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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Harts Sold Out!!!

In spite of the fact that there is one remaining section on Harts' website this notice appeared in today's Guardian (yes I finally saw it!):

My guess is that in house sections are completely sold out hence the reason for the notice. Well, the theory is that with no Skandalus this year many of the ex- Harts members who migrated to that band have now found themselves back in the fold. The other possible reason for the band being sold out is the fact that the prices are very reasonable compared to other big bands plus the costumes for the most part are gorgeous though a bit dated and formulatic. Whatever the reason for this latest development Harts launched first and have finished first proving that their 40 something years in the business makes them a force still to be reckoned with.

I hope all those masqueraders who shied away from Harts in the past because of preconceived notions might look at the band as a viable option in 2008. To be honest with you if costume prices keep going up Harts is my "fall back" band, since I played with them many years running and would not mind going back if I am priced out of TRIBE and Island People in the future.

Well, Harts was not the only band appearing in today's paper. Pulse 8 took my advice and not only did a full page advertisement this time they are also doing some sort of promotion it seems. Further details are still forthcoming, however they did not listen when I said a FULL COLOUR advertisement. Two out of three isn't that bad I guess!

Work out week 3.. …panic setting in!

Just because I have not written about the gym for this week don’t think I have not been going! I am now an official, card carrying member of the new gym and my abs and legs are not making me forget it. My husband is no longer is my drill sergeant; one of the ladies at the gym is training me. This works out much better actually since I no longer have to hear anything about being “lame”. Though I do find female gym instructors are much tougher than the males!

The thing is that I keep looking in the mirror every day looking for changes and honestly I am seeing nothing! Maybe I am getting paranoid or maybe I was hoping for miracles but to me I am not seeing a difference. Forget about the scale, I think I only saw two pounds LESS when I weighed at the gym than when I weighed after Christmas.

I am going by past experiences and hoping that come Carnival week when I collect and try on my costume that I would see some change. Yes, I know I have no one to blame for procrastinating with my work outs but myself, but I am only human! If all else fails I have a back up plan (which I already shared with Jamette) . And please, don’t say “but girl you looking good, why are you worrying?” since I have been told this by several people who I don’t think paid close attention to my costume!! I am very, very critical of how I look in my Carnival costume; I am not the type to just say “frig that” and let it all hang out.

So, I am trying to not panic and go by my motto that slow and steady wins the race but don’t be surprised if I start the Cabbage soup diet and take a “purge” to get rid of the extra pounds coming closer to Carnival! Yeah, drastic times calls for drastic measures!

Best Dressed of the Fete - Amnesia & Outta d Blue

These photos are not from, I decided to take a look at another website, this time which has galleries of photos from Amnesia and QRC up for viewing.


Yes, I know these are the two sisters from 2 N Trigue but among all the other well dressed ladies at Amnesia I like how they both look. One sister is simple and conservative and the other is super sexy. For once I have seen the open blouse/bra look done right, I also like the hounds tooth pattern of the top as well as the pearl accessories. The other sister is doing the belt-under-bra look very well, the belt is skinny as opposed to be super wide and I just like the top which is a 360 degree from some of the skimpy, cut to the navel tops I saw at the fete. In addition the hair and makeup on both girls looks very well done;liking the fire engine red lipstick on sister to the right.


There were a few ladies looking very nice at QRC,however I picked this group since they are all in the latest trends without looking overdone, I even like the guy's shirt. The lady in all black on the left is wearing a strapless mini dress with tights, gold belt and gold accessories, girl friend in the middle is in plaid (coming back in style FYI) and the lady on the left is wearing a black and white leopard look belt. Did you count the trends represented? Anyway they all wear it well.


I had given up hope on Bliss but the lady on the far left, black and white polka dot dress trimmed in red gets my vote!
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