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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Value of a TRIBE Costume

On Carnival Junction recently there was an costume for sale in TRIBE, Threads of Morocco Male, for the cost of $5000.00TT, note the original price of this costume is $2950.00TT

When confronted by the owner of the website who does not support or condone selling any costume at a "severely marked up price" (as stated on the website) the person who placed the ad had this justification for the 69% profit margin:

My dear friend, it is nice to know that you are so concerned that you could have copied Tribe. please see my points below.

1. The costume belongs to me and that is what I value it. If you are aware of the experience of playing with tribe you will definitely know it is always painful having to sell one of their costumes. The costume to me is worthless, the joy I feel on Monday and Tuesday with my family and friends, with people bringing their kids and love ones to look on as I have fun is PRICELESS.

2. The safety and facilities is priceless. What does it worth paying 2000.00 or 3000.00 for a costume and you are unsafe. Are you aware of the crime situation in Trinidad? If you are then you will understand that a price cannot be placed on that.

3. This costume was not purchased with the intention of swindling someone, if you are aware two or three thousand dollars has very little or no value in Trinidad especially if you have Kids and Bills.

4. TGIF, Trotters. Ruby Tuesdays sell their alcohol for twice or even 3 times the price, is that robbery??????? NO it isn't because it's totally up to the consumer to purchase if they so desire. In TRINIDAD we are ALLOWED to exercise our rights as consumers without any prejudice. This is democracy. SO my Friend you do not HAVE TO PURCHASE OR EVEN CONSIDER TO PURCHASE. THAT IS YOUR RIGHT. Remember that.

5. Last but not least, Tribe is more than a band, they treat us like family as we are pampered, spoiled, entertained and most importantly protected for those 2 days. So my friend in conclusion I will advise you that MY TRIBE COSTUME worth MUCH MUCH MORE than 5000.00 or 6000.00 or 7000.0 to me. Whether it worth that to you is your choice.

So have a great day and may God continue to bless you.... By d Way, I've been confronted by quite a few people who knows the TRUE VALUE OF A TRIBE COSTUME.

Tribe keep up the great work.


I absolutely LOVE point #1 where the seller states that the costume BELONGS to them yet they have only paid the deposit! And while I can agree that the "value" of playing mas is not as something that can be easily quantified I do know that even I have a price point which will not be crossed, not to mention that the COSTUME is only one factor that adds value to my overall Carnival experience. Really the justifications laid out by the seller is the kind of tripe that sends people into a frenzy when you tell them TRIBE is NOT Carnival and there are other bands that you can get the same "value" from. It really isn't that serious to "value" a costume to such extent that you use it as leverage for price gouging, but you all know how I feel about that matter quite well.

So, humour me today readers, what really is the TRUE VALUE of a TRIBE Costume? What is the most you are willing to pay a re-seller for the privilege of taking a costume off their hands? Is 50% worth it, 100% worth it or even 200% worth the TRIBE experience?
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