to hold my interest just a bra and belt... not impressed. Not to mention the frontline with that side swiped headpiece was NOT a frontline to me just a naked bra option.

Mystery of Loulan (designed by Solange Shaw- Gopaul)
Loulan has been calling my name since I first heard about the colour combination and this one did not disappoint. I LOVE the colours of blue, tan and gold. This is one of the BEST backline costumes with a fully decorated bra, belt and headpiece! Overall the regular costume looks complete, even with matching accessories the one thing I have to admit is that the tan bra is a bit like Bird of Paradise which I also loved but was worried would not work with my skin tone. That costume looked gorgeous on the road on all complexions and I am definitely seeing Loulan being a stunner in numbers as well. The premium and super frontline costume options floored me! Premium is all naked splendor, with a gorgeous bra and belt and a massive headpiece, personally I want that headpiece to be bigger and longer for ME, but it is just gorgeous! The Super version is also a stunner, if you were to play in this by default it does not come up short to the Premium version at all. The headpiece at first glance looks the same as Premium but it is not as full and decorated differently. Mystery of Loulan is the only costume to give varying body and headpiece options for frontline instead of just slapping on a bigger headpiece and backpack. You really feel the "frontline" difference in this costume, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. This is my perfect costume in TRIBE!

Serica (designed by Quita Correria)
I am still wondering where is the rest of this costume, it looks unfinished and what the hell is the reason for that white fabric!? I am still in awe over this costume and NOT in a good way. Someone should have sent this costume back to the drawing board because it failed miserably in every respect. Compared to the rest of the band, even the costumes that did not impress me, this one looks so out of place! Like it is missing from Poison circa 1995!

Threads of Morocco (designed by Sandra Hordatt)
I dub thee the "teeny bopper" section as this regular costume is going to be a hit among the under 20 set. It is very pretty and VERY naked! The frontline is another one of my favourites though there is that Isis cape AGAIN that is used in Harts. LOVE the frontline headpiece and bra, I think Ms Horadatt taking the wire bra and reworking the design each year is super, you have to look forward to how it is going to work and this one does. The regular option has two headpieces, one with just jewelry and a mini headpiece as it is not a huge one as some of the other regular costumes, hopefully these options will cater to prices for everyone especially the young girls who I know wiill gravitate to this like bees to honey.

Fire Silk (designed by Sonia Marcano)
Ugh! I do not like this one. Do not like the boa and plumed been there done that collar, the headpiece is NOT flattering at all and the backline version looks so puny and pitiful compared to the other two versions. When it comes to red and silver costumes I personally think that combination has to be smashing for it to work beautifully (prefer red and gold) and this looks like the Digicel section of the band.

Individual Costumes
I decided to review these separately as each one was really fabulous, but not an option for everyone as there will be just ONE of these made. The individuals really sold some sections, my top picks were Charmuese which has the WOW factor, Mulberry, Habotai and Threads of Morocco in that order. Gorgeous body costumes in the individuals, lots of jewelry pieces used on the bras and belts not to mention the fantastic backpacks and headpiece. What was up with the Habotai Individual with the hat? I am left speechless by that one! Tyrian Purple has a very interesting body suit, I liked it actually but not the tail. Serica Individual should have been the regular costume and Xi Ling Gi was gorgeous but not my personally fave, I think the colours of this costume is what puts it out of a contender league for me, personally. Oh and how I can forget that "costume" that came after Rajasthan! What was that backpack, do they really expect someone to wear that on the road? And, how can I forget the totally unexpected Butterfly costume, section (who knows) I am guessing that represents the Silk Worm that actually lived to metamorphized nto a butterfly... but why does it look like Island People's Butterfly of 2006 , which was a version of Peter Minshall's Papillion? Kudos for having 3 stunning chocolate models in those costumes though!

Now, my issue with these costumes is that the effort that went into the Individuals could have been extended to some of the backlines and regular costumes. Not everyone can afford or be able to access an Individual costume so saving all the "glory" for these kind of cheats those who would LOVE the same gorgeous body but on a smaller, frontline version. HOPEFULLY they will offer the body costume for some of the respective frontlines because they are gorgeous. Well done effort on the Individuals, best I have seen in TRIBE ever.

Male costumes

Ah yes, another year all lumped together and they might as well be because this is the most generic set of male costumes ever! They all looked like coloured board shorts, headband and some sort of chest piece, forget giving the men a little something extra like with Brazilian Macaw or even Parrot of this year. The designers went straight back to the adage of "all men want is a shorts" and that is exactly what they got with the exception of Silk of Rajasthan which actually has a proper male COSTUME. I also saw an Individual male costume, Thank God for something different.

Overall, TRIBE pulled out the big guns for the Individual costumes, blew the competition out of the water in that respect, however I am left unimpressed with a majority of the sections. There are some gorgeous regular and frontline costumes for sure, but I need the regular costumes to step up their game as well as I need some interesting designs instead of just a bra with some gems and a belt; do something with just the bra and belt instead of just sticking three stones on them and calling it a day! Hence the reason some sections get top marks for me, I love the diversity.

I am sure no one will be hard pressed to find a section they like, for me I already have one that I am 100% sure I am playing in, but I would hate to be stuck in one of the least appealing costumes just to be in TRIBE when there are superior costumes out there with the competition! I love TRIBE, I really do, the experience for me is second to none but some of the costumes need that time and effort placed in the Individual designs injected into the regular costumes.

For LOTS and LOTS of High Resolution, HUGE costume pics check out

Post Live Launch...

Although I did not get to see the Live Stream provided by Triniscene all reports said that going live gets a HUGE thumbs up! Live streaming for TRIBE The Secret of Silk hopefully provided you masqueraders , curious patrons, supporters and interested persons a first view of the costumes for 2010.

And even though the photos of sections were leaked before the launched the Individual and frontline costumes of sections missing from the brochure provided the most audible gasp of WOWS from the audience. Eri was a stunner as was Charmuese Individual costume, best of the lot in my opinion.

Mystery of Loulan offers three options to masqueraders and between me and you is THE section to watch for TRIBE 2010. The other HOT section among the ladies at the launch is Threads of Morocco. Sandra Hordatt's VERY skimpy and sexy section has been on the list of sections that the women are interested in along with Loulan, Charmeuse and Osage.

And while the launch has thrown us a few surprises, my review comes later today with my honest opinion on who lived up to hype and which costumes missed making the grade TOTALLY!

This is Saucy, signing out from Pier 1.

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