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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DesigningDARYL speaks.... or does he? .....

The FMV or fair market value when all things were assessed coupled with the money paid upfront and the money spent to cover auxiliary costs - resulted in the refund issued. That is the long and short of it!

If an additional refund is sought – consult the delightful folks at the Customs and Immigration (Agriculture and Wildlife) department in Trinidad and Tobago. A refund was issued based on what transpired and what was later learnt which shall remain confidential given that there are clients who visit this blog and currently retain the services of DesigningDARYL for Trinidad Carnival 2011 and beyond.

Caution was exercised when a response was sought for the TCD post dated October 19th, 2010 "Customer Service Review – Boots by Daryl" merely because of the nature in which occurrences went downhill and the key players involved. Be it known, there are a myriad of unknowns that the viewing public do not know about and while their "grievance" post was long overdue and filled with unnecessary information to make a solid case – it is simply at the end of the day – ENTERTAINMENT!

A response would simply dignify the testimonial post that was submitted to Trinidad Carnival Diary (TCD) – but dignified or not – a response/statement is warranted and in this particular case, these are the facts:
1)       A refund (partial) was issued. A FULL refund to which we do not know the true cost could not be issued. When there is an unknown – a mutually agreed upon amount is taken as the new "full refund."
2)       The boots were completed, stories WERE NOT manufactured to cover anything, and they were HELD in QUARANTINE in CUSTOMS in Trinidad and Tobago.
3)       DesigningDARYL has a job, and doesn't need your refund to compliment his paycheck! In many states in the United States that would constitute defrauding the government. And given the nature of your background (legal) attention should be paid both to these legal facts and the grammatical tenses of your asinine post!
4)       A late fee was assessed. You "contracted" DD late like you said. And for the record – the pricing chart for DD's services are readily available for anyone who would like to contact with your individual request.
5)       Boots are NOT PURCHASED by DesigningDARYL. You provide your very own boots to avoid incurring a custom order charge. This is the way it has always been done and it ensures that clients are comfortable with the boots they are wearing.
6)       DesigningDARYL is more passionate about work than mostly anything else. Enjoyment is derived from seeing satisfied consumers (of which are many) contact with just a thought or an idea and it is executed with a meticulous accuracy that can only be expressed as "breath-taking" when put together.
7)      There was an increase off new clients this year, largely because of the work done in Toronto, Boston, New York and Miami. All satisfied customers and of course a steady base of existing clients return annually for renewed work. Your post will not hinder that because like you said for some, "they prefer the talent over the business acumen!"
8)       PROPER TARGET MARKET RESEARCH WAS NOT DONE!!! Had this been done – YOU would not have ended up a client. Albeit "disgruntled".

Folks need to come to the realization that entering into a country (whether it's yours by birth or you are a visitor) is a PRIVILEDGE and NOT A RIGHT and so it is up to the customs personnel, as your first point of contact, to be the ambassadors of their country and protect their countries' best interest! The sheer amount of feathers placed on the boots (half pound plumes 14" - 26" varying lengths, 4 yards of 6-8 coque feathers, metallic braids, bejeweled appliqu├ęs) was in this case "declarable" by Customs' standards and without the proper documentation was seized. This addresses another asinine comment about Carnival Queens and their feather transportation since most notable queens have their materials including feathers shipped in advance. (Anra Bobb – 7 time Trinidad Queen of Carnival is on speed dial).

The boots were nice, they were ornate, over the top and FABULOUS. All of which you expected and paid for. DO NOT make this post about a refund – you were refunded the amount to which you were entitled AND you were sent your product. A mutually agreed amount. – and this will be the LAST of this – because I for one have dismissed your case in my court! The resulting issue of not receiving the product in Trinidad for use at Carnival cannot be blamed on one person since many were at work in this dilemma. And for that you were compensated. Do not attempt greed!  

Personal attacks on financial situations hinting that your refund is tied to paychecks are childish and silly at best! Please save that kind of fodder for imix – you have familiarity and notoriety there. Please do not confuse this statement for cowardice, acceptance or ignorance.

On your situation alone – close to $1000 US was spent in numerous attempts to clear your boots – so DON'T purport your ridiculous reports about my "winding down" in numerous fabulous fetes. You are letting your emotions impair your good judgment. You know better! Your feelings at this point could only be worked out by you, further consolation cannot be offered.

Your custom-designed boots were returned to you and a refund issued. To seek the consolation of an inconsolable customer is really not the job of a merchant in any way shape of form. To come to an amicable resolve is the best that could be done and that was achieved.

The talent like you have so rightly put it will speak for itself. And to your one lonely post that is drenched in your "tears" of being victimized when we BOTH know that is not the case – could be swiftly and vehemently dominated by many other notable posts on this very blog - praising my work, character and BUSINESS ACUMEN. Can we say the same about "IslandSOUL?" – Have a wonderful evening!  

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