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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Spice Up The Sauce!

I had decided not to mention anything about Spice on the blog anymore since their masqueraders are getting all upset over COMMENTS left on the blog by alleged TRIBE supporters (as if there are not comments left  by masqueraders in other bands as well ) however it is getting pretty tiring now that I have to keep repeating myself on their Facebook group to have the entire post deleted by Administrators so I will say this here in response to this new Anti -Saucy -Anti -Spice sentiment:

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Let me be clear  in my response to "Tisha So Classy Johnson" since me and my blog have been a hot topic of conversation on Spice's Facebook group the past few weeks.

In response to the rumour that Spice has 200 people that was NEVER stated by ME, Saucy Diva aka The Sauce. In the comments section someone who goes under the name "Mas Jumbie" was the first one to bring up Spice registration  figures. I do not know who Mas Jumbie is or what band, if any, they are affiliated with. As with all comments that are posted on this blog for ALL bands once they are not advertising, spamming,derogatory,disrespecting the owner of this website, inflammatory,irrelevant,rude,profane, verbal attacks and/or defaming anyone's character they get equal opportunity to be aired, I do not censor them.

If you, the masquerader/supporter of the band in question are upset by the comments you are free to feel that way , but when ranting and raving about the comments do not get confused and misdirect your accusations that I  am maligning your band and numbers registered.

I think every single band has gotten their bit of spicy fire from The Sauce, including my "beloved" TRIBE who got the worst costume review of Carnival 2010,so if you cannot stand the fire get out of the kitchen! As for the "declining popularity" of this blog; listen Miss Classy, not only has the readership of this blog grown in leaps and bounds, but I get more hits, visits and page views per day than there are masqueraders registered in YOUR band, so marinate on that fact for a while.

If each visitor to Trinidad Carnival Diary yesterday signed up with Spice the band would have been sold out in one day!  It is also amazing to me that this BORING blog could ignite so much  furore over at the Spice group on Facebook! Well, there is nothing like BAD publicity so here is hoping Spice The Band , who by the way have never had anything negative to say about The Sauce, gets something positive from all this misdirected hoopla by their masqueraders and free publicity on The Blog and that  they do reach their targeted number of masqueraders for Carnival 2010!

The Sauce is over and out and will have nothing more to say about this topic!

Sweatproof Your Carnival Makeup

One of the readers of my blog, who plays with Harts and also owns a very successful business designing Competition Suits for body building women called Passion Fruit Designs,sent me this youtube video to share with everyone:

In the tutorial  she tests out her makeup at the gym to see how well it holds up to sweating and I am loving that she is even wearing her Carnival Hair in the video!
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