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Thursday, December 02, 2010

You Are Invited to the Launch Of Carnival 2011

Maybe this is the jump start I need...see you there!

When The Carnival Baby Is Not Feeling Carnival

I have lost the Carnival vibe, there, I have finally said it. You would think that with all the excitement of playing in a new band, the return of the big stage in the Savannah and an early offering of new music including tracks by Machel and Destra that I would be beside myself with uncontainable anticipation for Carnival 2011. Sadly I have to admit my Carnival meter right now is running close to empty, and I need a jump start! Imagine the thought of selling my costume was a tantalizing possibility; blasphemy!

There are several reasons why I believe I am feeling this way and I think it started with the lack of anticipation, anxiety and dare I say stress for costume registration. The whole quiet, efficient and online experience of registering in Bliss via a committee member meant that I knew for sure I was going to be in the band and in my particular section of choice. There was no getting up early on registration day, heading to Cascadia and waiting for hours to get my costume. I was simply sent an email with a time and date on which to go online and make my payment, easy huh? And while in retrospect the registration at Cascadia might have been too much drama for some, it added to my whole Carnival experience and fostered camaraderie with the other eager masqueraders waiting there too; some of whom I am still friends with today, bonding over the common goal of getting into the section we wanted so badly.

The second reason is that I am admittedly a creature of habit and a loyal one at that. As much as I am looking forward to something new with Bliss I cannot help but pine a little bit for the familiarity for TRIBE. Some may say but they are both the same band, and my response would be how do we know that? Bliss has yet to show me what I should expect apart from their tag line “Same Vibe… Different TRIBE” everything else is still a mystery. Will we be collecting costumes at the same time and venue as TRIBE? Where will the band be leaving from? Crossing the stage or not? And what about lunch, where will that be? Who are our D.Js.? How many drinks trucks will be in the band and are we ending in the same spot as TRIBE or somewhere else?

See, I know that we leave from Stanmore Avenue so I know where to park my car after my makeup appointment which is walking distance to that spot and I also know that TRIBE ends up back at Stanmore so I don’t need to walk far to get to my car when it is time to leave Port of Spain either. I know where we stop for lunch so I can map out the fastest way to get there after we cross the judging point at the Savannah and as for costume collection I am also used to the well oiled machine that is TRIBE; will this be exactly the same with Bliss? I am curious to see who exactly is in the band, if there will be a rule to the section line up as in TRIBE and if the D.J.s suck. I guess I am not one of those people who can whip myself into a frenzy over a new band without seeing what they have to offer, call me cautious but there are many questions I have for Bliss and I am waiting to see how this works with TRIBE managing TWO bands simultaneously on the road.

And finally I have to admit that part of the reason I am feeling this way is that even though I like my costume of choice , it was my second choice, my first love would always be Mayan Eagle and I will have major costume envy when I see it on the road. Usually by this time I have photos of my costume plastered on every computer screen I own; my PC, my laptop and work machine all would have had my costume as the screen saver and desktop background. In the past my husband would roll his eyes at my slide show of every single photo I could find of my costume, from every single angle of course, that I would lie in bed and look at on repeat. 

When I love my costume I am obsessed with it. I think no one could forget my Loulan love affair because for months I lived and breathed Loulan! By this time I should be in the throes of designing my Monday wear with my other Carnival addicted friends (several of whom are not playing mas I have to add) and I would have been ordering my THIRD pair of boots. Not to mention I would be discussing in earnest the changes I planned on making with my designer friends and ordering all the supplies I needed to do so. This year I have not looked at another photo of my costume since I saw it at the mas camp, my desktop is a lovely montage of Robert Pattinsion (don’t ask) and I am thinking of ordering Christmas gifts and not extra beads and feathers! Somebody, slap me please!

The first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem and I am going to say, hello, my name is Saucy and I have lost my Carnival Mojo! So I basically had to sit down and write a 12 step program for recovery, hopefully by the time the New Year hits I should be well injected with Carnival spirit and be rearing to go for March 7th and 8th. First step is getting the Carnival diet in gear second is working on my footwear and third Monday wear. Of course I would circumvent all 12 steps if by some miracle I got a Mayan Eagle Frontline costume, as well, so I could play mas in TWO bands for Carnival and have my cake and eat it too. Unfortunately it does not work that way so while I listen to all the new music for Carnival 2011 (Private Ryan you really need to make a mix !) and go scouring the internet for pics of my costume, tell me is your Carnival meter on high or running on empty ? If you are the former what is keeping that needle at high and if you are of the latter why have you lost the vibe and what are you doing to get it back?

I can't be the only person feeling this way.... or am I?
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