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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Global Review 2010 Army Fete, Tribe Ignite, Insomnia, Yellow Devils and Mas with Dkrewe

Army Fete - the driest fete around?
I will try keeping the fete ones short and sweet.Army Fete is normally a nice cheap Fete to get my Carnival energy going, however after this years experience I was left feeling a little deflated in a word the fete was DRY!Strange crowd, UN enthusiastic Artists and Bands performing left me thinking is this what I paid my money for???

I made it to the bar once to buy a bottle of rum and some cokes the usual party pack after 45 mins I still had not been served along with many others, who were completely frustrated, on top of this I had stinking peoples arm pits in my face, big mampies pushing on top of me and the usuals who couldn’t wait their turn to be served pushing up in your personal space. An hour later I was served and any little piece of vibes I had was completely gone! 2 hours later after Karma came on and annoyed the hell out of my ears I was gone.

Fete Rating 2 /10

Tribe Ignite – Thank God For Tribe!
Ok after a lot of liming and full crew arriving in TNT we was ready to party, the night began with the usual getting ready and drinking at our apartment, we hired a Maxi to drop us and collect us after this proved fruitful 14 drunken people at 3am!

So upon approaching Jenny’s Car Park we could already feel the vibes in the air, as we line up to enter the Venue we were greeted by the most pleasant Security and Door staff for the first time I didn’t feel violated upon entry.

As we made our way through we received some merchandise, a cup, whistle light thingy and a few other bits, we then progressed to the bar again polite friendly staff willing to serve you! I’m liking this service, I have to point out Tribe is a drink inclusive event and they had about 5 times as much bar space as Army fete which is about 3 times the size of Tribes even, I don’t think I waited longer than 30 seconds to be served.

As we made our way down the front the vibes was nice nice! One band was just coming off and the DJ just started playing he was real good kept the vibes going all night, as he finished Kees the band came on and rocked the place some more, needless to say anything after that is a blur to me at 3am ish we left or should I say staggered still dancing to meet our ride.

Only down side to the fete is some of the people are wayyyyyyy to stush and were almost scared to even tap their foot and were scorning the people who were having a good time.

Fete Rating 10+/10

Insomnia – No Water? Say it aint so?
I’m going to keep this real short and sweet
I didn’t like this fete at all no WATER = NO INSOMNIA and what they did with VIP was a joke I can understand a half split with a fence to divide the stage but a diagonal split so general have the view of a fence??? That was out of order, had I known Insomnia would not have WATER I would not have made the journey.

Fete Rating 1/10

Yellow Devils – Never Again

A Breeze, just had to pop down to Flam Couture on the Avenue and register all my people this year I had about 30 registrations so was there for a while, I did this 3 weeks before collection.

I had a text informing me of collection times which did not make sense as it went something like this ticket numbers 1-99 9am til 10am 100-199 10am til 11am and so on until they reach 1000 odd……Now I had 3 different sets of numbers some were morning and some were afternoon collections.So I decided to go to the afternoon collections to be safe, upon arrival at Flam Couture, I see on big arse queue outside the door, now I have never experienced this normally I would walk in and collect as a big group my stuff is always put together.

So I join the line in the HOT sun no shade no water nothing, I realise people in this line are not only there to collect but also register too which don’t make no sense, anyway after 30 minutes of standing I was ushered into the pokey little shop, my tickets were taken again guys 30 packages I collecting and booked way in advance, to my surprise nothing was ready, now I don’t work for Yellow Devils yet I had to resort to helping the lady pack and organise my packages most the T-Shirts and Baby Tees I ordered in advance were not available now so I had to hustle and get them to take out of other peoples bags or make do with what they had.

1 hour later I finally made it out of that lil shop, I would love to know how a band that has 1500 plus people in it distribute on Carnival Saturday from an 8ft by 15ft shop space. Makes no sense.

Ok so drama over, its Jouvert morning 3am we supposed to meet the band we roll up more like 4am hyped and ready to go, now Yellow devils had improved for 2009 I wanted to see what changes they had made for 2010? Well here are the changes versus 2009:

• Less Bars
• More People
• Less Paint
• No Paint Bottles
• A Music Truck you had to be right under to hear the music
• Poor Security
Now i'm a person who for Jouvert I can make do with a lot of issues in a band but I feel this year Yellow Devils took the biscuit, and like Spice are laughing all the way to the bank! But yet I still managed to enjoy myself. 2011 I will be looking else where so that’s 30 plus people you have lost Yellow Devils!

Rating 3/10

Dkrewe Monday and Tuesday – Change is Good

We registered between September and January, Dkrewe’s online system was a breeze followed with payments made by Western Union, Registrations were followed up with an email or phone call from Akeisha to confirm sizes and payment etc.


Our collection was advertised for Wednesday 10th and was changed to Thursday 11th due to the male collar pieces not arriving from sanfernando, not a problem we came back Thursday and collected costumes from Hawk, Comancheros and Passion, I would have to say this year Dkrewe’s headdresses were on point, well made and finished just as good as the prototype if not better, the only thing I will say is have people distributing costumes who know where the pieces should be worn on the body, this is also the first year I got my costume and didn’t have to do any additions to it! So I was happy. We collected 16 costumes and was in and out in about 1hour and 30mins including payment process.


Carnival Monday:
Now me I aint a real Carnival Monday person, I’m normally wrecked from Jouvert and this year was no different, I was having a lil chip by de truck, sipping mainly lucozade or water no alcohol on Monday for me, after the shaky start and some issue with the trucks which were resolved on Aripitia Ave we were looking good and people were having a time, Mr World-class you were my truck for Monday he dropped tunes I aint hear for time as well as all the latest and kept that tune Palance to a minimum thank god! As we headed down town lunch was served from the truck, and it was HOT! It was a piece of fried chicken breast, served with salad in a bun nice. After we hit downtown judging I walked home for the day, Savannah Stage don’t do it for me anymore I reached home at about 5pm and began preparations for Tues before getting an early night.


Carnival Tuesday:
I woke up at 4am, having to do make up for 4 ladies staying with us and also some guys faces too, by 7am we were ready to leave the house and I have to say looking hot!We ordered a taxi to take us to the avenue where we were meeting the rest of our crew, as we walked up the Avenue in our full costumes Bonnets and all we were already being asked for photos and we had a few comments, I did hear one comment “oh Tribe already did that section years ago” now come on guys Tribe was not the first nor the last to do an Indian Mas i’m sure we will see it for 2011 again!

Anyway upon arrival at the bands meeting point we were told to head to the School across the street for breakfast, we had choices for breakfast too! Either Ham, Chicken, Fish or Veggie options also had fruit and juices as well. Having the school as a breakfast point was great they had tents and seating so you could finish last minute touch ups.

8am sharp we were on the move and the band was looking good, sections that stood out for me were, Comancheros, Hawk, Rainforest and Kindred Spirit. The band was bigger than the first year I played but not too big we had 3 trucks, Traffik, Mr World-class and some next one that was not very good plus a riddim section.

As we made our way down the avenue we did not see one band in front of us so it was plain sailing all the way through to Downtown Judging, by this time I was fully charged and ready to hit the stage i’m glad not only palance was played on this stage and I well enjoyed Downtown Judging.

As the band made its was to the lunch point I was still ready to party, Lunch was nice BBQ Chicken, Vegetable Rice, Mash Potatoes, Plantain and Vegetables and it was served at a decent temperature, the bar stayed with us so we could get cold drinks and the sound trucks continued to play some serious tunes whilst we were resting, this was a nice day so far, the rest stop was short but I appreciated that I can't take this 2 hour stop business I experienced with Tribe in 2007 kills the vibes! We were back on the move and ready to roll; as we hit Charlotte St at about 4:30-5pm it was madness bumper to fender traffic! I said to myself I had a great day and would stay with the band for another hour or so and head home as it was close by and if after I shower I can make it out I will.

All in all I had a blast with Dkrewe!

• Polite but Firm Security
• Clean Toilets (that men could use)
• Traffik and Mr World Class (better sound trucks)
• Food
• Vibes
• Roped off Band

• Costume Overall Quality
• Distribution
• Bars ( need another bar )

Overall I give Dkrewe a 7/10

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