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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are you the International Soca Monarch Super Red 20 Ultimate Fan?

Are you the International Soca Monarch Super Red 20 Ultimate Fan?


Channel your unique Inner Soca Star and you can win BIG! Follow these two steps:

1. Channel your Super Red 20 Fashion Spirit! and submit one (1) outfit each for the following three (3) artistes attending the International Soca Monarch Prize-Giving Ceremony on March 20th, 2012:

- The Official Crowned Champion of the International Soca Monarch Competition 2012 - Machel Montano (@machelmontanohd)

- An artiste of YOUR choice for "The People's Champion", AND

- A female artiste of YOUR choice dubbed "The Super Red 20 Soca Songstress" of the ISM 2012 season.

2. Channel your Super Red 20 Soca Performer Spirit! Submit lyrics for your ORIGINAL Soca Hit! One verse and one chorus is all you need!

- Submit your entry! Include the three (3) links to your fashion ensembles AND the lyrics to your ORIGINAL Soca Song in an email to

Three outfits, one original soca song, and you have an eligible entry! It’s that simple!

Two (2) Grand Prize Winners will be selected, and will receive:

- One Prize Pack (each) including a Monster Energy 6-pack, a CPF SuperRed20 Edition tshirt, a Toyota Trinidad and Tobago Limitedrag and keychain, and a KFC Trinidad and Tobago Voucher valued at $100.

- 2 VVIP passes each (for you + a guest) to attend the International Soca Monarch Prize Giving Ceremony on March 21st, 2012.

- $250 voucher (each) in clothing courtesy Lulu-Rue Boutique.

- Amazing Magazine interview with We Style Magazine as the “Super Red 20 Ultimate Fan”.

- Rubbing shoulders and mingling with the SuperRed20 Stars of Soca and Industry Movers!

Contest Eligibility Rules & Requirements:
Contest Ends: Saturday 17th March, 2012.
Winner will be announced on that day.
Only COMPLETE entries submitted to will be acknowledged as an official entry. Entry cut-off time: 5:00pm.
The judges' decisions are final and absolute.
Winners will be immediately required to email their contact information to to arrange prize collection.
All prizes are eligible for redemption in-store in Trinidad & Tobago only.
If you have won an Prize from the International Soca Monarch/Caribbean Prestige Foundation for the Performing Arts for the 2012 season already, you are NOT eligible to enter.
International Soca Monarch & Caribbean Prestige Foundation employees, sponsors of International Soca Monarch/ Caribbean Prestige Foundation and their employees, affiliates of International Soca Monarch/Caribbean Prestige Foundation and their respective immediate family members are NOT eligible to enter this contest.

Let’s round up the 2012 Season in the Super Red 20 Spirit of Celebration!

Submit your entry today- We’re on the quest for the International Soca Monarch Super Red 20 Ultimate Fan!

Good Luck!

Celebrate Ten Years Of Caribbean Jazz At The 10th Annual Jazz Artists On The Greens

Charismatic songbird, Llettesha Sylvester, 
known for her performance in the Marionettes Chorale’s 2011 musical, Carmen. 

Energies are high at Production One Limited as preparations move into top gear for its 10th anniversary edition of Jazz Artists on the Greens (JAOTG) on The Greens at Farm Road, St. Joseph on Saturday March 24, 2012. In the spirit of celebration and reminiscence, Production One will highlight some of the fondest memories of the past ten years with the launch of the JAOTG Rewound! Giveaway Promotion. Starting Monday March 12, 2012 for two weeks, the veteran event management company will run a trivia competition via the JAOTG Facebook page giving away JAOTG 2012 tickets to ten lucky patrons.

Dominica’s leading kweyol (Creole) fusion jazz singer, Michele Henderson. 

As with previous editions, JAOTG 2012 promises a delicious mix of contemporary Caribbean jazz styles, delivered by some of the most talented performers in the region. This year, the JAOTG stage welcomes back the provocative kweyol (Creole) jazz inflections of Dominica’s Cultural Ambassador, Michele Henderson, backed by Ming & Friends. Bringing their unique Caribbean flavour to the celebration is Trinidad and Tobago’s veteran jazz musician, Carlton “Zanda” Alexander and The Coalpot Band along with London-based Trinidadian pannist, Annise Hadeed, and his quartet of Douglas Reddon, Theron Shaw and Richard Bailey. Hot on the heels of his latest album release, Songs from Deep Within, smooth jazz guitarist Clifford Charles will be among them to share his home-grown brand of silky-smooth music, while the charismatic, lively and eclectic jazz stylings of songbird, Llettesha Sylvester, are sure to be a delightful treat.

London-based Trinidadian pannist, Annise Hadeed. 

Come for the music, enjoy life and join the celebration at the 10th annual Jazz Artists on the Greens. This open-air festival-styled event encourages patrons to walk withtheir picnic baskets and lounging chairs to experience the energy first-hand, outdoors on The Greens. Car parks are located within 1 to 2 minutes walking distance of the venue. JAOTG patrons can enjoy an advance ticket price of $250.00, however, at the door, the price is $300.00. Tickets are available online at the JAOTG website at and at select locations nationwide. Connect with JAOTG on Facebook at and on Twitter at or email or call (868) 620-6920.

Rising smooth jazz guitarist, Clifford Charles. 

The 10th annual Jazz Artists on the Greens

Production One Limited

Saturday March 24, 2012. Gates open from 4:00 p.m.

The Greens at Farm Road, St. Joseph

Advance $250.00
At the door $300.00

Available online at or at Bewil & Co. Ltd. (868) 624-4206, Stechers – Long Circular Mall (868) 628-0987, Kanhai Raghubir Jewellery (868) 640-2522, House of Chan (868) 645-0347 and the Medical Dispensary (868) 665-5889. South patrons please call (868) 685-5556 or (868) 620-6920.

How to Combat Post Carnival Depression

If you have DJ Private's Ryan Post Carnival Depression Mix on repeat daily and cannot stop looking at Carnival photographs that keep popping up just when you thought there were no more new ones to be seen, then you just might be in the throes of the letdown that occurs soon after the build up and experience of Carnival is over. Never fear, seasoned masqueraders have been through this before so here are some tips to help you ease out of the depression stage until Band Launch season comes along to start the cycle all over again and give you that much needed Carnival fix.

1. Plan a Next Carnival - Have you ever heard the saying the only way to get over someone is to get under someone else? Well, apply that theory here. Sure Trinidad Carnival has ended but there is a Carnival happening practically each month around the globe so start planning to experience one of those. Jamaica, St Maarten and St Thomas Carnival are all happening in April, LehWeGo has a great guide for Jamaica Carnival newbies. For me personally I already have my ticket bought for Cropover and have accommodation booked now all I need is a costume and my fete tickets, I just never come down from my Carnival high. 144 more days until Cropover 2012 and yes, I am counting! 

2.Keep Busy - There are lots of events in the Caribbean taking place between now and Band Launch Season that will keep your mind off Carnival . Several Jazz Festivals are coming up soon including St Lucia's, Tobago Jazz Experience and Jazz Artists on the Greens for starters. Check out events happening close to you or on an Island you have been hoping to visit.

3. Relive the Experience - So you want to put on your costume and party with bucket in hand one last time, get a ticket to TRIBE Las Lap and do exactly that this coming Saturday. Or you can relive J'ouvert with Josie's Jamishness taking place in April  and don't forget to mark your Calenders for Fall Out's cooler cruise on June 19.

4. Take A Break - After being consumed with the obsession of Carnival maybe it is time to put all Carnival thoughts out of your head for a while and focus on something new. Start a class, get a new hobby, travel or just spend time with family and friends who do not participate in Carnival so you would have something else to talk about.

5.Get Ready For Carnival 2013 -  With 333 days before Carnival 2013 now is the best time to start your Carnival fund. It could as simple as dropping all your spare change into a tin or setting up a standing order to have a select percentage of your DISPOSABLE income squirreled away in a special Carnival account. Please note I am not telling you to neglect your bills, if you do not know what disposable income is maybe you should look up saving tips and financial planning advice.

Also don't fall off the wagon if you were one of those people who were working out and dieting like a beast for Carnival 2012.  Giving up the Carnival body and all the hard work you put into it means starting all over again. So after you allow yourself a week or so to pig out on all the junk you gave up get back in groove.

And if you missed your goal of getting the body in shape this year fear not you have more than enough time to achieve that goal for another Carnival. Do not wait until December to start panicking, make the goal for getting costume ready July when band launches start. Slow and steady wins the race, if you start NOW you can do it. 
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