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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Soca or Die

Soca or Die is the latest release from Destra Garcia, and although it is a bit melodic in terms of you can easily sing along to it, I am liking this tune!

Keep your ears peeled for it: Soca or Die!

I hope she finally wins road march for 2007 after being robbed TWICE!!

Hair issues..............

In my Carnival preparations one matter I always take into consideration is my hair; what to do with it for the Carnival season? Since I live in Trinidad my Carnival season starts earlier than the foreigners who arrive here a week or so before the big event. Therefore I have to start thinking of a plan early; what hairstyle will I use for feteing as well as how I am wearing my hair on the road. Now, you would think it would be quite easy to wear my hair in any style for a fete, but thing is most of these parties are on a Sunday and when I get home in the wee hours of the morning I barely have time to sleep before it is time to get my butt out of bed and head to work. So, my feteing hairstyle has to be low maintenance, something that would look good for a party and easy to style for work.

This year I was rocking a Mohawk, that should really be a faux hawk since the sides of my head was not completely shaven, and for Panorama prelims I dyed it red. I have to say I really loved that style and even kept my hair short for on the road since my headpiece covered the front of my hair anyways. The year before that I wore my hair curly which was also easy to style and the year before that I decided to try super long hair and wore extensions almost reaching my waist, it looked great but was a nightmare on the road! I was so hot that the hairstyle quickly became a ponytail.

Next year I will be wearing a hat, which brings with it a whole set of issues; suppose I want to take off the hat during the day, I still want my hair to look good so I need a hairstyle that will look good both ways. My first thought was to leave my hair short, but I am thinking I want some hair showing with that hat. Then I decided to have extensions put in, no weave because that is too hot, but I am thinking of braids. Originally I wanted braids with the ends loose so that I can pull it to the side in a ponytail but now I am thinking of doing the braids that look like a twist since I have not worn my hair like that ever. Here is a photo of my friend wearing her hair in the braids that I am thinking of:

The only thing with braids it that it has been so long that I have worn braids that I am dreading the hours needed to put them in! And since I would be wearing my hair like that only for the road, I would have to book my hairstylist early and get the braids done a week before Carnival weekend. That leaves me with what to do with my hair for fetes; my first party will be Bliss next month (I still can’t believe 2007 is only some days away) and whatever style I wear my hair for Bliss I will be wearing it for the rest of my feteing calendar, until I change my style for on the road. I am leaning towards wearing my hair curly, but I need a consultation with my hairdresser since she also has a part to play in my hair decisions.

Now I know it seems slightly obsessive to be putting so much thought into my hair, but I am sure there are other women who do the same thing, especially those who are visiting for Carnival. When on vacation who has the time to lug an arsenal of styling products behind them, as well as who has the time between fetes, beach and playing mas to worrying about styling your hair? Besides, Carnival is the one time of the year when you can dye your hair green, or spray your entire head gold or sport a bright pink wig and not have people think that you are a stripper! That is what it is about really, the one time of the year to chuck conservatism and be as crazy as you dare, even when it comes to how you wear your hair.
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