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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Question and Answer With Band Leader

My question is, why don't band leaders come together and lobby the Government for the return of a stage since this is what masqueraders want. And if the Government refuses why don't band leaders come together and build their own stage?

First off most band leaders are to DAMN egotistical to even get along with each other, much less unite for a common goal. And even if they did, it has always been my experience that the government gets, what the government wants, and very rarely has it anything to do with the will of the people. (that's any government not choosing party sides) As far as having our own stage this would never happen, because the NCC owns all the rights to carnival, we can not go against them, we need their permission to have a venue.

It would be liking asking T&TEC for our own power station.The NCBA is corrupt and a waste of time, they represent maybe one big band and very little else, The NCDF represents mostly all the bands but still the government will not deal with them as the main band leaders association. I don't know what use they would be anyway because they turned out to be a toothless tiger. The few task they have been given to do, they seem either incapable or unwilling to make waves to accomplish them. All this is sad but true.

1.How important is it to win the title of band of year?

It varies, but most band leaders would like to win, but the question is at what cost. I personally am not going to allow my masqueraders to suffer an agonizing wait so that I can have a tribute to my ego. In fact the only reason I cross venues is because my masqueraders love the stage. Now that's all but gone. Here is a note to the NCC.. If masqueraders have no idea where the stage starts and ends then you don't have a viable venue.This whole around the Savannah jokey venue, is so ridiculous, and it's so annoying the way they treat us. They think they can fool us with their lies about how everyone loves it the way it is now. NCC you are fooling no one

2.Do you think that bands who win titles use that to their advantage to get costume manufacturing jobs outside of Trinidad?

Yes It can be an advantage.

3.With the system of judging where bands have to go to more than one venue to qualify for band of the year do you think this is unfair since bands with "inferior" costumes that go to all the judging points win over bands with much better costumes that do not go to all the judging points for whatever reason (congestion, time issues etc).

Yes ,I think each venue should stand on it's own. That way no band is given Band of the Year when if it is not deserving. The NCC uses the compulsory venue to force bands to go to inconvenient venues for the amusement of the public. When it should be the other way around, that the venues should be located where it is more convenient for bands to pass. In my opinion with Masqueraders trump spectators every time.

4.My question is, why must overseas masqueraders pay in full? I personally do not think that this is fair. If your going to ask for a deposit from locals, why can't everyone pay a deposit.

I agree, I know some bands practice this,I can only assume that this is for no other reason than to make their life easier. But there is no legitimate reason for not charging a deposit like you would a local player. I certainly don't do this. COMPLAIN about it.

5.Blogger ELSA said...

I have a question, I am bringing my own section in a major band in Toronto Caribana next year please God. I there a factory that makes bathing suits in Trinidad or overseas, and a website where I can order beads, braids or pheasant feathers. I there a designing company or a particular person that designs costumes for overseas customers wanting to purchase these designs for a cost.

Elsa please leave you email address with Saucy and I'll answer you via email

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