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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Carnival Preparations Info Blast

Dear TRIBE Masquerader,

As we gear up for the 2008 Carnival Season, please take a minute to read the information below regarding final payment and costume distribution.

Further Payments on Costumes

Payment Location, Final Dates for Payment, Accepted forms of Payment

Senvia, 31st December, Credit Card Only

Mas Camp, 31st December,Cash & Linx Only

Cascadia Distribution, Dates, Cash & Linx Only
(Dates coming soon)

· New Senvia Users –

· Existing Senvia Users –

Mas Camp Opening Hours – Monday to Friday: 12:00 noon – 6:00pm

Fast Track your Costume Collection

· Masqueraders who have paid IN FULL for their costumes by Monday 31st December, 2007 will be granted TRIBE’s Express Service to minimize waiting time in the queue.

· The EXPRESS Service expedites the process of collecting your costume.

Costume Resale & Transfers

· If you have sold your costume, please contact TRIBE with the name of the new owner along with their email address and contact number.

· Our email address is or you can fax us at 1-868-625-6800.

· The last day to transfer names on costumes is Monday 31st December, 2008.

Collecting Costumes for another Person
· You must present a copy of the registered costume owner’s ID (with Signature) along with a singed “Authorization to Collect” letter. This letter must be presented at the time of Costume Collection.

· Please do not email us this letter.

Costume Distribution
· The Distribution Schedule will be emailed to you and posted on the website at a later date.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

15 seconds too long!!!

They always say be careful what you wish for, there I was complaining about being bored when the Lord sent a lil Earthquake to shake me up!!! As far as I have heard, today’s Earthquake which occurred at around 3:00pm local time, lasted for approximately 15 seconds which seemed like forever, and initial reports puts it as 7.3, this is still to be confirmed.

I tell you, my sixth sense kicked in, because as soon as the slightest tremor started and I jumped off my chair, grabbed my keys which are always nearby and headed for the doorway, where I stood and looked at the mirrors in my porch shaking. Thinking I had to be going crazy and it was my heart thumping against my chest that was causing me to imagine the mirrors were shaking, any doubt was soon put to rest as the walls started swaying, everything rattling accompanied by that low rumbling recognisable by anyone who has ever experienced an earthquake before!!

Then, it did not stop but just got gentler until eventually everything went still. That was the longest 15 seconds ever! So the aftermath is that all my cupboard doors came open, but nothing fell thank God. And everyone is safe and sound. I have heard that it was felt throughout the islands, as far as Antigua. I pray that everyone is safe and that we do not get any aftershocks or further earthquakes for the day as my heart cannot take it! I rather be BORED!

Saucy's Chrisnival List

Dear Santa,
My nice side totally outweighed the naughty side this year and you should be proud that my mouth was not as Saucy as it was last year. No caustic comments and lambasting bands for the Carnival 2008 season, in fact I had little to complain about as most of them are doing a very good job on the public relations front for Carnival 2008, even the errant bands of this year seem to be making an effort to get things right next year.

Now it wasn’t all easy for me to be good, at times I was tempted to call out some bands on talking the talk and not walking the walk. And choosing the right adjectives to describe loathsome costumes has got to be the most difficult thing ever when right on the tip of my tongue are words like hideous, dreadful and revolting. It was also a hectic band launching season and my attempt to make to as many as I possibly could left me exhausted!

Thus, I think I am in a position to call down a few requests on Chrisnival wish list and they are as follows:

1. The balance paid off on my costume of course as it is twice as expensive as my costume this year and my salary did not double. It is not an issue of hanging my hat where it can’t reach either, but just because I can afford it does not mean the gift will not be greatly appreciated.

2. Tickets to any of the all-inclusives fetes; I am not being picky here but if I had to select only one it would be Salybia… and CAREC… and Moka… you get the idea!

3. Rewards for being a TLC holder, yeah, I am yet to gain anything by having this coveted card so I am wishing that the powers that be give us extra special discounts to events. My idea is that with each event you attend you rack up points which can then be used to get a free ticket!

4. A Goody Bag with real goodies. I know, I know I have made this request time and time again but it’s a small thing to ask for, if the bandleaders do it right many people will be pleased. Hey, double the cost of the costume means double the “stuff” in the Goody Bag!!

5. I have totally given up on the idea of getting FREE Monday wear, but how about at least allowing the sale of TRIBE T shirts and Baby Tees? Please and thank you.

6. All inclusive vacation package to a destination of my choice, even though has nothing to do with Carnival I am dreaming of visiting Punta Cana or Cancun or Greece!! Hook me up nah Santa!

7. Finally Santa I ask for a wish not for me but for all the revelers putting their faith in the many new bands making their first appearance t in 2008, and that is for the band leaders to deliver all their promises and ensure that each and every masquerader has an excellent time for 2008!

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