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Monday, May 31, 2010

Victory Games 2010

I see TRIBE is out of it this year, but they have been doing good  elsewhere donating to Habitat for Humanity for Haiti .

Anyway Island People is in, along with some other well known teams....Victory Games 2010, all for charity:

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Sunday, May 30, 2010


click on flyers for large view


JUNE 19, 2010


Join colorful CARIVIBE Masqueraders, thousands of Orleans residents and visitors as they “Jump, Wine and Chip” down the CARIVIBE parade route
to sweet tropical rhythms.

There is no charge for the CARIVIBE STREET PARADE it’s absolutely FREE for everyone!
CARIVIBE STREET PARADE starts at 12:00pm
@ St. Joseph Blvd. & Belcourt Blvd. Orleans, ON (Ottawa)
Parade route driving directions link HERE

For more information:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Las Vegas Or Bust?

Yesterday I received the following email about Las Vegas Carnival and the fact that it is taking place the same weekend as Miami Carnival, the author wanted to know if there has been similar feedback from Miami Carnival patrons and potential masqueraders alike:
Tribe and Spice for Carnival in Las Vegas!‏

We have been spreading the word about the Vegas Carnival....typically we are getting push back from the Miami/Broward One Carnival community who are wondering why the organizers in Vegas chose the same date...there are many in this community who are enamoured of the idea of participating in Vegas...but wont give up Miami/Broward to do so.

Here is an example of a typical comment from the Miami/Broward carnival community:

I think this is total disrespect to the Miami Broward One Carnival we have been having carnival here for 25yrs and and if someone decides to do a Carnival they should at least choose a date that does not coincide with any established Carnival.

As a masquerader I think the organizers did not take into consideration we who would like to travel and play mas in another state I would not and I know of many others who will not leave Miami.

Yolanda Henry
Miss Miami Broward Carnival Pageant

What makes this observation even more interesting is that Las Vegas Carnival is yet to update their website with costumes from the other countries they have advertised will be participating and they are now offering a "limited" discounted special to Las Vegas Carnival:

So what do you think, Las Vegas versus Miami Carnival, will it be Vegas or will it be a bust?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Waxing Political

Trinidad and Tobago's new cabinet will be sworn in today at 1:30PM and tipped to be the new Minister of Culture is calypsonian Winston "Gypsy" Peters. It also remains to be seen if the Ministry of Culture will remain with the same portfolio including Gender Affairs and Community Development or if this will change.

According to news reports last night the new Prime Minister met with Peter Minshall for discussions on the possibility of a Ministry of The Arts... interesting!

Apart from the construction of a stage for masqueraders, if you had a chance to let your concerns be heard, what would you request from the new Minister of Culture in the arena of Carnival or Culture on the whole and what are your feelings on a Ministry of the Arts?

Leave me a comment!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oasis Looking For Models and Island People Update...

Oasis Carnival is looking for models for their upcoming photoshoot and band launch in JULY:

Are you interested in Modelling for Oasis? If you are 18 and over, between 5'6" - 5'10" in height and you think you have what it takes then simply email your photos to the Oasis crew!

Send your photo in (one head shot & one full lenght (sic) shot) to with your name, date of birth and contact number by June the 11th, 2010.

All selected models will be contacted by June 15th, 2010 for a chance to become a part of our upcoming Photoshoot in June and Band Launch in July.

Good Luck!

The Oasis Crew

Accompanying the call for models by Oasis is this photo, a sneak peek at costumes perhaps? Hmmmm...

Seems like word is now getting around about the "breakaway" Island People Band, rumoured to be called "Sugar", which I wrote about since MARCH; jog your memory here and here. People have been contacting me with the news of this split "hot off the press" and to also divulge that some former Island People committee members have already joined forces with this new band. Is it true, has Dancing Jade danced her way  across to the new band, along with a few of the older Island People committee members? Well, only time will tell! 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Your Carnival 2011 Update!

So, rumour has it that a very POPULAR section leader with an equally POPULAR band has been banned from working with a particular new band set to make it's debut. Word is that this new band is being considered direct competition and the POPULAR section leader was threatened with having their section taken away if they continued working with this other band. I wonder if this extends to the other bands that this POPULAR section leader designs for as well? 

In other costume news I am hearing that masqueraders can expect to see LESS feathers next year and more costumes sticking true to theme as well a very POPULAR band will be offering Monday wear for the first time ever to their masqueraders, I was told. We will see if THAT turns out to be true. 

Bands are  still in the process of revamping costumes even while others are now looking for materials on credit. And masqueraders will have to hold out until JUNE to get even a hint of what the themes for the bands are, competition is fierce. Everyone is playing the game holding their cards close to the chest this band launching season!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Congratulations to Trinidad and Tobago's First Female Prime Minister

So, it will be remiss of me not to dole out the congratulations to our country's first female Prime Minister,  Kamla Persad Bissessar, who won victory, coincidentally, right before the country celebrates Indian Arrival Day on May 30th. 

As usual you know my take on things always has a Carnival slant so here are MY questions as Trinidad and Tobago ushers in a new political era

*Are masqueraders finally going to get a stage?

*Will the Carnival Centre ever get off the ground?

*Who will be the new Minister of Culture

*Does this mean no more bullying security entourage for Max Richards in TRIBE paid for by tax payers?

* Is there going to be a change of who is in charge of NCC?

* What will be the prize payouts for Panorama, Band of the Year and Dimanche Gras?

*Who thinks Soca Monarch 2011 should be held in NAPA?

*Which Ministers of UNC/COP/TOP will we see playing mas?

*How much support will this new Government have for Carnival and all things related to Culture?

*And finally, did Island People have a psychic vision of what was in store for Trinidad in the year 2010?

The Results Are In!!!

More than half of the voters in yesterday's poll are eagerly awaiting seeing what Skullduggery has in store, is this a wind of change blowing in the face of bikini and beads?  And for those who may have missed it, check out Mark Lyndersay's interview with Skullduggery designer Sonya Sanchez-Arias HERE.

click for larger view

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fashion Week T&T 2010

Trinidad and Tobago is about to turn into Fashion Central with this year's edition of FWTT.

With shows scheduled to take place in both Tobago (May 29 to May 31) and Trinidad (June 2 to June 6), this third edition of  FWTT is shaping up to be one of the best ever with a record number of designers, 50 to be exact, taking part.

Carnival enthusiasts will recognize some of their favourite section leaders and designers featured on the schedule:

June 3,2010
Sandra Hordatt, very popular designer who has designed costumes for both TRIBE and Island People among other Carnival bands. Sandra recently launched her swim wear line "Mood Swings" in April at the Carlton Savannah. Notable costume designs Butterflies (Enchanted Forest - Island People), Goddess and Defenders (Sahara - Island People), Kingfisher (Animal Instincts- Island People), Brazilian Macaw (TRIBE -Birds of a Feather) and Threads of Morocco (TRIBE- Secrets of Silk).

June 4,2010
Diane Hunt (Radical designs) designer with Island People from inception. Some of Diane's most notable costume creations are Fairies (Enchanted Forest),  Sacred Sands (Sahara) , Zebra (Animal Instinct), Natural Mystic (Heaven on Earth) and Chutney Bhavv (Kutchela).

June 5,2010
Peter Elias section leader with TRIBE. Notable sections Mermaids and Warriors (What Lies Beneath), Jean and Dinah (Ole Time Something Come Back Again), Myths of Babylonia (Myths and Magic), African Love Bird (Birds of a Feather) and Silk of Rajasthan (Secrets of Silk)

For the full designer line up, schedule, seminars, after parties and information on where to get tickets for FWTT 2010 please visit their website : and Facebook Page

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blogging The Carnival Experience

The following are 10 diverse blogs detailing the author's Trinidad Carnival 2010 experiences. 

Some are recounts by veteran mas players, others "Carnival Virgins", a few are written by foreigners living in Trinidad and the last two are Carnival through the eyes of expats looking on at Carnival from the outside.

Hope you enjoy reading a sometimes interesting perspective on our Carnival as much as I did:

Survivein' Trinidad

Chronicles of a Social Esquire

Trini Dougla Diaries 

Adventures in Tralaland


Dan and Duffy's Blog

Uptown Life

Home of the Urban Chameleon 

A Day In Paradise

My Global Journey Begins

Friday, May 21, 2010

Caribana Cruises

Click on Flyers for Larger View


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eye Mas, Carnival 2011

Eye spy another new mas band poised to come on the scene for Carnival 2011, Eye Mas.

All eye have to say is that we do need more of these bands that promise to create theatrical "marse" as it can only benefit masqueraders to have more choices and more options.

Critics of bikini mas really do need to start creating an alternative, instead of only harping on the fact that "bikini mas is not real marse"  while doing nothing to add the caliber of masquerade they feel is lacking. In that vein we should all be happy to see bands like Skullduggery, Cat In Bag, Image Nation and Brian Mc Farlane, adding the variety in a landscape of feathers and beads.

Eye await more from Eye Mas!
A couple years ago - Eye envisioned a Mas - Eye Mas - Today - that vision is taking shape. We have a Mas Camp - a cathedral of collaborators. Eye Mas 2011 - Port of Spain Trinidad & Tobago - is in blueprint potential to become T&T's largest Mas Band ever. The passionate feedback from the creative team inspires me to press on now with seeking co-production partnership and investment.

Working with the Eye Mas team - are two former Peter Minshall designers - (whose names will be shared in the near future) - Their experience and know-how is a huge bonus for Eye Mas' successful translation into Costumes - which tell a story and which are - theatrical and beautiful works of art.

This is the official invite to all positive crew come join the Eye Mas experience. One component to the Mas involves you - the masquerader taking a photograph of your eye - which you email to us ( - which we then enlarge and incorporate into the Mas.

Please contact me: or for further information regarding co-production and investment opportunities.

There are so many bright lights in this Mas! One is of the shepherding of Eye Mas - by the Eye Art Master in Trinidad & Tobago - - - All will be revealed.

People come play Mas! Eye Mas

Socacize Headed to Washington D.C.

An exhilarating Caribbean Workout!

After taking Toronto, New York, Miami and Trinidad by storm, Socacize has made its way to Washington, DC!

Specially designed for masqueraders, revelers and party people, SOCACIZE™ is a creative blend of high/low African and Caribbean dance movements performed to calypso, soca, zouk, reggae, dancehall music and on occasion to drum music.

Rhythms to make you move; exercises to build stamina, tone muscles, loose inches, and boost confidence. Socacize turns your workout into a party!

DC Carnival is around de corner, don’t miss Socacize!

Join us every Monday & Thursday @ 7pm:
The Trinidad and Tobago Association of DC - Clubhouse
5123 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, DC 20011
More locations coming soon!
Register for 6 sessions for $12 per session
Register for 9 sessions, get one free
$15.00 per session - drop in - Payable by cash or money order
Check out the promotional video!!

To find a class/session near you or to register, call 301-437-1425 or visit

Follow us on Facebook SOCACIZE™ DC/MD

Are you ready to sweat?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ah Setta Skulls..

More sneak peeks from Skullduggery

10 Saucy Questions !


1. Is Darren Cheewah now designing costumes for Spice? Individuals to boot?

2. Who is Alicia Balthazar, designer for Red Unlimited St Lucia, and is SHE also working with Spice? Did she really get the producer of TRIBE's headpiece frames and stripped them down to do Red's costumes?

3.Will purple be THE hot colour next year or is it going to be the pewter & white, bronze & copper or turquoise & red?

4.What ever happened to TRIBE Toronto and De Freitas Mas? hmmm

5. Is it true that all Brian Mc Farlane's creative forces have left him to go to other bands and as of now he has no theme?

6. How many familiar faces are we going to see in Oasis Carnival and who is doing their costume designs since word is they getting blanked from all the so called "hot freelance designers"?

7. Do these people know their vendor in New York is bussing all their files to everyone who comes into the store, including other rival bandleaders!?

8.Where is the statement I was promised concerning the dispute over money and costume designs for Las Vegas Carnival, and just how many people are allegedly suing the Sin City Carnival Organizer?

9. When is someone going to sneak me some MORE behind the scenes photos of costumes for Trinidad Carnival 2011?!

10. And finally,I wonder which designer is probably going to get the boot from TRIBE this year?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ready To Launch?

Just yesterday someone was asking me when do I think TRIBE Carnival 2011 band launch will be held. My answer was possibly July 24th since they usually launched the weekend before Crop Over, at least in the recent history of July band launches. Well, lo and behold I am surfing the net and come across a date listed on  Go Trinidad And Tobago for TRIBE's band launch as July 1st,2010

This has to be typographical error on the part of the Tourism Development Company (TDC) since July 1st is a Thursday. However I recently got a message, in panic,telling me that TRIBE's band launch is in JUNE ( I heard costumes prototypes have been very early this year) so now I am wondering if their launch will indeed be earlier than expected this year!

All I have to say is some form of communication from the TRIBE camp on the band launch date would be nice seeing as so many masqueraders like to come to Trinidad for the event and we are all looking at July 24th, based on history.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Island People Mas Has Moved

Take note, new address and new phone number:

We have Moved!
Hey IP masqueraders,

Our mas camp has now moved to 50 O'Connor Street in Woodbrook, Port-of-Spain, which is at the corner of O'Connor Street and Warren Street. Our new telephone numbers are: 622-8145 and 622-9857. For any enquiries, feel free to call us or email us at

Get ready for Shades of the Universe....

Marse Updates!

Skullduggery held their first meeting for volunteers on Saturday and revealed a little bit about plans for the band launch as well as a sneak peek for the section Soucouyant ( red, black, tulle and top hat!). 

All reports from those who attended the meeting is extremely positive, one volunteer in particular told me that she is loving the Skullduggery "vibe" and has transfered her excitement; I cannot wait to see the costumes! It was also revealed that the prices for costumes will mostly be under $3000.00TT/ $500.00US.

Brian Mc Farlane will be bringing out a band for Carnival 2011, even though it remains to be seen if he will compete for Band of The Year. He has revealed that the colour scheme for the band will be black and white but no hint of the theme... interesting!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tru Dynasty and Mas Toronto Band Launch Photos

As usual Karabana is the first to bring costumes from the Caribana 2010 band launches held over the weekend, check out her blog for more of Tru Dynasty and Mas Toronto.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who is Oasis Carnival?

So, remember earlier this week I told you about Oasis Carnival,allegedly Elements re-branded for 2011? Well, here are the answers to your most burning questions from "Oasis" via their Facebok Group which has only just been created: 

Hey all new members..... here are some Questions and Answers about Oasis Carnival that you may like to know about.

What is Oasis?
Is an organization formed in 2010, with the sole purpose of providing an Intimate Premium all inclusive experience to revellers to enjoy our Trinidad & Tobago Carnival. An Oasis is defined as "as area within a desert where the water table reaches the surface with enough moisture to permit the growth of vegetation plants and flowers".

Who is the Band Leader?
Jody Ann Herde
Through we consider ourselves one complete unit, all in unison to make every decision, leaders have a tendency to emerge in groups and to US Jody is our leader, the one who holds things together and keeps us all in check.

Who are we targeting?
The main audience targeted for the band would be the lavish, trendy, fashionably conscious audience of Trinidad and Tobago between the ages of 21 - 45 years of age.
The volume of masquaraders which we have forecasted is between 700 - 1500 persons.

What is the Aim of the Band?
We will like to create that intimate premium experience of carnival, where everyone is close at hand and roaming the band is an option.

Number of Sections?
We will be presenting 5 sections for the 2011 road experience.

Theme of the Band?
The theme of the Band will also be the name of the Band, "Oasis". Oasis to US is the rebirth of our involvement in carnival as a unit in the 2011 Season. A time for US to flourish and show carnival revellers what we are all about.

Who are the Designers?
Design to us is the #1 priority. We have a diverse group of designers all with different styles and opinions', to ensure we cover a wide range of esthetics. They include Jody Ann Herde, Stacy des Vignes, Jamilla Jeffery, Kim Lee Innis, Sean Madina, Symon de Nobriga, Chris Alexis.

What is our price range?
For us we know price is the determining factor for all, in these economic times we know the importance of reasonably priced costumes along with an amazing experience. Obviously we cannot give the exact prices of each of our costumes but what we can say is that we want our price to be less than the average price of a costumes.

Is the band an All Inclusive Band?
YES....... Premium bars and fantastic foods. We want the road experience to be hassle free...... leave that wallet and bank card at home and let us take of the rest.

Our Marketing Team?
Our Marketing team consists primarily of our friends and family. We want when they talk about the band they are as much in love with our product as we are. They consist of the people most dear to us and their ideas and creativity is what makes them unique.

They consist of Cecile des Vignes, Regents Boys -( Miguel Cielto, Joel Aming, Kayle Nurse, Marc Mahabir, Damian Hepburn and Sean Inniss), Corenne Camacho, Kim Lee Inniss, Shawn Aleong, Nicholas Warwick, Michael Christopher,Jiselle Bailey, Kahlil Mathura, Lori Marchock and Sarannah Gibbings.

Our primary DJ is Shawn Christian the house dj for Woodford, 51 Degrees and Catalyst. Shawn will be our leason for deterniming our sound engineers on the road.

Where is the Band House Located?
Our Band House will be located in Woodbrook, which we feel is a primary location and has the reputation of being the Carnival Band hub area.

Security on the road?
The safety of our masqueraders is another major priority. We will like masqueraders to feel safe on the road, we have already hired an experienced group of security officers who have been involved in carnival for a number of years, and who also will be providing a large security team to ensure each individual feels safe on the road.

Judging Points?
We are an on the go band. Though we would love to pass all the judging points in Port of Spain standing for hours in one place is not an option. The party must never stand still.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The TRIBE Survey

By now most, if not all, TRIBE masqueraders should have received an email asking them to take part in a survey  to help TRIBE "improve your TRIBE Carnival experience".

I have to say I was pretty surprised to see that TRIBE not only sent out a survey this year, for the first time in their history as a Mas Band, but also that the questions touched on many issues raised by masqueraders in their reviews of the TRIBE Carnival experience for 2010.

From costume quality to size of the band it was as if the survey was a measure of just how many of TRIBE's  masqueraders share the dissatisfaction that has been expressed since Ash Wednesday. I mean I went as far as to publicly state that I am not even sure to play mas in 2011 because the "value" of my experience this year was not worth it and sure enough there is a question asking that very same thing!

It is also interesting to note that the survey also asks our opinion on the size of the band, so I am hoping there is an overwhelming response that it is just TOO DAMN BIG! I also got a a laugh from the question asking us masqueraders to rate costume design for Carnival 2010 as well as the question asking how we got registered. I hope those who got a "hook up" stated exactly that under "other".

Anyway I do encourage you all to complete the survey, one friend of mine was not too enthused as she asked if TRIBE really cares what we think. Well judging by the fact that they have tried to address certain issues over the years when masqueraders have complained I would hazard to guess that MAYBE this time  reducing the size of the band (which seems to be the major issue) will actually happen for 2011, and I am not talking about reducing it by 50 people! Give us some room on the road to enjoy ourselves without the crush of people! The mob that was Ariapita Avenue this year is still fresh in memory; oh to have the numbers from 2006/2007! 

For those who have completed the survey, I am curious to know, what three words did you use to describe TRIBE? Leave me a comment!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summercrew Grenada 2010

For more information visit Summercrew on FACEBOOK

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Skullduggery Looking For Volunteers

Calling all crew, calling all crew.....

Peter (Samuel) is looking for VOLUNTEERS to assist with the presentation on July 4th.

interested parties please respond with your contact details via email to -

We will communicate a date & time to all interested persons.

Thanks In Advance

If I were not planning on going to the band launch myself to get a first hand view of the costumes as a spectator/potential masquerader, volunteering for a hands on behind the scene exeprience would be so awesome! For all of you who always wanted to see "marse" in action, go ahead and volunteer, I have a feeling this launch will be a theatrical display that you will not want to miss.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Red Prices

Seems like Red Unlimited website is suffering technical difficulties at the moment so here are the prices for those interested.

Sultry Seduction- Section Leader - Onika Michel Price EC $650.00
Discounted Price EC$600.00 until 31st May 2010

Tempted to Touch- Section Leaders - Krystal Jn Baptiste & Tovah Gibson Price EC $650.00 Discounted Price EC$600.00 until 31st May 2010

Truth or Dare- Section Leader - Alex Calderon Price EC $575.00 Discounted Price EC$515.00 until 31st May 2010

Wet Dreams- Section Leader - Andra Allen- Joseph Price EC $575.00 Discounted Price EC$515.00 until 31st May 2010

Burning Ecstasy -Section Leader - Cheslie Remy La Force
Price EC $825.00, Discounted Price EC$750.00 until 31st May 2010
Special VVIP Package included

Candid Confessions- Section Leaders - Kerchelle Jn Charles & Nangy Pascal. Price EC $650.00, Discounted Price EC$600.00 until 31st May 2010

Erotic Bondage - Section Leader - Lyndon Arnold Price EC $750.00 Discounted Price EC$700.00 until 31st May 2010

Guilty Pleasures - Section Leader - Nicholas Louis- Price EC $650.00 Discounted Price EC$600.00 until 31st May 2010

Sinful Fantasies- Section Leader - Trevor King- Price EC $575.00 Discounted Price EC$515.00 until 31st May 2010

Also Sweet 7 has an entertaining  side by side comparison of Red's costumes versus TRIBE's, check out her blog for more pics as well as feedback:

It is amazing that no one has yet come out in the defense of "inspiration" using the tired line that there is no originality in bikini mas as they usually do,when I point out the similarities between other Carnival's costumes and those from Trinidad! What I think is quite telling in how masqueraders feel about this whole situation (one which I have written about time and time again) is that some St Lucian's are not too happy to see these watered down versions of Trinidad's costumes, where is the local talent, they ask, hmm!  I still want to know who designed those costumes for Red  and where are they being made, maybe that might solve the mystery of why these costumes are so eerily similar! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Oasis Carnival Coming in 2011

The Sauce has been reliably informed that the former Elements Mas contingent are returning to Carnival with a "new band", new logo and "new" faces at the forefront  in 2011. The only person who will not be back is the former band leader who seems to be firmly lodged back at his old home, TRIBE.

Oasis Carnival will bring a new look to the now defunct Elements Mas but rest assured all the familiar faces are still on board. The new approach will be pushing the females more to the forefront,  I was told. Only time will tell if this second time will be a charm.

Ramajay" La Femme" Band Launch

Click on Flyer to enlarge....

Jewels De Carnaval - Notting Hill Carnival 2010

Red Hot!

For a minute there I had to do a double take at Red Unlimited costumes for their St Lucia Carnival 2010 presentation "Unspoken Desires" to make sure it was not a sneak peek of costumes from Trinidad Carnival 2011!. I would love to know who are the designers of these costumes,particularly the two that I like, because I am impressed at the standard. 

No more cardboard headpieces, spandex leggings and standards for the "small island" Carnivals, they have gone all feathers and BLING!!! Check out Sweet 7 for more pics and video. I am really liking Burning Ecstasy (they even have boots to match!!!!) and I love the bra on Tempted to Touch. Makes me want to go to St Lucia Carnival!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Saldenah Launches Portraits

Check out Karabana's blog for lots of photos from both Saldenah's Portraits and Toronto Reveller's Disco Fever. I must add that I absolutely love the frontline for Portrait of Indonesia....gorgeous!

Skullduggery Band Launch Date

Possibly the first band launch of the Carnival 2011 season kicks off very early this year with new band Skullduggery leading the pack; mark this one on your calenders folks:



Saturday, May 08, 2010

Derek Lewis Founder Of Island People On INSIGHT

Really cool interview with Derek Lewis, Creative Director of Island People on INSIGHT. You get a bit of history of how Island People came about and Derek Lewis' thoughts on Caribbean Identity.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Want to be a TRIBE model?

TRIBE is on the hunt for new faces, models needed for;
* Runway
* Promotions
* Events
* Photo shoots



Send an email to

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Skullduggery Teaser.............

A hint of what's to come... I wonder if I can guess this section? Sketelle-ton perhaps?

Montreal's CARIFESTA Cancelled

As the President of The Caribbean Cultural Festivities Association also known as the C.C.F.A, I would like to start this letter by apologizing for the outcome of the City’s decision to cancel our 36th edition of the Carifiesta.

Having said that, I would like to stress that the 36th EDITION OF THE CARIFIESTA, which is what we, as a people grew up calling our carnival and have been enjoying for a number of years. The reason for bringing this up is to remind everyone that the history is on our side.

Having another organization, birthed on Dec 8, 2008, trying to take over CARIFIESTA from its place of origin to ruin it after having dispelled themselves by forming a competing organization based on our constitution is a poor show of caring for our community.

The C.C.F.A. headed by an elected body, consisting of 6 business oriented individuals who were voted in to handle the day to day business of the organization, is run by an organizing body of 55 members, most of who have been there from its inception.

After last year’s fiasco, the City of Montreal made it clear that this year, 2010; they would not share the permit as they did last year 2009. This was done as an exception due to the fact it was an election year.

Our committee was told by the city functionaries designated to our case file to take the issue to court and have a judge render a decision; hence, the court case in which everyone has expressed much curiosity.

For the past week we have heard a lot about “looking for FACTS”, yet no one has contacted the President of the C.C.F.A., who holds all documents and is the only organization mandated to grant access to all documents dealing with the business of the C.C.F.A..

The word “FACT” by definition is something that actually exists, a truth known by actual experience or observation, something known to be true.

Now that we know the meaning of FACT, we should mind how we use it as it may come back to haunt us in the long run.

The city officials of Montreal asked for certain documents which they received in an expedient fashion and still did not do with it what they promised.

On March 30, 2010, there was a court case to decide the outcome for the 2010 parade, in which the city was served and asked to send a representative to facilitate the case with an explanation as to why they would not choose one group over the other, and the City sent no one. Now they have removed themselves from any responsibility and placed it back on our community, and without FACTS, we the community, have done as they expected, placing blame on ourselves, holding us back once again through bickering.

Almost all of the costume bandleaders with the exception of 2, which will remain nameless at this point and time, have made it clear that they would not invest in building costumes as long as C.C.F.A. was not the organizing body and the actual holders of the permit. As they have been bamboozled time and time again by the former administration of C.C.F.A. who were expelled and now call themselves the MCDF. This is just to show that everyone involved in Carifiesta were unanimous in the decision that was carried out.

Again we would like to apologize for the end result, but let us not view this as a defeat, but as a way for us as a community to now stand up for what is right and have your voices heard.

Also, to use this time as a rebuilding process let us ask ourselves why we are so loud and outraged when there is negativity, and when it is time to do good or be positive we only respond with whispers and silence. We need to turn away from this way of thinking.

Also to those of us who have a voice in the community we should learn that sometimes, giving voice to negative drama is more damaging to us as a people than what anyone else could do to us. It is said that “WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY”. So I ask you, have you been responsible with your power? Think about that then let the community be the judge.

If the elders in the community who have taken care of yesterday do not pass on the baton to the generation of today, whose culture then will our children’s children be celebrating?

In closing, most of you have shown your support towards the C.C.F.A., and we appreciate it. If you would like to know how you can help, we answer this way: Attend all our events and show support, even by just purchasing a ticket. Become a member and have a voice, send us letters of support. Join our Facebook page, Carifiesta Montreal; keep in contact, and together we will work things out. The time to make a difference is now. Let your voices be heard.

On behalf of the C.C.F.A. organization I thank you for your continued support.

Everiste Blaize
President of C.C.F.A.

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