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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Carnival 2012 is here with Spice Carnival Band!

Spice Carnival Band will be launching its 2012 Carnival presentation “The New World. Ultimo. Actual. Futuro.” with an event billed as “The Beginning” on Saturday 9th July, 2011 at Pier 1 in Chagaramas.

Spice Carnival is quickly becoming synonymous with the unofficial launch of Carnival as for a second year in a row this band will be the first large Carnival band to do a complete showing of its offering for the upcoming Carnival season. Spice will open the band launching season this year at the spacious Pier I venue with a true Trinidad and Tobago Carnival style “cooler fete”.

Spice, now in its fourth year as a large Carnival band, is no longer the new kid on the block and the band has seen its following blossom over the years. The band took to the streets with approximately 2,600 masqueraders this year with its presentation “Spice Presents….The Signature Collection”

Spice Band Leader, Anya Elias explained that for her and the hardworking Spice Team, Carnival is a year-round event. “Straight out of Carnival 2011 we started putting together the already pre-determined elements of our next year’s presentation. We usually pick a theme for the next season long before this season is finished, so as soon as Carnival is over we hit the ground running again”, Elias said.

The Carnival 2k12 theme, “The New World. Ultimo. Actual. Futuro” (Past. Present. Future) will represent some of the amazing civilizations and cultures represented through history and today as the world continues to evolve. In the 15th Century all of the Americas and the Caribbean were consider “The New World”, people have also coined the recent technological age as “The New World” , and with all the recent doomsday prophecies many believe that in 2012 the world as we know it will cease to exists and “The New World” will emerge.

Spice will be taking masqueraders on a journey for Carnival 2k12 from the new world of the past, the present and then to the future. So join us at “The Beginning” as we voyage through time!

Spice Carnival Band….the Best Recipe for Carnival!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fantasy Carnival...Coming Soon

From the people who brought you Fantasy Jouvert and Privilege Trinidad get ready for a brand new Carnival band to hit the streets for Carnival 2012. Fantasy (the name as of now) has a very familiar looking Committee with faces from TRIBE, Bliss and Harts I was told. And although they are trying to keep the band out of the media spotlight as registration is going to be via Committee only I was reliably informed that costumes for  are already finished and we can expect an "angelic" theme.

I am very interested in not only seeing costumes but exactly which demographic of masquerader Fantasy is going to cater too. World Premiere... coming soon! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Harts Wrath of Gods Teaser Video

Harts is not playing for Carnival 2012 as they are leading the Social Media game right now. Not only have they departed from tradition and released their theme and band launch date early, but Harts is also updating the Facebook Fanpage and Website with lots of teasers for Wrath of Gods, their Carnival 2012 presentation. It's like every time I visit either page there is something new to see, adds to the excitement as we countdown to Harts launch on August 12, loves it! 

Monday, June 27, 2011


More information coming soon, keep your eye on the Caesar's Army Facebook Page

Yes Soldiers! You read correctly! Our Full package advertised on our page is now SOLD OUT!

But we got word that some other potential soldiers booked their own accommodation but still wanna roll with the Army, therefore *lightbulb dings* we decided to offer the CAESAR'S ARMY PARTY PACKAGE... which will include Tickets to events and Caesar's Army gear (Tshirt & Cup) ONLY. (Transport NOT included)

Please note that due to the EXTREMELY scarce availability of Booze Cruise tickets, this event will NOT be included in the Party Package... however we will have it replaced with another BESS Cropover event (To be decided)

So look out for details on the CAESAR'S ARMY CROP OVER PARTY PACKAGE coming soon..... as well as the Baje Costume Option offered strictly to all CAESAR'S ARMY Package patrons...

Like we said all along: IT'S NOT OVER TILL IT'S CROPOVER!!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's "B" to the 4th Power for Cropover 2011

My Cropover 2011 Itinerary is finalized and it's pretty easy to remember; Bathsheba, Bliss, Booze Cruise and Baje, B to the 4th power for Cropover 2011 or as Triniscene is calling it "From Bathsheba to Baje".

Since I have been getting lots of emails on how to secure tickets for the aforementioned events here are the details and links. Please note $85.00US tickets for Bathsheba are now sold out, $100.00US tickets are available to purchase online. Tickets for Booze Cruise (if you can secure one) are $175.00 BDS. And as of today Flashing Lights, Chaos and Electric Female Costumes are SOLD OUT in Baje.

To Buy Tickets Online
 Trinidad - 868-770-7448 Barbados - 1-246-252-7797 Barbados  1-246- 262- 0851 NY -1-917-474-3006, Canada - 1-416-455-5647  

Trple Fdesigns on Facebook

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eyes Wide Shut - DC Carnival 2011 The Review

Morning Saucy,

I just reached home from Eyes Wide Shut and wanted to share a review.

After a whole set of ticket drama my crew and I finally reached DC Star. I was a I little concerned about the venue size, since last year for DC Carnival Machel performed at RFK Stadium...MUCH larger venue. I was also concerned because of the rep of the the past the locals have complained about the 'thugs' who frequent the club.

It took us almost 45 minutes to get through the advance purchase ticket line...we could have paid an extra $20 to go in the Cut Line and not have to wait, but NAH dais too much! We got inside around 1:00am, place was pretty packed, DJ playin, people jumpin. Thankfully, my friend was close to the stage 'saving our spot' and we were able to get up there squeezing through. So this DJ played for a while, wasn't doing bad, then they switched to a diff DJ and we were all like where's he come from??? He was switchin from song to song and not was a little umm weird. Nevertheless, the crowd was still hype as the DJ's switched back and forth and it was like they weren't listening to the song the last played because we heard the same few songs...maybe 5 reggae songs...then back to soca, the same songs we just heard before the reggae...didn't matter I guess, crowd still hype!

The announcer eventually comes on to introduce Farmer Nappy. He was good! Sang his hits.....then FINALLY ADVANTAAAAGE!!!

Crowd JUMPIN, people pushing forward, security comes to the front to try to control, some genius decides to raise his fist to BIG security man motions to punch him, 3 security men take he down! The people in there were wild! It seemed like some of them maybe never got out, like they were caged animals. Oh and some smart girl decided to bring a plate of food to the front of the stage where we all jumpin and ting, who does that? She eventually moved when she realized that if one more piece of rice fell on someone she would get knock out!

So back to Machel - as expected great performance...only thing was that he was soooooo extra uh, what's the word...nasty! Like more than I've ever seen. He motioning for women reachin up stage to squeeze he ****, puttin their heads to his **** and women lickin he fingers ICK! And this was all night! I've seen him perform before, this was just a lot of ....I can't even think of the word! He sang songs from when he was young up through Gyal Wuk. He brought a guest on stage with him, and Farmer Nappy was there the whole time too.

It would've been nice to have his band and dancers there but we enjoyed ourselves! He finished after 4 and we left there drenched like we just finish a Socacize session!

Now I'm about to take a 5 so I can try to meet my band for breakfast....I'm interested to see how that'll go!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012 Updates

There is a new band to add to your radar for Carnival 2012. The band is called "Explosion" and the bandleaders are reportedly based in South Florida. Rumour has it that costume design and band execution is being done by a local designer who holds an exclusive contract as a section leader for another very popular Trinidad Carnival Band. This allegedly is causing lots of friction between all parties involved; I guess we will see when "Explosion" launches at the end of August.

TRIBE's Band Launch has been confirmed as July 23, save the date. The unusually super secretive TRIBE has not released a theme and I have also been hearing that costume screening was a closed door process and it is hard to find anyone to confirm what costumes look like! My sources say that costume prototypes have undergone several changes but the "best" section thus far is Peter Elias'. I have also been told to look out for the white costume (Sandra Hordatt) and the Teal, Mint Green/Jade costume (Solange Shaw Gopaul). I am hoping that this level of secrecy from TRIBE means they are coming with costumes to blow our mind!

On the same day, or should I say morning, of TRIBE's band launch there is a Soca Cruise taking place that promises FIVE hours of pure soca music from 3AM to 8AM aboard the Treasure Queen. "This party is for the Carnival babies, the Soca Junkies and the Patriots. It is here we declare in one voice that Soca is ours and we are proud…. We refuse to be caged in for 9 months of the year!" I was told. The event is being held by Rogue Events, a newly formed events company comprising of Abeo Lewis who formerly held the position of Administrative Officer for Island People and Unlimited functions in collaboration with Bernel Rennie. Sounds like an interesting cruise and I wish them all the success, check out the flyer below for details:

click to enlarge

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spice Carnival Band Launch

Take a listen to the Spice Carnival Band Launch ad below... not going to lie, it made me laugh!

Spice Band launch ad by spice carnival band

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cabanas... "Beautiful People"

Scorch has been advertising this fete in Barbados for Cropover 2011 a while  now but only recently updated more details on their website. Cabanas is looking like a possible alternative for Friday July 29 in lieu of the Bathsheba Experience. D.J. Private Ryan and other Trini D.J.s are on the line up and tickets are priced at $60.00 BD... looks interesting!  

Cabanas ‘Beautiful People’

It's the place where your imagination, ecstasy and entertainment intertwine, tenderly soothing the senses while satiating the search for quality entertainment. At Cabanas you can abandon all of life's stresses and simply be enveloped by the ultra idyllic 3 acres of orchard centrally located in the Warrens area designed for guests to party and lounge beyond belief.

Enjoy the best party experience with quality service. Grab a drink at one of the large bars with an excellent selection of premium alcohols to suit every taste including specialty bars for cocktails, wines, champagnes and more. The entry to Cabanas 'Beautiful People' offers finger foods and the ultimate party experience with a great vibe that cannot be compared to any other in Barbados.

The party will, indeed, be high energy on the dance floor! With top local and regional DJ's laying down some of the biggest soca jams and dance music, the party will be definitely off the chain. The top in house DJ's include Private Ryan, Hypa Hoppa and Peter Coppin and the Monstapiece Federation, all set to bring the perfect blend of tunes for every taste.

Prebook and experience the Private Cabana service, and take full advantage of your own private beverage service for your group. This service is all about guests "chillalaxing" while the Cabanas staff take optimum care of their party needs.

This magical experience will begin at 6 p.m. and ends at 2 a.m. Guests can be assured that when they leave Cabanas, the experience will whet their appetites to want to return again and again.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Rupee For Cropover 2011

Is this Rupee's answer to Benjai"s "Trini"? Take a listen to "I am a Bajan", new Cropover music from Rupee:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cropover 123 Packages

For those of you still looking for a last minute deal for Cropover, Costume or Fete Tickets check out Cropover 123

The destination management service is offering Airfare from Trinidad to Barbados for as low as $1200.00TT and you can choose to add on a hotel, costume or fete tickets to make a complete package.

 Those of you looking for Fete tickets will be able to purchase via the website in two weeks time.

click to enlarge

Sunday, June 19, 2011

D Krewe Panache Photos

Trinidad Events and Trinidad Costume Photos were both on hand last night to capture the first band launch of the Season, D Krewe with their presentation for Carnival 2012 "Panache".

For LOTS of photos please see Trinidad Costume Photos HERE:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crop Over Guide Part Two A Short Guide To The Mas

Another great Cropover 101 for Newbies, and non Newbies alike written my Trple Fdesigns, check out their Facebook page HERE for more information on Cropover as well as to place orders for your fete tickets and costume accessories for Cropover:

You don't get crowded Port of Spain streets with this jump. Free open road and highway.
Ok, let's get the terms right-is not 'playing a mas'  it is 'jumping in a band.' You JUMP for Crop Over. No chipping, etc. Straight jumpups and wukups from Warrens all down to Spring Garden Highway.
Fantasy Barbados
Similar to: Yuma
First year=chance to make a bit of Crop Over history. You can say you were one of the first 500 people. PLUS they offer breakfast, and an after party till midnight. Nuff said! ***oh wait, in addition to that, their frontline costumes include an Island Fusion jouvert package - a $150 value!!

Siamese backline section
Power x Four
Similar to: Island People
Wildness and more wildness, vibes and more vibes. The band where you're most likely to learn how to 6:30**. Excellent service.
Brain Coral section
Blue Box Cart
Similar to: Harts
The second band to go on the road, so prepare for an early start, and also an early finish. Known for jumping in the sea with full costume on.
Blue Box Cart Full group
Baje International
Similar to: Tribe
Well if you know Tribe, you know what you're getting here: stush vibes and pretty people. Has the reputation for a bourgeoisie vibe. If that's your thing-play your mas (IF you can find a costume)!
Bliss section
Similar to: Legacy
An authentic Bajan experience in this band, also known for great service
Jump Promotions
Similar to: Ronnie and Caro
This fairly new band did very well, winning with their creative designs, they have a great presentation this year as well.
**for a definition of 6:30, follow this link: 6:30

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kes and Machel for D.C. Carnival 2011

click on flyer for larger view

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cocoa Devils J'ouvert In July 2011

Last year's event by all accounts was a great time, this year will hopefully just as much "dutty" fun as one could have in July. Take a walk down memory lane and read Afro Chic's J'ouvert in July 2010 review HERE and check out her pics of the event HERE.

click for large view

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I am Registered in Baje!

Within one hour of Island People sending out the email yesterday saying to "Follow Islandpeople Mas to Cropover" I was registered in the section "Flashing Lights", arguably the best section in the band and the title section too booth. The whole registration experience with Island People was super easy and quick; I just made my way to the mas camp, filled out my registration form, paid my deposit and was out in less than 15 minutes. If you are an overseas masquerader Island People is accommodating payments and registration from outside of Trinidad and Tobago as well, so you may want to explore that option if you missed out on registering with Flashing Lights directly with Baje.

Let me tell you though, I never knew that the same drama experienced to get into bands such as TRIBE is what is taking place to get into Baje!  The sections Flashing Lights and Chaos are  both SOLD OUT at Baje's Barbados mas camp post weekend registration  and online registration is an exercise in patience. If you even attempted to register online and are awaiting an email confirmation for your section of choice all you are getting is an email saying which sections are sold out and to re-enter your information. I suspect that Paparazzi is going to be the next section to be sold out so if you really HAVE to get a costume in Baje, get someone in Barbados to register you or ... follow Island People! 

Leaving you with a new Machel, his contribution for Cropover 2011

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2012 Band Launch Dates

Bands are keeping their  Carnival 2012 themes and Band Launch dates under wraps for now but these are the ones who have confirmed their band launch dates so far. 

D Krewe - June 18
Spice - July 9
TRIBE - July 23
Dream Team - August 6
Harts - August 12
YUMA - August 13
Ronnie and Caro - August 18

I am guessing TRIBE is going to be July 23rd but there is no confirmation from that Mas Camp as yet, what are you waiting on TRIBE?!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Follow ISLANDpeople Mas to Cropover 2011!!‏

click for larger view

D Krewe Sneak Peek...

I was told this is a sneak peek from D Krewe's 2012 Carnival presentation "Panache".....I guess we will see at the band launch on Sunday June 19th!

And We Have a Date for YUMA Band Launch !

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cropover Cool Down Cruise 2011

click for larger view

YUMA Wins Victory Games 2011

Congratulations to team YUMA "Lion Kings" for their win at Victory Games 2011 yesterday.

Photos from Victory Games HERE

I also want to say job well done to my team TRIBE Avatars, check out their Sack Race win in the video below:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Victory Games Is On TODAY!

Victory Games 2011 is on today, come on down the St. James Police Barracks to and support your FAVOURITE team in their supporter colours:

MC Cann Worldgroup (denim) 
TRIBE (purple) 
YUMA (burgundy)
 SCORCH( yellow) ,
EMERGE TM (black) , 
Ipalance (kelly green) 
Provocative Fitness (pink),
 Dragon Boat (red), LPTS (gold)
SLAM 100.5 (grey) 
Soroptimist International NEWTON Trinidad -  (khaki)
Teams will all be battling to win for $25000.00 for the Charity of their choice as Victory goes to Hollywood.

I already have my purple T Shirt and will be cheering on the TRIBE Avatars! Team presentation begins at 11:00AM, so see you guys there! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cropover Makeup By Lauren Austin

Make Up @ UWI Cave Hill (Veranda) starting 2am Kadooment morning ...
FULL MAKEUP prices range from $ 50-70 BDS
$50-full coverage eyeshadow and gems
$60-full coverage heavy eyeshadow art on face and gems
$70-full coverage heavy eyeshadow art on face gems and eyelashes....

Lauren will also be doing face and body art for both men and women starting the night before Kadooment which last 3-5 days all waterproof ...
Price ranges from $10-40 BDS


For further info call 1-246-251-1693 or email

Facebook Page HERE

Baje International Flashing Lights

I had the privilege of viewing Baje International's launch of their 2011 Cropover presentation "Flashing Lights" last night via live stream online with lots of global company. The great thing was the website went live even before the presentation of costumes was over, top marks for Baje on that one. now hurry up and post prices. So, now it is to narrow down my choices, here are the three:



Flashing Lights

Right now my top pick is Paparazzi, if only because I have boots already decorated to match from when I played in Caged Canary, I really like Chaos but not feeling the headpiece too much and I did not like Flashing Lights at first but it has grown on me in addition it is the Island People section in Baje so that makes it so much easier for registration being in Trinidad. Yes I will be a Baje Backline Betty, and proud to represent! Which costume in Baje is your favorite?

For the rest of Baje costumes check out the website :

Friday, June 10, 2011

BAJE International Launches TONIGHT!


YOU are invited to Bajes "FREE" media launch of "FLASHING LIGHTS" at 7 PM at the ultra premium Lime Grove. There we will unleash our 2011 "Flashing lights" costumes for the first time. Of course the bar will be fully stocked and our djs will be blazing tunes so its officially a big one! 

For more information on the Baje 2k11 band and our crop Over events, visit our mas camp (Monday to Saturday 2 pm till 9pm.), log on to our website , look out for "gorilla marquetin" on facebook and stay tuned to our sponsor SLAM 101.1 FM. We will also be LIVE STREAMING on Thanks again for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you there!

"Flashing Lights" is sponsored by Tele Barbados, Mount Gay Rum, Banks Beer, Claytons Cola Tonic, Kick Energy Drink, Electric Avenue, The Courtyard by Marriott, SLAM 101.1 FM

Immortelle Beauty Launches Foot Rehab

I was first introduced to Immortelle Beauty in 2009 when all Frontline Masqueraders in TRIBE received the "Carnival Collection" in our goodie bags. The foot soak was a Godsend post Carnival so I am very happy that Immortelle Beauty has launched Foot Rehab, a 3 step foot pampering package that promises to give you very happy feet, perfect for post Carnival "foot rehab" and long after as well.

Held at St Clair last evening the Immortelle Beauty Foot Rehab launch showcased the products in the Foot Rehab line; Detox Foot Soak, Friction Sugar Scrub  and Recovery Foot Cream. Pedicures were available for all who wanted to test out the products and I can attest to the fact that they smell divine and feel great on your feet.

Immortelle Beauty is the baby of Kathryn Nurse who was working as a Chemist in the United States before realising her dream of returning home and formulating a cosmetic line by a Caribbean woman for Caribbean women. Using products that can be found in your "backyard" the focus is on creating luxury products of excellent quality that work. Luscious butters, natural oils, and fabulous fragrances.

To learn more about Immortelle Beauty and the Foot Rehab product line you can visit the website, where you can purchase the products, or join their Facebook Page here

Enjoy the photos ! 

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2012 Updates

Seems like you have been inundated with Cropover Coverage as I countdown to my Cropover 2011 experience next month but, have no fear I am here to give you some updates on all the news and gossip on Carnival 2012!

Dream Team has announced the launch date of their Carnival 2012 presentation "Untamed", mark your calenders as it takes place on August 6th.

Many people have been asking for a launch date for TRIBE/Bliss especially as we draw closer to July when their launch is traditionally held. Well since they have yet to release a theme and I have been informed that everything is being kept under wraps including costume critique/viewing we will just have to wait a while longer for a confirmed date. I am going to guess it will happen on July 23rd, the Saturday before Cropover weekend, which has been the usual time period in the past. I have to admit all the secrecy surrounding TRIBE/Bliss is just making me more excited to see what they have in store! 

YUMA held their costume critique/viewing over the weekend. I was told that the "sounds of jaws dropping could be heard from outer space" and that costumes surpassed the designs from 2011. Between me and you I have gotten a teeny sneak peek of what is to come and I can say expect glorious wings, fabulous colour combinations , a little bit of edginess and LOTS of feathers! The "Bling Kings" are going to kill you with bling again! 

Band launches on the cards are D Krewe in 10 days, word is their costumes are also something to get excited over; I have been told to look out for metallic bronze, purple pink and silver, white with hints of gold and silver and  green. orange and pink. You can also expect plus sized models at the launch, always a nice touch from D Krewe, representing all of their masqueraders. Spice's launch of "The New World" on July 9th I am also looking forward to as I have heard they have new designers on board as some of their previous design team have migrated to other bands. 

And finally there is a new band hitting the streets for Carnival 2012, from what I have heard it is going to be run by the same group that brought you "Fantasy Jouvert" . Costumes are designed by Richard and Anthony Productions and it is going to be committee ONLY registration in the same vein as Bliss. Sounds like an interesting concept for a brand new band. I know they are not trying to garner too much publicity and are hoping to attract a certain clientele so good luck to Fantasy.

Welcome to Crop Over! A Calendar/Guide For The Trinis

The following guide is by Trple Fdesigns a destination management service specifically for your Cropover Event tickets as well as accessories, to contact Trple Fdesigns:


For the first-timers and even so-called veterans, a handy guide so you know where to go, what to do, what to wear(??), and how to party in our little island paradise. It begins!

Dates and times according to info available at press time :-)

Thursday 28th July

Frazzled by Bash Brothaz Bim Mug Madness
Advanced tickets include mugs and other goodies. What to compare to hmmm...the atmosphere=zero stushness, crowd=hardcore limers, vibes=cooler fete-ish...shall we say a Bajan version of any good cooler fete – Blue Range maybe. First it was on a tennis court. Then it was at Cricket Legends. This year...never mind where it is, just BE THERE. Be there or be sober - TrpleF approved!
Dress: casual

Friday 30th July onwards:


Bridgetown Market-Price: free free free
Soak up the atmosphere on Spring Garden before it gets inundated with sweaty bodies on Monday, stalls abound where you can experience an authentic Bajan day out. Check out the Brewsters Road Crew stall while you’re there.

The Bathsheba Experience
4:00 PM - 11:00 PM
The Ultimate Cropover All Inclusive
Dress: it’s an all inclusive, and not one where you stand up and pose either

Casa Blanca
6pm - midnight
Farley Hill
Dress: hmmmm let’s leave it up to you

Saturday 30th July

**Foreday Morning Jam**
Saturday night intoSunday morning approx12am to 10am
Dress: formal(it’s jouvert! What do you think!)

Some foreday/jouvert options include:

Baje Jouvert
If you like your jouvert not on the road. Baje is known for having a bar as long as 50ft-this fete is drinks inclusive of course

Mojito by Allure Ent
Includes private party 10pm Friday to 6am Saturday. Anything that includes a pre-party too is a-ok in my books-2 for the price of 1!

Collision Jouvert
For the locals, this band includes a month's membership with Surfside Gym...not bad if you ask me. So if you decide you're not going back to Trinidad after Crop Over, at least you've got a gym membership!
Casear’s Army Jouvert
It's the first time I'm hearing that they're in Barbados-could be wrong but Casear's Army...nuff said.

Colorz Entertainment Jouvert
Theme: pitch black includes FREE PRE JUMP UP PARTY Again, you can't go wrong with that.

'BATTLE AGAINST MR.HARDING' (aka the Redjet of Jouvert bands) only $90!!
Any DMD party is bound to be bashy – if you don’t understand the meaning of bashy, attend this and find out

Island Fusion Jouvert (Safari)
Is sold out but will advise if availability occurs. I can’t even say there’s a Trini equivalent of this...but think Red Ants Jouvert

Wadadah Morning Brek Out
The jouvert party. Water, foam, paint and mud zones
This is the party you go to after jouvert-that's right! No sleep! Another TrpleF favourite. Haven't had confirmation this year of date and time, but will let you know.

The all-inclusive to end them all.
Think Beach House, Soka in Moka, etc.
Dress: buy a new outfit. Trust me. The girls don’t play at this one. Guys: try and shave at least.

10:00pm Saturday to 10:00 a.m Sunday
Think Soca Monarch combined with just about any open air fete like Insomnia. You're guaranteed to find the hottest acts, international, regional, local, just bring some stamina.
Dress: VIP is available, and probably advised if you don't like standing for 12 hours, but enjoy yourself in some flats and casuals in the General - you'll have just as much fun.

Sunday 31 July

Booze Cruise
That is all. .........................

Limerz Cruise
Fully inclusive, catamarans instead of the regular boat-this is not your Treasure Queen boat, think MUCH more luxury. Limerz is also a TrpleF fav. Good time all around.

Island Mas breakfast party
07:30am - 02:30pm
George Washington House
Still the only real 'breakfast party' and a great setting, usually at the Barbados museum but this year it'll be at a new equally beautiful venue - Live performances and a great cause being supported in Ms. Barbados World's HIV assistance program.

Also similar to Soca Monarch, creme de la creme of artistes perform, just don't stay till morning if you're jumping the next day (and FYI 'jumping' is the Bajan equivalent of 'playing mas'-always good to get your vocabulary straight :)

Monday 1st August

Grand Kadooment
Spring Garden Highway

If you have any last minute vibes and feel like joining a band, contact me.

**Disclaimer** this is not a comprehensive list, just the things TrpleF endorses to some extent. Although if you hear about something not on this list, it’s probably not that important.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Harts Wrath Of The Gods Teasrer

Now doesn't this teaser pic conjure up images of big shiny swords?

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