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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Confirmed Sold Out Sections




SILVER MIST FRONTLINE ( sold out online)

MYSTIQUE FRONTLINE (sold out online)


I am back and costumes are sold out already!

So after my last update registration began in earnest, the first 30 people were taken from the waiting room and led into the area designated for registration. There were some seats, a few people had to stand but soon enough they called the first 6 people, of which I was one.

Walking towards the TRIBE workers patiently sitting behind their laptops,

was a wall of costume photos to give you that one last look and I guess spur some people into either a firm decision or changing their minds.

My registration process was painlessly quick and easy; I gave the young lady at the laptop all the information for the people I was registering, she printed a receipt, I verified that everything was correct and off to make a payment. I tell you the whole thing was over in fifteen minutes and I am sure the crowd that was waiting when I left has surely abated by now.

On my way home I got a call that Silver Mist was sold out at in house registration... now this is a rumour yet to be confirmed.. and by the time I got home Goddess of the Chase is now supposedly sold out. What I can say is that Lady of the Lake Frontline is sold out completely, Silver Mist and Mystique frontlines are showing as sold out online only. If that is any indication that you ladies are taking the F.H.O seriously for 2008 I expect to see a bevy of H.O.s on the road!

Doesn't it feel like costumes will be going fast this year, the excitement reminds me of registering in 2005 when sections were sold out in two days! I hope everyone was able to get their section of choice and that non TLC holders have something to look forward to when registration for them starts on Thursday.

Live update...11:45am

Fifteen minutes to go and it is packed!!! The room I am in is filled and there is not a second a room so some very unhappy people are lined up outside in the corridor at the moment.

TRIBE staff have arrived with refreshments and they are doing both belt and bra measurements for those who require it. There is such a variety of persons here, from the parents who clearly came to register their child to the divas wearing their sunglasses indoors. We, all the bloggers who met up, are excited to get this thing started! Well, except for Kevian who is still stressing over choosing a costume.

They just called us into the room to register!! I am walking down the corridor with laptop in hand!Only a few minutes to go I hope all of you waiting at your computers to register are ready!!! It is about to begin.

Coming to you live from Cascadia

Well, I got here at 9:30 and there were already 15 TRIBE enthusiasts waiting, the most eager getting here at 7:30am!!! Talk about dedication for that lucky person who is now in position number 1. ...the security guard was baffled when they saw someone show up for TRIBE registration...registration which begins at 12 noon I may add.

People are showing up in a steady stream, mainly females, with three men so far adding some testosterone to the room. The TRIBE committee members only arrived about twenty minutes ago to set up so we are presently without any refreshments, but the smart ones walked with snacks!!

Of the masqueraders here polled on what section they are playing with Silver Mist, Goddess of the Chase Mystique and of course Black Magic are frontrunners.



The BEST part of being here early is seeing the look on the faces of those people now walking in; it's a mixture of shock that there are so many people here already, curiosity as to how early we did arrive and then envy that they are not in the top 20!

stayed tuned for more live updates from Cascadia as the morning progresses.

Still stressing over costume choice?

Well I just realized that one of the ladies I am going to register today has NOT given me her choice of costume, ma'am you better contact me so I will know where to sign you up!! Is it just me or was choosing a costume extremely stressful this year? I know people still going back and forth, even today.

Listen, if you like Goddess of the Chase but are worried about the pleather, the bra is fully lined and padded so now worries there and you can always pick up a pair of red $15.00 spandex panties/thongs at Chaos and not wear the pleather underwear. Black Magic IS a black costume and black will attract heat, but it is a pretty tiny costume with a good bit of silver in the belt. If you love the costume but are worried about the heat, remember you can always take off the headpiece during the day.

Silver Mist has the love it or hate it fur on the bra, if you hate it when you see it easy solution is to take it off and replace it with an appliqué that you can pick up at Samaroos. The silver "metal" looking part on the bra is actually made of a soft pliable material, all you need is a glue gun and the fur will be gone!

Love Mystique but hate the fabric? Easy, take a pair of scissors and chop it off and replace with beads. Again, make Samaroos your friend! When I used to add beads to my costume I would be busting off the beads on the ends with a hammer to have a length of thread long enough to hot glue on a piece of stiff fabric which I would then hot glue to the belt. Nowadays the beads come on a nice strip of binding so all you need to do is cut it as wide as you need it and hot glue to the belt. If you want extra reinforcement run a stitch over it on the sewing machine.

The point is this, if the offending detail on the costume is minor there is a way to adjust it to your fancy. I have been tweaking with my costumes every single year since I started playing mas; from redecorating an entirely different bra to making my sailor pants tighter this year. I know many other ladies who even add more stuff to their costumes to make it stand out, all you need is a touch of creativity and a good supply store like Samamroos. I trust that the costume decisions will be a bit easier now! Good luck!

August 18th.. BIG DAY TODAY!!

In a few hours I will be joining the legions of potential masqueraders up at Cascadia to register myself and friends in TRIBE. This is the start of what will be a very long day for me! Firstly, let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the hubby who just happens to have his special day overshadowed by all this activity today since we are going to Island People’s big launch tonight. I knew that August the 18th was going to be special in more way than one so I started the celebrations last Sunday,Prince Namor will continue to be treated royally for the rest of the month to make up for a day filled with all this drama, none about him!

I can only hope that registration for TRIBE goes as smoothly, both online and in house, as last year since something tells me there will be an unprecedented rush to sign up in the “hot” sections which will remain unnamed as I don’t want to send you guys in a panic thinking the section will be sold out by 1:00pm today! No need to get to Cascadia anytime before 9:45AM; trust me the initial crowd of people last year were processed so quickly that some who came after me left before I was done registration!

After I am done at Cascadia it is Island People’s production of “Animal Instincts” tonight!! I know there is still some concern over those leaked photos but I am sure after I post the pics from the launch bright and early on Sunday moring that there will be no doubt over the fabulosity of the costumes. In case you missed the little tid bit, a preview of Island People’s website will be revealed some time on Sunday. That means you need to keep checking for the surprise.

All folks going to register today I hope you have your section selected, money in hand or on plastic (no credit cards at Cascadia) and your TLC code and username! Those of you going to Island People’s launch, have a great time and I just might see you there!
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