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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

D Krewe Distribution Schedule

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They Call me Mrs Fete :YUMA Neon - The Review

Fete : YUMA Neon Drinks Inclusive, QRC Grounds
Price: $350.00 Female, $400.00 Male 
Date: February, 11 2012

Yuma NEON drinks inclusive was held at the magnificent Queens Royal College grounds. Although it was advertised as Queen’s Park West and not the QRC grounds I am sure patrons were confused as to where to go. Hopefully clarification of the venue would be better next time because I had to contact a member of the Yuma committee to verify where Queens Park west was.

The concept NEON was definitely recognised as the college was lit in bright neon pink giving it the jovial feel of what NEON should be. On entry patrons were greeted by beautiful promo girls in costumes as you walked thru the lobby area onto the courtyard. The bar was the centre attraction as it was a full 360 degrees. Screens were located at the centre of the bar with neon lights to complement the décor and sticking to the theme of the event. Elevated above the bar was the stage and DJ, so no matter where you were located at the venue drinks were easily accessible, the DJ was front and centre and performers had excitement of interacting with almost all the patrons at any angle of the stage.

Decor was definitely an upgrade from last year’s NEON at Hilton’s tennis court, even though the venue seemed smaller as the bar took up half the courtyard with little place to roam. Besides the main bar there were various other drinks booths to choose from to get your favourite drink at your convenience.
Since little or no advertising for the event was construed, I suppose the size of the venue was chosen for the anticipated attendees. The event gave you the experience of being at an all-inclusive party without the food.
3.5 stars for the transformation of the courtyard and college into a NEON atmosphere.

When Yuma say drinks inclusive, they mean it because the venue perimeter was surrounded with drink booths ranging from Patron, Jack Daniels, Nuvo, Angostura Rum Coctails, Lucozade, Blue Waters and Pepsi. The main bar was fully stocked with Premium drinks (minus Johnny Walker). 4.5 stars for the bar/drinks next time please get Johnnie Walker Yuma, not everybody likes Jack Daniels.

Food was a great disappointment for me as they only had a Gyro stall. Like allyuh forget is $30.00 for a gyro now. Needless to say the gyro went down good. Yuma where the doubles and corn soup people from last year??? We need variety because after consuming all that alcohol a gyro is not enough. To add to the food list Cold Stone Creamery was available for the ice cream lovers.

Just as last year there was no live band performance, just appearances from various acts that definitely pleased the crowed. There were performances from K. Rich, Iwer George, Kes, Destra, JW and Blaze, Kerwin Du Bois and Sawppi. Each performance was well received but Kes was the best performer of the night.

Crowd Vibe:
I thought this party was never going to pick up, because the crowd was dead for probably the first two and half hours of the party. Subsequent to the performances party mood was in full swing and the crowed revelled to the DJ music. A major highlight for me was when the rain started to fall and the DJs had their way with us, as we were single forever jab jabs pumping our flags with our bottle of rum in our hand while dropping on the ground and rolling. Crowd was nice with beautiful people, guessing this is the vibe we gonna get on the read with Yuma come Monday and Tuesday.

Bathroom facilities were way better than last year as we didn’t have to go down a hill and bear the risk of falling down after consuming all that alco. The gents got the boys’ facilities on the compound, an insider told me that the male toilets was like the one inside a prison with the graffiti on the walls, but I wouldn’t know that.

Overall Rating:
I would give NEON an overall rating of 8 out of 10. The party wasn’t overly packed, enjoyed great performances, ambience and premium drinks. As mentioned before MAJOR disappointment on food and not to mention NO Johnnie Walker. 2013 I know this party wouldn’t disappoint

They Call me Mrs Fete :Rama - The Review

Fete : Rama, Hasley Crawford Stadium

Date: February, 11 2012

Rama, the new spin on what once was Brass-o-Rama, also known as Brass Festival. Formerly held @ PSA grounds, Long Circular Rd.

Hasley Crawford Stadium.
Easily accessible. A number of options for parking. Venue large enough to easily hold the 7-8,000 people that ended up at the event.

Ambiance / Decor:
Midway to the back of the venue, there were 2 large screens on either side which allowed for great viewing if you didn't want to be in the melee.

Crowd Vibe
People came ready to fete!
Flag crews: Luncheon Forres Park, Stag, White Oak, NLCB, Carib.

Food: Tao Sushi. Jerk Pot Restaurant: jerk, BBQ meats and assorted sides

Bar: Drinks were on sale, including Premium liquor, beers and non-alcoholic options.

Machel Montano Zone powered by 3 Zero Platinum Rum complete with sexy, black-clad 3 Zero brand ambassadors. The 3 Zero bar with cocktails, one of which was specially formulated by Danielle Jones.

Food: Patraj Roti, Mr.Chow's, KFC, Garden Kitchen: bake n shark, BBQ chicken and fries

Drinks on sale

Took in Karma and Image & Co. at home thanks to CCN TV6. Both acts opened the show and managed to pull off decent performances even though the stadium wasn't full at the time.

NADIA BATSON and the ladies of SASS easily held their own with a solid performance. Sass saw a guest performance by MX Prime, whose presence has been missed on the Carnival stage.

KES THE BAND did not disappoint. Fresh off his coup with the remix with Snoop Dog, Kees had the crowd jumping. From the opening sequence with his 2 male dancers, it was non stop energy.

Showcasing his impressive vocal range in a well thought out and arranged set. The response for Wotless still phenomenal, as if it were released this year.

Upon announcement of Bunji, Fay Ann and Asylum. The crowd started chanting and jumping even before one chord was struck or note sung. "Bunji! Bunji!"

Fay Ann- Interesting outfit, didn't matter though as she demolished the stadium. Nothing could detract from either that powerful voice or the crowd's reception. Drop on the ground and roll!'

Swag is irregular! When the Garlin steps through..."I madderific!". Flags and crowd in a frenzy! The introduction of male dancers, Eklectik, is a first for Bunji, but it was well timed and executed. Eklectik kilt it! The Spaniard delivered!

Saving the review for Machel Monday, when MM will reveal the next stage of his evolution!

Lead vocalist, Blaxx, and Ricardo Drue, were joined by Benjai who Asked the crowd to tell him which song to sing for Groovy Soca Monarch. Looks like he'll be performing 'People's Champion'.

DESTRA and her band
Depsite being last on the cast and pouring rain, Destra managed to hold the crowd. As we say, rain does only stop cricket.

First time event - the show ran smoothly. Kudos for the stage management team who managed to switch bands in record time. Well planned and executed.

They Call me Mrs Fete Misty Ridge All Inclusive - The Review

Fete : Misty Ridge All Inclusive, Country Club
Price: $650.00

The original site for this party was the Hadeed Ranch in Santa Cruz. This year, however, they relocated to the Country Club in Maraval. Getting to the party was definitely not a problem, and it wasn’t difficult finding nearby parking spots, even when the designated car parks were full.

There was nothing much in terms of décor and the layout seemed simple enough. The stage was visible from all points as there were big screens located throughout for patrons who did not care to be too close to the stage.

Although the seating area was large there seemed to be a very limited selection of food. At one point we thought that perhaps there was another food court elsewhere, but we found none. On offer, was the ubiquitous bake and shark, shrimp wantons and steamed dumplings although there was no sui mai when we got there. A station with BBQ chicken, ribs, peas and a provision ‘anchar’. The Nestle dessert station and a table with some chow laid out in plastic bags. I can’t say that the food presentation was very appetising. Some of the stations seemed ready to close up and simply did not appeal. All I ate was the wantons and some cupcakes. On the bright side, there were no long lines for food.

Several bars were located around the perimeter of the venue with one in the food court. So no major lines or long waits at any of them. I was disappointed that by the time I arrived near to midnight what was once the Nuvo bar was just an empty Nuvo counter. Johnnie Walker, Yellow Tail wine bar, Vodka cocktail bar and the Brewhouse also served for most of the night. To my annoyance after getting my first weak Single Barrel and Coke and walking around a bit, I had to go searching two bars to find some more. Apparently they had ‘run out’ of Single Barrel. Which I found confusing because the venue wasn’t that large and the party wasn’t that crowded. So after finding the one bar that still had, within an hour they too had run out and my only other option was the very un-premium Black Label rum.

No. Live. Bands. Lil Rick from Barbados, who I was honestly surprised to see, tried his best to move the crowd. I don’t think many people who didn’t go to Crop Over appreciated his performance. Kees was also there alone. Somehow, an artiste performing to a track pales in comparison to an actual band performance. So after seeing Kes the Band many times it was a little underwhelming to see just Kees on stage with his mic and the dj in the background. I’m almost ashamed to admit that I took a bathroom break at this point. Kerwyn Dubois was also scheduled to perform but I left just after 2am and missed his performance.

Crowd Vibe
My first Misty Ridge experience, and although I had heard the party is usually good, something was lacking from this one and I wasn’t impressed. Folks around me by the stage seemed to be having fun though so kudos to DJ Private Ryan for keeping us hyped up a little between the performances.

I used the mobile restroom that was located behind the stage. An odd location for a ladies room but I didn’t see a sign for any other female restroom.

Overall Rating
I would give Misty Ridge 8 a rating of 5 out of 10. Although, I can honestly say I didn’t yawn once, the experience didn’t leave me wanting more. For the price asked, I thought that patrons could have been given a more in terms of food and drink and entertainment especially when compared to other fetes of similar price. In talking to friends who had attended other Misty Ridge parties they too thought that something was missing as it was too large and seemed to have lost the ‘intimate’feel. One can only hope that the organisers work this out for 2013 and regain the vibe that Misty Ridge is known for.

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